Chapter 4 Victor and Sarah.

Chapter 4 Victor and Sarah.

Victor walked up to the bar and looked at the waitress, well he thought she was a waitress, she was behind the bar and wore the apron, but other than that she looked like she didn't work there.

"Hey, can I get a blue hurricane?" He asked.

"Oh sure." She smiled, "I love hurricanes, the drink not the storm."

He couldn't help but smile. "My names Victor." He introduced.

"Sarah." She returned.

"Be honest Sarah, you don’t work here, do you?"

She almost laughed. "Nope. Would you believe the waitress pulled me back here, handed me her apron and said its super easy."

"And is it?" He asked.

"You know, it kind of is." She whispered, "If only I could get this stupid thing to work." She said, as she lightly began to hit the computer.

"Okay, okay, let me help." He offered. "First of all, hitting it will not get it to work." He advised as he pressed a few buttons. "There, see, that’s all it needed."

"Wow thanks." She grinned. "Are you some sort of computer engineer or something?" She asked.

He laughed, "No, though my dad wished I was."

It was true. Victor Stone was born into a family that only wanted the best for him, and so at a very young age they made him study and learn. It sure paid off, for you could say their son was a genius. But Victor always wanted something more, more than the scientist his parents wanted him to be. So when high school came around, Victor, tried out for sports, and he loved it, especially football. His mother tried to be supportive, but his father was against anything sports, saying it was distracting him from school. This created a big falling out with his father which caused Victor to storm out of the house and recklessly get behind the wheel of his car. Victor woke up the next morning in the hospital, he had many scrapes and scratches, and a few broken bones, but the most shocking was that he was missing his leg. The doctor said they were forced to amputate it, and that he was lucky to be alive. Victor went through a few months of depression, feeling like a freak, and wondering if he would ever be able to play sports again. But, to everyone's surprise and his relief, the prostatic didn't hold him back one bit, in fact, it made him stronger.

"So when you're not forced to bartend, what do you do?" Victor asked.

"I spend most of my time volunteering at the West Side school for the handicapped. I specialize in helping children come to terms with physical disabilities, and help them with physical therapy."

"Do you really?" Victor asked intrigued.

"Oh yes, I love helping people." She smiled.

And she truly did. Sarah Simms loved helping people, especially children. When she was a teenager she would volunteer at the West Side school every day after school. And after she graduated she started working there full time. Sarah's a proficient teacher and specializes in dealing with special needs students, particularly young children who are having trouble coping with physical disabilities. She helps them come to terms with their handicaps, and often is considered one of the favored instructors at the school. Sarah's great at helping kids understand that a person's physical handicaps are not a characteristic of who they are as a human being. She loves children and the looks on their faces as she helps them see their disabilities do not wield them, but makes them stronger. And if they set their mind to it they can do anything.

"So the West Side school huh?" She nodded. "Well, I'm shocked I've never seen you there." Victor chuckled, and she looked at him confused. "I'm quite familiar with the place." He said before pulling up his pant leg and propping his prosthesis on the bar.

"Oh wow, can I ask what happened?"

"I got into a pretty nasty car accident when I was 17, it banged me up pretty good, but really this was the worst of it."

"You know I bet it would be such an inspiration for the kids to see you. How would you feel about dropping by the school sometime? But I completely understand if you don’t want to…"

He put his hand over hers, "I would love to."

Sarah grinned, before slowly biting her lip, as Victor held her hand. But before the moving moment could continue Roy dramatically leaned over Victor. "Please miss, can I have some more." He said, holding out his glass." Victor let out a long irritated sigh as Sarah kindly poured Roy another drink. And to Victor's dismay, Roy did not take the hint to leave.

"It was very nice talking to you Victor, but I better go be a bartender." Karen smiled.

"Okay, but let me know if you have any more trouble with the computer." He said and she nodded before smiling again. Sarah walked to the other side of the bar as she began to take orders and make more drinks.

"Can I get a vodka on the rocks and a Tequila Sunrise?" Richard asked and Sarah smiled.

"The Tequila Sunrise wouldn't happen to be for Kory, would it?" She asked, intrigued.

"It might." He smirked, "Why, you a friend of hers?" He asked and she nodded as she began to prepare the drinks. "Well, maybe you could give me some advice?" He suggested.

"Fine. Only because I can see you like her as much as she likes you. The thing is Kory might act like she wants something crazy like a trip to Hawaii or hang-gliding, which I'm sure Bruce Wayne's ward could give her. But really, she will be over the moon just by going bowling or to the carnival."

"Great, now what am I going to do with these hang-gliding tickets." Richard joked.

"I can see you like her, and I don’t blame you, Kory is a really fun person. But I also know you are the playboy prince, so I want you to know Kory has a lot of friends that won't hesitate to kick your rich ass." Sarah said nicely as she handed him his drinks.

"Noted." He said as he grabbed the drinks, and he couldn't help but glance over at the other side of the club. "Well Gar seems to be hitting it off with the bookworm." He noticed.

Sarah glanced behind her and smiled, before turning back to Richard. "The question is where have you been, they were kissing not 40 minuts ago."

Kory twiddled her fingers as she leaned against the wall near the back of the club. She was anxious, nervous, and excited, and dying to see Richard again. Although she sadly couldn't think of anything thrilling for them to do.

"Hello princess." Richard spoke smoothly behind her.

Kory jumped and quickly turned around, startled and excited to see him. "Richard." She breathed.

He gave her a charming smile as he handed her a drink and she grinned as she slowly took it.

"So… do you have any ideas of what you might want to do?" He asked as he watched her sip her drink.

She sighed. "I am at a loss of what to do." She said sorrowfully.

Richard smiled before taking her drink out of her hand and grabbing it, slowly pulling her to the exit door. "Come with me."

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll see." He told her, pulling her out of the club and down the street towards his fancy car. He opened the door for her and let her in. Kory could barely contain herself as she jumped in her seat and they sped off to a unknown destination…

"Sorry about that." Garfield said as he caught up to Raven.

"About the dick pic or you making another not funny joke?"

"Both." He guessed, and she rolled her eyes, but there was still a hint of a smile on her face. "Here let me make it up to you?" He grinned.

"How?" She asked intrigued.

"I'm ganna get you another blue long island ice tea." He snickered, winking at her and walking back to the bar.

Raven couldn't help but smile to herself as she slowly leaned against the wall. Until she was bothered…

"Okay Raven tell me, how's it going with your new boyfriend?" Karen asked, joining her.

Raven rolled her eyes. "He's not my boyfriend." She told her.

"Could have fooled me with the way you two were kissing earlier."

"Don’t you have a picture of someone's genitals to look at?" Raven huffed.

"Tell me is it not a penis version of Roy?" Karen asked holding up the picture again.

Raven winced, "Can you please put that away?" She asked avoiding the image on the phone.

"Huh, I guess Roy's a natural red head." Raven was just ignoring her now. "Have you ever noticed you can tell the type of penis a guy has by looking at him?" Karen asked, still looking at her phone.

"I honestly never thought of the subject." Raven said, still looking away.

"No look." Karen said forcing Raven to look at the men the bar contained. "Petit, circumcised, not circumcised…"

"I'm not listening."

"Oh god, curves to the side." Karen winced, and Raven was tempted to put her fingers in her ears to block her out. "Oh what about your boyfriend over there." Karen said and Raven couldn't help but look up.

She quickly turned away, a blush on her face as she realized she was picturing it, she was actually picturing it. And… it wasn't that bad.

"Well…?" Karen asked.

"Well nothing." She huffed. "Now if you will excuse me, I have a blue long island ice tea waiting for me." She said walking away.

"Go get him girl." Karen hollered, raising her glass. "Now I wonder were Kory is?"

Richard held his hands over Kory's eyes as he slowly walked her in front of a building. "Are you ready?" He asked, and she nodded under his hands. "Okay here we go…" He said, pulling away and her face dropped upon seeing the bowling alley. "Well… what do you think?" He asked, turning to face her. But he became concerned as he watched her un-happy expression.

"Bowling… I love bowling!" She suddenly screamed as she jumped up and down, and he smiled before accompanying her inside.

Kory acted like she was about to fly around the room in excitement, and that's just what Richard loved about her. And before he knew it she was excitedly pulling him to get shoes. Normally Richard was very distant and reserved, much like Bruce, but this girl was bringing out the best in him. He couldn't help but smile as she picked out a purple sparkly ball and skipped over to the alley.

Kory was a little rusty at the game at first, and couldn't quite get the ball where it needed to go. In the first 20 minutes she managed to break a window, hit someone's foot, and have the ball land on someone's poor nachos, which made a mess. But she did manage to make a strike, though it was down someone else's lane. She clearly needed some help, which Richard was happy to offer. Kory was a fast learner, not that she showed it as she purposefully flunked a few rounds so Richard would help her some more.

Which he caught on to.

The game was almost over and Kory was actually beating Richard, to his surprise. But he didn't mind, because every time she would knock down a pin she would run up to him and hug him excitedly, and who didn't love that.

It was the last round of the game and Richard was barely ahead of her, all Kory needed to do was knock down all the pins and she would beat him and win the game. She was clearly nervous as she swung her ball and he couldn't help but watch her, and think how adorable she was. The ball rolled slowly right down the middle and knocked down 7 pins, but they watched as one of the fallen pins slowly rolled and hit the last one, making Kory the winner. Ecstatic Kory Jumped forward, into Richard's arms and before his mind could comprehend she kissed him, and it was amazing.

"Hmm. I wonder were Kory ran off too?" Raven wondered as she glanced around the club for her friend.

"If she's with Richard then they are probably off doing something exhilarating." Garfield said honestly, and Raven only hoped that they didn't go rob a bank.

"Should I be worried, I mean sometimes Kory can be kind of naive."

"Yeah well, the thing is the media has it made out that Richard is this big playboy prince, but he's not. Now don’t get me wrong he's a big flirty player, but he never takes the girls home. I should know, me and Vic are there all the time."


"Yep, it's all publicity." He smiled, "Don’t worry; your friend is in good hands. Speaking of friends, I wouldn’t mind gloating to mine about how well this is going." He grinned before getting up, "Be right back." He smirked and she rolled her eyes.

"You know Vic, I'm not the only one who lied on their profile, Bee said she was good at a lot of sports and argue teams…"

"You mean the debate team." Victor corrected.

"Whatever, see I'm not the only one who lied."

"Okay sure, but Karen did do all those things in high school." Victor informed him.


"Hey guys…" Garfield said butting in.

"Hey yourself. What are you doing here?" Victor asked.

"Yeah, go back and smooch with the hot book worm." Roy said.

"I just came over to gloat about how well things are going." He smiled.

"Yeah well, the nights not over yet." Roy told him as he took a drink.

"What does that mean?" Garfield asked.

"Better men then you have lost a sure thing over nothing."

"What?" He panicked.

"Don’t worry about it Gar." Victor told him.

"All I'm saying is while you’re here talking to us, some guy could swoop in on your girl." Roy informed him.

"What!" He panicked.

"It's very unlikely." Victor tried to reassure.

"But it could happen." Roy added.

"I… I need to get back to her." Garfield panicked, running away.

Victor glared at Roy, "He has a better chance at blowing it now, you do realize that right." Victor drawled.

"Yep." Roy smirked, sipping his drink.

"Look man, just because your date didn't work out, doesn't mean you have to sabotage everyone else's."

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