Dead or Alive Dark Horse

Ayane's Humble Pie/Sadistic Rook

Neon 'Grim' Cross vs Kasumi

Jann Lee vs Ryu Hayabusa



'So I get Hayabusa...good, though I was hoping for Neon to be my opponent.'

'Kasumi be careful and you too Neon.'

Neon could only look at the match-ups in silence but within he was gradually getting pissed off at the pairings. 'What the flipping' fuck!? Of all the people to fight I had to get Kasumi?! Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk. I have a fight to win.'

21:00 hrs near Hotel Paradise, Two days later.

Neon dressed in his black long-sleeved shirt with 'Grim Eagle' printed on it and an eagle design at the back of it, orange khaki trousers, black gloves and orange sneakers, is trying to clear his head so that he can focus on his match-up against Kasumi. He could tell that Kasumi didn't like the match-up and so did Ryu Hayabusa but Kasumi didn't complain and neither did he.

Right now he's walking on the sidewalk not far from Hotel Paradise and a casino on the opposite side in what seemed to be a gambler's paradise. He's trying to ignore the distractions as he's walking past the hotel but ends up bumping into someone he didn't mind bumping into.

"Oh I'm sorr...Neon-san?! What are you doing here?"

"Just passing by Hitomi. I'm not interested in the lavish stuff around here."

"Is that so? Are you sure that you're not tempted to go in?"

Neon looked at Hitomi with a 'Are you kidding me?' face. "Gambling's a waste of time and I have my own hotel room."

"Uh huh." Hitomi giggled as Neon rolled his eyes while grinning.

"So...sorry for trampling on your chance to win the prize money for your dad and dojo."

"No need to apologize Neon. You beat me fair and square. Just don't lose to anyone else and win the tournament."

"That I intend to do and I'll split the prize money between us."

Hitomi eyes went wide as she gasped. "Really?!"

"Yeah I will." Neon confirmed, "You seem to need it more than me anyways though I still need something for my own lifestyle you know."

"Ahahahaha!! You're right. You know how about I introduce you to my father?"

"You sure about that Hitomi? I dunno about that." Neon rubbed the back of his head.

"No worries Neon. I know you two will get along just fine."

"I hope so.....Hitomi get down!!"

Before said person can react Neon pushes her to the pavement as he quickly draws his Glock and fires three shots. Three kunais with purple ribbons on them end up end up on the road 5 feet away from Neon and Hitomi.

"Hitomi make yourself scarce from here. I've got this!" Neon says as both eyes turn red.

"No Neon, I'm going to help!!" Hitomi argues.

"Thanks for the offer Hitomi, but like I said, I've got this." Neon replied, "Like I told you I don't intend to lose to anyone yet."

"Mou....fine!! Don't get hurt or worse alright?" Hitomi pouted before she left her friend by himself. When she is out of sight Neon sighs as he keeps his gun up, staring down the sights.

"Show yourself already AYANE!!" Neon shouted as said person landed on the barricade on the center of the road with a smug look on their face, "Someone must be a glutton for punishment right?" Neon deadpanned.

"Don't get full of yourself! I'm not through with you yet!" Ayane said.

"I guess that the thrashing I gave you and Hayate didn't get the point across." Neon stated, "Especially the warning I gave him too which also applies to you."

"BAKA!!! URASAI!!! I'm so sick of you!" Ayane yelled, "You think you are so hot because you're the 42nd master of Bushinryu ninpo when you're just an arrogant ass just like Kasumi!!!"

"Have you looked in a mirror lately you stupid bitch? You're the very definition of arrogant." Neon countered calmly.

People that were walking past them came to a stop and turned their attention to the two people talking.

"Damn you......"

"You still have this pointless hatred towards Kasumi and you look down on everyone else, acting like you're the best thing to happen since sliced bread." Neon ranted, "You've been getting on my freaking nerves ever since I met your arrogant ass and I have tried my best to ignore you so that I don't rip you to shreds."

"Even after I beat the crap outta you and Hayate, you still didn't bother to use that head meat up there to figure out that I'm not someone to fuck with!!! Oh wait a minute, this is you I'm talking about!! Ayane the arrogant kunoichi with no fucking common sense!!"

"I warned you to not get in my way as I deal with Kasumi and so far you have only done that!!!" Ayane shouted, "I know you've been talking with that traitor!!!"

"And so what if I have?" Neon said, "From the way I see it she's no traitor. She went out of her way to get vengeance for your half-brother and when she got it instead of being happy your stupid ass council decided to brand her as a traitor!! And you let your senseless hate blind you! How pathetic!!"

"You're not even part of our clan!! You know nothing about how we do things!! Who are you to judge us?!" Ayane shouted.

Neon shrugged nonchalantly, "I'm not doing judging you morons! That's my opinion of the situation. If you can prove me wrong then I'll accept it and move on. Though I doubt you could do so anyways."

"No matter!! I'll get rid of you now and then deal with Kasumi after!!" Ayane stated pointing at Neon.

"That's too bad. Because since you're messing with me then your life is officially forfeit now like I warned Hayate earlier." Neon stated before his voice turned deeper, "Oh by the way you're now facing "The Bounty Rook" and not Neon 'Grim' Cross."

"We'll see about that!!!" Ayane responded as she suddenly threw a kunai at Neon, who responded by shooting it, resulting in a small explosion that caused him to shield his eyes for a few seconds.

He barely dodged a jumping axe kick to his head and spun around to see Ayane landing on her feet. With her back turned to him she arrogantly smirked before spinning towards Neon. Neon himself had just holstered his gun and gotten into his orthodox stance slipping and blocking the tornado of strikes thrown at him.

'This Tasmanian devil crap again?! Sheesh, talk about persistence.'

Neon slipped one of the strikes and landed a spinning back elbow which stopped Ayane's offence and dropped her on her behind. She looked up at him shocked at how she got countered.

"In case it escaped your head meat up your skull, I countered that form of attack of yours....again since I've got the timing down for it." Neon clarified, "Better think of a new trick 'cos that one's getting old."

Ayane quickly got up and launched herself at Neon again, this time throwing a flurry of kicks at him. Neon dodged a few of them and caught one kick and tossed her onto the road. Ayane managed to ukemi roll from the impact and charged back at Neon again. This time she tried mixing things up with punches, chops and kicks but once again the Bushinryu master slipped the punches and chops and parried the kicks.

Neon was toying with her which he normally didn't do as Neon 'Grim' Cross, but not in this case. He ducked under one chop and landed a left hook to the liver, stopping Ayane in her tracks and followed up with a right hook to the temple that was meant to drop her, but she didn't because another liver shot forced her to stay standing then another shot to the temple followed that and the deadly, no mercy combination designed to beat a man to death was repeated. To the crowd that is watching the fight it was a terrifying sight to behold.

After getting blown back by a kick to the face, Ayane now realized something as she struggled to stay on her feet after multiple blows to her body and head. She was terrified of this monster in front of her and is now at his mercy. She had yet to touch him and she had been taken blows that felt like she was hit by a freaking tank! The fact that she is still standing was amazing even to the spectators watching the fight. As if reading her thoughts The Bounty Rook gave her his ten cents.

"I'll admit that you're a tough one. I hit you with a combo designed to beat a man to death and yet you're still standing. My respect for you has gone up by an eyelash at least so be happy."

The Bounty Rook switched to southpaw with a devilish grin came on his face. "However you're still a fucking arrogant weakling. At least Hayate got the hint or did he, who knows? Either way you're dead.

Even though in a lot of pain, Ayane was enraged. This man had been playing with her, beaten her so badly that only by sheer will was she standing and he just called her a weakling. She didn't give a damn if her body's still screaming in pain she's going to make this baka eat his words if it's the last thing she does before going down.

She charged at him one last time with speed that she shouldn't even be using and cut loose with a berserk barrage of whatever strikes she had. To the spectators there was nothing but blur in front of them. To The Bounty Rook it was all in slow motion as he easily kept up with Ayane's speed and slipped, blocked and parried whatever she threw at him. Bushinryu Ninpo as utilized by the 39th master Guy and also taught to Neon by his dead mother proved to be useful against multiple opponents and in this case multiple strikes and combined with his Muay Boran and Street fighting he had made his freestyle fighting even deadlier, and as The Bounty Rook, well that was left to the imagination.

First came the overhand left that stopped Ayane's attack. He followed up with right body blow and crippling left leg kick combo that held her to the spot, then came a lightning fast flurry of punches and chops to the chest and solar plexus, and finished by a backside 720 spin hook kick sending the battered kunoichi flying to the ground in a black, bruised and bloody mess.

This time Ayane could not get up. Her body was now screaming loudly in pain and this time she didn't push it, not like she can anyways as the monster now walking up to her had really done a number on her.

Standing over his beaten victim The Bounty Rook began to check out his handiwork before deciding to rub it in and describe the damage.

"Concussion, minor skull fracture, broken jaw, broken nose, busted lip, messed up liver, broken ribs, left leg messed up, black eye, bruises and a bruised ego. Am I right?"

His blood red eyes hardened and then his Glock was out and pointing at Ayane's head. She could do nothing but stare in utter terror.

"Like I said earlier you messed with me and now your life's forfeit. Sayo-fucking-nara Ayane."

However The Bounty Rook sensed someone coming at him and stopped whatever he was doing to parry an overhead slash from above with his gun before jumping away from the attacker. And he is not happy at the person who denied him of his kill.

"Out of my way Kasumi!!"

"No. I won't!!" Kasumi said in defiance, "That's enough, you've beaten her."

"Didn't you hear my warning from two days ago? I said that if any of you ninjas dared messed with me that their lives will be forfeit and your arrogant bitch of a half sister just tried to kill me and so I'm doing the world a favor and putting her six feet under."

"No!! Don't kill her!! I can't let you kill her in cold blood and you become the monster that I feared that you'd become!!"

One of the blood red eyes turned green again and the look on Neon's face softened as he became back to normal. Looking at Kasumi carefully he saw the tears forming in her eyes, surprising him and realizing how close he was to losing it.

"So you care about Ayane that much?"

"Yes I do. She's my sister and she's family."

"Even when she despises you and wants to kill you?"

"Yes I do."

"I see...Looks like the saying "blood is thicker than water" stays true after all."

Ryu Hayabusa then joined the scene as the crowd around them had begun to disperse. He looked at Ayane then Neon and Kasumi and pieced together what happened.

"So she didn't heed the warning and came after you?" Ryu asked.

"Pretty much." Neon stated. He reached inside the left pocket of his trousers and tossed a packet of two pills at Kasumi. The kunoichi caught them and was about to ask what they before she got her answer. "Elixir pills. They were made for me while I was still working for the UN. Just give Ayane those and it'll help with healing the damage. We'll need everyone at their best when we deal with DOATEC right?"

Neon then glared at Ayane who was in Ryu's arms like a bride. "I hope you enjoyed that slice of humble pie and also be grateful to your sister that she came and saved you before you became another kill on my body count. Think about what just occurred here and make a smart decision."

He turned around and then said "Kasumi. You'd better bring your A-game when we fight because the kid gloves are officially off and I'm busting out the big guns. Keep training and may the best fighter win when we duke it out next week."

Neon shunsined away in a gust of wind, followed by Kasumi in sakura petals and finally Ryu with Ayane in tow in leap out of sight.

Chapter 9 End.
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