Dawn of a New Beginning


Once we arrived back at Home, Auntie Rikku cried out in joy and ran over to us with Grandpa Cid. "Oh wow! Thank you guys so much! You found so many!" We got out our weapons from the compartment and bowed.

"You're welcome mom. We're going to leave now." Iyana explained.

"Oh but you youngins should stay here for the night." Grandpa Cid suggested. Xanxus walked over to Analise, who was standing right next to me. Vidina sat next to my feet, while Sargent and Iyana stood by each other.

I laughed nervously and replied, "It's okay, Grandpa. We need to get going to the Moonflow before it gets too late."

"But it's getting dark out." Auntie Rikku pointed out.

Analise counteracted, "It's really okay, Rikku! We're going to get going now."

Auntie Rikku sighed, but then smiled cheerily as she replied, "Okay. But be careful, okay?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" we all shouted. Iyana and I hugged Auntie Rikku and Grandpa Cid. The other said goodbye and then we started to walk…well…uh…never mind.

"Um, Cora?" I asked hesitantly. Cora giggled and patted her Hover.

"Get on. Just point me in the direction and I'll take you." Cora said as she got on the Hover. We cheered and thanked her. Xanxus, Analise, and Vidina took the back side, while Sargent and I took the left side. Iyana sat next to Cora to give her the directions.

"So Sarge…" I started as I played with the blonde tips of my hair. Sargent looked at me with interest.


"Do you like Iyana?" I asked him. Sargent widened his eyes. "I mean, I know it's only been a few days, but…I can tell you like her, y'know?" Sargent grunted and looked away.

Sargent mumbled, "Maybe I do. What's it to you?" I quietly giggled.

"She's my cousin, so I want to know who likes her. But to be honest, I think you're the best guy out there for her." I looked at Sargent for any reaction, but his head was still to the side. Although, I swear I could see the corners of his mouth twitch upward just a tiny bit. All of us mostly just sat there in silence, our tiredness taking over us from the excavation. Once we got back to our airship, we all thanked Cora and Xanxus grabbed the bags that contained our items and gil.

"Bye Cora!" Iyana and I chimed in unison as we walked up inside the airship. Once we got inside, we all stayed in the Bridge and sat around talking while Iyana started up the airship. We lifted off and wandered around the airship for a while. After about 2 hours, we landed somewhere near the path to Moonflow, and Iyana turned off the engine of the airship. We all met up at the Bridge and walked to the Cabin together.

"Wait…" Analise said as we all walked to the elevator to bring us to the Cabin. "There're 5 beds and six of us." We all stopped our individual conversations and stared at her. She was right. There were only 5 beds. We all exchanged glances at one another as the elevator rose to the Cabin. Nobody talked. Analise looked at Xanxus and they both shrugged.

"I'll share with Analise/Xanxus if you guys want." Xanxus and Analise volunteered. That sentence created the biggest awkward silence ever. Iyana and I squeaked, while Vidina and Sargent just gaped at them. *How are they so calm about this?*

Vidina was the first to respond as the elevator stopped, "Um…okay…" The doors opened and we all walked out in silence, still surprised from what Analise and Xanxus said. When we got inside the Cabin, Pello was not behind the counter. We figured he went to his own quarters and went to sleep. We all went up the stairs and to our beds. Vidina's was next to mine, Iyana's next to his, Analise's, then the extra bed. Sargent instantly lied down on the extra bed and put his gun under the bed, not even bothering to remove his armored shoes. Iyana had started to remove her hair from the ponytail and her knee high boots.

"Goodnight everyone!" I shouted happily as I removed my knee high boots and ponytail. My hair cascaded down my back as the elastic was released.

"Night!" Vidina, Iyana, and Analise chimed in. I saw Vidina remove his red shoes, while Analise and Xanxus were removing theirs as well. Analise's light tan matched my skin as well as her shoes as she removed them. Xanxus' boots made a small thump as he dropped them on the ground, put his pistols under the bed, and went on the right side of the bed.

"Uh…Analise, you can share with me if you want." I offered, seeing that the bed was a little…too small for the both of them. Analise smiled and put her weapon and all the pieces down next to her shoes.

"It's okay." Analise whispered. She looked at Vidina, who was already falling asleep. "Just go to sleep. I'll be fine." I nodded, still unsure of her decision, but placed my sword under my boots and climbed into my bed. I went under the covers and closed my eyes, falling into a deep sleep I thought I would never have again.

"Hey. Hey Dannie." I heard Vidina whisper. I groaned as he threw the covers off me. "Shush. Come here. Look at this." Vidina whispered once again. I yawned and sat up straight, rubbing my eyes. My hair was probably a mess, but I opened my eyes after getting out the sand. Vidina and I were the only ones awake as of now, but I didn't care about that. What I did care about was the fact that Xanxus had his arms around Analise, and she had her head on his chest.

"Oh Yevon…" I whispered. Vidina smirked and wiped something off his black pants. "I knew it." I muttered. I slipped on my boots quietly and laced them up. I tiptoed over to Iyana and Sargent, waking them up and telling them to be quiet as I pointed to Analise and Xanxus.

"!" Iyana gasped. "I knew it!" she whispered loudly. I shushed her and looked at Sargent's expression. He was smirking and crossing his arms. "Come on you guys, let's leave them alone. It'll take a while, so we should all get ready in the bathroom. Danaya, you want to go first?" I shook my head.

"You can go. I'll go after you." I answered. Iyana nodded, grabbed her hair tie, and hurried into the bathroom after flashing me a smile and winking with her beaming green eyes. I yawned and was about to wake Pello up to cook breakfast, but I shook my head. *Maybe Xanxus is going to cook* About maybe half an hour later, Iyana had gotten out of the bathroom while tying her hair up. Sargent and Vidina were sitting on the stair steps talking about fiends.

"They still sleeping?" she asked me. I nodded with a smile, but just after she said that, Analise started to groan. Just like a pack of Dingoes, Iyana, Vidina, Sargent, and I all rushed over to the bed and waited eagerly for what happened next. Analise stretched and hit Xanxus in the face. Iyana and I started to giggle as Analise widened her eyes at the position she was in. Xanxus groaned after he got hit by Analise and opened his eyes tiredly.

"Ah…." Analise started to say. Her face began to turn pink, then got as red as an apple! Xanxus' eyes seemed to widen a fraction, before he too had slightly tinted pink cheeks. Analise quickly got off of the bed and started bowing. "I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry!" Analise shouted in a panicky tone, which was unlike her since she was so mature. The rest of us just watched on in amusement as Xanxus tried to calm Analise down.

"It's okay. Really." Xanxus tried to convince Lisie. Analise seemed to nod and looked at us with shock.

"You guys….why didn't you wake us up sooner?" Analise asked as she turned to me.

I shrugged and reasoned, "We didn't want to disturb you guys."

"Besides…" Vidina started with a smirk. He added, "You guys were having such a fun time cuddling."

"Are you guys secretly married or something?" Sargent teased. Analise shook her head in disappointment and whispered something in Sargent's ear. Whatever Analise had told Sargent must have been really bad because Sargent's mouth opened wide. "W-what the fuck?" Sargent exclaimed. Analise smirked and grabbed her shoes as she walked into the bathroom. I turned to Xanxus, who was staring at all of us in slight confusion. I giggled and patted his head as I grabbed my boots and ran into the bathroom after Analise. I shut the door and turned to her.

"You're going to get ready too?" Analise asked as she started to brush her teeth. I nodded and went into the shower first. After washing up, I asked Analise to give me a towel.

As I dried up myself, I decided to talk with Analise. "So Lisie, do you have feelings for Xanxus?" I heard something drop and tilted my head in confusion. "Lisie?"

"Silly Danaya. How can I be thinking of romance at a time like this?" Analise questioned me rhetorically. I opened the shower curtain and got out to dress up as if she was not there.

I pursed my lips and asked again, "Lisie. Seriously. Do you have feelings for Xanxus?" I heard her sigh and make her way to the shower as she opened the curtain. I put on my undergarments, shorts, and long tube top.

"Yes." Analise answered. "Yes, I do." I grinned goofily and giggled. "But…" Analise continued in a sad tone. "I can't think of such matters, Danaya. We have a mission and that is to find your parents and Sir Wakka."

I finished putting on my skirt and boots as I replied, "Analise! It doesn't matter what situation we're in. If you like him, you like him. Besides, I can tell he likes you already." Analise giggled and shook her head as she came out of the shower and started to dress up. I put on my arm sleeves and necklace as I continued to talk, "Analise. You and Xanxus should be together already. We all see it, and we all think you two make an amazing couple." I turned to Analise and saw her finishing up changing. I grabbed a comb and combed through my hair.

Analise mumbled, "We'll see." I beamed and waited for her to finish getting ready. When she was done, I skipped out of the bathroom happily and looked at the others. Xanxus was behind the counter cooking breakfast, while Sargent, Iyana, and Vidina were upstairs just talking. I walked over to the counter and sat down on a stool.

"Xanxus…" I called out quietly. Xanxus finished cooking and started to place rice and some stew on every plate.

"What's up?" I was about to say something, but my mouth couldn't form the words.

I replied, "Nevermind." Analise got out of the bathroom and I smiled. "Okay! Xanxus! Analise, Iyana, and I will continue preparing our breakfast. All you boys go get ready now! We need to leave!"

"We're walking, right? Who's going to fly the airship?" Vidina asked. That question wavered in the air as I looked over at Iyana. She really didn't like people flying her airship, but I guess today she decided to be nice.

Iyana sighed, "Pello can fly it. I'll go wake him up now."

"Whoa! Iyana's letting someone else fly her airship for her, ya?" Vidina exclaimed.

"That's a first." Analise commented. Iyana started descended the stairs and scowled.

She defended, "It's only 'cause I want to see the Moonflow, okay? Now I'll go tell Pello to fly it over and meet us at the other side of Moonflow." We all nodded and the boys rushed to the bathroom, chasing after one another. Pello knows how to fly the airship; Iyana just doesn't like anyone else piloting it but her. I stood up from the stool and walked over behind the counter, helping Analise prepare our meal. Just as we finished preparing the food, Vidina and Sargent rushed out first to eat as they grabbed a plate, utensils, and a glass of juice. Xanxus followed after the boys slowly as he got out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel. The two other boys devoured their food. Analise, Iyana, and I ate quietly away from the boys on our own stools.

"I woke Pello up and told him we'll be leaving the airship in about 10 more minutes, so we should get our stuff ready after eating." Iyana explained as she ate a spoonful of rice and stew.

"Yummy! This is amazing, X!" I complimented as I finished my food almost as fast as Vidina and Sargent did.

"Thanks, Naya." Xanxus said with a chuckle. I finished all my orange juice and went upstairs to grab my sword. I saw everyone else's weapons lying on their beds, so after I grabbed mine and my pouch, I decided to throw all the weapons to everyone.

"Yana! Lisie!" I shouted as I threw Analise her pouches of parts and whips and Iyana her heavy monkey wrench. I grabbed Sargent's gun and Xanxus' pistols. "Sarge! X!" I called out. I then went downstairs and hit Vidina's head with his staff. He yelped and glared at me as I walked into the Storage Room to grab some more Hi-Potions and other items we may need. Once I got out of the Storage Room, I saw everyone all ready and prepared to walk.

"Ready, Naya I'm ready to kick some ass out there!" Sargent asked. I nodded and started to walk out of the airship after saying goodbye to Pello.

"Give me a break…" Analise mumbled as she shot Sargent a look.

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