Chapter 3 Jinx and Wally.

Chapter 3 Jinx and Wally.

"Oh yeah, we go way back, he really helped me during my big break up with Terra?!" He said in shock as he watched his ex walk through the club entrance. Raven turned and watched as the pretty blond entered the club with her friends, before turning back to Garfield, who wasn't doing so well. "Out of all the clubs in jump, why did she have to come to this one?" He said uncomfortably.

"What happened between you and her?" Raven asked curious, as she tried to be considerate with her words.

"We dated practically all through high school, and then the day after we graduated she dumped me." He said dejectedly. "I can't believe she is here. What if she sees me? I can't talk to her!" He panicked. "How am I supposed to move on if she's here? What am I going to do?!"

Raven could completely understand what he was going through, and watching him panic reminded her a lot of herself when she was used and dumped. And it all made her feel stronger towards him. So before he could continue on with his panic attack she grabbed his shoulders and made him face her.

"Gar, it will be okay, you just need to breath." She told him calmly.

"I… I need a distraction." He stammered.

And that’s when she realized what she needed to do, and she would be lying if she said she didn't want to do it. Suddenly she grabbed his face with her hands and yanked him forward and kissed him. And it worked for as soon as she did so his mind went completely off Terra, and on her.

"Oh dear god! No, no, no…" Victor said as he watch Terra walk into the bar, "This is bad!"

"What, what?" Roy asked as he glanced around.

"It's Terra! Out of all the bars. She's ganna ruin everything!"

"Maybe not." Roy noticed.

"What are you talking about, as soon as Gar sees her he will lose it." Victor explained.

"I don’t know, he seems pretty distracted at the moment." Roy said pointing to the boy at the bar, who was smacking lips with the bookworm.

"What are you talk- Oh wow." Victor watched as his friend happily kissed the girl at the bar. "That’s my boy!" He exclaimed, shaking Roy, "That’s my boy."

Terra slowly walked into the bar, she smiled seeing some of her friends that waved at her and encouraged her to join them, and she was about to, before she noticed someone familiar. As soon as she spotted her ex she was tempted to leave the club, she couldn't let him see her, not after she broke him. But then upon seeing the girl beside him lean over and kiss him, she decided that everything was okay. She sighed in relief over the fact that he had moved on, because now that he finally has moved on, now she could too.

Raven slowly pulled away, leaving the boy with a goofy face expression, "Did that help get your mind off of her?" She asked.

"Who?" He questioned, the goofy expression still on his face.

"Your ex." She reminded.

"Oh who cares about her." He said casually before putting a hand on her side, slowly pulling her close to him again for another kiss.

"That is my boy!" Victor said again, as he continued to nudge Roy. "I gotta go find Richard and tell him this." He suddenly said as he stood up.

"Great, I'm ganna order another drink." Roy said, also getting up. Roy walked over to the bar and got the bartenders attention as he ordered another drink. And he couldn't help but notice the bartender was overly dejected. "What's wrong with you?" Roy asked, somewhat harshly.

"My girlfriend just broke up with me." Wally said sadly, as he slowly glanced over to Jinx at the other side of the bar.

"Well I'm not surprised; by the way you're pouting around like a little girl. That girl looks like she wants a man…"

"You know that doesn't really make me feel any better." Wally huffed.

"Look man, I'm ganna give it to you straight, if you really want her back, you need to show her you can be a man."

"And how would I do that?" Wally asked.

"During your next break, I want you to go bang her in the back room."

"Excuse me?"

"Show her one last time what she will be missing. Don’t take no for an answer."

"Do you think that will work?" Wally asked, shocked he was even considering it.

"If it doesn't, then at least you might get to do her one last time."



"Yeah, I'm ganna do it." Wally said excitedly.

"Go for it." Roy said.

Wally grabbed Roy's drink and chugged it, to Roy's dismay, before quickly walking over and grabbing Jinx's arm.

"Wally, what are you doing?"

"Were going on break." He said, quickly pulling her to the back room.

She wanted to put her foot down, but she couldn't help but be somewhat intrigued by his assertiveness. Wally pulled her to the back room and shut the door. "Wally, what is this about?" She demanded to know as she put her foot down and crossed her arms.

Her attitude was a little scary, but he remembered what Roy had said, and so acted on impulse and bolted forward, grabbing her face and kissing her.

Now this was a little out of character for Wally…

Wally West was born into a big loving family. He was known as a good runner and got most of his popularity from running track in high school. He was very nice, and a bit of a jokester, which surprisingly won the heart of Jinx.

Jinx was born into a disruptive family, and grew up on the bad side of town. She followed a bad crowd, though she wasn't necessarily a bad girl. She was a flirt, and didn't give bad boys the time of day, and instead liked to play with the good ones, like Wally. Jinx and Wally dated all through high school, but now that they were adults, Jinx was starting to have a change of heart. She wanted a fresh start, and when she wanted something she got it. That’s why she dumped Wally. Though it seemed she had changed her mind as she now hungrily kissed her ex, but actually in her mind, they were still over.

He perched her onto the tabled as she swung the objects that were on it off to the floor. She ripped open his bartending uniform with her pink nails as he cupped her chest through her blouse. She let her pencil skirt bunch as she wrapped her long legs around his, and he slowly noticed she was undoing his black belt.

"Has anyone noticed that there is no one tending the bar?"

Jinx sat cross-legged on the table as she reapplied her lavender lipstick, before fixing her hair. Wally had a small smile on his face as he tucked in his shirt before glancing up at the girl before him. He smiled again before slowly approaching her, "So Jinxy, you know tomorrow is our day off…"

She sighed before putting her lipstick away, "Wally… this was fun you know, fooling around in the back room. But that doesn't change anything between us." His happy mood was suddenly gone. "I know I should have mentioned this sooner but… this was my last shift… Tomorrow I'm moving."

He was stunned. "What?! But, but this job requires you to put in a two week notice."

"I did, two weeks ago." She told him.

"Well…" He began, "I guess I better go back to work." He said harshly.

"Angel will be taking over my shift." She informed him.

"Oh really, did you know Angel is out with the flu." He retorted.

Roy glanced up at Wally as he entered the bar again. "Yo bartender, I expect a free drink since you chugged mine." He said harshly.

Wally glared at the man. "Your advice was bull."

"My advice was genius, it clearly got you laid." Roy said glancing at Wally's disheveled attire.

"Yeah, but were still over!"

"Hey, I never said you would get back together." Roy reminded him.

"Whatever." Wally huffed before walking away.

"What about my drink!" Roy hollered, lifting up his glass.

"Get it yourself." Wally retorted, and Roy shrugged before reaching over the bar and grabbing the bottle.

"Can I get another Dry Martini?" Sarah asked as she approached the bar.

"Hey, have you ever bartended before?" Jinx asked.

"No, not really?"

"It's super easy." Jinx said pulling Sarah behind the bar. "See the computer does all the work, you just type in the drink they want and it will tell you how to make it."

"Okay?" Sarah said confusedly.

"Great!" Jinx said, handing Sarah her apron. "You'll do great."

"Wait what?"

Victor walked around the club looking for Richard, when he heard a familiar voice. "Sparky?" He turned around and smiled.

"Karen." He greeted.

"I thought it was you." She smiled running up and hugging him. "How have you been?"

"Well that football scholarship is really helping me." He smiled.

"Yeah I bet. So what are you doing here?" She asked.

"I just came to help my friend get over his ex."

"And how's that working out?" She asked and he smiled before pointing over at the couple at the bar.

"You tell me?" He smirked.

"Wait. That's your friend, the one in the purple button down, and jacket."

"It sure is."

"Oh really, well I just so happen to know the girl he's grinning at."

"You do?" He asked in surprise.

"Yeah that’s Raven. Her and Kory came here to support me and my blind date."

"Yeah," he laughed. "I heard about that."

"I can't believe Roy said he was British on his profile." She huffed.

"He what?" He laughed.

"Yeah, and he also sent me this." She said pulling out her phone.

"Oh no!" He said in disgust.

"It's actually not that bad." She noted looking at the picture. And Victor just laughed.

"What's so funny- why are we looking at a dick pic?" Garfield asked as he approached the pair, with Raven beside him.

"Yeah, and its Roy's" Victor told him and Garfield flinched in disgust.

"So why are we looking at a picture of a penis?" Raven asked.

"Because it’s my blind dates." Karen told her.

"I'm so happy for you." Raven drawled and Karen couldn't help but smirk at her.

"Garfield, was it? Yeah you have a little lipstick on you're…" Karen began, as she touched the side of her face.

Garfield blushed as he wiped at his mouth and Raven couldn't help but roll her eyes, "I'm not even wearing lipstick."

"I know." Karen smirked, "But just look at his face…" She gushed, referring to his crimson cheeks. "He's a real keeper Rae Rae."

"Hear that Raven, I'm a keeper." Garfield grinned.

"Ugh, I'm out of here." Raven said as she began to walk away, and Garfield was quick to follow her.

"Raven I was just kidding." He said running after her.

"There so cute." Karen gushed.

Victor laughed, "Well I'm ganna get a refill." He said lifting up his glass. "But it was nice catching up with you."

"It sure was, Sparky." Karen smirked.

Victor walked up to the bar and looked at the waitress, well he thought she was a waitress, she was behind the bar and wore the apron, but other than that she looked like she didn't work there.

"Hey, can I get a blue hurricane?" He asked.

"Oh sure." She smiled, "I love hurricanes, the drink not the storm."

He smiled. "My names Victor." He introduced.

"Sarah." She returned.

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