Dead or Alive Dark Horse

Truth Underneath The Mask

After their exciting battle, Neon and Hitomi had been admitted into the Tokyo Hospital to treat their wounds that they inflicted on each other during the match.

Hitomi's left leg was still sore from Neon's leg kicks, the cuts under her eyes were had been treated. Neon also had his cuts treated and his nose was now held in place and bandaged. They both had to take painkillers for their major headaches thanks to clocking each other during the fight. All in all they had been in the hospital for three days and are on their way back to 100%.

Both of them had also gotten visitors. Neon was visited by Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, funny enough, Jann Lee, Lisa and ridiculously enough Christie, though Neon had to keep her at 'arm's length' for his own health and sanity. Hitomi was visited by Lei Fang, Kokoro, Eliot, Hayate, Ayane and Zack.

09:00 hrs on a street in Tokyo.

Both fighters were finally allowed to check out of the hospital and they both went their separate ways. Along the way to the hotel he sensed the presence of someone he already knew following him, so he chose to lead the person to an alley where he could to them face to face.

"Hey, Kasumi. You can come down now." Neon called out.

Said person gracefully landed in front of him and stood up. She is wearing a blue ninja dress with white trimming, blue greaves, blue and white gloves. She also had a wakizashi in a red sheath behind her waist. While looking at her, Neon managed to get a peek at her chest and turned away in embarrassment. Kasumi didn't miss that and wondered why.

"Um...Neon-san? Are you feeling unwell?" she asked.

"Is that how Mugen Tenshin kunoichi normally dress or do I have to keep you at arm's length in case you wanna use your assets against me?!" Neon exclaimed.

"Huh?! What do you mean?"

"Your outfit and the fact that kunoichi use their assets as weapons. Or am I just going crazy?"

"Hahahahaha!!! You're funny Neon and I'm not here to kill you."


"Of course. I am being truthful with you now."

"I know you are, because if you were lying to me I'd see through it already."

Kasumi chuckled at that and was about to say something but stopped when she saw Neon's green eye turn red to match the other one.

"We've got company." Neon said. Kasumi nodded to acknowledge before they both vanished into air and sakura petals as kunais and shurikens landed at the spot they were standing in and five ninjas in black ninja garments landed.

"Damn it! We missed!!" said the leader of the group, "They haven't gone far, move...AARRGH!!!"

A switch blade was stabbed into the ninja's shoulder from behind. The other ninjas turned in his direction before two of them got holes in the heads, courtesy of bullets, one got a kunai to the head and the last one had some weight drop on him. Looking up he saw the orange-haired kunoichi with her wakizashi to his throat before she finally silenced him for good.

"Forgive me." Kasumi said after she flicked the blood off her weapon before sheathing it.

"They don't deserve an apology Kasumi." Neon said as he holstered his gun while still holding his switchblade that was still in the remaining ninja's shoulder who was in pain and restrained.

"They were only doing what they were ordered to, it's not their fault that I have to kill them." Kasumi said again.

Turning his attention to his prisoner Neon twisted his knife, causing the ninja to grunt in pain before he spoke. "Who sent you? Answer quickly..."

"My brother sent them. They are Mugen Tenshin ninja sent to kill me." Kasumi interrupted.

Neon's red eyes flashed as he choked out the ninja and let him drop in an unconscious heap and then pull out his Glock 17.

"You'll be my messenger to that "waste of space" of a leader." he said as he unloaded the rest of the clip into the body, reloaded then did it again before he reloaded one last time and holstered his gun as his left eye turned to its original green.

"Was that really necessary, Neon?" Kasumi asked.

"Yes. It was. To send a clear message to your moronic brother!!!" Neon answered with spite.

"That seemed more like overkill to me." Kasumi said.

"Like I care about that. Anyways, let's dispose of the bodies except this one. He needs to see it."

The duo gathered the other four bodies and put them in a heap. Kasumi then pulled off some seals and burnt the bodies. Then the two of them left the alley, and went down the street.

"So Kasumi, how long do you plan on running from your family and village?" Neon asked.

"I don't know. I honestly haven't had the time to think about it. Also I have unfinished business with DOATEC." Kasumi answered.

"DOATEC huh? So they're on your shit list?"

"Not exactly. Someone in it though is on that list."

"Donovan, right?"


"I see. Well since it has nothing to do with me I won't involve myself."

Kasumi looked at him with a deadpanned expression. "What do you mean by that?"

"Simple. This is your own problem and not mine. I won't get involved." Neon said bluntly.

"I don't know about that. Considering the fact that you're in the semi-finals of the tournament he'd definitely have an eye on you now." Kasumi pointed out.

"He can look at me all he wants! I won't bother myself with him until he tries something stupid. Then I'll erase him from the face of the earth."

Kasumi just sighed and face palmed.

"Neon-san, can I ask you something?"

"What is it, Kasumi?"

"Why did your green eye turn red?"

"You saw that huh, you remember the Bounty Rook project I was subjected through?" Kasumi nodded. "Well that was it kicking in to boost my abilities a bit whenever a threat shows up or when I'm pissed off."

"Do you have control over it?" Kasumi asked with concern.

"I do. I've been able to suppress it for as long as I can remember through willpower. I can limit how much of its power is released since I'd rather rely on my own skills."

"Okay but how come you used that power then and how much did you use?"

"I only used 10% of it and as for why it was used, well it's a bit of a contingency that was programmed to kick in whenever danger is nearby."

"How come you haven't used it in the tournament? With it you could easily win this tournament."

"Like I said I'd rather use my own abilities than that of the Bounty Rook. Besides if I did use it, it'll be boring as I wipe the floor with everyone I fight including you or the other ninjas."

"Really?! And what of your Bushinryu?"

"I told you unless someone pushes me enough I'll bust it out on them and so far no one has but I know someone that I'll have to use it on: Hayabusa."


"Yes. That guy is on a whole different level as a ninja. No wonder why he's called a super ninja, and honestly, I look forward to fighting him."

Kasumi just rolled her eyes.

"Well anyways I gotta go. See you later." Neon said as he ran off.

Kasumi sighed, "I hope he knows that Hayate's not happy about us together." Then she vanished too.

Ridiculously enough, Hayate had been watching them from a good distance, not when they killed those ninjas in the alley, but when they were walking together and talking. He definitely was not happy about Neon being with his sister especially since he hadn't been able to get any info about him ever since he showed up.


"What is it Ayane ?"

"Ryu wants to see us both. He said that he has managed to uncover some information about Neon."

Hayate's face had a huge grin on it after he heard that. Now he'd know about who Neon Cross is and whether he's an enemy or friend.

12:05 hrs at an undisclosed area

Hayate and Ayane had arrived, meeting Ryu and a woman they hadn't seen before wearing a brown jacket, red shirt, black trousers and boots, using a rock as a makeshift chair with a laptop on her lap. Ryu got straight to the matter at hand.

"Hayate, Ayane, good of you to get here. This is Irene Lew of the CIA, and she has some information you'd like to hear. But before that I'd like to tell you what I found about out about Neon Cross."

"What did you find out?" Hayate asked.

"He's no ordinary individual. In fact he instantly knew who I am when he came to my store. He even knew about the silence seal I put up." Ryu began, "I'd say he's a ninja or someone who knows about ninjitsu."

"I already had that suspicion, Master Ryu." Ayane said, "I've seen him take down four people who were sent to capture him and he did it with brutal efficiency like a ninja. Hell, I won't be surprised if he's a ninja."

"He's also able to easily sense us when we're nearby or even watched." Hayate added, "But so can Bayman, Christie and even Jann Lee. What else?"

"He claimed to be neither friend nor foe and wants nothing to do with DOATEC or our mission to destroy the company. He's only here for the tournament." Ryu continued, "He doesn't even care if we trust him or not and would prefer to let his actions do the talking."

Ayane scoffed "Well he'd better care because if he gets in our way he's as good as dead."

"Anyways... What does your friend Irene have for us?" Hayate asked.

"Information I managed to dig up about the man Neon 'Grim' Cross." Irene answered, "Information that wasn't easy to get and could have gotten me in a lot of trouble if caught."

"Really? Where did you get this 'dangerous' info from?" Ayane asked.

"This was from UN's database." Irene answered.

"The United Nations? What do they have to do with Neon?" Hayate asked.

"He's apparently one of their best kept secrets that was only known by a few in the UN: The Secretary-General, UN Chief of Security and a certain scientist who was running the project he was involved in, Project Bounty Rook."

"Project Bounty Rook?! Who came up with that corny name?" Ayane scoffed.

"The scientist who ran it: Dr. Mako Yashiro. She was labelled a prodigy to her peers and teachers back in Japan where she graduated with a PhD in Genetics at the age of 16. But she was also a bit of a nutcase to some. Project Bounty Rook was a secret project that was meant to create the ultimate weapon for counter-terrorism ops."

"Ultimate weapon?" Hayate asked.

"Yes. Neon was taken in at a very young age and was found compatible for the project then experimented on to became the perfect weapon for UN. One with no emotions and with loyalty to only the UN. A mindless weapon."

"Reminds me of Project Epsilon." Hayate said.

"Yes, just like Project Epsilon but even more efficient." Irene continued, "Neon gained a high reputation as a deadly, efficient lone-wolf operative, having single handily made entire terrorist cells disappear from the face of the Earth, leaving no trace of them, rescuing a large number of hostages and even assassinating key targets. Hell no one knew what he looked like as he was a ghost to everyone, leaving no trace of himself."

"Wow!! I'd say that he's very much like you Master Ryu." Ayane exclaimed.

"I'd say that I agree with Ayane here. Except his enemies are more human." Hayate added.

"True, and if he's like me, he must have a lot of enemies." Ryu said, "How did he leave anyways? There's no way he'd just get up and leave one day and not be stopped by those involved with the Project Bounty Rook."

"Based on the report here, he'd somehow regained his memories and emotions back after one of his therapy sessions. They tried to erase them but that resulted in his escape from the secret facility he was kept in and the death of the 21 personnel that were there. All that led to the sudden end of the project by the Secretary-General and Chief of Security, followed by the sudden disappearance of Mako Yashiro who was not happy about Neon's escape. Efforts were made to find and retrieve him but he disappeared from the grid just like that."

"And now he's reappeared again and no doubt he's in the cross-hairs of that Dr. Yashiro who no doubt sent hunters to capture him once more or worse, Donovan." Hayate concluded, "Even more reason to not trust him especially around Kasumi."

"He's been around Kasumi!?!?" Ayane shouted, "Now I want to kill him even more!!"

"That won't be wise." Ryu warned, "Like I mentioned earlier he's been neutral so far and if you go after him, you'd most likely regret it."

"Are you expecting me to leave that man alone?! From the way I see it he's just as big of a threat as Donovan and DOATEC or worse!!" Hayate argued.

"No. I'm warning you to not antagonize Neon at all and keep your distance from him." Ryu said sternly, "You've heard the information Irene got about him. You also know how good he is in combat during the tournament and I still feel like he's been holding back all this time."

"Either way, there's no way I'd trust him. I'll first give him a warning and if he doesn't listen he'll be dealt with." Hayate said, "Ayane, we're leaving."

"Yes, Hayate." Ayane said before she and Hayate shunsined away.

Irene sighed as she closed up her laptop "Why do I have a bad feeling that they are going to end up in a bloody mess when they meet that guy?"

"It's because they are going to regret going after him." Ryu bluntly said, "I'll have to go and keep them from getting killed anyways."

Chapter 7 End.
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