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Welcome to DOA 4

20:00 hrs Hong Kong, China

Neon was in one of Victor Donovan's escort limos, taking him and two other people to Donovan's mansion. Neon was also informed that Donovan was the current boss of DOATEC, the company that was hosting the tournament and also that the other fighters were going to be at the mansion too.

Inside the limo with Neon were Hitomi whom he had already met on the cruise ship earlier and was trying to chat with him and Ayane, the lavender-haired girl who has been glaring at him since the limo ride began and it was pissing him off.

Neon was wearing a white trench coat, an orange shirt underneath, black pants and black shoes. Hitomi was wearing a light blue dress reaching her ankles with a matching pair of high heels. Ayane was wearing a light lavender dress with matching gloves and high heels.

"C'mon Neon. Why are you ignoring me? I'm just trying to have a friendly chat here." Hitomi pouted.

"And for the 40th time I'm not interested in talking right now." Neon calmly replied.


"I have some stuff on my mind right now so now's not a good time to talk. Maybe later."

"Okay..." Hitomi finally surrendered and left Neon to his thinking while Ayane still continues to stare daggers at him. And he was getting sick of it!

"Hey you there. You've been staring daggers at me ever since the limo ride began." Neon complained, "If you have something to say then say it to my face."

"I don't like you so deal with it." Ayane snapped.

"What a coincidence. The feeling's mutual." Neon replied.

"Whoa! Whoa! No need for the hostilities now. We're here for the welcoming party and then we'll get to know who's fighting who. So save it for the tournament!" Hitomi shouted.

"And I'll be more than happy to welcome you with a pounding." Ayane remarked.

"Good to know and I'll be glad to send you packing in a body bag." Neon returned.

"Okay! Okay! That's enough you two!" The limo driver said, " We're about to arrive at the mansion and like the young lady said save your hostility for the tournament."

Neon and Ayane went silent after that while Hitomi sighed in relief.

They finally arrived at Donovan's huge mansion that was a good mix of European and Chinese culture. The driver opened the door and Neon stormed out of it into the mansion with Hitomi following close behind.

"What's your problem Neon?"

"Nothing. Just wanna be as far as possible from the CRANKY BITCH NAMED AYANE!"



Neon increased his pace ignoring the butler as he made his way to the main hall. When he arrived he saw the group of people he easily recognized as the other fighters in the DOA 4 tournament. He also looked at the impressive interior and designs of the mansion.

"Okay... Someone was way too much money on their hands." Neon said.

"If you mean blood money then yes you are correct." came from a female voice.

Neon turned his head to his right to see a very beautiful 5'7" tall woman with blue eyes, blonde hair that reached past waist-level and rosy-colored skin. She was wearing a pale blue party dress with a matching bow behind her waist.

"Based on your reply I'd say that you know and hate Victor Donovan." Neon said.

"Very correct. You have no idea how much I hate him."

"I actually get the picture. By the way the name's Neon Cross, what's yours beautiful lady?"

"It's Helena."

"Helena... as in Helena Douglas?"

"So you've heard of me." The woman named Helena said.

"Yep. I've seen you in newspapers and some opera houses. Still singing?" Neon replied.

"No. At least for now. By the way Neon, have we met before?"

That question caught Neon off guard for a second but didn't show it to Helena.

"This is the first time we've met Helena so I don't even know why you're asking that." Neon answered.

"Oh. My mistake." Helena apologized, "Anyways I'm pleased to meet you Neon Cross." Helena said.

Neon gave a small smile "Likewise Helena. See you around."

Neon left Helena and went to the bar, taking a seat on a stool.

"Sorry for keeping you all waiting!!"

Everyone in the main hall turned to see a man in his early forties wearing a white suit.

"On behalf of Master Donovan I welcome you all to his mansion, unfortunately he can't come to greet you all personally since he's a very busy man."

'Quite the crappy host if you ask me.' Neon thought.

"Anyways you are all welcome to the welcome party. There are refreshments, music and a lot of entertainment and we'll also be announcing the match-ups for the second round of the the tournament so please have fun."

Neon smirked as he said, "Might as well enjoy myself before the big announcement."

The bartender came up behind the counter and asked "What would you sir?"

"Club soda. Iced with lemon."

"I'll like what he's having too." A female voice added.

"Right on it." The bartender said before getting to work.

Neon turned to his left to see the 5'10" white-haired woman he saw earlier at the cruise ship, one he instantly did not want to be around and she was wearing a short black cocktail dress with matching shoes and a pendent around her neck.

"What do you want assassin?" Neon asked in disgust.

"So you know what I do for a living." Christie said, "And it took you one attempt to do so."

"I could tell. Your eyes, body language and behavior. They all spell the professional assassin." Neon said, "What do you want from me? And don't worry I won't ask who your target is."

"Well you caught my attention at the cruise ship and made me even more curious during the prelim." Christie replied sultrily, "You have the eyes of a killer and an efficient one at that."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I'm curious. It takes one to know one after all."

"Yeah. AND.....I should give a shit?"

"Here are you drinks sir and madame. Enjoy." the bartender said as he gave the two their glasses of club soda.

"Well you should care and watch your back too or you might end up somewhere dead." Christie continued.

"You should listen to your own advice." Neon said, "Because I can put you six feet under too if you mess with me. Like I could have a few seconds ago."

Christie was surprised by that statement as she felt a gun close to her stomach. She looked down to see a Glock 17 pressed on her stomach before Neon quickly holstered the pistol while glaring at her.

"I don't give a damn about why you're in the tournament and I won't get in your way but if you mess with me again you're dead." Neon warned as quickly finished his drink, "I'll only say that once." Then he left Christie behind at the bar.

Christie only smiled as she looked over her shoulder at Neon as he went to the ball room. 'He's definitely a dangerous one and very perceptive too. He may even know that I'm after Helena. But he'd better think again about threatening me.'

Neon made his way to the ballroom where everyone was dancing to the techno music that was playing. He also spotted the party animal he saw from the cruise ship doing his work as the DJ. He didn't care much for him as he made his way to a chair and sat down while blocking out the noise around him as he thought about his conversation with Christie.

'She is right about one thing. It takes one to know one. While she does what she does for the money I only did it for self defense or as a last resort.' Neon thought, 'Either way as long as no one knows about my past I'll be able to just go on with my business.'

"Howdy there!"

"Huh?!" Neon said in confusion after being brought out of his thoughts. The woman he was looking at was someone he recognized on TV: Tina Armstrong. Blonde hair, 5'9'' tall, sapphire blue eyes, very voluptuous woman who was wearing a blue crop top, red waist jacket, white miniskirt, and brown boots.

"Sorry was I bothering you?" Tina asked.

"Nope. I was just thinking about stuff." Neon answered, "Tina Armstrong right? The women's wrestling champ, supermodel and actress?"

"Yes I am that famous and I also plan on being a rock star too."

"Really. Quite the ambitious one aren't you?"

"Yes I have my dreams and I will do everything I can to accomplish them."

"That's good for you Tina."

Tina giggled making Neon sweat drop.

"You sure are a sociable person." Tina said.

"Not exactly Tina." Neon corrected, "I'm just polite. That's all."

"Sure you are. You wanna dance?"

"Don't know.....Never danced before."



Tina grabbed Neon by the hand and dragged him to the dance floor. He was impressed by the American's strength.

"Well I'll teach you. C'mon, it's not that hard to dance you know." Tina said, "Just let yourself get lost in the rhythm."

"Easier said than done." Neon sighed. However he found out that she was right after all. And she was impressed by his dancing and they both had fun as they went along with the music getting many people's attention including a certain huge man that didn't like what he saw. Neon spotted him approaching and he stopped surprising Tina.

"Why did you stop?" she asked.

"Trouble coming this way." Neon answered. Tina turned to where Neon was looking and spotted the last person she wanted to see approaching them.

"I'm sorry Neon looks like our dance is over because of a certain overprotective person." Tina said as she glared at her father.

'So Bass Armstrong's her father. Oh boy.' Neon sighed knowing what was coming.

"I am not some person. I am your father! And there is no way in hell that I'm letting you dance with this punk." Bass said while glaring at Neon.

"Ever looked in a mirror lately old man?" Neon fired back, "Look at yourself before you go around running your big mouth."


"Are you freaking deaf!? Have you lost your hearing as much as your common sense?" Neon continued, "Not surprising since you're an old man now."

A haymaker from Bass came at his face only for Neon to easily dodge the wild attack by Bass and trip the 6'5'' tall and large framed man causing him to face plant with a huge thud on the floor.

"By the way Bass don't go around picking fights with every guy that talks to your daughter. She's old enough to handle herself!" Neon shouted before looking at a wide eyed Tina, "I'm sorry about that Tina." He then left the ballroom ignoring the eyes of everyone in the room.

After walking around aimlessly for a while Neon found himself in the garden. He was still upset that he drew so much attention to himself and was cursing himself for how he dealt with Tina's overprotective father. He made his way to a bench he saw near the fountain at the center of the garden and sat down hoping to clear his head.

The cool air was doing its job of helping Neon relax and was starting to forget the commotion that occurred earlier that is until he sensed someone's presence in the garden.

He draws his Glock 17 out and points it behind. "I know you're here. Come out already."

Then he smells cherry blossoms in front of him and points his weapon in that direction only to see an orange-haired lady wearing a pink sleeveless sweater and denim skirt with white high heel boots and a scarf around her neck with her weapon, a wakizashi, at his throat while his weapon's pointed at her forehead. Both stare at each other during this surprising standoff before Neon sighs in frustration.

"This is pointless. Are you here to kill me or to talk?" he asks.

"That's up to you though I'd prefer to talk." the lady answers.

"Alright then put your wakizashi away while I put my gun away then we'll talk."

Both of them put their weapons away then the lady sat down beside him on the bench.

"Who are" Neon cautiously asked.

"I am Kasumi and I know who you are......Neon "Grim" Cross, 42nd Master of the Bushinryu Ninpo." Kasumi answered.

"So you managed to uncover one of my secrets. Congrats." Neon deadpanned.

"Why are you in the Dead or Alive 4 tournament?" Kasumi asked.

"That's my own business and none of yours." Neon replied.

"A lost soul like you shouldn't be here. You'll only add to your torment."

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

"I could see it in your eyes. You've experienced so much pain and suffering and you're stuck in eternal torment dealing with your inner demons."

"Is that why you were so horrified of me at the pool and during the prelim?"

Kasumi went silent. Neon glared at her, sick of the silent treatment. "Answer me Kasumi."

"If you fight in the tournament you'll only bring harm to yourself Neon." Kasumi lamented, "You don't have to go through with it."

"I've heard enough." Neon got up from the bench and began to leave the garden to go back to the party.

"You are right about one thing. I am a guy with problems but I'm looking to put my past behind me and exorcise my inner demons. How? That's my business and if the answer I seek is in this tournament then I'll make sure I get it."

That was his last statement before he vanished into the shadows leaving Kasumi behind.

'Neon... It'll be so much better if you didn't sneak into the ship to begin with.' Kasumi thought before she vanished into the wind leaving sakura petals.

The next day 12:15 hrs Tokyo, Japan.

In the DOA dome the competitors were present at the center. Those newcomers who made it through the prelim: Neon Cross, Eliot, Kokoro and La Mariposa. The returning fighters: Tina Armstrong, Zack, Brad Wong, Bass Armstrong, Bayman, Hitomi, Lei Fang, Jann Lee, Christie, Leon and Helena Douglas. And the ninjas: Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate and Ryu Hayabusa.

Neon didn't really care too much for his fellow competitors since he didn't come to make friends to begin with, but to deal with his boredom and the fourth Dead or Alive tournament seemed to be 'just what the doctor ordered'. He hadn't been in a good fight in years.

He had blocked out the noise in the arena from the fans and only waited to see who his first opponent was going to be while ignoring the gazes, glares or looks from either the spectators or the other fighters. He already knew the rules of the tournament so he didn't bother to listen to the announcer when he was mentioning the rules. Then the main screen above them finally came on and showed the match-ups:

Neon "Grim" Cross vs. Brad Wong

That was the only thing he needed to know. He could care less for the other match-ups it's was just him and his foe that he wanted. Nothing else.

His match was going to to held tomorrow at the noon at Tokyo park.

'So it begins. Well then let's see how it goes.'

Chapter 2 End.

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