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Dawn of a New Beginning

By Hikari_Angel143

Mystery / Adventure

Party time!! Wait...what???

Danaya's POV:

Life was always pretty normal, well, as normal as it got for the High Summoner's daughter. Everywhere, people had always labeled me as the High Summoner's daughter. I never really minded though. I knew what my mother and father did was a great feat in the history of Spira. I had lived in Besaid for most of my life, sometimes traveling with my parents to go practice my sword fighting and magic. My name is Danaya and I'm 15 years old as of today. At this time, my mother and father had thrown a party in honor of my 15th birthday. I was sitting down at Besaid Beach, staring into my reflection in the water.

I had different colored eyes like my mother: left was blue and right was green. My brown hair had ended in the middle of my back, the tips of it light blonde. My light tan skin was shining in the sun and I peered down at my outfit, smiling calmly to myself. I had on a black, tube-top shirt that was long and flared out at the bottom. I was wearing black mid-thigh shorts and a blue skirt that went down to right above my knees, with a slit on the side and small floral designs on it. As I stood up, I got some sand on my knee high black boots. The pink and white arm sleeves my mother had worn when she was a summoner were tied tightly onto my arms.

"Hey Dannie!" I heard my close friend, Vidina, call out to me. I turned around with a smile and waved. Vidina was the only one who called me Dannie. I didn't have a problem with anybody else calling me that, but no one else really called me by that name. Just Vidina.

"Hi Vidina." I greeted back softly as I looked up to the 5'8", 17 year old figure. I was so short compared to Vidina, being only 5'1". Vidina inherited his father, Wakka's, fiery red hair. It was spiked up into a fohawk style. He was the son of Wakka and Lulu, and the closest friend I had, apart from another friend named Analise. Vidina and I maintained a close friendship and always looked out for each other. Vidina and I had known each other ever since we were little babies! He was wearing more of Lulu's style of clothes: black. He had on black pants with a black belt, red shoes, an orange Besaidian shirt that was open like his fathers, and wears a black cloak with a furry hood.

Vidina smiled with his red-brown eyes, "Come on, ya? Everyone's dancing and Analise and Iyana have been waiting. Boy, Iyana forced me to come get you, so come on Dannie, ya?" I smiled softly and nodded, walking with Vidina to the crowd of people in the center of Besaid. There were many of Mom's and Dad's closest friends.

"Naya!" I heard my cousin, Iyana, call me as she ran over. Vidina left to go get Analise. Iyana was my cousin, and the daughter of Uncle Gippal and Aunt Rikku. I brushed my bangs to the right as my cousin gave me a hug. "Good thing Vidina got you! I was looking everywhere! Haha. You were just trying to get away from my dad huh? He's always trying to make you dance and sing with your mom in front of all the people. I mean, you and Auntie Yuna do it all the time. Why does he have to make you do it some more?" Iyana rambled on, clutching her weapon: a massive wrench. You know, Iyana was always persistent on trying to make me learn how to build and fix machina. She's always been more like Uncle Gippal.

Iyana was much taller than me, standing at 5'5", being 17 years old, and bearing the signature green-swirly eyes of the Al Bhed. Her fairly pale skin stood out in the sun as she kept talking to me. "Anyways, come on! Analise has been waiting forever for you. Let's go. I see my dad making his way towards us." Iyana said much quieter than before as she held my arm, leading me away. Iyana and I had known each other ever since we were little babies, too! Her blonde hair was similar to Aunt Rikku's, bearing a few beads mixed in here and there held up into a side ponytail with a black ribbon.

"A-ah! Hold on Iyana! You're going too fast!" I exclaimed as I stared at her back, trying to keep up with her. Her outfit consisted of tan leggings with dark brown knee-high boots with steel toes and a light green halter top that stops just below her ribs with two belts on her hips with item pouches; she also has a fingerless leather glove on her left arm that reaches her elbow with a metal guard on the top. On her right hand is another fingerless leather glove that only was at her hand.

"Hey Naya, you think when my dad steps down from being leader of the Machine Faction, I should become leader?" Iyana asked me as she loosened her grip on my arm.

I smiled and answered, "Yeah, of course! A lot of people think it should be you anyways." I saw Iyana smile. Once we arrived to Vidina, Iyana started moving her head, looking for Analise.

"Wait, where's Analise?" Iyana asked. I giggled and clutched my necklace: my father's symbol on a small metal chain to put around my neck.

Vidina shrugged. "Couldn't find her. She has to be somewhere, ya?" I smiled.

"I'm going to go to my parents!" I declared as I ran over to my parents. I jumped on my dad's back.

My dad's spiky, blonde hair swished in the wind as he yelled out, "W-whoa!" I giggled.

"Hey daddy!" I shouted, clinging to his back. I let him go and jumped off. My dad chuckled and my mom giggled.

"Hey sweetie." my mom greeted as she gave me a hug. Her hair was kept in the same style, short and layered. My dad tried to kiss me, but I pushed his cheek away and stuck my tongue out. Wakka and Lulu laughed.

"Childish as ever, I see." I heard someone comment from behind me.

"Paine!" I shouted as I hugged her. I turned to Baralai and hugged him as well. Paine smiled.

"How're you doing Danaya? You've grown." Paine asked me.

"I've been great!" I shouted happily. Baralai chuckled and handed me a present in a box.

"Happy birthday Danaya. Hope you like it. Paine picked it out for you." Baralai commented.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed joyfully as I gave a little bow and then opened my gift. I awed at the pretty ring.

"Makes you Zombieproof and raises your magic. I literally had to explore Omega Ruins for that specific ring." Paine explained. I gasped in surprise and hugged Paine and Baralai tightly. I thanked them and went back over to Vidina and Iyana. When I got there, I saw Analise with them.

"Analise!" I greeted as I hugged my 5'7" friend. She was 19, the oldest of all of us, and had kind of a mix between light tan and pale skin. Analise was the most interesting of my friends. She had semi-long, very multi colored hair that is kept out of her face by a bright green headband. Analise also has deep, forest green eyes. She wears a deep red midriff with a semi-low cut with blue and white camo pants that go down to mid-shin. Around her neck are hawk-eye goggles and her mother's bracelet around her left wrist. Her goggles were made from her father's eye mask when he retired. Creative, huh?

"Hey Naya!" Analise exclaimed, clutching her whip and hugging me back. Analise was the daughter of grumpy ol' Beclem! I know! When Mom used to tell me stories of her adventures, she mentioned Beclem and his arrogance once. When I met Analise and became friends with her, I was really shocked to find out that she was Beclem's daughter. She acted nothing like him! Analise is actually kind of like a sister to me, has been ever since I was 10 and she was 12.

"Hey Analise!" I exclaimed.

"Where have you been? I had to nag Vidina a few times to get him to find you!" Analise scolded me. Yeah, sometimes she can be motherly to me. Vidina, too! Although to tell you the truth, inside, Analise doesn't like her appearance much. I keep telling her she's great the way she is, but she doubts me. Her hair was so pretty, ranging from a variety of colors. Analise was a unique and awesome girl, and she had yet to realize that.

I giggled, "Sorry. I wanted to sit down in a quiet place for a little while."

"So, do you know where my Dad is? I haven't seen him." Vidina asked me as Analise and Iyana talked. I pointed to where my parents where.

"Naya! Vid! Ana! Yana! Come on! Yunie is going to perform!" Auntie Rikku exclaimed happily as she pulled me along by my arm. Yup, even at semi-old age, my mother still loved to sing and dance. We all ran excitedly back to the center of the village, where my mother stood in that small circle. The sun shone down on her as she cleared her throat. Buddy's and Shinra's new invention, a Commspeaker, played my Mom's most famous song, "Real Emotion." My mom started dancing and we all cheered, especially my dad. My father wrapped his arms around me, AKA his little girl, and rested his chin on top of my head. I sighed and continued to watch my mom sing and dance for the crowd.

The atmosphere had changed, however, when a couple of people started screaming. Mom stopped her performance and everyone was silent, well, except for the people screaming.

"At the shore!" we heard Nooj shout. I quickly went inside the hut and pulled out my sword, seeing everyone else preparing their weapons as the rest of the other people hid in the huts and backed away inside the temple. My sword looked a lot like the Brotherhood, my father's sword. It has a small, red chain hanging from the hilt. Along with Vidina, Analise, and Iyana, I ran quickly to the beach to find all the adults there, staring in shock at the sight before them. I almost dropped my weapon at what I saw.

"What the…." Vidina gasped out as he dropped his purple staff with an orb placed at the top of it. The orb was surrounded by purple designs and was around 6 feet tall. I staggered back, almost falling down from the monstrosity facing me. In front of us, in the sea, was the biggest monster I have ever seen. The monster was dark in color, and looked a lot like a Cyclops. It had one gigantic eye and the biggest fins I had ever seen! The monster had razor sharp teeth and a strange symbol around all its scales and body. The monster was currently in the sea, but close to the shore.

"Come on loves! Start attacking!" I heard Leblanc shout to us as she came closer to the monster and started attacking it from afar. I snapped out of it and pulled Vidina along, following Analise and Iyana. I was about to cast Fira on the monster, but apparently, this monster had attracted a bunch of fiends.

"Come on Naya! Let's fight the fiends while our parents deal with the monster!" Lisie, or Analise, shouted to me.

"But, I have to help my parents!" I exclaimed. Iyana gave me a look and I sighed, pulling my sword out and attacking all the Dingos that were near me. "Vidina, catch!" I shouted as I threw him an Elixir that I picked up from the ground. Vidina caught it and gave me a wink as he started casting Water on a Yellow Element. I began to get confused as a Dual Horn rushed towards me. *What are different fiends doing here? There are only 3 types on Besaid…* I narrowly missed the Dual Horn as it tried to use Gore on me. I slashed it with my sword once, twice, before Iyana started helping me out.

She took out a Grenade from her item pouch and threw it towards the Dual Horn, then hit it with her big wrench. It staggered back and shook its head. Iyana finished if off by grabbing a pair of pistols out of her pouch and shooting the Dual Horn continuously. It disappeared into pyre flies and we ran to Analise, who was surrounded by three Chimeras. Analise cracked her whip and hit one of the Chimeras, then retracted it and rushed toward the Chimera, hitting it spot-on the head.

Forgot to tell you! Analise's whip is like a mega weapon! It has multiple pieces for the end to make into various weapons, she keeps them in a small pouch. Then, her whip can reach up to almost 20 feet, and when it's retracted, it works as a baton or club she can hit with. Anyways, I rushed towards one and slashed it, but grunted in pain as it hit me with its fist. I saw the Snake raise itself and I guarded myself for the lightning attack, but it never came. I flinched as I heard it, but when it didn't hit me, I opened my eyes and removed my arm from my face.

Vidina was standing in front of me with his hands out, canceling the attack with a Watera. He turned and smirked to me. I smiled gratefully and together, we beat the Chimera up. Just as we were about to finish off all the fiends, I wasn't prepared for what happened next. The gigantic monster had conjured up a water ball, similar to the sphere used for Blitzball, and captured my parents and Wakka in it. They tried everything to get out, but it was no use. The sphere held them in.

"Mom! Dad!" I shrieked. *No! Not them! Please!*

"Dad!" I heard Vidina shout. I started running towards the monster, but it started swimming away. That didn't stop me from trying to go in the water and swim towards it.

"Dannie! No! It's too far!" Vidina shouted as he hugged me from behind, trying to pull me out of the water.

I shouted back, "But Viddie! He has your dad too! MOM! DAD!" I screamed to the sky in agony as I let Vidina drag me back to shore, watching the monster swim away with my parents and Wakka trapped in an inescapable bubble. My clothes clung to my body as Analise, Iyana, Lulu, and Auntie Rikku had gathered around me. Auntie Rikku was sobbing for my parents and Wakka. So was Lulu. Paine and the other adults had either a pissed off or sad look on their faces. Vidina hugged me, and so did Lisie and Yana. *What was that monster?….Why did it take them?* I thought as I sat helplessly on the sand of Besaid Beach, watching the monster for the last time, before it disappeared out of my sight.

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