Chapter 2 Richard and Kory.

Chapter 2 Richard and Kory.

Richard walked out of the bar, into the fresh night air. He checked his phone and sighed, he missed the call. But suddenly the call didn't seem that important as he glanced over at a beautiful girl before him.

"Darn, no signal." Kory said with a sigh as she fiddled with her phone. She huffed in defeat before putting the object in her clutch and turning back towards the Club entrance. She then couldn't help but stop and stare at the guy in front of her. He had a charming smile and slick black hair, the sight almost made her knees turn to jelly. "Hi." She managed to speak.

"Hello." He said back. "My name is Richard; may I buy you a drink?"

"Um… sure." Kory said, trying to hide her blush.

He smiled and gestured to the Club as Kory walked with him.

"Oh no." Victor said glancing at the door.

"What?" Roy asked as he ordered a drink.

"It appears we have lost Richard."

"What?" Roy asked glancing around?"

"Over by the door, see with the pretty redhead."

"Ah-man, your right he's gone. Okay so what's Gar up to?"

"He…" Victor sighed, "He appears to be chasing the bookworm."

"Please Raven, I truly am sorry. And I would really like to get to know you." He said honestly as he followed her around the club. She stopped and was about to turn and tell him straight, that she wanted nothing to do with him and that he needed to get lost. But something inside of her changed when she saw his cute pleading smile.

She sighed, "Fine."

"Really?" He beamed, "You won't regret this Rae!" He said excitedly hugging her.

"I already am," She said with clenched teeth before shoving him away. "Boundaries." She said sternly.

"Right, right, I'm sorry. Let me buy you another drink." He said with a smile as he escorted her back to the bar.

"No way." Roy said as he watched Garfield escort the girl back to the bar.

"Geez? How is he doing this?" Victor asked shaking his head. "Anyway, what brings you here, Roy?"

"A blind date that went wrong." He said sipping his scotch.

"Oh, how so?" Victor asked.

"Well it turned out we both lied on our online profile and the girl ended up being Karen Beecher from high school."

"Oh man." Victor laughed. "Yeah, I saw she was here."

"And here I thought I was going to get lucky tonight."

"And here I thought I was going to get lucky tonight." Karen sighed, "I wore my favorite dress and everything."

"Don’t give up." Sarah began, "The nights still young."

"Yeah," She said glancing at her phone, "You know I haven't heard a thing from Kory. I wonder if she made it." Karen wondered as she glanced around the room.

"I don’t see Kory, but I do see Raven." Sarah spoke.

"What ware!" Karen blurted and looked towards where Sarah pointed. "Oh my god, she's talking to a guy, Raven is talking to a cute guy!" She said in shock.

"Wow, he is cute." Sarah agreed.

"She likes him too." Karen noticed.

"How can you tell?"

"Every once in awhile she will look away and give the slightest smile."

"Oh wow, I see it."

"But you know what, Raven wouldn't come here alone, if she's here, Kory has to be too."

It was true; Kory and raven were best friends ever since high school. Kory Anders was born into a loving family. She had an older sister and later got a younger brother. She was a happy child, some would say the happiest, but her older sister resented her sister's happiness and would torment poor Kory, day and night. It was so bad that Kory was forced to move to Jump City and live with her uncle. Being the new kid in high school wasn't easy, and Kory longed for a friend. It was then that she met Raven. At first Raven wanted nothing to do with her, as she did with mostly everyone, but Kory continued to show her kindness and eventually Raven returned it, thus a loving friendship was born.

"Oh I see Kory!" Karen said excitedly.


"She's over there talking to that devilishly handsome guy."

"Oh my god I know him! That’s Richard Grayson." Sarah said excitedly.

Richard Grayson. Another child who was born into a loving family with loving parents. Tragedy struck when Richard was 10 when his parents were shot at gunpoint, and young Richard saw the whole thing. Strangely soon after the tragedy the young boy was adopted by the famous Bruce Wayne. To this day no one really knows what caused the reclusive Bruce to do such a thing as adopt Richard and turn him into his ward. But for whatever the reason Richard sure fit the part perfectly.

Kory couldn't help but giggle as Richard charmed her. "So princess, what would you like to drink?" He asked as they sat at a table.

She blushed, "I'm not sure. I'm not that familiar with fancy drinks."

"I bet you would like something sweet." He suggested and she nodded. "A Tequila Sunrise it is. I'll be right back." He said before giving her another dashing smile. Kory practically melted as he left and she quickly got up and ran to tell Raven the news.

"Let's just start over." Garfield said as he held out his hand. "Hi my name is Garfield, what's yours?"

"Garfield?" Raven asked, "Before you said it was Gar."

"Well Gar's a nickname." He clarified.

"Clearly." She noted.

"Raven!" Kory hollered as she ran up to the pair.

"Oh hey Kory, thanks for ditching me with a guy I clearly didn't want to talk to." Raven said harshly.

"But you're glad she did right?" Garfield asked, tilting his head towards Raven.

"Raven I just met the cutest guy; he is like a super hero." Kory said excitedly.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, and he will be back any minute with our drinks so I got to go, but I just had to tell you about him." She squealed.

"Okay Kory, go have fun." Raven said rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

Kory squealed again and quickly hopped over to Garfield, "She likes blue long island iced tea, she doesn't like to talk about her family or high school experiences, and she has quite a defensive wall. Good luck!" She said quickly before running back to her table.

Raven glared at her friend as she watched her leave, before rolling her eyes and turning back towards Garfield. "So…" He began, "Blue long island iced tea?"

Kory quickly ran back to the table and just had enough time to catch her breath, fix her hair and apply fresh lip gloss before Richard returned.

"And here is your Tequila Sunrise." Richard said, handing her the drink.

"Oh it looks yummy." She said as he sat down next to her.

"So what brings you here on this fine night?" Richard asked.

"One of my friends is meeting a blind date, and me and a few others tagged along to make sure he didn't turn out to be a murderer." She said, sipping her drink.

"Wow, that’s interesting."

"I know, isn't it exciting." She giggled, before sipping her straw.

"Not really," He said hesitantly. "If you yearn for excitement, then tonight I will blow your mind." Kory almost jumped in her seat. "Stick with me princess, and life will be full of excitement." He said intriguingly.

"Okay." She gushed.

"So tell me, what do you consider to be over the top exciting that you have never done before?"

She gasped, "Lets steal something!"

"Okay calm down, let's not commit a crime. If we were going to steal something it would have to be something stupid and harmless…"

She gasped again, "Let's steal something from the men's room!"

"Okay, how about a toilet." He suggested sarcastically, and she giggled at the idea. "Tell you what, think about it, talk to your friends. And when you know what you want to do, come find me, I'll be here all night." He said getting up and kissing her hand before walking away.

Kory's mind was blown and she needed to talk to Raven, NOW!

"Okay so avoiding the subject of family and high school… What do you do for fun?" Garfield asked, trying to find the best conversation subject to have with her. Instead of giving him an actual answer; Raven opted for just lifting up her book. "Ah reading. I like reading too, though I'm more of a comic book reader."

"That doesn't surprise me." She said simply, as she sipped her drink.

"Raven!" Kory shouted and Raven almost spilt her drink on herself at the outburst. "Oh Raven I need to talk to you!" Kory yelled dramatically, before turning towards Garfield. "I'm sorry…"

"Garfield." He finished.

"I'm sorry Garfield; I just need to borrow Raven for a bit, I'll give her back I promise." Kory said before dragging Raven away.

Garfield turned back to the bar and couldn't help but smile to himself. He might be rusty, but he was talking to a pretty girl that he really liked. He then got the bar tenders attention. "Yeah, can I get another green zombie?" He asked and the bar tender nodded sorrowfully. "Hey dude, what's wrong?" He asked.

Wally sighed, "My girlfriend just dumped me."

"Ah, I can relate. I recently got dumped. But look at me now, I've been talking to the girl of my dreams, and I'm on top of the world." Garfield said enthusiastically, but his words didn't really make Wally feel better.

"Kory calm down, what's going on?" Raven asked, as she managed to slow her friend down.

"Oh Raven, I have never met anyone like Richard before, He's so charming and exciting!"

"That’s great, but did you really have to pull me away from Garfield, just to tell me that?"

Kory smirked, "I'm guessing you were enjoying talking to him then."

Raven tried not to blush, "No, I just…" She stammered and Kory squealed. "It's not that big of a deal, Kory." Raven insisted.

"Oh my god, we can double date!" Kory said excitedly.

"No!" Raven almost shouted.

"Okay fine, but you got to help me think of something exciting to do with Richard."


"Oh my god, I know something exciting! I will send him my panties."

"Okay?" Raven didn't know what to think of this.

"Oh no, I'm wearing my pink polka dots. There's nothing sexy about pink polka dots."

"I don’t know why you think it's necessary to send him your underwear?"

Kory gasped, "Raven."

"What?" She asked somewhat frightened.

"You are always wearing black panties."

"And?..." Raven asked, before widening her eyes. "No."

"Come on Raven, please." Kory begged.

"I'm not going to give you my underwear so you can give them to a guy you just met." She insisted before stomping back to the bar where someone was waiting for her.

"Just think about it, okay!" She heard Kory holler, and she rolled her eyes.

Raven sat back down next to Garfield, and he tried not to act overly excited that she was back.

"Is everything alright?" He asked.

"Apparently some guy named Richard has completely swept Kory off her feet." Raven said in annoyance and Garfield almost spit out his drink.

"Richard, as in Richard Grayson?" He asked.

"I'm not sure, all I know is he's dashing and charming…"

"Yep it's Grayson." He cut her off.

"Do you know him or something?" She asked.

"He's only one of my best friends."


"Oh yeah, we go way back, he really helped me during my big break up with… Terra?!" He said in shock as he watched his ex walk through the club entrance. Raven turned and watched as the pretty blond entered the club with her friends, before turning back to Garfield, who wasn't doing so well. "Out of all the clubs in jump, why did she have to come to this one?" He said uncomfortably.

"What happened between you and her?" Raven asked curious, as she tried to be considerate with her words.

"We dated practically all through high school, and then the day after we graduated she dumped me." He said dejectedly. "I can't believe she is here. What if she sees me? I can't talk to her!" He panicked. "How am I supposed to move on if she's here? What am I going to do?!"

Raven could completely understand what he was going through, and watching him panic reminded her a lot of herself when she was used and dumped in high school. And it all made her feel stronger towards him, so before he could continue on with his panic attack she grabbed his shoulders and made him face her. "Gar, it will be okay, you just need to breath." She told him calmly.

"I… I need a distraction." He stammered.

And that’s when she realized what she needed to do, and she would be lying if she said she didn't want to do it. Suddenly she grabbed his face with her hands and yanked him forward and kissed him. And it worked for as soon as she did so his mind went completely off Terra, and on her...

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