Dead or Alive Dark Horse

A Painful Lesson

9:56 am in Tokyo, Japan

Neon wakes up with a jolt. His face was drenched in sweat and his breathing was ragged. He managed to calm himself and wipe the sweat from his face.

'That crazy nightmare returns to haunt my ass again!!'

He went off to the bathroom to have his bath, and get himself ready for the day. He put on a black long-sleeved shirt with 'Grim Eagle' printed on it and an eagle design at the back of it, orange khaki trousers, black gloves and orange sneakers before leaving his room.

After leaving the hotel, Neon decided to jog down the street with no destination in mind, to help him forget the nightmare that haunted him last night.

After jogging past three blocks he slowed down and leaned against the wall of a nearby building. He took in the sights of the area as people walked by him, cars drove by and also saw a market where people were buying stuff. Neon checked his wallet to see if he had any money and found out that he did have some so he decided to buy something to drink as he jogged.

Neon was about to move when the sound of a motorcycle came to his ears but he ignored it to continue jogging. As he continued he saw the look of anxiety and then fear on the face of some people in front of him and he knew instantly that someone was behind him and up to no good. Looking over his shoulder, Neon spotted someone that he did not want to see at all: Bass Armstrong. And he was glaring at him with murder in his eyes.

"What do you want Bass?" Neon asked nonchalantly.

"You to stay away from Tina, punk!" Bass answered.

"Seriously?! You came all the way here to tell me that?" Neon deadpanned, hiding his annoyance.

"Yes I did!! Now stay away from Tina or else!" Bass threatened.

Neon scoffed at the bigger man, "Nice try with the intimidation but it's weak." He then put his hands in his trouser pockets, "Besides Tina's old enough to handle herself without you breathing down her neck. Quit treating her like a baby already!!"

"What was that!?!"

"I hate repeating myself." Neon face palmed before sneering at Bass, "For crying out loud Tina's an adult not a baby girl old man!! If you can't get that through your skull then you're even more pathetic than I expected!"

Bass lost it. He threw an haymaker at Neon but missed wildly as the freestyle fighter ducked under and punched Bass in the gut causing him to stumble back.

"Don't go around throwing empty threats at every guy that approaches your daughter!" Neon said as he cracked his knuckles, "It will lead to her hating your guts or much worse."

"DON'T TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY DAUGHTER YOU BLACK BASTARD!!!!" Bass shouted. Unfortunately for him he just upped the ante with the insult which really spelled doom for the legendary wrestler.

"You know what Bass?" Neon said as both eyes were now red, "I'll just beat your wrinkly old ass into the ground PERMANENTLY!!!"

Before Bass could even register the statement he found himself crashing through stalls at the market before he finally stopped at a wall. He looked up in surprise at Neon who was staring at him with murder in his eyes as he walked up to the wrestler. Neon could see that and decided to indulge him.

"You're wondering how the hell a guy like me could send a big guy like you flying huh? I'd tell you but I know you watched me at the prelims so you should already know about that. Now let the beat down continue!" he said as he got into stance.

Bass got up from the mess he was in and charged at Neon trying to hit with a lariat only to miss really badly as his target just ducked under it and left his leg put to trip him causing the wrestler to face plant really hard.

"Didn't you learn your lesson the first time old man?"Neon taunted.

"Hold still you little twerp!!!" Bass shouted as he rose up to his feet again.

'Wow! I'm only two inches shorter and he still thinks I'm little.' Neon thought.

Bass got up and charged again only to miss again and get smacked by another body shot that took some air out of him. Neon was nonchanlantly walking behind him after that counter.

"Seriously? That body blow's enough to stun you? Ha! Pathetic!!"

"You're dead meat! You hear me! DEAD MEAT!!"

"HA!!! Try it if you can old man!!!"

Bass seeing nothing but red rushed at Neon throwing haymakers, uppercuts, elbows, even kicks but only hit air as the freestyle fighter just used elbow defense and head movement to avoid damage from the sloppy and predictable attacks before returning fire with brutal counter punches to the face and body.

Neon then threw a right roundhouse kick which Bass happily caught with his hands, but not noticing the grin on his opponent's face, which led to him having his head snapping back after being on the receiving end of a somersault kick from Neon.

"And you expect me to be intimidated? You're so pathetic Bass." Neon stated.

Two minutes later, Tina arrives at the market in her convertible to find a crowd surrounding something. She got out of her ride and made her way to whatever the commotion was, and was joining them in shock as she saw Neon complete a back flip single leg takedown on her father leaving a quite a crater!!!

'What in the....... I know Neon is strong but not THAT STRONG!!!'

Neon had gotten up after pulling what was considered a crazy slam on a much larger opponent and looked at said opponent who was still conscious in the crater but barely.

'Not bad! He's still awake after that. After all he's a 'legendary wrestling champion'.'

Bass barely got up from the crater he was in while a bloody mess.

"You're not done yet, are you?" Neon taunted again.

Bass was shaking in rage. He could not believe what had just happened, he had just been slammed into the ground by some punk, humiliating him again as he did at the welcoming party. He glared at Neon and went berserk.


Neon unfazed by the berserk wrestler just stared back at him with a bored look on his face. "Is that supposed to be a joke? Because I'm not amused in the slightest."

The berserk Bass charged at Neon once again as the red-eyed freestyle fighter just looked at him in boredom. When he was in range Neon snapped a kick at Bass' gut where the liver was causing him to howl in agony as he dropped to his knees. However Neon wasn't done yet, he grabbed Bass' head and left arm between his right arm and body and put him in a standing guillotine choke. Seeing Bass struggling to escape Neon tightened his hold and arched back more leaving Bass' arms and legs flailing about in the air as he lifted him above the ground to the shock of everyone especially Tina.


Unfortunately that statement fell on deaf ears as Neon maintained the submission hold and his back muscles tensed up until Bass finally went limp. Noticing the lack of movement from his opponent, he let go of the hold and Bass' limp body fell down in a heap out cold.

"Let that be a lesson to you Bass. Your daughter's old enough to live her life as she sees fit without you breathing down her neck and threatening any guy she meets especially one who can wipe the floor with you."

Neon casually walked from his opponent as people gathered around the unconscious body as some of them were calling the emergency hotline.

As he was leaving the scene Neon spotted Bass' motorcycle parked at its spot. He wanted to blow the vehicle to kingdom come to add insult to injury but decided against it as the beating he'd given seemed more than enough.

His left eye turned green once again as he finally calmed down and was about to leave for his apartment when he heard Tina walking up to him and he could easily sense that she was not happy at all as he turned around to face her.

"Just what did you think you were doing!?" Tina shouted.

"Your father tried to intimidate me earlier and you can see the results." Neon answered.

"That does not mean that you try to kill my daddy?!"

"He attacked me first and I defended myself. Simple!"

"That looked more like overkill than self defense Neon!!!"

"Overkill?! If I wanted to KILL him I would have done that a lot sooner by breaking every bone in his body and leaving him in a puddle choking on his own blood!!! If you ask me he got off EASY!!!!"

Tina was shocked. She couldn't believe what she had just heard and furthermore she couldn't believe how cold and harsh he was acting now. Neon saw tears forming in her eyes and sighed at this. He turned around and left but not after saying one last thing.

"I won't apologize for my actions today because your father asked for it, the only reason why I didn't kill him is because he needed to learn a painful but not lethal lesson about attacking much more dangerous people for stupid reasons. That over there is one of many results of that."

Neon then left Tina behind ignoring her sobbing and screaming and caring in the slightest about what she thought about him.

21:00 hrs at the DOA dome.

Neon was in a foul mood as he stood with the those who had made it to the quarterfinals with him. His fellow competitors could see it too especially Hitomi, Kasumi, Ayane and Jann Lee but they chose to not dwell on it as the announcer came up on the podium.

Once again he blocked out the noise in the arena hoping for the announcer to just get it over with so that he'd know who was his next opponent and leave already. Dealing with that moronic old man Bass left a bad taste in his mouth. Finally the screen above them had finally come on showing his next opponent.

Neon "Grim" Cross vs. Hitomi

That caught him unaware for a moment, as he didn't expect this match to come so soon. However he was now excited as he could now fight her at her best and he'd be able to go all in.

'I hope you're ready to fight me for real, Hitomi.'

'I'm fighting Neon-san next?'

Chapter 5 End.
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