Dead or Alive Dark Horse

The Finale: Mako's downfall

Neon had done it! He won the Dead or Alive 4 Tournament and was so happy for it. It wasn't even easy to do so as he had to constantly change his approach to every fight he was in as he went further.

Against Brad Wong he had to use leg kicks to make it easier to take out the drunken fighter. Against Hitomi, he had to be more technical and push the pace to beat the karate chick. Against Kasumi, he had to make use of footwork, head movement, mix ups and use of angles to win that match. As for Ryu Hayabusa, he utilized the very style he used to become the 42nd Bushinryu Ninpo Master and one of its most powerful techniques to win against the Dragon Ninja. Speaking of which, Ryu had recovered quickly from the match. What was crazier was that he recovered from the devastating results of the Neo Bushin Muso Renge, which made Neon to respect him even more.

After the celebration and getting the prize money and all which he divided between him and Hitomi, Neon decided to retire for the night. That fight took a lot out of him physically and mentally. However this time, he slept in the Ron and his squad's safe house since he had a suspicion about Mako knowing which room he was in the hotel.

Also it was that night things changed completely for Neon and for good too.

"Hey Samara! What do you want to talk about?" Neon asked as he showed up in the burning mindscape.

"It's something important." Samara replied, "One that will change your life for good."

"Alright. I'm listening."

"You remember that cloaked bitch you met at the party?"

"The one that showed up while I was talking with Mako? Yeah I do.What about her?"

"She's very powerful and she reminded me of Kasumi."

"What do you mean?"

"Well she felt like Kasumi but she wasn't Kasumi."

"Meaning that it's a clone of her."

"Exactly. Glad you could figure that out."

"Did you think I was stupid?!"

"Nope. Well back to our talk, that is Kasumi's clone and she has the same energy I have."

"She also has Code: Bounty Rook in her. No less given to her by Mako. Great......"

"And with that she's a lot more powerful than you even if you utilize Code: Bounty Rook."

"That sounds troubling. Speaking of which Kasumi mentioned her clone when she told me her story. This may be the same one."

"Could be or not. Still if you engage her you will lose very badly and I don't think I want to imagine that happening."

"If what you're saying is true then how do we deal with her then? I have a feeling that Donovan and Mako have data of my fighting style and have uploaded it into her to counteract whatever I have in mind."

"I've got one solution, Neon though it's one that you're not so keen on doing."

"You mean us becoming one? You already know that I'm against that idea."

"I know that you don't like it but it's our best shot at beating that clone. Not only that it'll save us too."

"What do you mean?"

"We were supposed to be one entity years back when you were under Mako's control. This was meant to happen after your body got used to my essence. However you regaining control and your attempt to resist me have caused your body to degrade and soon we'll both be dead for good."

"Are you serious?! So I'm going to die?"

"You should have died years ago. It's only because of me that your body has held together and we've been able to still exist. So unless we become one we're finished."

"Maybe it's better that I die. I have nothing left to live for after all. My family's dead and it's just been constant battles ever since then. I'm sick and tired of it all."


Neon was surprised when Samara yelled at him and used his real name too.


"Don't you dare say that Remy! Do you think I wanted this? I sure as hell didn't!!! So what if you lost your family, do you think you'll be doing anyone favors if you just died off? Red, Ron and Vela would be sad if you died especially Vela since she has feelings for you. Same for Hitomi and Kasumi and hell Tina, even though you met them in this tournament. Look Remy, I may have been an elemental jinn but you've also been like the son I wish I had. I'd still want to enjoy my existence but I'm just another soul in your body. You however still have a life and I'd prefer that you live it to the fullest. If this union would help you to live, then I'll happily take it and not look back."

Neon was shocked at Samara's words. He never expected her to talk to him like that, nor did he expect that she saw him like a brother. When he thought about it he realized that she was right, he still had something to live for. His godfather and god brother Red and Ron Russel, Dr. Vela and maybe even Hitomi and Kasumi though those two are a case that may not blossom. Not only that there's the fact that Mako would just make more of him and continue whatever twisted plots she has. Well he can't have that now would he? He may no longer be Remy Cross but he's still a man with a life to live.


"Glad to see that you're back to the guy I know. Now let's become one and live on."

"Right. Once again thank you Samara."

"Actually I should be thanking you but you're welcome none the less. However I'll warn you, once we do this there's no going back and we'll no longer be the same."

"I know that. I'm ready for this."

"Good to know. Now brace yourself......this is gonna hurt like a bitch."

"Like I don't already know that."


It was getting dark and the time for the DOATEC assault was approaching. All those involved in the assault were meeting on top of a skyscraper across from the DOATEC HQ. There's Hayate, the 18th Master of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, with some of his ninjas at the ready; Ayane, the current master of the Mugen Tenshin's Hajinmon Sect and younger half-sister of Hayate; Ryu Hayabusa, heir to the Hayabusa Ninja Clan and famous known as The Super Ninja; Kasumi, younger sister of Hayate and the unfortunate runaway ninja of the Mugen Tenshin; and Ron Russell, nephew of UN's Chief of Security Jake "Red" Russell and leader of UNWOP's Squad Two, along with the rest of his 4-man squad. The Mugen Tenshin ninjas were keeping a fair distance from Kasumi, Ron Russel and his team. The only person left was Neon "Grim" Cross, the winner of the Dead or Alive 4 Tournament, 42nd Master of Bushinryu Ninpo and the notorious ultimate being, The Bounty Rook.

"Where's Neon? Isn't he the one who said that he'd be assisting us with our assault?" Hayate asked, clearly impatient.

"I'm sure he's on his Hayate. So be a little more patient." Ryu said.

"He's right, Hayate. Neon will be here very soon." Ron added, "Besides I know that he wouldn't miss this for anything."

"Ron Russell, right? So you're the one Neon called in to assist us?" Ryu asked, getting a nod in return.

"Yeah I am. It's an honor to meet the legendary Dragon Ninja himself." Ron remarked, "And I came with my squad to help my god brother out."

"God brother huh? That's new." Ayane chimed in.

"Well he's been my god brother ever since he was born. Whether you believe it is your own problem."

"Does your boss know about your team being involved in this?" Hayate asked.

"Yeah. He knows about this op and so does the UN Secretary-General, who gave her approval on it too. Just those two alone know that me and my team is here." Ron answered.

"Ron Russell, I'd like to say thank you." Kasumi said.

"Okay....For what if I may ask?" Ron asked, clearly off balanced.

"It was thanks to you, your uncle and the psychiatrist that Neon is able live a normal life and not as someone's tool."

"Uh, sure......You're welcome...Miss Kasumi." Ron said, "Besides there was no way I'd let him keep being used as some demented woman's weapon. And tonight will be the last time she messes with anyone's life."

"Damn right about that Ron! Damn right!" Came from an incredibly calm voice putting everyone on edge.

"Who are you? Show yourself!!" Hayate demanded as everyone was reaching for their weaponry.

"Wow! Now that's rich. My voice just changes a bit and you all don't recognize me anymore? Ease up people, the final member of this group's here.

Out of the shadows came a man standing at 6'3" with black hair that reaches his shoulder, brown skin, green eyes, medium athletic and muscular frame, tribal tattoos on his arms. He is wearing a grey sleeveless body suit, with white gloves, arm guards and ninja shin guards and tabi boots. Behind him on his back are two holsters for his Glock 17 pistols.

"Neon? Is that you?" Kasumi asked in surprise.

"The one and only. Who else were you expecting? Santa Clause?" Neon deadpanned.

"About time you showed up, Hayate here was getting impatient." Ron said, "What's with the new look?"

"Let's just say that it's the start of a chapter in my life and leave it at that." Neon said in a solemn tone.

"Okay. I won't pry any further." Ron said.

"Hey Neon......Are you trying to rip off my outfit?" Ryu asked with a raised eyebrow.

Neon scoffed, "Dunno and honestly don't care!" Then he turned to look at Hayate and Ayane. "I see that the Ayane, the queen of arrogance's here and so is Hayate."

"WHY YOU..." Ayane hissed.

"We have more important things to worry about than your bickering." Hayate chided.

"Whatever. So I see that you've gotten yourself familiar with my god brother Ron Russell." Neon said.

"Yes. I have and now down to business."

"Agreed. No room for any screw ups here."

The group offensive involved a full blown assault on the DOATEC's Tritower. Hayate, Ayane, Ryu and the Mugen Tenshin shinobi would engage the DOATEC's private army. Kasumi would infiltrate in and make her way to deal with her clone, Neon would do the same and make his way to his own target, The Fourth Bounty Rook which was more or less the clone too, and Ron Russel and Squad 2 would use the ensuing chaos from the assault to get in, make their way to Mako Yashiro, capture her and extract her from the Tri-tower where she's been confirmed to be. After everyone confirmed what they would be doing, the assault began.

The assault was a chaotic shit storm according to the DOATEC's private army soldiers who were getting attacked on all sides by Mugen Tenshin ninjas. Also Hayate and Ayane were wrecking the place with their own vicious attacks with Ayane preparing a nasty present for them. Hayabusa was being the Super Ninja as usual, taking down troops and helicopters!!! Kasumi had managed to sneak in and was looking for her clone. Ron Russel and his squad had made their way into the Tritower and were on their way to wherever Mako was hiding.

Neon was having the time of his life. After he had gotten into the Tri-tower, he had first tried to be subtle by sneaking past them and stealth killing some guards. However that got boring quickly and so he decided to cut loose and go on a kill spree. He was killing guys left and right in many ways. Some with his twin Glock 17s in akimbo style, quickly taking them out via double taps or single head shots, some he had the pleasure of breaking the bones in their bodies with his hands and feet before mercifully killing them and for overkill he used his elemental power of negative energy flames to burn the life out of the rest. And he was clearly enjoying every bit of it. Hell to keep things interesting he tried to give them false hope by giving them a head start, only to slaughter them like cattle. Whoever knew he was this sadistic? Oh wait......he did!!!

"Hey Ron. Any luck on your end?" Neon spoke through his headset.

"We've finally managed to locate Mako. Problem is there's a lot of her personal troops between us and her." Ron replied.

"You need backup?"

"No need. My and the team can handle this no problem. We've handled more difficult missions and this one is nothing compared to it and heck, with those ninjas around our job's a hell of a lot easier."

"Don't get cocky Ron! And see ya at the other side."

"I should be saying the same thing to you, Neon. And good luck to you too."

Neon cut the comm-link and continued running down the corridors of the building, taking out the soldiers left and right.

Soon he was in another corridor, glass walls were on both sides of it and the ceiling too was made of glass. While walking through it he sensed something a huge level of power along with the killing intent enough to make a normal person pass out. Good news, Neon was not a normal person.

'So it knows that I'm around. Good, no point trying to be subtle. We'll be settling this soon.'

Neon continued making his way to where that power and intent were coming from. However when he entered the next room he ran into someone he was not in the mood to see and he drew out one of his Glock 17s and managed to shoot the bullet that the other person fired at him. Staring down the sights Neon could see Christie looking at him with a seductive look in her eyes while licking her lips. She's wearing a white and black catsuit with matching boots and brown leather straps around waist, wrists, and neck and pointing her Beretta 92 FS at him.

"Now what do we have here? A lost mouse scurrying about where it doesn't belong?" Christie asked in a sickly sweet tone that Neon ignored.

"Nice try Christie! You'll need more than that to take me out. Finally here for round 2?" he asked.

"Round 2? Who are you? I sure as hell don't know you boy!" Christie retorted in surprise.

"Aww! I can't believe you've forgotten about me so quickly Christie." Neon said in mock sadness, before turning serious, "Though it shouldn't be a surprise since I've changed completely."

Christie was dumbfounded at this man in front of her. For some reason he knows her and was even telling her him changing a lot. She quickly observed him more carefully and then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Neon Cross?!" Christie said in shock.

"DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!! Give the assassin a prize!!" Neon said as he acted like a game show host.

"W-what are you doing here?" Christie asked as she glared at him. As much as she wanted payback for what Neon did to her all those years ago, she knew that she didn't have a chance in hell of beating him in a fight after what Mako told her about him being the "Master of Battle" and seeing him in action throughout the tournament did more than enough to cement that fact in her head. She was now glad that she didn't meet him in the tournament or it would have ended really badly for her.

"Dealing with some unfinished business." Neon answered her, "Now are you going to get out of my way or do I have to erase you from existence?"

"No I'm not." Christie said as she lowered her weapon, "I won't get in the way of someone who's way out of my league. What about you, will you get in mine?"

"I remember telling you that "I don't give a damn about why you're in the tournament and I won't get in your way but if you mess with me again I promise you I'll kill you.". Am I right?"

"Yes I remember that, Bounty Rook or may I say 'Master of Battle'."

"I take it that Mako told you that. Whatever, I don't care since this will be her last night alive, after I deal with her newest abomination."

"Do you mean Alpha 152 or may I say the 4th Bounty Rook? I know where she is."

"Do tell......"

"Charming as usual I see. Well she's somewhere in the labs and she's fighting our kunoichi friend Kasumi, though the latter is not doing so good."


Neon rushed past Christie at an insane speed that nearly sent her off her feet. After the dust cleared she no longer found him inside the room she was in and she sighed in relief.

"Well that was nerve racking. The power he's generating freaks me the hell out. Is that how all those other two Bounty Rooks are?" Christie said to herself. She then shook her head to get those thoughts out of her.

"Forget it! I have other business to deal with!"

She then left the room too, on her way to her own target.

Mako Yashiro didn't seem to have any care in the world to notice that DOATEC HQ was under attack and that the place was in chaos. She was too busy watching through her monitor the fight between the Mugen Tenshin nukenin, Kasumi and the clone known as Alpha 152 or more like her 4th Bounty Rook. The clone was thrice as fast and powerful as the original plus she had teleportation and levitation abilities. Kasumi was putting up a decent fight against her clone but was coming up short as it was outdoing her no matter what she tried. The only reason why she was still hanging there was because it she was the original and so she did what the original did.

Another problem that Mako didn't bother to care about was the fact that Donovan and DOATEC had lost control of the clone as it had nothing but hate for the world and wanted to destroy it and she was going to start with Kasumi. Mako only had one more thought in mind.

'Where the hell is Neon? I'd love nothing more than to see him struggle against this being.'

That's right. Mako wanted to see Neon Cross, the 3rd Bounty Rook go up against this monster and funny enough Alpha 152 seemed to want the same thing.

The clone had sensed him in the building and she flared her energy to get his attention and it seemed that it got his attention as he was on his way to meet her. However she had to get rid of her original self first. She was just too stubborn to go down. She had smacked Kasumi around the danger room they were in but she just kept getting up and coming back for more. No matter her real opponent would be here soon and she'll love to tear him to shreds.

Kasumi however was not liking her current predicament. She had managed to track down Alpha 152 and she went after it with the intent of destroying it for good. Unfortunately for her that turned out to be easier said than done. Worse that vile woman Mako Yashiro had just informed her that Alpha 152 was modified to be three times better than her, thanks to applying code: Rook, and that Kasumi had no chance against. She also added insult to injury saying that Kasumi wasn't the clone's true opponent. It didn't take the kunoichi much to put two and two together to realize what she meant. Alpha 152 was meant to fight Neon and now she was extremely worried for him.

'I have to defeat this thing before Neon shows up or else this will end badly.' Kasumi thought as she barely stayed standing and glared at her clone.

"Miss Kasumi. Quit this pointless resistance. Like I said you are not Alpha 152's true opponent. At most you are the appetizer before the main course. So just die already!" Mako said through the speakers in their battleground.

Kasumi tried to assume her stance but her body was in so much pain from the beating she had endured. She had managed to land some strong hits on her clone but it looked like this glowing entity wasn't fazed by the damage.

"Sorry but if you want to fight Neon then you'll have to get past me!"

Seeing that Kasumi was not backing down the clone proceeded to charge at her once more intent on ending this farce once and for all. Kasumi braced herself for the charge only for nothing to connect on her. Instead she heard a loud SMACK! and saw the clone flying back and landing on the explosive floor before teleporting back up. Kasumi looked up and gasped as the person in front of her was the same person she didn't want here, and he had a sadistic grin on his face as he cracked his knuckles.

"Neon?! Why are you here?" Kasumi asked in anger. This was her fight and she didn't want Neon getting involved even though her opponent had other ideas.

"Don't get mad at me Kasumi." Neon replied in a calm voice, "It looks like that abomination over there called me out and I'm not one to back down from a fight."

"That's right. Neon Cross! About time you showed up too. Alpha 152 was getting impatient and you just had to take your sweet time to show up here. She had to take out her frustrations on poor Kasumi here and would have been done with her had you not shown up."

"Ah......the pathetic bitch Mako. Enjoying your arena side seat up there I take it?" Neon said staring up at the camera.

"Best seat in the house if I may say." Mako replied, "Now it's time to see who's superior: The 3rd Bounty Rook also known as the "Master of Battle" or The 4th Bounty Rook who I'd called the "Ultimate Destroyer"."

"Well too bad you're about to be disappointed because this wouldn't even be a fair fight. And when I'm done're next." Neon stated before he turned to look at Alpha 152 who was just standing there. He noticed the clone smirk at him and he returned the gesture.

"Kasumi......I know that you have every right to destroy this abomination here, however, this thing called me out and I don't intend to back down from the challenge." Neon said.

"But what if you lose control?!" Kasumi retorted, "Neon, this is my problem! I know that you want to destroy her too but this is my fight!"

"Yeah and so is mine. Now sit back and rest up while I ruin this......thing's day."

Neon walked past Kasumi towards the eager clone and now fellow Bounty Rook. He stopped a few feet from and just motioned to it to come at him.

"Try to make this entertaining for me, you insect." Neon said with a sadistic grin on his face.

Alpha 152 just tilted her head as she looked at her foe like he was had grown another head. Did he think that he was superior to her? Ha! She'll make him regret that soon enough! And with that the battle between two ultimate beings began.

Alpha dashes at Neon and throws a flurry of kicks at him at varying levels. Neon matched her blow for blow with his own kicks. After no one gets the upper hand, they both leap back and stare at each other. Alpha 152 looking indifferent while Neon looks bored, which seems to piss the clone off and it rushes at him once more. It throws a flurries of strikes and kicks which Neon defends against with head movement, elbow blocks, and leg blocks while grinning at her. She then throws a punch and Neon counters by headbutting the punch and follows up with a stepping elbow which Alpha avoids by teleporting behind him. It tries to capitalize on her advantage only to get hit by a left reverse elbow and then teleporting before the spinning back fist lands. Once again she tries to capitalize and then has to block a handspring kick.

"If you think that I'd let you beat me with a magic show trick like that then you'd better think again." Neon said, doing the finger wag.

Alpha 152 not liking that, went nuts as she rushed at Neon throwing another kick combo and once again found herself hitting nothing but air as Neon dodged kicks with a butterfly twist. To add insult to injury, when he landed, Neon had his back turned and was trying to pump up an imaginary crowd. When he turned back to face his opponent, he was met by Alpha 152 landing a three punch combo on his face. Then she landed two kicks to his lead leg and hit him with a rolling sobat to the body pushing him back, just slightly. Neon just looked at Alpha 152 whom he saw smiling as she implied 'How do you like that?'. Neon just smirked and chuckled.

"What were those? Mosquito bites? Or are you just that weak?"

Kasumi and Mako both watched him as if he was insane.

'Is he trying to make her mad?' / 'He must really have a death wish.' They thought respectively.

They got their answer as the enraged clone rushed at Neon trying to take his head off for that insult. She threw multiple punches that hit nothing but air as Neon easily slipped and ducked them until he caught an outstretched arm and pounded the body with shovel hooks, then threw the clone over his shoulder to the floor while holding the arm. Alpha 152 tried to counter by pulling Neon into a triangle choke which he powered out of by power bombing her and punishing with ground and pound. The clone caught one of his punches and went for an arm bar and this time Neon slipped out of the submission and then stomped her in the mid section before giving the clone room to stand up.

Neon switched to southpaw and began his own onslaught. He surprised the clone as he quickly closed in and let loose a flurry of punches and varying levels forcing her to cover up and ending the flurry with a left leg kick that hit home. Then he launched a slashing knee which the clone teleported from only to have to block an overhead kick from Neon once more and getting another finger wag. Alpha 152 came at him with a left crescent kick which Neon caught. This time she threw another a roundhouse with her other leg which Neon avoided with a sway then with that same leg she pulled off a back flip kick and hit Neon in the jaw forcing him to let go of her leg. After landing, the clone rushed at Neon and threw a left hook which Neon caught by using his leg to trap the hand and pulled her down to her to a knee before kneeing her in the face and putting her on her ass. The clone got up only to be sent back down on her ass with a push kick to the face.

"You're meant to be the "Ultimate Destroyer"? What a joke!!" Neon insulted his foe. "You're not even worth my time."

Alpha 152, even more enraged, levitated to her feet and dove at him with a high speed attack which Neon rolled away from. She came at him again with the same move and once more Neon rolled away. She tried a third time and got cracked by a well timed right somersault kick from Neon sending her into the air and crashing back down.

Mako Yashiro could not believe what she was seeing. She had expected Alpha 152 to crush Neon like an ant thanks to the boost from code: Rook but instead she was watching Neon Cross toy with Donovan's ultimate weapon and making it look like a third rate fighter. She then zoomed in on Neon and then noticed his eyes. They were both green which made her shocked and begin to panic.

'Shit! Shit! Shit! His eyes...He has the same eyes that Renato Agba had when he escaped! Meaning he did the same thing that man did!!! Crap!!! This is bad!!! Why the hell did I not notice this before?!'

"So you figured it out hey Mako." said a voice that caused the scientist to freeze while on her seat. Then she turned around to see people she never expected to see and all with their guns aimed at her.

"Ron Russell!? What the hell are you doing here?! How did you get in here?!" Mako cried out in absolute shock.

"Bringing you in that's what!" Ron answered with a smug grin, "By the way that abomination of yours has officially lost already. The moment Neon fully assimilated code: Rook into him like Renato Agba did, it sealed Alpha 152's fate."

"And how do you know that? That's classified information." Mako asked.

"I had my ways." Ron confidently answered, "Now sweet dreams woman."

"What do you-"

Next thing Mako knew everything went black before she passed out due to a tranquilizer dart in her neck , courtesy of Julia Dantas.

"Thank you for giving the order to shut her up." she said as she holstered the tranquilizer pistol she used.

"Well that's what we came here for. Grab and go." Ron stated.

"What about Neon Cross, sir? Do you think he'll need help?" Kou Santos asked.

"Nope. He won't need it." Ron answered, "Plus, if you came in there he'd sooner kill you for getting in the way of his fight."

"I see sir."

"Good. Now that we're done we'll be getting out of here. I have a feeling that that Ayane girl should be done with her little present for DOATEC and being here would be a bad idea. Move out!!"

"Yes Boss!!!"

Back in the danger room Kasumi had managed to recover a bit from the damage she took earlier and was now leaning by the wall watching in awe at Neon's thrashing of her clone. The two ultimate beings were now exchanging blows in a high speed slugfest that Neon forced Alpha 152 into, thanks to her frustration at getting beaten by someone else.

'He's just toying with her. He could end this anytime he wants yet he's drawing it out.' Kasumi thought as she now saw her clone losing in the exchanges and getting pummeled by Neon.

Neon switched stance again to orthodox and began to use footwork to move about his opponent. Alpha 152 kept trying to land a hit by Neon easily stepped out of the way and came back with snappy left hooks to the head. After the 3rd left hook, the clone came forward with a front kick which Neon dodged around to her back and he grabbed her waist and german suplexed her. While maintaining a hold on her he flipped back to back side control and proceeded to pummel her with punches and knees. Alpha 152 managed to get up but Neon still held on to her and then german suplexed her again. She got up again and Neon german suplexed her back down again. Then Neon took her back and flattened her out and went to town on the helpless clone as he unleashed vicious punches on her head. Alpha 152 tried to buck him off as she blocked his onslaught but Neon maintained control and kept the assault going. After two more attempts she slipped out through the back door...and into an armbar! When he flattened her on her back, Alpha 152 immediately kicked Neon in the head and got out of the submission and to her feet followed by Neon who just shook off the kick.

Neon rushed at the clone and landed a fast double jab to left hook combo. Alpha 152 came back with a roundhouse kick to the head which missed and followed up with a sweep kick. Neon jumped over the attack and came down with an axe kick to the head that face planted the clone on the explosive floor. Alpha 152 teleported back to her feet after the small explosion and just glared at him. Neon just shrugged with outstretched arms.

"Well I'm done with playing with my food. It ends here." Neon said before becoming surrounded by black flames. Kasumi had to get a good distance away as she felt her life getting drained by the heat.

Once more frustration kicked in and Alpha 152 rushed at Neon once more, not caring about the heat draining its life force. Neon had to give the clone some credit. She was a persistent one but like he said he'd dragged this fight long enough and now it's time to drop the curtains. As the clone got close he rushed in with a Hozanto attack, smashing his shoulder into her as he turned around, sending Alpha 152 flying back and on her back and with flames on it. It ignored the flames, getting back up once more and rushing at Neon again with a leg kick which he countered with an overhand right stunning her and pummeled the clone with a flurry of straight punches to the head and chest and a back knuckle to the jaw. Then he landed a triple kick combo to the leg, body and head and finished it off with a 540 spin hook kick that broke something and launched Alpha 152 back to the floor.

Neon then summoned a small ball of fire in his hand as he turned around from the clone which was still getting up again. It began charging at him but then suddenly found itself screaming in agony as it was set ablaze by a ball of fire smacking her in the chest. Seconds later there was nothing left of Alpha 152.

"What a disappointment!" Neon scoffed as the flames around him faded completely, "Ultimate Destroyer my ass!!!!"

Then the area shook as explosions were going off and rocking the place.

"What the hell was that?" Neon asked.

"Ayane must have finished with the Art of The Raging Inferno jutsu and is now blowing up the Tri-tower." Kasumi stated, "Neon!! We have to go!!!"

"You don't have to tell me twice!!" Neon yelled as they both ran out of the danger room.

"Yo Ron!! Are you guys done? The place is gonna blow!!" Neon said to his headset.

"Yeah we're done on our end Neon. We got Mako with us and are already outside." Ron replied.

"Well I just finished here and me and Kasumi are getting the hell out of here!"

"Alright! Now get outta dodge already!!"

"That's what I'm doing already!!!!"

Neon and Kasumi were running through corridors and hallways while dodging explosions and leaping over corpses, glass and rubble. Explosions kept rocking the Tritower as it slowly fell apart. As they reached another corridor that overlooked the way they came from Neon decided to get creative or crazy in some cases and grabbed Kasumi and held her in a princess carry as he picked up speed. The kunoichi was too surprised to retort or struggle as she involuntarily held on to Neon as he drew out a Glock 17 and emptied the whole clip on the glass window before crashing through it. As they went free falling down, Neon pulled out a grappling hook launcher from his belt and fired it at a building in the distance. After the hook latched on to the edge of the building Neon swung with Kasumi in his other arm to the building just as the explosions leveled the DOATEC Tritower. Neon and Kasumi made a rough landing on the new building ,causing them to roll on the ground for until they both smack onto a wall and in awkward positions. After a few minutes Neon's headset comes on.

"Neon! Hey! Are you alive?"

"Yes I am. Just a little dazed." Neon answered.

"Where are you?"

"I'm with Kasumi on some building further North from the now demolished Tri-tower."

"Good. Just hold tight there. Hayabusa's on his way to you guys since he's located where you are."


Kasumi recovers and finds herself in a compromising position before getting herself up and glaring at Neon who just looks confused.

"What?" he asked.

"HENTAI!!!!!!!!" Kasumi screams and she draws her wakizashi and tries to castrate Neon who dodges the attack on his balls.

"It's not my fault!! I was too busy seeing stars to do anything like that!!!"


"HEY!! I'm not lying!!!"

"Ehem!" Both Neon and Kasumi looked to the side to see Ryu Hayabusa standing there and tapping his feet in annoyance.

"Are you two done trying to kill yourselves?" Ryu asked.

"She's the one trying to castrate me for no reason!" Neon complained.

"That's because you're a pervert." Kasumi retorted.

"How about you two drop it? Everyone's waiting for you." Ryu sighed.

Chapter 15 End.

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