Chapter 7 Epilog- Last Chapter.

Chapter 7 Epilog- Last Chapter.

Kory giddily opened the door to her friend's apartment with her key. "Raven are you home?" She asked walking into the apartment and setting her bag and keys on the table. She glanced into the kitchen just to see the refrigerator door was open, meaning someone was looking inside. "Oh good, you're home. Raven you have to tell me everything that happened last night!" She said excitedly as the refrigerator door shut to reveal Garfield in a white T and his boxers, holding a carton of orange juice.

"Um… Kory right?" He asked awkwardly.

"Oh, I can see the evening went quite well." Kory smiled knowingly as Raven entered the room.

"Kory! What are you doing here?" Raven asked uncomfortably, slowly tightening Garfield's jacket around her.

"I came to see how last night went, and apparently it went very well…" She snickered.

A lot can happen in one night, sometimes you'll meet someone great, sometimes you get your heart broken, sometimes nothing changes at all, but sometimes, just sometimes everything does…

The End.

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