Chapter 6 Last Call- Closing Time.

Chapter 6 Last Call- Closing Time.

"Well perfect timing." Wally began before clearing his throat and yelling, "LAST CALL!" It was then that everyone turned to him at the bar with wide eyes and thirsty throats, and he prepared for the stampede that came with last call… Wally has been working at the Club for a few months now and was just starting to get used to the rush of last call. "Last Call, Last Call, Last Call for Alcohol." He sing songed, all part of the routine that came with the job.

"Well I guess it's last call." Sarah noted and Victor nodded as Garfield approached them merrily.

"Gar, what are you doing here?" Victor asked.

"Yeah, you should be with your girl." Sarah smiled.

"Raven went to the bathroom, and I'm not going to be the overprotective guy that follows her." He said proudly.

"Okay but it is last call, so you know what that means, right?…" Victor began and Garfield looked at him confused as he drew a blank. "You have to seal the deal." He told him.

"I do? I mean I thought I already did?" He questioned.

"Is she going home with you?" Sarah asked.

"Well… I'm, I'm not sure." He admitted, scratching his head.

"Well that's the deal you need to seal." Victor informed him.

"And you better hurry, cause she's back from the bathroom." Sarah told him.

"H-how do I seal it?!" Garfield suddenly panicked.

"Be subtle." Sarah told him simply.

"And whatever you do, do not just say 'will you go home with me?' You have to go at this delicately…" Victor told him with hand gestures.

"Okay, I can do this, I can be subtle… I can do this!" Garfield breathed.

"You sure can." Victor encouraged.

"Go get her!" Sarah added excitedly.

Garfield hopped up and down, pumping himself up as he walked back to his seat where Raven was waiting for him.

"Hey, there you are." Raven smiled.

"Will you go home with me?" He accidentally asked and from the other side of the bar Victor and Sarah both face palmed. The question threw Raven off as she blinked and he inwardly scolded himself for braking one of the rules. "Oh god, I'm such an idiot. I didn't mean that, I mean I did, but I'm not supposed to be that direct. I totally ruined this didn't I, I mean I blew it!" He rambled.

"Yes." She said hesitantly, shocked the word ever left her mouth.

He let out a sigh, "I knew it." He said inwardly hating himself.

"No… yes, I'll go home with you." She told him directly.

"You're shittin me." He blurted in astonishment and she almost laughed. "Wow… okay, I mean great, let's go!" He said excitedly grabbing her hand as he pulled her towards the exit. But he was so excited he couldn't help but yell in exhilaration, "I'M GETTING LAID!" Victor and Sarah face palmed again as Raven of course yanked him out the door, knowing very well she could never show her face in there again.

Terra couldn't help but look at the Club exit as her ex made that announcement and some joy rose in her stomach as she watched him leave. First of all she noticed he hadn't changed a bit, and second she officially could no longer worry about him or live with the guilt of fearing she might have ruined his life. "Excuse me." She suddenly heard, and turned to see a tall, handsome man greet her.

"Hi." She smiled as he sat down next to her.

"My name is Garth; can I buy you a drink before closing time?"

"I can't believe Gar did that." Victor began, "I mean if that doesn't scare her off, then I don’t know what will." He told Sarah who laughed.

"Hey Sarah, right?" Wally asked, approaching her.

"Yeah?" She responded.

"I get that your new here and stuff…"

"Technically I don’t even work here." She informed him.

"Okay well, how would you feel about locking up tonight?" He said handing her the keys.

"You seem to be in a better mood." Victor noticed observing the bar tenders cheerful demeanor.

"I kind of met a girl." Wally blushed. "So you'll lock up, great!" He said quickly running back to the girl waiting for him.

"Well I guess I'm locking up." Sarah noted.

"Do you want me to stay here and make sure everything goes okay?" Victor asked and Sarah smiled.


"I can't believe you did that, I officially can't show my face in that Club again!" Raven scolded as they walked down the streets.

"I know, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me?"

"Frankly I can't believe I'm still going home with you after that stunt." She realized and he smiled.

"It's because you can't resist me." He grinned and she playfully shoved him.

"I can still change my mind." She reminded him.

"But you won't." He gloated, his nose in the air.

"Where do you live anyway?" She huffed playfully.

"Oh it's not too fa-" He stopped in realization, he wasn't expecting to bring home a girl tonight at all and ever since his big breakup he had completely let himself go, along with his apartment. Richard and Victor were the ones that shoved him in the shower and in clean clothes for tonight. He couldn't bring a girl home to the mess he left. Dirty laundry, and dishes, used tissues -from crying, and trash, along with video games, and other clutter scattered around the room. No way in hell will clean-freak Raven spend the night there.

"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"No, well… It's just, I wasn’t really expecting any guests tonight and my place is kind of… a mess." He said sheepishly, and he hoped this wouldn't cause her to shrug and say 'Oh well, I guess we can't fool around then, bye.'

"Oh well." She shrugged, "I guess we will just have to go to my place." She said simply, walking faster in front of him, leading the way, and he let out a sigh of relief before getting excited again as he ran to keep up with her. "It's not that far from here." She told him as they continued to walk.

Richard laid comfortably on his bed as he hugged the red headed beauty who rested her head on his chest. He smiled and kissed the top of her head, getting a big whiff of her strawberry shampoo. The action caused the girl to move, lifting up her head to look at him as she smiled and leaned in to kiss him.

"Hi." He greeted after the kiss.

"Greetings." She returned and he smiled before leaning in to kiss her again, when his phone went off. He huffed in annoyance; the damn thing had been going off all night. He picked up the phone and started going through the many text messages Victor had been sending him. "Oh my god!" He said holding in a laugh as Kory lifted up her head.

"Is something wrong?" She asked in concern.

"What? No. It's just apparently Gar, my friend I told you about… he went to talk to a girl at the Club that was completely out of his league and now they are supposedly going home together."


"Yeah, Vic is sending me all sorts of pictures of them." He said handing her his phone.

Kory glanced at the photo before sitting up in revelation, "Gar is Garfield?!" She said in shock.

"Wait, you know him?" Richard asked.

"I met him tonight. He's the guy Raven's smitten with!" She said excitedly holding the phone and falling back on the bed, kicking her feet in the air. "I can't believe she's going home with him." She squealed.

Raven slowly opened the door to her apartment, flipping on the light as she walked in. Garfield slowly walked in behind her, his hands in his pockets. He didn't exactly know how to start things, or what to do. "Here we are." Raven said, putting her purse down.

"Here we are." He repeated, before scratching the back of his head, "You know I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do here?" He said nervously as she approached him. "I don’t really do this type of thing and I wouldn't really know how to star-" With sudden force she grabbed the sides of his face, pulling him towards her to kiss. "That works." He said pulling away and smiled, just to close the space between them again. She let her arms wrap around his head and gasped against his lips as he picked her up, slowly walking her to the back of the apartment. He let her slide down until her feet touched the ground and he turned and opened a door that was revealed to be a closet. He shut the door and walked to the one next to it, and right when she was about to tell him it was wrong again, he sighed at the appearance of a bathroom. "Your apartment is really cock blocking me right now." He pouted, as she walked over to her bedroom door and opened it. "Why do you shut all your doors?" He asked approaching her, but she didn't answer and he didn't push the question as he smiled, leaning in and kissing her. He happily grabbed her hips as she slowly pulled him into her room, urging him onto her bed…

Sarah turned off all the lights and shut the door before locking it and turning to her friend. "This… this was a crazy night." She said exhaustedly.

"Yeah… tell me about it." Victor laughed. "So I was thinking?..." He began, scratching the back of his head nervously, "That I would stop by West Side school Monday? You-know, to see the kids and stuff." He said casually.

Sarah smiled, a small blush hitting her cheeks, "I would like that." She said before leaning up and kissing his cheek. "See you Monday then, Victor."

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