Dead or Alive Dark Horse

The Grim Eagle vs The Drunken Fighter

08:30 hrs, Tokyo Japan

Neon was out jogging in his orange sweat shirt and pants, and black sneakers. The DOA 4 tournament has begun and his fight was up first and it was going to begin at 12:30 pm in the afternoon at the DWA Coliseum. His opponent was Brad Wong, a man who was mostly drunk like he saw at the welcoming party yesterday.

'I hope he is sober when we fight because I don't want an easy fight with a drunken opponent.' Neon thought.

After jogging down four blocks he decided to go into the coffee shop that was down the next block for a break. He arrived, ordered a caramel mocha with whipped cream and sat down in the corner table to enjoy his coffee and think about his conversation with Kasumi two days ago.

'I could see it in your eyes. You've experienced so much pain and suffering and you're stuck in eternal torment dealing with your inner demons.'

'If you fight in the tournament you'll only bring harm to yourself Neon... You don't have to go through with it.'

Neon just sighed. He did not get why Kasumi had come to him just to tell him all that. Also how did she know that he had been through hell and was trying to move on and why was she so concerned about him?!

He was interrupted from his thoughts by someone familiar calling his name. He looked up to see Hitomi standing in front of his table with her hands on her hip. She was wearing a denim jacket, a white top, blue jeans and black shoes. Neon sighed as he had an idea what was coming next.

"Good morning to you Hitomi." Neon greeted.

"Morning to you too Neon-san. I see that you went out jogging." Hitomi said.

"Yes I did and now I'm relaxing."

"Can I join you?"

"Sure, go ahead."


Hitomi took out a chair and sat opposite Neon with her decaf coffee.

"So what's up Hitomi?" Neon asked.

"It's about your match today." Hitomi answered.

"You mean against that drunkard Brad Wong? What about it?"

"He may be aloof and drunk a lot of times but don't underestimate him." Hitomi warned.

"The fact that he's in this tournament means that he's at least good." Neon stated, "However his drunkenness pisses me off and makes me think that he doesn't take things seriously."

"He's a Zui Quan practitioner which is the same as drunken fist." Hitomi said, "He may look like a drunkard but he's still dangerous."

"Why are you telling me this Hitomi?"

"Well I have a feeling that you wouldn't take him seriously."

"Is that right? Well I don't joke around with anyone when I fight and I never underestimate my opponents. I always approach every fight like it's my last."

"Why? Is that how you approach a fight?" Hitomi asked concerned.

"Yes it is. I don't hold back and I go hard without any regrets no matter the outcome." Neon replied.

"That seems like a dangerous and destructive way to fight." Hitomi said.

"No need to worry yourself Hitomi. I can hold my own even against the ninjas in this tournament."

"Really?! Even Kasumi, Ayane, Ryu Hayabusa and... Hayate?"

"Yeah. I'm hoping they don't see me as an easy opponent or they'll be kissing the floor."

"Oh... Okay."

Neon drank a bit of his coffee then looked at Hitomi straight in the eyes causing her to feel a chill going up her spine. He spotted that and went on to assure her.

"No need to be scared of me, this ain't an interrogation. Tell me about yourself."

"Me. Well I'm 18 and I'm from Germany. My dad's German while my mom's Japanese."

"That explains why you seems more European than Asian when I look at you."

"I know. People have told me that too... anyways I'm in high school and I learnt Karate from my father who's a karate master who owns his own dojo where we live and train too."

"Ah! I see."

"One of my hobbies is cooking and I'm also a very good cook."

"Really? Maybe I'll have a taste of that good cooking after my match."

"No problem. What do you want me to cook for you?"

"Surprise me with something good."

"That's pretty vague."

"Well I like to try new things including food from other countries."

"Okay I'll whip something surprising for you."

"I'll hold you to that."

The two laughed at their exchange. Neon was having a good time apart from when he was in a fight. It made him feel good on the inside to have fun with someone for once in a very long time.

"Why are you in the tournament Hitomi?" Neon asked again. Hitomi's smile vanished the moment he asked making Neon feel bad. "Sorry did I say something I shouldn't have?"

"No, you didn't." Hitomi answered, "My father suddenly fell ill and our dojo came under financial disarray because of it. So I'm in it to win the cash prize to get it back on top and pay for father's treatment."

"Oh... sorry about that Hitomi."

"No worries. Thanks for your concern though."

"You're welcome. But if you want to win the prize money don't you think you'll have to beat me too for that." Neon pointed at himself.

"I know and I'll do my best to beat you." Hitomi said with vigor.

"Hahaha! That I'll like to see. That is if you succeed at beating me." Neon replied.

"Well forget about me how about we talk about you?"

Neon went silent at that. His life story was one that he'd prefer to not talk about.

"About that..." he said, "My story is one that I'd rather not talk about." Then he got up, finished his coffee and went off to the dump the cup in the trash bin. "I'm sorry about this." he said before he left the coffee store leaving Hitomi dumbfounded.

"That seemed to have struck a nerve. Maybe I shouldn't have asked." Hitomi said as she finished her coffee and tried to catch up with Neon but lost him.

Neon was walking down the street back to the hotel he was staying in for the tournament. Along the way he noticed that he was being followed, three of them he sensed.

'Trouble huh? Well then, time to get rid of those three.'

He found an alleyway which was wasn't too narrow but enough for him to go in.

The three individuals who were following Neon entered the alley expecting to see the man they were following in it but instead found no one.

"Check it out. He must be hiding somewhere in here." The leader of the three mentioned. The other two ahead of him nodded at him before they all drew out their weapons, a SPAS-12 shotgun, an Uzi and a silenced USP .45 and they went deeper into the alley looking for their target. Unknown to them a shadow was above the leader in a half-split between the walls of the alley observing them. The shadow then decided to make its move.

It dropped down on the leader driving a switch blade into his skull while landing on him. When the other two turned around the check what was going on they instantly had bullets to their heads courtesy of their attacker's Glock 17. He then searched their bodies.

'Bounty hunters. So they managed to track me down here. Though I didn't think it would be this soon.' Neon thought after seeing their IDs, 'Whatever. It's their losses for sending them after me after I warned them to leave me alone.'

After taking their IDs and money he put something on each of the bodies and left the alley. When he was far enough he pressed took out a small object and pressed a button on it and three explosions followed immediately with screaming and footsteps going towards and away from where it occurred.

"That'll take care of those bodies." Neon said as he disposed of what seemed to be the detonator, "And also give those four something to ponder about." He then jogged all the way back to the hotel.

On a building across the street from the alley, Ayane, Hayate and Ryu had watched Neon take out the three men that were tailing him and his disposal of the bodies giving them something to think about.

"That was cold, brutal and efficient." Ryu spoke up.

"True but the disposal of the bodies was crude and not subtle." Ayane scoffed.

"He wasn't intent on being subtle with that." Hayate corrected, "And he also wanted us to see it as he knew that we were watching."

"Ayane, what have you found out about him so far?" Ryu asked.

"Not much so far. All I could get was that he's a drifter and a loner too although he's been friendly with Hitomi." Ayane said.

Hayate had a scowl on his face. He didn't like the fact that Hitomi was hanging around the dangerous enigma that they just observed taking out three people quickly and efficiently and then blowing their remains up to leave no trace.

"Hayate? Is something wrong?" Ryu asked his friend.

"That man is a dangerous one and the fact that he's still an enigma makes it even more troublesome." Hayate stressed, "Ayane, keep digging up what you can about him. We need to be sure of who is before we deal with Donovan and DOATEC."

"Yes, Hayate." Ayane said before she vanished.

"We should be going too." Ryu said.

"I know Ryu." Hayate answered as they both disappeared too.

Further away from the alley on top of another building, Kasumi stood there after she had to get away from the alley before the explosions. She had followed Neon ever since he left the hotel he was staying in for a jog and also witnessed his execution of the three bounty hunters that had been trailing him since he left the coffee shop and his explosive disposal of the evidence. She was now more worried about the white-haired, dark-skinned different colored eyed dutch man.

'I knew this was going to happen and it looks like it's going to get worse as the tournament goes on.' Kasumi thought, 'Neon... please don't make things any worse.' She then vanished too like the others.

12:15 pm at the DWA Coliseum

Neon was dressed in the fighting attire he wore at the prelim. He had some time before his match, so he came earlier to for some meditating and shadow sparring before it began. The meditation he was already done with and now he was shadow sparring to keep his warm himself up. However the fact that he had been tracked down was still bothering him, even after covering his tracks for a long time. He was only able to think for a short time before being interrupted.

"Hello y'all." Tina greeted.

"Hello there Tina." Neon acknowledged, "How are you doing?"

"I'm good. You seem to be early."

"Yeah. I need to warm up before my fight. Since I'm here with the best of the best unlike the preliminary fights I have to be at my best too."

"That's right. You gotta bring your A-game if you wanna stand a chance against most of the fighters here like me, Zack, my daddy..."

"Yeah about your father um..."

"No need to apologize Neon." Tina interrupted, "He had it coming though you're one of the few guys who haven't let daddy scare you off. Zack too is another guy who hasn't been scared off too."

"I'm a hard person to intimidate. I also only give respect to those who earn it not those who expect it to automatically come their way." Neon said, "You for example have earned my respect. Accomplishing your goals with determination is something to be proud of and with what you've done you've already earned my respect."

Tina blushed at that happy that he agrees with her ambitious self and also the fact that she has earned Neon's respect.

"Why thank you Neon. You're a real sweetie you know." Tina complimented.

"You're welcome Tina." Neon acknowledged as he continued his shadow sparring for a few more minutes before he had to go into the arena for his fight.

"See you on the other side, Tina." he said as he went out of the room.

"Good luck to you Neon!" Tina shouted.

There was a huge crowd in the coliseum, all pumped up for the upcoming fight. The broadcasting crew was also there ready to get it all live on camera. Tina was hiding in the crowd trying to avoid Bass who was also there to watch the match. Jann Lee, Lei Fang, Hitomi, Eliot and Kokoro were on the other side of the stage with a good view. The ninjas Hayate, Ayane and Ryu were on the rooftops of the arena with the best view while Kasumi was watching from a discreet spot in the arena trying to avoid detection by her brother and half-sister.

Neon was already standing at the center of the DWA ring with his hands in his shorts' pockets, waiting for his opponent Brad Wong, who finally arrived in a tipsy state before face planting on the ground causing some of the spectators to laugh and the other fighters including Neon to either sweat drop or face palm at the ridiculous entrance. The announcer just came in ignored the guy lying on the floor and proceeded to get things going.


Brad got up from the floor and entered his drunken stance saying "Want a drink?"

Neon who was fuming on the inside cracked his knuckles in both hands before getting into an orthodox stance with his hands up and chin tucked.

'Time to deck this drunken asshole!'


Neon and Brad quickly moved to center of the ring. Neon carefully staying in range while Brad moved erratically. The Freestyle fighter observed his drunk opponent, gauged his timing and waited for his opening. It came rather quickly and the Grim Eagle struck.

Before anyone could even blink Neon cracked Brad with a looping overhand right on the jaw, sending him tumbling across the ring with a fast pursuing Neon looking to end the fight right there.

The crowd was going wild as they were about to see Neon get a very quick finish. The other fighters were also shocked at what had just happened. They already seen the Dutch-Japanese's insane knockout power at the prelim but to see it happen again to an experienced fighter like Brad was what shocked them.

Ayane was staring with her mouth open in disbelief. Hayate and Ryu were unfazed by this and Kasumi was staring in utter terror. Neon had gotten to Brad posturing up and unleashing heavy leather on him to finish the fight but to Neon's surprise Brad was still conscious barely and had composed himself before pushing the freestyle fighter off of him and getting to his feet to everyone's surprise again.

The crowd was going wild again after seeing Brad Wong recover from a near one hit K.O. and the other fighters especially Hitomi were even more surprised at this. Jann Lee, Ryu, Hayate and Neon weren't surprised.

"How did he get up from that?! That blow landed cleanly and should have knocked him out!" Ayane shouted.

"Neon would have ended it there if not for Brad's reaction." Hayate said.

"He rolled with the punch at the last moment." Ryu added, "Any second later and he would have been down for the count."

"Interesting... but Brad's still going to feel that one." Ayane said again, "I bet Neon's shocked that he didn't get his way."

"Actually he isn't." Hayate corrected, "He knows what Brad did and is not fazed by it. And he isn't happy about that."

Which was exactly correct.

'You cunning prick. You rolled with the punch at the last second. It would have been bad if it was too easy.' Neon thought as he switched to his southpaw stance. 'Too bad. Now I'll have to beat you down.'

Neon charged at Brad like a bat outta hell throwing hooks, upper cuts, over hooks and undercuts trying to beat his opponent senseless only to hit air and then getting countered with a headbutt to his chest by Brad. Startled but recovering quickly, Neon stepped back and then charged in again with a jab, right hook, left roundhouse kick combination which Brad dodged by getting down on the floor and grabbing Neon's feet, tripping him to the floor. Neon got up quickly and as he tried to catch Brad with a rising uppercut only for the drunkard to sway out of the way and return fire with a back flip kick hitting Neon square in the jaw but it wasn't as bad as it should have been due to Neon also rolling with the attack as it connected.

Ayane was grinning at what was going on now while Ryu and Hayate just looked on. Kasumi however was not happy because she had a bad feeling that things were only going to get worse soon.

"Ha! Looks like he underestimated Brad and now he's getting beat up by the drunkard." she mocked.

Everyone else was surprised at the sudden turn of events as Neon went from almost ending the fight to being countered all day long and getting frustrated.

'What the heck! This guy is just freaking random. I can't land jack shit on him due to his crazy dodging and counters.' Neon thought as he barely evaded another counter from Brad.

He then saw Brad's back to him and tried to attack only to end up barely dodging punches from his foe who wasn't even looking at him! Neon managed to teep kick him in the back and drop him on his face but this time not following it up as he could easily see the trap. He was right as Brad sprang back up and came at him with a flurry of punches and kicks which the freestyle fighter barely blocked and evaded with head movement but a few strikes got through hitting him on the face and a drop kick sending Neon stumbling back.

'Great. Now he's just being annoying.'

He managed to regain his footing before switching back to orthodox this time with a serious look on his face. 'Enough of this.'

Brad came at him with a three punch combination that Neon calmly ducked under and countered with a left hook to the body followed by a low kick at Brad's lead leg. Neon then dodged a back fist and came back with another body blow, leg kick combo before stepping back. Brad leaped in with a hop kick and once again hit air and eating a leg kick as he landed.

The crowd once again saw another shift in momentum as Neon was turning the tables this time and dodging Brad's attacks while countering with quick punches and leg kicks. Hitomi, Eliot, Kokoro, Tina and Lei Fang were confused at what was now happening just as much as everyone else in the crowd but Jann Lee knew what Neon was up to. He was picking Brad apart piece by piece, taking the spring out of the drunken fighter's legs, making him an easier target.

Ayane just sighed at Neon's defensive action.

"He's just evading and hitting him with weak kicks. Like that would do much."

"Not quite."

Ayane looked at Ryu puzzled at what he said.

"It may look like Neon's just dodging and only firing weak kicks at his legs but those same kicks are slowing Brad's movement."

Hayate then added, "Not only is his movement being reduced so is his ability to dodge and even attack too. Neon will soon gain momentum once more."

Brad was getting frustrated at missing his opponent and being countered multiple times. He then tried to grab Neon but got sent back by a right, left elbow combo. Brad tried fired a low kick at him but his legs felt heavy and were not as fast as he expected. Neon easily countered the low kick with a straight right to the face and dropped Brad on his behind. Brad quickly got back to his feet but it found it difficult to stand properly as he felt a lot of pain in his legs.

"Neon's shut his legs down and now has Brad right where he wants him." Jann Lee said with a smirk on his face.

"What do you mean?" Eliot asked.

"Neon had been chopping away at Brad's legs while he was on the defensive. Now Brad's going to have a hard time moving or even avoiding his attacks not to mention attacking back." Lei Fang said in agreement.

"In order words he's taking the air out of his tires and shut him down!" Hitomi said in excitement, "Brad's now easy picking for Neon."

And correct they were as Brad was now getting tagged by Neon's head, body combinations ending with much more vicious leg kicks. His legs were no longer able to properly support him and he was barely standing through sheer willpower.

Neon feinted a low kick which Brad fell for and cracked him with an uppercut, stunning his opponent and immediately swarming with elbows and punches on his victim trying to finish him once again but somehow Brad managed to survive once again and moved away from Neon, though that was difficult due to the damage to his leg from Neon's leg kicks. Brad backed up to the corner while being walked down by Neon who had switched stances again.

Seeing that his back was to the wall Brad threw a desperation strike at Neon, but that led to his doom as the Freestyle fighter countered with a weaving overhand dropping the drunken fighter into an unconscious heap and this time he was down for the count.


The crowd roared again as they cheered for Neon who was now walking away from his defeated foe with a straight face void of any emotion.


All Neon did was raise his hand up in a fist while walking away.

Neon just left the stage and walked out of the DWA Coliseum. Hitomi, Eliot and Kokoro had caught up to him congratulating him.

"Thanks Hitomi, although that was the most frustrating fight I have ever been in and I managed to win after getting tagged too much by counters."

"True. He was throwing you off with his awkward movements and unorthodox attacks but you still managed to turn the tables on him." Eliot said.

"Those kicks to the leg really did a number on him." Kokoro said, "I'm scared that he may not be able to walk again."

Just as she said that paramedics were carrying Brad on a stretcher towards the ambulance after bringing him back to consciousness.

"Don't worry. He'll walk again." Neon reassured everyone, "At least he'll be sober for a while."

Everyone laughed at his last statement before he turned his attention to Hitomi once more.

"By the way Hitomi I'll be waiting for that surprise dish of yours. So get cracking."

Hitomi chuckled as she tried to hide her blush by looking down and then recovered.

"Sure one surprise cuisine courtesy of Hitomi coming right up."

Up on top of a building three shadows looked on at the small group.

"I'll admit that he knows how to handle himself." Ayane admitted, "However he was fighting Brad so he got off easy, the next fight won't be as forgiving as this one."

Hayate and Ryu just looked on at the Dutch-Japanese freestyle fighter who had just proven to be just as dangerous as they saw earlier.

"We're done here. Let's go." Hayate said as the three of them disappeared.

Kasumi had come out of her hiding place still looking at Neon.

'He's won here. Now he's about to step further into the fire.'

Chapter 3 End.

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