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By Elaina Fredrickson

Romance / Humor

Chapter 1 Garfield and Raven.

Chapter 1 Garfield and Raven.

This story starts with Garfield. Poor Garfield just had his heart broken by his long term girlfriend. To get him out of his depression his two best friends drug him out of his apartment and out to one of the finest clubs Jump City had to offer.

Currently Garfield was going through different phases of excitement and despair. For the moment in his mind he was ready for a new girlfriend, in his friends minds he was ready for a rebound.

"How you feeling, Gar?" Victor asked, glancing towards his friend.

"What? Oh I'm fine, doing great actually." He said glancing around somewhat anxiously.

"Is that why you threw up in the men's room when we got here?" Richard asked.

"You just need to relax." Victor told him.

"Relax? I'm relaxed. I was the dating king in high school, I'll be fine." He said coolly.

"Yeah, sure." Richard spoke.

"Did you say king? As I recall you hit on every girl you saw until one actually let you take her out." Victor said.

"Yeah well… that was a long time ago, now I'm single and I'm ready to mingle." He said excitedly.

"No one says that, Gar." Richard told him.

"Okay, let's find him someone good, preferably nice and pretty." Victor said glancing around.

"How about the girl in the yellow dress?" Richard suggested.

"Yikes, no." Victor said quickly.

"What's wrong with her?" Richard asked.

"That’s Karen Beecher, I slept with her senior year."

"Okay moving on." Richard said.

"Sarah!" Karen called, waving over to her friend. "I am so glad you made it."

"Wow this place is fancy." Sarah said glancing around the room.

"It's one of the best clubs in Jump. I come here all the time."

"Okay," Sarah began as she and Karen sat down at a table. "Tell me about the guy." She said eagerly.

"Well his online profile says he's British, has a good job, and judging by some of the text we have shared, he is well gifted in the pants region."

"You didn't!" Sarah exclaimed.

"It was just a few pictures." Karen said as she signaled for the cute redheaded waiter. "Yes, two Tom Collins."

"And you sent him some?" Sarah asked.

"Well how else was I going to get him to send me any?" Karen defended.

"Oh wow. So when are you suppose to meet him?"

"He should be here any minute now." Karen said excitedly.

Wally walked behind the bar and started preparing a couple Tom Collins, when he spotted his girlfriend mindlessly making a drink. He smirked and walked up behind her, slowly wrapping his arms around her waist. "Sup Jinxy."

"I told you to stop calling me that." She said harshly shrugging him off her.

"Are you okay?" He asked, and it took her a minute to answer.

"Wally… I think we should break up."

"Wow, there appears to be some drama at the bar." Richard noticed.

"Oh, it looks like someone just got dumped." Victor said before taking another sip of his drink. "Anyway, we need to focus." He said getting back to the point.

"Why can't I pick someone out?" Garfield asked in an almost whine.

"Because, you will just pick out another Terra." Victor told him simply as he glanced around the room. Garfield huffed and crossed his arms as his friends looked around. "What about the girl in the light blue dress?" Victor suggested.

Richard shook his head, "Engagement ring." He said, observing the stone on the girl's finger.

"Can I at least try and pick someone out?" Garfield asked somewhat annoyed he didn't get a say in who he would get to talk to.

"Okay Gar, pick someone out." Victor said gesturing to the crowd. Excitedly, Garfield glanced at his options, purposefully ignoring every blond in sight. The guys were right; he needed to stay clear of anyone who would remind him of his ex. He then glanced over at the bar and saw a girl reading a book. She was very pretty, in a mysterious way and he found he couldn't look away from her. "Don’t even think about it." Victor told him.

"What?" Garfield asked, somewhat embarrassed he was caught staring.

"The bookworm is way out of your league."

"Excuse me?"

"Not only is she too pretty for you, but the fact that she is reading a book at a club shows she doesn't want to be here, and one of her friends most likely pulled her here against her will." Richard told him straight forward.

"Oh screw you, I have a chance." Garfield shot back.

"You know what, fine; give it your best shot." Richard shrugged off.

"I will." Garfield said getting up.

"Go for it, just remember not to mention Terra or you might cry and don’t tell her a joke cause your not funny, and good luck." Victor said quickly as Garfield left.

"She's gonna eat him alive." Richard said, and Victor nodded in agreement.

Garfield walked towards the girl with full confidence, but as he grew near he started to get nervous, she was a lot prettier up close. She kept brushing her short dark hair out of her face as she read, and she crossed her long smooth legs as she rested the book on her lap. And before he knew it he was there at the bar next to her. He almost wanted to bail on his mission and grab a napkin or straw and go back to his friends, but he didn't want to hear them make fun of him for chickening out. He then realized he was just staring at her like a creep and before he knew it she lifted up her head and addressed him.

"You come to hit on me too?" She asked.

"Excuse me?"

"I've been here five minutes and I have been hit on twice. Are you lucky number three?"

"No, I mean… I was, um…" He stammered.

"He's blowing it." Victor noted as he watched his friend bomb.

The girl let out a long sigh before putting her book down and fully facing him. "Do you have an actual sentence in your vocabulary?" She asked sarcastically.

"Hi, I'm Gar. Can I buy you a drink?" He managed to spill out.

Maybe it's time you learn a little about Garfield Logan. He was born into a loving family, and his parents adored their son, but tragedy struck when Garfield was 4 years old as his parents died in a horrible boating accident. It was one of the worst things that could happen to a child. Luckily before the young boy could be too traumatized in foster care, he was adopted by Steve and Rita. Even though Steve, his step-father, often gave him the cold shoulder, Rita cherished him with love. In high school Garfield didn't impress the ladies much with his clumsy demeanor and comedy act. But he never gave up trying, and low and behold he finally found a girl that thought he was funny. Garfield and Terra dated all through high school and poor Garfield really thought they would spend the rest of their lives together. But the day after they graduated Terra broke it off. She had given him a big speech about how things change and just like that they were done. He was crushed, and had hid in his apartment for over two weeks, until his friends finally managed to drag him out, and even then he was a wreck. But that was over a month ago, and now as Garfield stared at the pretty girl in front of him, he realized he was ready to get back out there.

The girl let out another sigh before fully putting down her book on the bar and answered, "Sure."

"Really?" He almost blurted, overjoyed. "I mean cool, great, awesome." He tried to say coolly as he sat down next to her.

"Holy shit." Victor blurted.

"No way." Richard said as they watched this unfold.

"Well I guess pigs are flying tonight." Victor said before taking another sip of his drink.

"So can I get your name?" Garfield asked as the waitress brought them their drinks.

"Raven." She answered, taking a sip of her Bloody Mary.

"Oh like the bird. It's very pretty." He smiled, and Raven couldn't help but turn to him as he said this. This was the first time someone had actually called her pretty without asking her to have sex right after it.

Now let's get to know Raven. Raven Roth was born to her young teenage mother Angela. Her father was not in the picture, and Raven was forbidden to ask about him. She accepted the fact that she will never know the story of her father and moved on. As for her mother, being a single mom, Angela had to work a lot to support herself and Raven, so Raven saw very little of her mother. Some would think she would be lonely having no friends and a parent who was always working, but Raven didn't mind being alone, in fact she preferred it. As long as she had a book in her hand, she could entertain herself for hours. She would read day and night, at home and school. Speaking of school, she did very well in it, and by high school she had made her first female friend, and soon after that her first male friend. He was kind charming and romantic, and she quickly fell for him. But it turned out he wasn’t real, he was faking the whole thing, and using her. When she found this out she was unbelievably crushed. She learned that day never to trust men, and thus became somewhat unapproachable to them. But being that she was of the female form some of the more pigheaded ones came crawling her way. And when she first saw Garfield walking up to her she would had labeled him one of the scumbags, but now as he continued to talk, she questioned her label on him.

"So Raven, what's a pretty thing like yourself doing here alone." Okay so maybe she was right with labeling him a scumbag.

She let out an annoyed sigh, "You almost had me there." She began, "Giving me cute complements and such, but your just like the rest aren't you." She said as he opened his mouth to speak but she didn't let him. "Thanks for the drink, now leave me alone." She said, grabbing her book, hopping off her stool and walking away.

He watched her, a stunned expression on his face. Did he just blow it?

"Oh man, he just blew it." Victor noticed.

"Wait, what is he doing?" Richard asked.

"No, no, don't go after her." Victor said in a panic.

Raven stomped towards the back of the bar were her one and only friend chased her down. "I am so sorry Raven; there was a huge line at the bathroom." Kory said, somewhat out of breath.

"It's fine, I only got hit on three times while you were gone."

"Really, anyone cute?" She asked and Raven huffed. "I get it, guys are pigs, but sometimes you have to give them a chance."

"Raven! Raven wait!" Garfield said running up to her.

"I told you to leave me alone." Raven said sternly.

"I know and I'm sorry. I blew it, I get it. But you gotta give me another chance, I was just dumped by my high school sweetheart and I'm a little rusty."

"A little?" She said, and was about to reject him further when Kory butted in.

"Oh come on Raven give him another chance." Kory pleaded.

"I-" Raven began but Kory interrupted her.

"Great, you go off and do some talking, and I will see if I can get a signal and try and text Karen to see if she's here yet." Kory said and to Raven's dismay her friend left her.

Garfield couldn't help but beam. "She seems nice."


"Oh god Sarah, he just texted me, and he's here." Karen said excitedly.

"What did you say?" Sarah asked eagerly.

Karen smirked, "I said to meet me by the pool table and that I'm in the yellow dress." She said holding in her excitement.

"Oh this is so exciting…" Sarah gushed.

"Karen?" A male voice asked and Karen smirked before slowly turning around.

"ROY!" She blurted in disgust-shock.

"Oh shit." He swore, "Out of all the Karen's in Jump."

"Wait, I'm sorry, you two already know each other." Sarah asked.

"We went to high school together." Karen sighed.

"Well it looks like someone fibbed on the dating profile." Roy said casually.

"I fibbed! You said you were British!" She blurted.

"Girls love Brits."

"Ugh." She huffed, "Come on Sarah." Karen said, pulling her friend away.

Roy shrugged before turning and bumping into someone. "Oh, sorry- Roy?" Richard asked.

"Dick Grayson, well I be dammed." Roy said in surprise.

"Hey man, well I have to go and take this call, but Vic is over there," He pointed. "We're trying to hook Gar up with some tail."

"Oh that sounds fun." Roy said as he started walking towards Victor.

Richard walked out of the bar, into the fresh night air. He checked his phone and sighed, he missed the call. But suddenly the call didn't seem that important as he glanced over at a beautiful girl before him.

"Darn, no signal." Kory said with a sigh as she fiddled with her phone. She huffed in defeat before putting the object in her clutch and turning back towards the Club entrance. She then couldn't help but stop and stare at the guy in front of her. He had a charming smile and slick black hair, the sight almost made her knees turn to jelly. "Hi." She managed to speak.

"Hello." He said back. "My name is Richard; may I buy you a drink?"

This is a story of 10 strangers, one night and the stupid, crazy, embarrassing things we do to find love. And the night had just begun…

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