Transformers: Dawn of the dinobots

Chapter 5

Swoop could not deny that he had been waiting a long time for this. Even longer than his chance at payback on Airachnid. He and Divebomb had history before. It was thanks to this Predacon that he had suffered his biggest and most humiliating defeat. A long time ago, earlier in the war for Cybertron, before he had signed up with the Dinobots, Swoop was simply another Autobot soldier who brought aerial advantages in combat. Back then, Swoop was confident that no other flyer, Autobot or Decepticon, could best him. Then one day, while Swoop was off on his own, Divebomb came along and completely outclassed him. Swoop was heavily damaged in the battle but managed to escape. He was able to recover physically but the pain to his pride never went away. Fellow Autobots made it their job to mock and tease him for his loss. While most of the offenders were the grounded Autobots, a few flyers also made fun of him, such as the Aerialbot named Slingshot. While some were actually nice to him, like Jetfire and Silverbolt, the mocking and taunting had still haunted and hurt Swoop. Deep down, he felt he had deserved it. He had allowed his ego to get the better of him. Make him overconfident.
He attempted to search for Divebomb and get some payback, but his commanding officer wouldn't allow him. Not only had Swoop's body and ego been hurt, but his credibility had as well. Higher ups started doubting his competency and assigned him medial tasks where he wouldn't get in the way. Swoop often suspected that his commanding officer had twisted the tale of the battle between him and Divebomb to make Swoop look even more pathetic than he felt. He often tried to sneak out on his own to find his nemesis, but he always got caught. Things looked like they would be miserable from now on.
Then everything changed that fateful day when he met Grimlock. The colossal warrior was in the process of putting together the Dinobots. He had already gathered three others besides himself and decided on adding one last member to the roster. Certain that some air support would be helpful, he had started looking for a good flyer. He had considered the Aerialbots but they didn't meet his expectations. Whether it was because of their abilities or ideals was never revealed. Apparently he had heard about Swoop, the crushing blow he had suffered, and his insubordination to get revenge. Surprisingly not counting this against him and instead seeing Swoop as a rebel with a cause, Grimlock more than welcomed him into the Dinobots. Swoop was then introduced to Sludge, Slag, and Snarl. Despite their rather gruff nature, the three welcomed him with open arms. The commanding officer, who had been so cruel to Swoop, objected to Grimlock taking him to his own team and Grimlock responded by allowing Slag to back hand the bot into a wall. Since then, Swoop stuck with the others, doing things their way and not taking slag from anyone. Swoop's reputation soared back up through the many accomplishments his team pulled off. Sure they weren't exactly popular, but Swoop didn't care anymore. He was among bots similar to him and seemed to truly care about him too.
Ironically, Swoop often wondered what would have happened if Divebomb hadn't beaten up that fateful day. Would he have still been recruited by Grimlock? Would he have still met the other Dinobots? In a way, Swoop should have been grateful to Divebomb. But while Swoop was grateful to have met his future brothers, he remembered the pain he had been dealt and the agony of defeat. And that was more than enough to get him pumping to pummel that stupid bird clear out of the sky.
Swoop soared at Divebomb, ready to peck his opponent to pieces. Divebomb flew towards him at equal speed. But just as the two were getting closer, Divebomb slowed down and adjusted his body so that his new talons were facing Swoop. The Pteranodon tried to stop or at least maneuver but he didn't have time as he collided with the eagle. Divebomb began clawing at Swoop with his talons, their sharpness allowing him to cause serious cuts on his Dinobot foe. But Swoop was far from defenseless. He jabbed his head forward, slamming his beak right into Divbomb's chest plate and actually tearing into it. Divebomb quickly pulled away from Swoop before he could do anymore damage. Swoop fired his missiles at Divebomb managed to veer to the left as the missiles fired at him. Divebomb began shooting but Swoop quickly shot skyward before dive-bombing at Divebomb. Divebomb was unable to dodge this time as Swoop slammed into him. The two of them grappled in the air before Divebomb managed to push himself away. The two began circling each other in the air.
"Well, well, Swoop," Divebomb commented as he eyed his foe. "You've really improved since we fought on Cybertron."
"I'm not that stupid rookie you got the drop on anymore, Divebomb!" Swoop snapped.
"I hope not," Divebomb admitted. "Otherwise this fight just wouldn't be as fun as I hope it will be."
Swoop narrowed his optics. "You want fun? Well try this!"
And so the two fighters resumed their dogfight.

As for Grimlock and Team Prime, the group was still heading towards Shockwave's ship. Ratchet had finally pinpointed the ship's coordinates and had transmitted them to their own ship. Grimlock had put some more thrust into it. Divebomb being here all but confirmed that it was in fact Shockwave who had come to Earth. Now Grimlock could only hope that the scientist had brought the other three Dinobots with him to Earth. And if he hadn't…then Grimlock would pound his face in until Shockwave said where they were.
"We close," Grimlock said as he looked at the coordinates Ratchet sent.
"Be on guard, Grimlock," Optimus warned him. "Divebomb must have alerted Shockwave by now, which will put him on the defensive."
Grimlock snorted. "It not matter. Defenses or no defenses, we smash through them all the same."
Bumblebee looked up ahead and saw Shockwave's ship. He began beeping and pointing wildly.
"Yeah, we can see it, Bee," Bulkhead replied to Bumblebee's frantic behavior. "But right now...I wish I couldn't."
While Shockwave's ship was far from the Nemesis, it's size was almost on par with it. Shockwave had landed the large vessel between two large rock formations. Not really much of a cover but since it was practically parked in the middle of nowhere, that really didn't matter.
And as soon as the ship Team Prime was riding on got closer to Shockwave's ship, they suddenly felt the ship rock.
"What happened?" Arcee asked as she gripped the armrests on her.
Suddenly the ship's alarms began blaring loudly.
"Great," Bulkhead groaned. "Now what?"
The ship rocked violently again.
"Enemy fire!" Optimus realized.
"They've spotted us!" Arcee grunted as she held onto her seat.
"What first clue?" Grimlock replied sarcastically. He looked at the computers. "Enemy ships! Coming in fast!"
Optimus narrowed his optics. "I should have known that Shockwave would set up more of a perimeter guard than just Divebomb. My eagerness to free fellow Autobots clouded my judgment."
The ship started rocking fiercer now. Soon they could see what was attacking. A squad of ships were surrounding Grimlock's ship and blasting down on it. Luckily Grimlock and Swoop managed to commandeer a large and sturdy enough ship that could take loads of fire power. Still, Grimlock activated the ship's shields.
"We're getting pelted!" Bulkhead cried. "If we don't do something fast, we're scrapped! Or worse."
"Grimlock, we cannot engage all of them," Optimus cautioned. "There are too many. If we waste our time dealing with all of them, we will be left vulnerable to any other surprises Shockwave may have for us."
"You think me not know that?" Grimlock retorted as another blast hit their ship. The alarms were started to beep now. They were sitting ducks right now.
"How are we supposed to land this thing, let alone get inside?" Bulkhead asked Grimlock as he struggled not to bounce around with the way Grimlock was flying the ship. Personally he wished Swoop hadn't flown off to fight Divebomb. Being a natural flyer, he probably would have found a better way to dodge the onslaught they were facing.
"Simple," Grimlock said. "Watch."
Before anyone had the chance to ask Grimlock what he meant, Grimlock kicked in the acceleration and shot straight towards Shockwave ship. Unfortunately the ship's cannons began firing at them once they drew near. He added more power to the shields to make sure they could least get to the ship in a decent piece.. He could feel the laser beams hammering the ship. The shields were holding so far but he knew that he had to make this quick. At the rate they were getting attacked, who know how long the shields would hold.
"Uh, Grimlock?" Bulkhead asked timidly as he saw that they getting closer to Shockwave's ship a little too fast. Not to mention how bad the ship was rocking from all the laser fire. He was afraid of the shields going on and them getting blown to smithereens by the next blast. "You sure you know what you're doing?"
"Not really," Grimlock replied. "But what life without risks?"
Arcee made a face at Grimlock. She took a few risks from time to time but she was never suicidal. Was this a typical day in the life of the Dinobots?
"I respect your dare-devil attitude, Grimlock," She told the Dinobot leader dryly. "But not all of us are as...durable as you."
"Well, sit back, hold tight...and pray to Primus we survive." Grimlock said smugly as he maneuvered his ship to where Shockwave's landing bay should be. He found it sure enough. And much to his convenience, and the others' chagrin, the hatch opened up, unleashing more of Shockwave's aerial troops from within. The ships began swarming Grimlock's own. He fired at as many as he could with the ship's forward guns but as soon as he shot them down, more came out to take their place. Optimus was right, as much as Grimlock hated to admit it, even to himself. Taking the ships on was suicidal. Grimlock could practically feel the laser blasts striking the ship. But he kept on course, setting his ship to face the landing bay directly.
It took only a brief moment for Arcee to realize what Grimlock had in mind.
"Grimlock, you're insane!"
Grimlock chuckled. "Been called worse. Trust me."
And Grimlock punched it. The ship shot forward with such speed that the sheer force shoved the other Autobots to the back of their seats, unable to do anything except grip their seats as hard as they could. More ships came out to intercept them but Grimlock kept on course. He had to if he was going to keep on course as he felt their fire pounding the ship. The ship's alarms system began blaring even more.
"Grimlock!" Bulkhead shouted. "The shields are down!"
"It now or never!" Grimlock called. "Everyone hang on!"
The Autobots held on for dear life as Grimlock put the ship on full speed. He was going to get into that hangar, no matter what. It was gonna take everything the ship had but Grimlock would worry about escaping when they got to that. The enemy fire bombarding the ship was hitting harder now that the shield was down and everyone on board feared their ship was gonna explode before they made it. But they were still alive as Grimlock shot his ship into Shockwave's hangar.
Within, Shockwave's forces scattered in panic to avoid getting run over by the incoming craft. Some were not so fortunate and Grimlock could imagine what the various bumps he felt through the ship must have meant. As he attempted to slow down and land the ship, it actually split in two, the back-half that carried Bulkhead and Bumblebee slammed onto the ground. The half still carrying Arcee, Grimlock and Optimus struck the floor, creating sparks as it slid. Grimlock pulled the breaks as hard as he could despite only having half a ship. Slowly but surely, their half of the ship finally came to a complete stop.
Grimlock let out a sigh of relief. "We make it."
Arcee glared at him. "If you ever do that again," She said through a clenched jaw. "I will personally offline you."
Grimlock laughed. "Me starting to like you, Arcee." With that, he unhooked himself from his seat and headed for the large opening. Arcee and Prime, still shaken from their ordeal, struggled to get out of their seats.
Grimlock left his half and saw that a variety of Shockwave's troops were approaching his little group. If he could grin, he would have as he pulled out his Energo-sword.
"Me here to save Dinobots," He said as he leaped from the ship and dashed towards the closes Cons. "Me come too far to stop now!"

Within the control room of the larger ship, Shockwave and Megatron saw all the activity through the monitors.
"So," Megatron said as he saw Grimlock tear through oncoming forces. "He has arrived just as you predicted."
"Indeed, Lord Megatron," Shockwave said. "He arrived later than I predicted, however. I half expected Grimlock to return to Cybertron before I had the chance to leave with my forces."
"No doubt Prime prevented Grimlock from going off recklessly," Megatron theorized. "I've often wondered what it would be like to face him since our days as gladiators. And I'm especially to see all of the enhancements you've given him." His hand unleashed his concealed blade.
Shockwave nodded and spoke like the ever loyal soldier he was pretending to be. "I shall follow your lead, Lord Megatron."

By the time Team Prime had gotten out of their seats and exited the two halves of the ship, they witnessed a one-sided battle going on between Grimlock and some of Shockwave's shock troops. While there were some Brutes, colossal Decepticons know for being experts in melee combat, but not even though could stop Grimlock's rampage. They're weapons and themselves were soon slashed to pieces by Grimlock's sword. The lucky ones were simply sent flying by his massive fist.
Optimus knew they had to take control of the situation or else Shockwave may attempt to either box them in or overwhelm them with sheer numbers. Plus, there was a chance the other Predacons were on the ship and Optimus wasn't looking forward to confronting them right now.
"Grimlock!" He called. "We need to focus on locating the other Dinobots right now. If we waste too much time fighting, we are certain to be overwhelmed."
"Me, Grimlock, know that!" Grimlock called back. "You go ahead. Me distract them!"
"What?" Bulkhead cried. "Grimlock, we're not leaving you!"
"Go!" Grimlock shouted. "Shockwave make me top priority. Give you chance to find and free others!"
Optimus reluctantly knew that Grimlock had a point. Shockwave would take advantage of this to try and capture Grimlock again. If Shockwave focused his efforts on doing that, it would theoretically make things easier for Team Prime to find Sludge, Slag, and Snarl, and free them. Prime made his decision. He changed his hand into its gun mode.
"Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee. The three of you go on ahead and try to locate the Dinobots. I will stay behind and support Grimlock."
The three nodded as they ran off ahead, blasting and bashing any Con unlucky enough to be in their way. Optimus ran over to Grimlock's side and began firing.
"Them three be alright?" Grimlock asked as he picked up on struggling Con and threw him across the room into a bunch of others.
"I have confidence in their abilities, Grimlock," Optimus replied as he continued shooting. "They will succeed."
"Such faith in your warriors is admirable to the last, Optimus,"
Grimlock and Optimus spun around to see none other than Megatron and Shockwave approaching them. Many shocktroops followed behind them.
"Pursue the other three!" Shockwave ordered. "Do not let them find the Dinobots! I shall allow Lord Megatron the privilege to deal with Optimus Prime…while I shall deal with my creation."
"Yes sir!" The troops responded as they drove past Grimlock and Optimus. The two were about to intercept them but they heard the sounds of energy cannons being charged. Both turned to see Megatron and Shockwave, who had their weapons aimed right them. Optimus was disappointed in himself for not being able to prevent any more trouble for his troops. His only hope was that he had managed to buy them enough time to have a head start.
Grimlock shook with rage. "Shockwave! Megatron!"
Megatron smirked as he held his arms out. "Grimlock. How nice to see you again."
Optimus narrowed his eyes at the other one. "Shockwave."
"We meet again, Optimus Prime," Shockwave said. "Your ability to survive whatever the situation is most impressive. It is only logical that you would be chosen as the next prime." He looked at Grimlock. "You have come to rescue your teammates. Fortunately for you, I brought them with me to this primitive planet. Unfortunately for you, your efforts will all be in vain."
Grimlock stepped forward, pointing his sword at Shockwave. "You torment us Dinobots for last time, Shockwave!"
"Torment is besides the point, Grimlock," Shockwave told him. "Regardless of your flaws, you and your team are my greatest creations. I shall regain control of all five of you. And should I fail to accomplish this task, the only fate that shall await you will be termination."
That got Grimlock right in the spark. The idea that Shockwave would so simply take about terminating his teammates like they were nothing. It was that attitude that made him hate the Decepticons with a passion. Roaring in anger, Grimlock charged at Shockwave.
"Grimlock, no!" Optimus cried but Grimlock did not falter at his rush.
"Predictable," Shockwave said plainly as he aimed his arm cannon and fired. Grimlock blocked it with energon shield and continued charging at the scientist who had caused him so much pain and humiliation.
But he was so focused on Shockwave that he had forgotten about Megatron. The Decepticon leader aimed his fusion cannon at Grimlock and fired. It shot him right in the head.
"Grimlock!" Optimus cried as his comrade fell to the ground. At first he thought that Grimlock was done for but he felt relief fill him as Grimlock slowly rose to his feet. The side of his head was badly damaged but he was still functional. Megatron was actually impressed by what he saw.
"Hmm. I see that Shockwave's experiments on you have given you even greater durability. You should consider yourself lucky, Grimlock."
Suddenly Megatron recoiled as he felt two energy blasts strike him in the chest. Damaged but still functional, Megatron glared at the one who shot him.
Optimus kept his gun aimed at Megatron, who snarled as he faced Optimus.
Grimlock gripped his sword and shield as he faced Shockwave.
A two on two battle with no holds barred.

Within their holding cells, Sludge, Slag, and Snarl had heard all of the noise going on.
"What's that?" Sludge asked once he had started hearing the shooting.
"Sounds like a battle," Snarl said as he tilted his head.
"Maybe it's Grimlock, come to save us." Sludge suggested.
Slag frowned at him. "I think that's a high possibility, Sludge."
"You are correct."
Slag frowned as he turned his head to see that Ratbat had come to visited them again.
"Don't you have anything better to do?" He asked the diminutive Decepticon.
"Than seeing Autobots completely helpless to do anything?" Ratbat responded gleefully. "Of course not."
Slag growled.
"But since you can't do anything, I might as well tell you what's going on," Ratbat mocked the Dinobots. "Your precious Grimlock is here and he's brought several Autobots with him."
That really got the Dinobots' attention.
"I knew Grimlock would come," Sludge said proudly.
"Oh give it up," Ratbat hissed. "There's no way Grimlock will ever make it here. Megatron and Shockwave have gone to face him and Optimus Prime. And the Insecticon Trio have gone to deal with the rest of the rescue team. They'll never make here."

Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee dashed through the halls of Shockwave's ship.
"Okay," Bulkhead said as he looked around. "Which way leads to the cells?"
Arcee grunted in frustration. Everywhere seemed to lead to everywhere else. "This would be so much easier if we had a map."
Bumblebee then suggested something that sent the other two skidding to a halt.
"The control room?" Arcee and Bulkhead asked simultaneously. Bumblebee nodded.
"If we find the control room, we should be able to figure out where the cells are," Bulkhead suggested.
"Better yet, maybe something there can open the cell doors and allow the Dinobots to escape on their own."
"Not to mention all the damage they'll do once they're out," Bulkhead realized. "Great idea, Bee. Only problem do we get to the control room?"
"I'm afraid none of you will be going anywhere!"
The three of them turned around to see three Insecticons stand in the halls right in front of them. Bulkhead recognized the middle one as Hardshell, the one he fought for the Tox-N. The other two however were a complete mystery.
"So you survived, Wrecker," Hardshell hissed, deeply unhappy that Bulkhead made a recovery from being shot in the back.
Bulkhead chuckled. "We Wreckers don't go down easy."
"No, you do not," Hardshell agreed. "Fortunately, I have brought some better back-up than those drones you faced last time. Meet my brothers, Sharpshot and Kickback."
Kickback chuckled. "So this is Grimlock's rescue team? Oh, it's been so long since I got to crush any Autobots. I shall enjoy this."
Sharpshot looked at Hardshell. "Shall we leave the Wrecker for you, Hardshell, Hardshell."
Hardshell chuckled. "You can choose which of the two you want to fight, but the Wrecker is mine!"
Harshell charged forward like a rhino, bowling Arcee and Bumblebee to the side as he slammed into Bulkhead. Bulkhead quickly planted his feet firmly and struggled to stop his foe.
Arcee was about to help Bulkhead when she felt something slam into her. She flew through the air and painfully skid across the ground. When she finally came to a stop, she glared at her attacker, Kickback.
"So, you're Arcee," Kickback sneered at the Autobot femme. "The one hunting Airachnid."
Arcee froze when she heard him mention that piece of slag.
"I've got a message for Airachnid from Razorclaw," Kickback went on. "And since you're gunning for her, I might as well let you deliver the message."
Arcee looked at Kickback between confusion and suspicion. Why in the world did the Predacon leader have a message for Airachnid?
"Here's the message," Kickback told her. "'"You have disgraced the skills I've taught you long enough. Now my former student you are now my prey. You will now learn just what is the difference is between an honorable hunter and a dishonorable poacher.'"
Arcee could not believe her audio receptors. Her arch-nemesis was a student of Razorclaw, the greatest Decepticon hunter. In retrospect, however, this seemed to make sense. Airachnid always did take a hunting approach to her enemies and victims. And who better to teach the art of hunting than the Predacons. But then the rest of the message finally reached her. Razorclaw was gunning for Airachnid too! The ironic situation actually brought a smile to her face. But then she quickly shook her head. Now was not the time. Arcee started doing some calculating was she waited for Kickback to do his next move. Insecticons were pretty tough. Personally, she was certain Bulkhead had the best chance of fighting one of these creepy crawlers one on one. She and Bumblebee once teamed up against one and it tossed them around like rag-dolls. And there was no third rail to lure these Insecticons onto. The best bet would be to somehow dodge them and find the Dinobots. If Grimlock and Swoop could trash Insecticons with ease, the other three obviously could.
"Guys!" She called to the others. "It's too risky to fight them right now. We need to focus on saving the Dinobots!"
Kickback snorted. "As if we'd let you free those three Dino-dodos."
Arcee changed her hands to their gun-modes and started firing at Kickback as she ran towards him. She had caught him off guard, causing the Insecticon to snarl in pain as her blasts struck him. Furious, he kicked off the ground and shot towards her. Arcee quickly flipped over him, mentally grateful that Shockwave had brought ship big enough for her to do such maneuvers.
Bulkhead, who was struggling with Hardshell to see who could push each other back, saw Arcee and decided to make his move. He stopped resisting and shifted his body weight backwards. This combined with Hardshell's own momentum caused the Insecticon to lurch forward. Bulkhead kicked him for good measure, which gave more of a push to Hardshell's flying body. While this was a good opportunity to strike the bug down as payback, Bulkhead knew that Arcee was right. He looked over to see Bumblebee and Sharpshot shooting it out with each other. He opened fire on Sharpshot too. His firepower had more kick in it than Bumblebee's or Arcee's so his attacks were able to knock Sharpshot to the side.
"Come on, Bee!" Bulkhead called as he pulled Bumblebee.
"You're not getting away, away!" Sharpshot called as he pulled a grenade launcher at them.
"Grenade!" Arcee called to them.
Everyone ducked as Sharpshot fired at them. The grenade shot forward. But then it opened up to reveal what appeared to be razor sharp blades.
"Shrapnel!" Bulkhead cried. He quickly got in front of Arcee and Bumblebee with surprising speed and held his large arms out in defense. The shrapnel fired all over the place, with plenty striking Bulkhead's arms and legs. He hissed in pain as he felt the blades dig into his armor.
"Bulkhead!" Arcee screamed while Bumblebee beeped in panic.
"I'm fine," Bulkhead groaned. "But another shot like that I'm gonna wind up as metal cheese."
Bumblebee quickly turned around and began blasting at the Insecticon trio. Arcee followed his lead as started firing at them while they backed away. Soon they found a turning point and quickly turned.
"Get back here!" Hardshell yelled. He and his brothers transformed into their insect modes and flew off after them.
"Think," Arcee said to her teammates. "Where would the control room be?"
Just then the three heard some sort of pounding noise coming. It was rather faint. They could just barely make it out.
Bumblebee beeped a question at the other two.
"I'm not sure what it is, Bumblebee," Arcee replied.
Bumblebee beeped again.
"It could be the Dinobots," Arcee admitted.
"Or some sort of trap set up by Shockwave," Bulkhead pointed out.
Arcee cringed. "Or that."
The pounding continued on. Bumblebee started beeping again.
"I guess we won't know until we take a look," Arcee conceded. "Alright, I'll go take a look. You two try and find that control room!"
"What if we run into the Insecticons?" Bulkhead asked. "Or better yet, what if you run into them?"
"I'll think of something," Arcee replied. "Now go!"
And so the three split up. And a good thing that there was so many different passageways and turns on this ship because the Insecticons some came into the hallway.
"Which way did they go, go?" Sharpshot asked.
"Split up!" Hardshell ordered his brothers. "We won't let them get far!"

Back in the Dinobots' cell, Ratbat glared at Sludge, who had been repeatedly punching the ground. The noise he was making was loud and annoying. Finally running out of patience, he turned to face the Dinobot.
"What the slag are you doing?" he demanded.
Sludge smiled at him. "Making noise."
"I can see that, you prehistoric pea-brain!" Ratbat snapped. "I want to know why you're making noise!"
Sludge kept smiling. "To make it easier for Grimlock to find us."
Ratbat's demeanor fell in an instant. Then he quickly regained himself and laughed.
"You stupid dolt! Grimlock doesn't stand a chance a chance against the combined power of Megatron and Shockwave, even with Optimus Prime helping him. He'll soon be captured and then all of you Dinobots are gonna be nothing more than his mindless slaves! Game over! You've lost!"
But just then the door opened up. The Dinobots and Ratbat all turned around to see who had just entered. Ratbat expected it to be Shockwave informing him that Grimlock had fallen. But instead some femme walked into the room. He squawked in panic. He knew who this femme was. She was Arcee's Optimus' second in command!
Arcee took one look at Ratbat and quickly dispatched him with a spin kick. The bat Decepticon slammed into the wall and slid down to the floor in a slump. Certain that he wasn't getting up anytime soon, Arcee turned to face the Dinobots, who were all staring at her. She grinned at them. "The Dinobots, I presume?"
Slag and Snarl were both dumbfounded that a femme had come to rescue them. Sludge on the other hand was giving Arcee a scrutinizing look. She was ringing bells in his head but he couldn't put his finger on it.
"My name is Arcee," Arcee told them. "I'm…"
"I know who you are!" Sludge cried out once she said what her name was. "You're that femme Swoop likes!"
Arcee was completely confused. "Excuse me?"
Snarl and Slag cringed. "Ignore him!" Slag quickly interjected. "Where's Grimlock? Where's Prime?"
Arcee shook her head and turned her attention towards Slag. It seemed that she had completely forgotten what Sludge said, which was how Slag wanted it.
"They sent us ahead," Arcee explained.
"Us?" Snarl asked. "Who else is with you?"
"Bulkhead and Bumblebee," Arcee told them.
"Bulkhead? One of the Wreckers?" Slag laughed. "Now that's more like it. Hey, is Wheeljack with you?"
"Wheeljack's on Earth, but we had to go on ahead without him."
Slag grinned. "Good. Looking forward to beating him again in Con smashing. Anyway, get us out of here! I've been itching for a fight!"
Arcee looked at the doors. They were obviously reinforced or the Dinobots would have torn them down. She looked at the bars and saw that was no good either.
"Don't worry," She assured the three Dinobots. "My friends are looking for the control room." She pressed her comlink. "Everyone. I've made contact with the Dinobots. They're all okay. But they're locked up tight. I can't break them free. Bulkhead, Bumblebee, I need you guys to get to that control room right now. I'll see if there anything else I can do." She looked over for something, anything that could help free the Dinobots and her optics landed on Ratbat.
"Any chance he'd know how to unlock the doors?" She asked.
"Most likely," Slag answered. "He's been Shockwave's right hand bot this entire trip. Don't expect him to just tell you how to though."
Arcee started walking over to Ratbat. "I wasn't planning on just asking him."

Grimlock and Optimus, who were locked in battle with Shockwave and Megatron, both looked at each other after getting Arcee's transmission.
"You underestimate us, Shockwave," Grimlock said. "Dinobots about to be rescued. Now me finish you off!"
Grimlock charged at Shockwave, who aimed his arm cannon again. This time he fired a stronger blast that actually pushed Grimlock back a good distance. Shockwave charged forward at the Dinobot leader. Grimlock swung his sword but Shockwave blocked it with his gun-arm and punched Grimlock with his free hand. The blow actually knocked Grimlock off his feet. Shockwave marched toward him but Grimlock punched Shockwave's leg, causing him to stumble. Grimlock followed that up with an uppercut, punching Shockwave right in his optic. Shockwave stumbled backwards as he brought his hand to his optic. Grimlock then tackled his foe to the ground and began to repeatedly punch his face.
"This. For. Everything!"
But Grimlock had forgotten to pin Shockwave's arms down and Shockwave fired a beam right through Grimlock's torso. Grimlock yelled in pain as he clutched his wound. Shockwave responded by kicking him off. Shockwave started walking towards Grimlock, who quickly grabbed a fallen Con and threw him at Shockwave. The scientist simply bashed the deceased warrior aside, only for a second one that Grimlock had been saving to strike him and knock him off balance.
Megatron and Optimus were also fighting. After taking a few shots at each other, they decided to go for close combat. Both unleashed their swords and charged at each other. They both slashed at each other, crossing blades.
"Prime," Megatron sneered. "It seems that both of us have gained some valuable allies to our sides. But even with the Dinobots on your side, I shall end you and your precious team of Autobots."
Optimus pushed Megatron away and quickly punched the Decepticon leader before he could retaliate. He moved in for another attack but Megatron managed to slash him across his chest plate. The blow caused Optimus to bend over in pain, allowing Megatron to punch him in the face. He charged forward but Optimus quickly rolled out of the way, got up, and slashed Megatron across the back. Megatron turned around and the two resumed their sword fighting.
Bulkhead and Bumblebee were both excited when they heard that Arcee had found the Dinobots. Now all they had to do was find the control room and dodge all the Decepticons on board. Fortunately when they ran into more of Shockwave's forces, they took out all but one, "persuading" him to lead them to the control room.
"Finally," Bulkhead said as he took a look at the controls. He looked at the Decepticon in his hand. "Now…which one runs the cells to the Dinobots."
"The Dinobots?" the Con cried. "I'm not letting them get loose! Shockwave would scrap me!"
Bulkhead turned his free hand into its mace/wrecking ball mode. "And what makes you think I won't?"
"Go ahead. You already scrapped the others. Why should scrapping me be any different?"
Grunting in frustration, Bulkhead tossed the Con to the side, where he slammed against the wall and slid down to the floor.
"Come on, Bee," Bulkhead said as he walked over to the controls. "We're just trying to find the holding cells. How hard can that be?" But his face fell as he looked at the different buttons and switches. "Uh…this might take a little longer than I thought."

When Ratbat came to, he was greeted to the sight of Arcee's gun pointing at him.
"Hello, Ratbat," Arcee said smugly.
"Arcee," Ratbat hissed. "What an unpleasant surprise."
"Likewise. So tell me, you metal rodent, how do I free the Dinobots?"
Ratbat laughed. "What? Do you really think that you can just aim a gun at me and expect me to squeal just like that? I'm a bat, not a rat."
"But since your name is Ratbat, wouldn't that make you both?" Sludge pointed out.
Ratbat glared. "I'll get you for that later, Sludge."
"You're not going to be doing anything except telling me how to open these doors." Arcee threatened Ratbat. "I don't have to ask you, you know. I could always just slag you and get someone else to do it. In fact, I think I'd be doing the whole universe a favor."
"Oh really, Arcee?" Ratbat mocked. "You have drive but you always charge in without thinking. Did you really think that a simple Energon scout like me would be chosen to guard the Dinobots alone?"
Arcee looked at him curiously just as she registered his words. Suddenly three Brutes fell from above, making loud thuds as they landed on the floor. Arcee reluctantly released Ratbat in order to use both of her arms. She stuck in a cell with three Brutes and Ratbat. Thanks to those lugnuts' sizes, she had little maneuvering. Plus she was pretty sure that her fire power would minimal damage to them.
"Oh scrap," Arcee muttered. She was about to take a fighting stance when Ratbat flew at her with surprising speed. He latched onto her neck before she could do anything.
"Just because I'm a simple Energon scout now," Ratbat said. "Doesn't mean I'm defenseless."
Then he chomped into her neck. Arcee gave out a cry of pain and felt fear grip her spark as she realized what was about to happen. She knocked Ratbat off but he had managed to drain a decent amount of her energon. The fact that he had been able to do so in such a short time showed credit to the former Senator. He could tell that she was now disoriented and in very poor fighting condition.
"Gentlemen," He addressed the brutes suavely. "Would you kindly treat this femme with the same care and decorum as a trash compacter has with scrap metal?"
The Dinobots watched what was going on in their cells. Snarl had to give the Decepticon credit for his little skill. Sludge thought it was pretty low for Ratbat to do something like that. Slag didn't show what he felt about the whole situation.

Back in the control room, Bulkhead and Bumblebee were looking frantically at the controls, afraid of causing some kind of trouble if they pressed the wrong button.
"Oh, man," Bulkhead groaned. "What do we do, Bee?"
Bumblebee beeped to him, explaining that he was just lost as the Wrecker. Bulkhead looked back and forth, trying to find the right button. If he was a human, he would have started sweating by now.
Suddenly there was pounding on the door he and Bumblebee had locked. And they had a feeling that it wasn't any Autobots doing that pounding. Bulkhead looked back and forth between the door and the controls.
"Ah, slag it!" He said as he raised his wrecking ball arm. "Time to do what Wreckers do best!"
Bulkhead began smashing the controls furiously. If this didn't help, he didn't know what would.
But then alarms began blaring and the door behind suddenly revealed extra doors that layered over the first one. Bumblebee frantically went over to the door switch but nothing happened when he pressed it. Suddenly gun turrets popped out of the ceiling and began firing at the two Autobots.
"That slagging Shockwave!" Bulkhead roared as he and Bumblebee scrambled for cover. "He plans for slagging everything!"
Bumblebee beeped to Bulkhead as he quickly shot at the gun turrets.
"I don't know, Bee," Bulkhead admitted as he fired at the turrets too. "I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get out of this." He ran over to the door and started pounding on it. "We've got to get out of here before something else happens." He struck the door as hard as he could but a faint groan from the door was he all got for his efforts.
Bumblebee was about to run over and join him when his optics on the relays to the control room's computers. After contemplating for a moment, Bumblebee shrugged and went over to the relays and started yanking out one of the relay's data feed cord.
Bulkhead heard the noise and turned around. "What are you doing, Bumblebee?"
Bumblebee was too focused on his work and didn't hear Bulkhead's question. He went over to the computer's main power feed and ripped out another cord. He grabbed the main power feed cord with one hand and the data feed cord with another. Bulkhead finally realized what Bumblebee was up to.
"Go for it, Bee!"
Bumblebee nodded as he connected the two cords together.

In the holding area, Arcee was not faring as good. Thanks to having some of her energon drained by Ratbat, she was easily overpowered by those Brutes. She was lying on the ground as one of them started to approach her. Ratbat was watching gleefully from the ceiling. The Brute raised his hammer above his head. As Arcee closed her eyes and waited for the blow…the lights suddenly went out.
"What the?" Ratbat asked in confusion.
But the Dinobots knew exactly what happened. Slag made his move. Arcee watched in amazement as his body altered and twisted until a fierce looking triceratops stood in his cell.
"Dinobots!" He yelled to Sludge and Snarl. "Let's rumble!"
With that, Slag rammed his cell door again. This time it did come down…and on top of the Brute who was about to offline Arcee. Slag walked over his door before pausing to look at the Brute he was on top of.
"Excuse me," He said mockingly before he continued walking.
The two other Brutes were about to take their chance with him when Snarl, having transformed into a wicked looking stegosaurus broke down his door. The Brute closest tried to attack but Snarl took a swipe at him with his sharp tail. The spikes at the end lodged into the Brute's torso. Snarl swung his tail again, sending the Brute slamming into the wall.
Everyone's attention was drawn as Sludge, who couldn't transform due to the size of his cell, ripped his and part of the cell with relative ease. He raised a massive fist and slammed it down on the last Brute before the Con could do anything.
Even in her weakened state, Arcee was amazed at what she saw.
So this is the power of the Dinobots. I thank Primus they're on our side.
The Dinobots all turned their heads to Ratbat, who was still hanging from the ceiling.
"Now Ratbat," Slag chuckled. "I think we have some payback coming for you annoying the slag out of us!"
"Oh, I'm afraid I must fly, Slag. I know when I am outmatched. Good-bye!"
Ratbat unfolded his wings and flew out the door before anyone could make a grab for him.
"Scrap!" Slag roared. "Get back here!"
"We'll get him later, Slag," Snarl assured him. "Right now, we need to go and find Grimlock."
Just then a faint noise reached Arcee's audio receptors. "Anyone…anyone else here that."
The Dinobots froze when she said that. Come to think of it, if they just quieted down, they could hear a faint beeping noise. Everyone slowly turned their heads to the ceiling where they saw a flashing, cylinder like object hanging there. One thought occurred to them all.
"Oh, slag!"
The Dinobots scrammed out as fast as they could, with Sludge quickly scooping Arcee off the ground as they did. No sooner did Sludge step out of the room did the bomb Ratbat left blow up. The Brutes inside were completely destroyed but Arcee and the Dinobots were completely intact.
"I am really starting to hate that stupid bat," Snarl, well, snarled.
"Come on," Slag said. "We have to find Grimlock."
Sludge gently put Arcee on the ground before he too transformed. His body shifted and rearranged itself before a power Apatosaurus stood for all to see. He lowered his longer neck done and gently placed Arcee between his teeth. Arcee was about to ask what he was doing until Sludge lifted her up and placed her on his back. The femme realized that Sludge was giving her a ride.
"Err…thanks," She said.
"Sure," Sludge said. "Anything for the femme of Swoop's optic."
Arcee recalled him saying something similar in the cells. "What do you mean?"
Slag jostled Sludge before the latter could say anything else. "Ignore him. He gets confused sometimes."
Sludge glared at Slag but Arcee, still disoriented, decided to take Slag's word for it and allowed herself to rest on Sludge's back. Slag motioned for Sludge to get closer so the larger Dinobot lowered his neck down.
"You dimbot!" Slag whispered. "Don't go blabbing Swoop's business. If he wants to tell her how he feels than he'll do it."
Sludge nodded his head, feeling bad now for nearly blurting out his friend's personal stuff.
Just then the sound of running could be heard. The Dinobots braced themselves for a fight but that changed when it was Bulkhead and Bumblebee passed the corner. The two Autobots came to a halt when they saw the Dinobots standing there. Slag laughed.
"So there you are, Bulkhead. I'm guessing we have you to thank for busting us out?"
Bulkhead stared at the Dinobots' new alt-modes for a moment before regaining himself. "Actually, the credit goes to Bumblebee here. It was his idea to make the power surge."
Bumblebee rubbed his head sheepishly.
"Not bad, kid," Slag commented. "It was thanks to you we finally got out of that pit. We owe ya one."
"We've got to hurry," Bulkhead said. "We just managed to get out of the control room and Shockwave's goons are fixing the room right now! Let's get with Grimlock and Optimus and bail!"
Just then the three Insecticons rounded the same corner.
"There you are, Wrecker!" Hardshell hissed at Bulkhead. "And this time you won't…" His voice faltered at seeing the three Dinobots loose in the hallway.
Sludge laughed. "Uh-oh. Looks like we've got a little Insecticon problem."
Slag snickered as he started stomping up to them. "A problem I'd be glad to handle."
Sharpshot quickly acted by unleashing a barrage of blasts upon the Dinobots. Bulkhead and Bumblebee had to duck for cover but the Dinobots were a bit more resistant to their attacks. Slag found them to be irritating at best. Lowering his horns, he charged straight at them with full force. Hardshell quickly maneuvered but Kickback was not so fortunate. Slag rammed right into him and sent the Insecticon flying. Hardshell moved to intercept Slag but Sludge unleashed his powerful neck crashing down on him. The blow left him stunned long enough for Snarl to bash him with his tail. Sharpshot pulled out his grenade launcher and prepared to fire. Slag saw what Sharpshot was about to do and opened his mouth. A stream of flame burst out and scorched Sharpshot's back. The Insecticon screamed in pain. Bulkhead quickly used this opening to slam his fist into Sharpshot's face. Sharpshot slammed into Hardshell.
"As much as I'd love to squash these guys," Bulkhead said. "We need to find Grimlock and Optimus right now.
Sludge nodded. "He's right. Our leader comes first."
"Follow me!" Bulkhead called to them as he led the way to the hangar before the Insecticons could recover.

In the hangar bay, Shockwave kicked off Grimlock. When Shockwave had been distracted by the unexpected power surge, Grimlock had tackled him. The two grappled for a bit but Shockwave managed to get him off. Just as he did, the power came back online. With communications back online, Shockwave activated his comlink. "Report."
"We just suffered a massive surge in the central core. All computer systems went off line and is currently rebooting. As of now all systems are online via emergency backups."
"What happened, Shockwave?" Megatron demanded as he made some distance between him and Optimus.
"I have to admit, Lord Megatron, I did not expect this." Shockwave admitted, still playing the loyal lackey.
But he and Megatron knew exactly what must have happened. It was the Autobots in their attempts to free the Dinobots. Shockwave also had to admit that he was impressed. Prime's team was more resourceful than he had given them credit for.
Megatron was about to say something when a loud, thundering noise reached his audio receptors. The noise also got Shockwave, Optimus, and Grimlock's attention.
"What in…"
But then Team Prime and the Dinobots burst into the hangar.
"Grimlock!" The Dinobots shouted as they ran to their leader's side.
"Sludge? Slag? Snarl?" Grimlock said as he slowly got up to his feet. "You alright?"
"A lot better now that you're here," Snarl replied. He looked around. "Hey…where's Swoop?"
"Him fighting Divebomb," Grimlock answered. He looked at Shockwave. "Me, Grimlock, win! You, Shockwave, lose!"
Optimus went over to his team. Bulkhead was carrying Arcee now.
"Arcee?" Optimus asked in concern.
"I'm alright," Arcee assured him. "Ratbat just managed to get some energon from me."
Optimus nodded. He turned to Grimlock. "Our main objective is complete, Grimlock. It's time for us to retreat."
"No!" Grimlock roared. "Not leave till Shockwave scrap!"
The other Dinobots gathered around him. "We'll take him down together!" Sludge said.
"We deserve plenty of payback for what he's put us through," Slag added.
"This Unicron Spawn's been online far too long."
Optimus knew he had to do something fast. He and Grimlock had both sustained damage. Grimlock had to realize that sometimes retreating was necessary in battle. They had the Dinobots with them and took out many of Shockwave's troops. The chance to fight Shockwave himself could wait another day. Then it hit Optimus.
"Grimlock," Optimus said. "What about Swoop?"
Grimlock froze when he said that.
"I know you are confident about his abilities," Optimus said. "But what if the other Predacons are there? Even if Swoop does defeat Divebomb, can he defeat all of the Predacons by himself?"
Grimlock knew Optimus had a point. Plus, the Predacons fought just as dirty as the Dinobots did. There was a chance that they would wait for Swoop to get tired from his battle with Divebomb and gang up on him.
Grimlock shook his head. "No! Me, Grimlock, not lose any Dinobots!" He pointed at Shockwave. "Me deal with you later. Right now, Dinobots look after their own!"
The Dinobots all somehow managed to smile despite their dinosaur faces.
"What's the plan, Grimlock?" Snarl asked, eager to follow his leader's orders again.
"Sludge!" Grimlock called to his powerhouse. "Shake them up! Slag! Turn the heat on!"
Sludge and Slag obeyed as the former began stomping the ground furiously while the latter blasted fire at Shockwave and Megatron. Sludge's stomping was knocking everyone off balance while the flames began scorching the two Decepticons' armor.
Grimlock went over to the wreckage of the ship he and Swoop stole. "Snarl! Give me hand!"
Snarl quickly transformed back into his robot mode and ran to Grimlock's side. With a bit of effort, the two manged to pick up the half.
"On three! One! Two! Three!"
With a mighty heave, the two Dinobots sent the debris flying right at the Decepticons. It slammed into them with a mighty crash.
"Now!" Grimlock called to his team. "We get while going good! Need to help Swoop!"
Sludge and Slag let out a cheer as they transformed into their robot modes. As the hangar was still open from the battle, they quickly dashed out.
Optimus looked over at his team. "Autobots, well done. We now have all of the Dinobots."
"And I'm glad they're fighting for the Autobots," Arcee said. "I saw them take out a trio of Brutes like they were nothing. Once we get all five together…"
"Right now we should focus on helping, Swoop," Optimus said. "Autobots! Roll-out!"
All of the Autobots transformed into their vehicle modes and followed after the Dinobots.
Megatron angrily shot the debris off his body. "They're getting away, Shockwave!"
"Not for long, Lord Megatron," Shockwave told him as he activated his comlink. "All units, report to me immediately. The Dinobots have escaped and we need to recapture them!"

Divebomb was having a ball. He and Swoop had been going at it all this time. The flyer was definitely not the little rookie he had beaten up all those vorns ago.
The two's aerial dance battle never seemed to end as they continued to try and outmaneuver each other or simply blast each other out of the sky.
Divebomb took a nose dive against Swoop but the Dinobot did a barrel roll to dodge. He then slammed his beak against the eagle Predacon but Divebomb retaliated with a swipe of his talons. The two then decided that enough was enough of the air battle and landed on the ground, transforming into their robot modes. Swoop pulled out his Thermal Sword with one hand and held one of his launchers in the other. Divebomb detached one of his particle beam rifles from his wing and held it with one hand. Using his other hand, he pulled out a sword with a laser targeting system attached.
"So you're good in the sky, Swoop," Divebomb sneered. "Let's see how good your ground skills are!"
The two Transformers charged at each other. Divebomb used his targeting system to lock onto Swoop and started shooting at him with his rifle. Swoop rolled out of the way and fired his missile. Divebomb quickly leaped to the side as the missile just barely passed. The two were at close quarters now and attacked using their swords. Divebomb had to duck to dodge Swoop's slash and aimed his rifle to shoot his foe point blank. Swoop countered by shoulder ramming the Predacon. The blow knocked Divebomb flat on his back. Swoop went to stab him but Divebomb grabbed his sword and slashed Swoop across his chestplate. Swoop quickly made some distance between them and fired another missile. Divebomb transformed back into his eagle mode to dodge it, only to have Swoop transform into his beast mode and slammed him to the ground. He transformed back into his robot mode and picked up his sword. Divebomb quickly transformed into his robot mode again and grabbed his sword while also taking his other beam rifle from his second wing. It seemed that these two were going to be at it all day. As the two were about to charge again…
"Aaaagh!" Swoop cried as something shot him right in the back, causing him to fall to his knees in pain.
"What?" Divebomb exclaimed. He looked past Swoop. "Oh no."
The other four Predacons, in their robot modes, were walking towards him and the fallen Swoop.
"What's the big idea hogging an Autobot all to yourself, Divebomb?" Tantrum demanded.
"It's not just an Autobot," Rampage said as he looked closer. "It's another one of those Dinobots! The flyer called Swoop."
"Great," Headstrong cheered. "We get to bash an Autobot and a Dinobot all at once."
Divebomb was furious. "All of you back off! This is my prey and mine alone! You have no business getting in the way!"
"We look after our own, Divebomb," Razorclaw said to his flyer. "And the others have been looking for some action."
Swoop weakly got up. "I ain't going down. Especially not by you Preds!"
He grabbed his launcher and fired again. The Predacons all had to scatter to dodge the missile. Headstrong and Tantrum ran towards Swoop and gave him a double punch to the chest plate. Swoop was knocked off his feet. He grabbed his thermal sword and went to slash them but his sword was blocked by Rampage's own thermal sword. But then Headstrong rammed him from the side. Then Tantrum punched him in the face. As Swoop stumbled, Rampage kicked him. Eventually poor Swoop was caught up in a beating circle. Headstrong, Tantrum, and Rampage were taking turns hitting Swoop, causing the poor Dinobot so hurt and disoriented that he couldn't tell up from down. Razorclaw sat back and watched his team have their fun. But he noticed Divebomb was not participating.
"What's wrong, Divebomb?" He asked. "He was your prey after all."
"Mine and mine alone," Divebomb snapped at his leader. "This isn't even a fight anymore. It's just a thrashing."
Razorclaw shrugged his shoulders as he started walking over to the other three Predacons. "I think this little torment has gone on long enough, Predacons. Let's put this poor Dinobot out of his misery.
The other three quickly parted ways for their leader as Razorclaw drew his own sonic sword out. He walked over to Swoop and raised his sword above his head. "All too easy."
Just then the area around the Predacons got darker. They were confused by this sudden change until Razorclaw noticed that four large shadows loomed over them. He turned around…and what he saw made him to leap back and assume a fighting stance.
Towering over the Predacons were Grimlock, Sludge, Slag, and Snarl. And they did not look happy.
"Grimlock?" Headstrong exclaimed.
"And the other Dinobots!" Tantrum cried when he saw the others. "How did they get out?" He and other Predacons assumed fighting stances alongside Razorclaw.
Grimlock ignored them all as he looked over at his fallen warrior. "Swoop?"
Weakly Swoop looked up at his leader through damaged optics. He noticed the other Dinobots standing next to him. "Sludge? Slag? Snarl? Is that you?"
Sludge looked at his friend sadly. "It's us, buddy."
Swoop looked at Grimlock and weakly cracked a smile. "You did it, Grimlock. S-sorry I couldn't be…more…help."
"You rest now, Swoop," Grimlock said in an uncharacteristic softness. "You earn it."
Swoop slowly nodded his head. Grimlock turned around to face the Predacons. His visor glowed with light, showing his anger. His reunion with Shockwave had really got his temper to rise. But seeing one of his warriors like this…was the final straw.
"You, Predacons, hurt Swoop," Grimlock said, his body trembling with rage. "Now me Grimlock ANGRY!"
Grimlock slammed his fists onto the ground as he began to transform. His body twisted and moved itself around like some sort of mechanical puzzle. His arms shifted into legs, his legs combined and extended into a tail. The Predacons watched as Grimlock's body shifted from a gigantic warrior into an even bigger creature with a massive pair of jaws. Flames spewed from its mouth. Everyone was now gazing at a huge, fire breathing tyrannosaurus rex!
"Dinobots!" Grimlock roared at his teammates. "Transform!"
Roaring for battle, the other three Dinobots transformed into their dinosaur modes. A triceratops, a stegosaurus, and an apatosaurus stood beside the t-rex. Swoop, with some effort, was able to transform into his pteranodon form and joined his brothers. The five Dinobots all stared down the Predacons.
Razorclaw was not shaken at seeing Grimlock's alternate mode for the first time. Shockwave had given his team what was needed to combat the Dinobots and he would not let those upgrades go to waste. He looked over at his men.
"Two can play at this game, Grimlock," Razorclaw ordered. "Predacons! This is the prey we have long dreamed of hunting! Transform!"
Obeying their leader, the Predacons, including Divebomb, all transformed into their beast modes. Aside from Swoop, the Dinobots were surprised at seeing the mechanical animals that now stood in place of the Predacons.
"See this, Grimlock?" Razorclaw taunted. ""Like you we have new forms with the very same research your team went though. Your upgrades will not be an edge in this fight, Grimlock. Now let the best team win!"
"No one beat us! Not now! Not ever!" Grimlock thundered. "Dinobots! Attack!"
"Predacons!" Razorclaw ordered. "Go for the kill!"
And with battle cries coming from both sides, the Dinobots and the Predacons charged at each other, ready to make each other nothing but piles of scrap metal!
End of Chapter

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