Dead or Alive Dark Horse

Epilogue: Neon's Ending

Mako Yashiro woke up groggily and wondering where she was. One moment she was watching a fight between two ultimate beings, the next moment she's here in some abandoned building, on a chair, tied up and in excruciating pain....? Mako suddenly does a double take and looks at herself. She would have screamed already if not for the fact that she was gagged and she was tied up in ninja wire and C4s strapped on her body which has no skin on it. Just muscle and tissue is all she can see.

"Nice of you to wake up Mako." A very familiar voice came. Mako wished she didn't look up but unfortunately for her she did and lo and behold Neon Cross was standing in front of her with his Glock 17.

"I'll get straight to the point. I have waited a long time for this, the day I end your miserable existence. It's only sad that I didn't get to kill your pal Victor Donovan. Bloody coward he is! Oh, and your Bounty Rook is dead."

Mako's eyes went wide much to Neon's amusement. Then a very evil smile came on his face.

"If you wanna know what happened, I'll make it short. I peeled your skin off, shaved your hair off, sliced off your clitoris, tied and gagged you and strapped some C4 to ya."

The hectic mumbling from Mako made it clear that she DID NOT LIKE her current predicament and Neon was enjoying every bit of it.

"Initially I just wanted to give you a quick death and not waste my time with you. However since you've made my life hell I'll do the same with you and take my time with you."

Neon took out a chair and sat in it. He just sat in it and stared at the helpless Mako who tried to struggle out of her binds but was failing spectacularly and feeling more pain. Then he shot her in the leg. Her muffled scream proved that she was in even more pain. Then he shoots her shoulder. More muffled screaming. Then he shoots the other leg. Then her stomach. Her jaw. Her knees.

"Oh quit screaming!! You know how to dish it but you can't take it!! Pathetic!"

He sat there and watched Mako writhing in agony and thrashing her skinless, bloody body around until he grew bored of watching her and went full auto with the Glock 17 and filled her with lead before he shut her up for good with a final bullet to the head.

"Say hi to the devil for me Mako Yashiro." Neon hissed before he stood up from the chair and began walking out of the building. When he had gotten outside and some good distance away, Neon took out the detonator and pushed it before he continued to walk away as the building exploded into flames and the structure got levelled.

'Finally. This chapter of my life story is over. I can now focus on living my own life to the fullest. Question though is "What's next?" I intend to figure it out myself.'

The End.

AN: Neon's ending if he was EVER a character in the game.

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