Dawn of a New Beginning

Analise's Breaking Point!

I rested my sword on my shoulder as we walked on the path to Moonflow. We watched the airship fly over and past us as it flew towards the other side of the Moonflow. *Ah…so peaceful. There are no fiends on this path* I was walking between Vidina and Iyana. Analise and Xanxus were exchanging conversation, while Sargent and Vidina talked about their battles with fiends. Iyana and I just stayed silent, which was unlike me. I was usually noisy, but the visions had made me quieter. While walking, we encountered 2 sleeping Raptors. I looked at everyone and placed my index finger on my lips, indicating the others to be quiet and move on ahead. They silently nodded…except for Sargent.

"Sargent! Don't!" Xanxus whispered fiercely as Sargent smirked and positioned his gun. Sargent's smirk seemed to be forced, and he looked like he was trying to prove himself. *Oh Sarge…* I thought with a shake of my head. It was too late to do anything. Sargent had shot the Raptors from afar and one disappeared into pyreflies while the other woke up. It screeched but didn't have a chance to do anything as Sargent had shot it again. This time, the Raptor disappeared into pyreflies. I watched in horror and shock. *We were just going to avoid them…* Vidina gasped in amazement, and so did Iyana.

While I was watching Sarge bask in the attention he was getting from Iyana and Vidina, I noticed Lisie struggling to contain her anger. I started to approach her to see what was wrong, but she stopped me with a look. Pushing past Iyana and Vidina, she went right up into Sarge's face, saying, "Tell me, you have a brain, right?" Surprised, he nodded, not saying anything. "Then why don't you ever use it?" she spat at him, visibly trembling with the effort to contain her rage. "Why must you always be the big, strong man with the big, loud gun, shooting everything that moves, instead of taking that half second to actually think about what's happening around you before acting like any smartperson would do?"

Sarge's face grew darker with each word that she was saying to him, while the rest of us grouped together, shocked at how vehement her words were getting. He opened his mouth to retort, but Analise cut him off. "You obviously don't know that Raptor Venom attracts Ochus. You could have very easily gotten us all killed! As skilled as we all are, I doubt we could survive an equal number of Ochus attacking us all at once. Why did you have to attack? Or better yet-" A loud gunshot cut off the rest of what she was going to say, and a decent amount of Lisie's hair drifted to the ground.

We all looked at the hair in horror. As Lisie's hand flew to where it had used to be, her face showed nothing but shock and loss. With an arrogant smirk, Sarge said, "Because I can do that. Because I have enough skill to defend us from anything that comes near us, with my 'big loud gun', mocking her." At that, I saw her face go blank - and I became very afraid. The last time I had seen her go emotionless like that was when she overhead the Luca Goers badmouthing Dad before the Championship game, and she single-handedly beat them 15-0, before they had to forfeit due to lack of players (she had beaten them and their Subs to a pulp). I was afraid for Sarge; I didn't know how this incident would end. Bending down, Sarge picked up some of her hair. Waving it in her face, he taunted, "And are you sure it isn't your bright blue hair that's attracting the Ochus?" before throwing the few strands in the air, chuckling as he walked past her.

I tucked my hair behind my ear and grasped Xanxus' arm tightly because he looked like he was about to kill Sargent.

"Analise…" I whispered. Analise just stood there, her hair swaying in the wind, her fists grasping her whip so tightly, her knuckles turned white. Finally, she looked up and her eyes turned from the deep forest green color to a bright emerald. Vidina, Iyana, and I gasped. Whenever her eyes changed into a bright emerald, she was pissed. Really pissed. "Weak. Coward." Analise stated as she turned towards Sargent.

What Analise said seemed to pique Sargent's attention. His back stiffened in anger, before he quickly turned around, aiming his gun at Lisie. But she wasn't there; she was already above him, bringing her left heel into his face and knocking him off his feet. As he struggled back upright, cursing, his gun was yanked out of his hands by her whip, and then came back down on his head, knocking him to the ground again. With another short flick, she tossed his gun aside. In anger, he picked up a rock and threw it at her, which she easily dodged, flicking her whip across his chest. He caught the next attack around his arm, wincing slightly in pain. Before she could draw the whip back he yanked it - and her - toward him, throwing a kick at the same time. He didn't count on her anticipating this, so even as his foot hit her torso, her fist met his face.

Both of them hit the ground at the same time, she immediately springing back up, he slowly hanging onto his consciousness. She calmly waited for him to be ready again. Thinking her sportsmanship was hesitance, he rushed forward, tackling her off her feet. But as she hit the ground, she brought her feet up and kicked him off her, way up into the air. Continuing the motion, she launched herself into the air as well. She twisted her body before arching her back, flipping herself over, with her foot meeting his chest perfectly. I gasped, recognizing it as a perfect Sphere Shot, like Dad had taught her. His body hit the ground, making a small crater. He did not move. She landed softly a moment later. Iyana made a small noise and looked at Sargent worriedly. Without looking at him, Analise walked over and picked up her hair from where it lay on the ground. Turning around, she softly said, "Don't worry, he's not dead." before walking on ahead. Xanxus stared after Analise as we all rushed towards Sargent.

"Sargent!" Iyana cried out as she helped him up with Vidina. I quickly put aside my sword and concentrated some MP into my hands. My hands started to glow white and I quickly put it on his chest. "You idiot! Why are you like that?" Iyana scolded. Sargent said nothing; he just looked down with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Vidina helped him up and handed him his gun. Sargent wasn't scowling anymore. He remained expressionless as he put his gun back beneath his cape.

"Let's go find Analise." Xanxus declared as he started off walking into the woods. I looked at Sargent and tried to reach out to grab his arm, but Iyana looked at me and shook her head. I drew my arm back and walked ahead with Vidina, Sargent silently walking beside Iyana behind us.

Vidina mumbled to me, "This is the 2nd time Analise's eyes had changed." I nodded in agreement. The last time we saw it was when Analise was little and she had seen me and Vidina being bullied by a bunch of kids in Luca when we all went to watch blitzball. I dragged my sword across the dirt ground. Vidina picked it up and carried it. I looked at him and he just showed me a small smile. "I'm sure Analise is fine. Don't worry." I stared after Xanxus and realized that I was speechless. I really couldn't say anything about what happened. Xanxus was walking confidently, probably worrying about Analise. I turned my head back to Sargent and saw him mumbling a few words to Iyana.

I turned back around to in front of me and walked, fiddling with my arm sleeves. We finally found Analise by the banks of the Moonflow, staring out over the water. As we approached, she turned toward us, and threw something to Sarge. He flinched slightly, but still managed to catch it. He looked at it with a strange look on his face. I moved closer to see what it was; it was a bracelet made from her hair. He looked at her, before saying softly, "Why?"

She gave him a small smile and said, "For you to remember." I noticed her eyes changed back to the forest green color. Turning to the rest of us, Analise said, "Come on, I've already bought our tickets across" and turned to lead the way to the dock. I was happy that Lisie was back to normal, although I knew Iyana wasn't nearly so cheerful about it. Wondering how Sarge was doing, I looked back, only to notice that he hadn't moved. I stopped and watched him as he kept staring at the bracelet, before slowly putting it on his wrist, and began following us. Once we got onto the Shoopuf, Vidina let out a sigh of relief.

"Finally! Peace and quiet!" Vidina shouted. We all laughed at his actions. I was sitting next to Vidina, Analise and Iyana sat together, and Sargent and Xanxus sat on their own seats. I bent over my seat and peered down at the water, seeing workers near the sunken city. About a few years ago, Mom had asked some Youth League people, Al Bhed, and former Crusaders to work together to bring up the sunken city and make it a new home for people to live in. They've been working on getting it up these last few years.

"Still no luck with that, huh?" Analise said. I nodded and sighed disappointedly. I stared out at the ocean and saw the sun shining brightly.

"They're building that to make new homes for people, right? That sounds nice." Sargent mumbled as he looked down. I clutched my sword and bit my lip. Something didn't feel right. *No Danaya, everything's fine* I shook my head and smiled towards Xanxus.

I shouted, "So X!" Xanxus and everyone else turned towards me. "Did you used to know Chappu when you were a Crusader?"

"Chappu? No, never heard of him. Who is he?" Xanxus asked.

I answered, "Wakka's brother. Huh, maybe he joined before you and died before you became a Crusader."

"Man, I wish Uncle Chappu really was still alive. I wanted to meet him!" Vidina exclaimed.

"Uh….you guys…" Sargent called.

I turned to him and asked, "What's up?" Sargent pointed behind me out to the distance and we all turned to where he was pointing. Everyone gasped and I stood up, alarmed by what we saw.

"You." I whispered. The monster was in the water, swimming towards us in a speed I could not imagine possible.

"Is that the…" Xanxus couldn't even finish his question as Analise nodded quickly and told us to dive into the water.

Iyana turned to the Hypello driving the Shoopuf and commanded, "Please get out of here quickly! We'll make it the rest of the way!" Iyana and I nodded at each other as we both jumped into the water with Sargent and Vidina. Being in the water with all our clothes on made it hard to swim around, but we had to deal with it anyways. All of us sunk to near the bottom of the ocean as the tail of the monster became visible. I almost whimpered at the size of the tail. It was huge!

To make us move quicker, I cast Hastega and suddenly, I felt lighter and faster. I held my sword tightly and swam towards the tail quickly, slashing it with all my might. I turned to everyone and motioned for them to come closer, but all of them shook their heads and told me to come back. I looked at them confusedly and turned back at the tail, but as soon as I did that, the tail came in contact with my face. I tumbled back to the group, and Vidina caught me. Analise signaled to me to just attack from afar and go up if needed to get more air. *That's not much of a problem.* You see, Dad and Wakka would always teach Vidina, Iyana, Analise, and me how to stay underwater for a long time so we wouldn't have much trouble in the future when we become star blitzball players. We might not all be star blitzball players, but the practice sure did come in handy.

Analise and Iyana stuck to throwing grenades, Sargent and Xanxus with shooting, and Vidina and I with black magic. Everything was going fine, until the tail came in contact with my face. I tumbled back past the others and hit myself on a rock. The impact made my mouth open and water rushed in. I quickly closed it and winced in pain as I swam to the others, one hand holding my sword and the other paddling. The others rushed to me and pointed at the tail, which I saw disappear further away from us. I shook my head rapidly and quickly swam up to the surface. As I got to the surface, I started to cough up the water.

"Come –cough- back! –cough- -cough- GET BACK HERE!" I yelled out.

"Danaya!" Analise boomed. "Yelling will not make it come back!" She patted my back to make me cough up all the water. Once I was done coughing it all up, tears were at the brim of my eyes.

"You okay?" Xanxus asked. I nodded and went ahead of the others, swimming towards the other end of the Moonflow.

I heard Vidina cry out, "We were so close! We could've beaten it!"

"Vidina. It's the tail. We had so much trouble with the tail. How do you expect us to beat the whole damn monster?" Iyana shouted. I stopped swimming and glared at the distance, where the monster would probably be. Somewhere out there.

"Guys! That's enough!" Analise scolded. "Come on! Let's catch up with Danaya." Just was I was about to continue on, a sharp pain rose in my head. I shrieked as I was plunged back into the water by an unknown force. I held my breath and tried to get out whatever was holding me. I looked around and nothing was there. I tried to swim back, but my head and vision began to get cloudy. I saw a bunch of books on a desk. There was a man sitting in a chair behind the desk.

My vision zoomed in on the books, and they were all about Sin. Next to all the books was a leather bound notebook. The words written on a page of the notebook were 'Recipe for Reborn' and there was a list. The list was blurry. I couldn't read the words, but I know they were there. Suddenly, my mind became black and I opened my eyes, finding myself at the bottom of the ocean. Ignoring the throbbing pain in my head, I tried to find my sword so I could meet up with the others. However, I could not find it. *Oh fuck it! I can't hold my breath any longer!* I decided to get the hell out of there first, but I was stuck in some seaweed. I grunted as I tried to get out, but two pairs of hands were on the seaweed trying to untangle me from it. I looked up and saw Analise and Iyana smile at me. I smiled back, but my smile faltered as the throbbing in my head increased in pain.

I looked around to see the boys searching for my sword. I looked at Analise and Iyana in panic, pointing to my mouth to show I needed air quickly. Sargent quickly came over to us with my sword in his hand, his gun hidden beneath his cape. He brought the sword down on me and I shut my eyes closed. My legs became loose and we hurried up to the surface. I gasped for air and panted heavily.

"What happened to you, ya?" Vidina asked as we came onshore. I laid my head on Vidina's lap and groaned, the pain increasing each second.

Iyana guessed, "Another vision?" I nodded and cried out in pain. I felt slender hands bring me up and I clutched my head. I tried to hold in the pain, but it didn't work. It just made me feel even more pain. I heard everyone else pant from exhaustion and figured they were tired from the battle too.

"Well, having the tail attack us was unexpected. Is that the monster you guys were talking about?" Xanxus questioned. We all nodded.

"Seems huge." Sargent commented.

Iyana sarcastically replied, "No, really?"

"Here you guys." I heard Vidina announce. I looked up and saw a flame on his hand. I'll just dry everyone." As he walked around to dry us all, I looked down and tried to get the vision out of my head for now.

"Pello should be hovering above the forest, so we need to walk." Xanxus explained. I gathered my strength to get up, but the vision came back and I fell down. I felt someone bring me onto their back.

"Up you go." Vidina declared as we began to walk. I closed my eyes and rested my head on Vidina's back. *He's so warm…*

Sargent called out, "Danaya. What was your vision of this time?"

I opened my eyes and narrated, "The vision….well…it was about a man. The man was behind a desk that had books piled on top of each other. The pile of books was all about Sin. Next to the books was a notebook. The notebook had something written in it, but I couldn't read all the words clearly. The only words clear were the ones that said 'Recipe for Reborn.' That was it." I clung onto Vidina's neck and tried to channel some more energy, but I really didn't have much left.

"Recipe for Reborn?" Analise questioned.

"I've read about that once." Xanxus shared. "The Recipe for Reborn was a spell that could bring anyone or anything back alive. That's all I know."

Iyana wondered, "Huh….what could that be about?" That's what I wanted to know. Everything was just happening so fast.

"You think the man in this vision is the same as in the one with Wakka?" Sargent asked.

"Mhm." I responded. "I'm sure of it. Okay, so this man wants something to be reborn, but I still don't get why he captured my parents and Wakka."

"He obviously needs something from them." Vidina cut in. "It could also be a set up, and he might need you." I let go of Vidina's neck, and he took that as a signal to let go of me. I leaned on Vidina as I tried to walk.

Analise added, "But the thing is….who is this man? And who or what is it he wants reborn?" I saw Analise's eyes narrow. "Unless…"

"Unless?" I asked.

"Nothing. Nevermind." Analise smiled and shook her head as we continued to walk to the forest. Sargent saw me on my feet and handed me my sword. I took it, but still leaned on Vidina for support. The pain in my head thankfully didn't increase, but the visions played back in my head one by one. *Man, this throbbing will never go away, will it?* Just when things were about to get peaceful, someone tried to contact Iyana on her communicator.

"It's Shaun!" Iyana called out. We all stopped walking and looked at the communicator in interest.

Xanxus stared at me in confusion. "Shaun?"

"A player on the Besaid Aurochs." Analise answered. We watched Iyana answer her communicator.

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