Dawn of a New Beginning

Blitzball Challenge! (Part 1)

"Hey Shaun! What's up?" Iyana answered. Her eyebrows furrowed in worry. "Oh geez, wait who? Analise? The GOERS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? –scoff- Okay. Well, we'll try to hurry over there." Iyana put her communicator back in her pouch and sighed. Her beads made noise as she shook her head in worry. "Shaun said Sainey is injured. They need Analise to help play against the Goers.

"Are you serious? We're in the middle of…" I cut Sargent off.

"It's fine." I intervened. "Let's go." Iyana contacted Pello and he brought the airship to ground level, letting us go inside.

"You sure?" Xanxus asked.

I responded, "Yeah." I clutched my head. "I'm going into the Cabin. Iyana, we got to get there quickly before they lose. Contact Shaun and tell him we'll be there soon." I walked to the Cabin, someone behind me.

"Danaya? Don't we need to-?" Sargent stopped talking as I turned around with a small smile.

I answered, "It's all right. We can make a small detour." Sargent made a rare chuckle and patted my head. "I'm going to get some rest. Wake me up when we're there?" Sargent nodded and pushed me into the elevator. Once I got into the Cabin, I hurried up the steps and removed my shoes. I placed my sword under my bed and climbed into the bed after combing through my damp hair. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep, despite the headaches and visions. "Agh. I can't do it. I can't sleep." I mumbled. I started to get up, but I hurriedly put my head down and closed my eyes as I heard a lot of footsteps enter the Cabin.

"So wait, Analise, you play blitzball?" I heard Xanxus ask.

Vidina laughed, "Are you kidding me? She's amazing, ya! She used to be on the Aurochs." I heard Analise chuckle.

"So, is it just you that's going to play?" Sargent asked.

Analise answered, "It's up to Danaya and Shaun. But…if you guys wanna help beat the Goers' asses, then we could bring it up to Danaya when she wakes up."

"Poor her. She has to go through all the pain, ya? I can't stand to see her like this." Vidina sympathized.

Xanxus complimented, "She must have a lot of strength." I heard someone go up the stairs and caress my hair.

Analise whispered, "You'll make it, Danaya. Have strength. We're here with you." I listened to the sound of Analise's footsteps fade as she went downstairs. I clutched my head and groaned by instinct as the pain kicked in again. "Danaya?" I heard footsteps rush up the stairs. "Danaya! Are you okay?" Analise asked me worriedly. I simply nodded and bit my lip to prevent from crying out. The visions. They all came back one by one. Analise held my hand tightly and somehow, everyone else had gone upstairs because when I opened my eyes, they all looked at me worriedly. Vidina handed me a glass of water and I took small sips.

"I'm fine you guys." I reassured with my raspy voice. "It's not like I'm sick. I'm not a baby." After I said that, everyone seemed to give me some space as they talked to one another hesitantly. I rubbed my eyes and got out of the bed. Xanxus looked out the window and let out a faint smile.

"We're here near the docks. Come on." Xanxus announced. Analise, Vidina, and I cheered as we ran down the stairs and to the elevator. Xanxus and Sargent followed closely behind us, with not as much enthusiasm as we had. Once we got down to the bridge, Iyana met up with us in the hallway.

Iyana started, "Okay, so Analise. You ready?" Analise nodded and I gave her a 'whoop.' We all headed out of the airship and found ourselves at Dock 4. I stayed at the front of the group and talked to Vidina. Just as we exited the docks…

"Well well. If it isn't the High Summoner's daughter." I heard a menacing voice from ahead. We all stopped talking and I glared at the person…or people in front of me.

I sneered. "Aron." I spat. Aron, leader of the Luca Goers and son of Bickson, smirked down at me. I looked behind him and saw the rest of the Goers: Mylene, Ed, Jester, and the twins: Gigi and Fifi. My head turned back to Aron. "What do you want?" He chuckled and turned to Analise. *Helloooo! I'm talking to you!*

"Heard you're playing in place of Insane or something." Aron said.

Iyana growled, "It's Sainey!" Yup. We had some hate with the Goers. It's always been like that. Analise smirked back and stood her ground.

Analise snapped back, "Yeah? And what, going to be Defense again like the coward you are?" Mylene, the only girl in the Goers, stepped up and smirked.

"Why don't you show that attitude again in the sphere dumbass?" Mylene counteracted. I stayed in front of everyone and pulled out my sword. Mylene cowered back and I smirked. However, Aron came to her rescue and stared me down.

"Let's go, guys." I gritted my teeth at what Xanxus said. Aron smirked at me and shook his head. Xanxus and Sargent had trouble pulling me away to the lockers. Aron's and my eyes locked, each holding a firm glare.

Aron called out, "Yeah, keep staying in your parent's shadow! You'll always be just the High Summoner's daughter! We're going to beat the Auroch's asses in the game!" I felt everyone glance toward me and I just looked down. *No. I am Danaya. I will always be her. You're wrong, Aron.*

"Danaya?" Vidina called my name. I shook my head and put on a smile.

I replied, "I'm all right. Come on, let's meet with Shaun and the others." I let go of Xanxus and Sargent and led the group into the Auroch's locker room. Besides Shaun and Sainey, I checked out the other Aurochs here to play. There were the boys: Dean, Lauro, and Yero; and the only other girl was Bettina.

"Guys! Whoa, who're they, ya?" Shaun asked as he gave Vidina, Iyana, Analise, and me a hug. Analise introduced Sargent and Xanxus to the rest of the team. I turned to the benches and saw Sainey leaning against another teammate.

"Sainey, what happened to you, ya?" Vidina asked as he grabbed a bottle of water and opened it. Sainey giggled and all the Aurochs groaned.

Sainey answered, "I fell down some stairs and broke my leg, right after the Goers challenged us to a match." We all face palmed.

"You have got to be kidding me, Sainey!" Iyana shouted. Sainey laughed nervously and scratched the side of her cheek.

Sargent just stayed in his scowling form as he and Xanxus talked, obviously not being able to join the rest of us. "So, what's on the line, here?" Analise asked as she started to brush her hair and remove her pouches from her waist

"The Tournament Trophy." Shaun answered proudly. Vidina choked on his water while I choked on my spit.

"Oh my…" Analise gasped. "Okay. We're really going to have to win this one, then."

Xanxus cut in, "Isn't that against the rules to challenge the winner to take the winners' trophy, though?" Sargent smirked.

Sargent answered for us, "Yup. But people still challenge each other to matches even though." Shaun chuckled and threw Analise the blitzball. She threw down her whip and caught it with ease.

"Try to go easy on them, okay?" Shaun asked. I growled.

"No!" Analise turned to me in surprise at my sudden outburst. "Kick Aron's ass! I want his ass handed to him and I want him to pay." Analise smirked.

"You got it."

Xanxus made a mock gasp. "Now now, where did this feisty girl come from?" I glared at him and Xanxus put his hands up in defense. Shaun and the other Aurochs all stood up.

"Okay, come on, Aurochs! You can win this! Danaya, you can take the others up to the stands. No one will be there anyways. At least, not yet." Sainey explained.

"All right, Lisie! Aurochs! Go beat them!" I shouted.

"Ana! Make those Goers pay, ya?" Vidina cheered on.

Iyana added, "Yeah. And kick Mylene in the face for me!" Sargent just exchanged glances with Analise and nodded.

"Analise. Do good out there." Xanxus simply said as he walked ahead of us. I made a clicking sound and shook my head disappointedly.

Shaun questioned, "What's his problem?" Iyana leaned over and whispered something in his ear. "Ohhhhh. Heh." Shaun's smirk came back as he led the others outside. Analise stared at us suspiciously and we just whistled innocently. Once the Aurochs left the room, the rest of us, besides Xanxus, ran over to the stands and took our seats next to Xanxus. The sphere was already there, the water shaped into the perfect spherical form. A referee was inside the sphere pool already. For matches like this without announcers, they would put a referee in the sphere pool.


"LET'S GOOOO!" I cheered on as I raised my sword in the air.

Both teams entered the sphere, the Goers cocky and arrogant, the Aurochs calm and ready to go. The Aurochs huddled together for a moment, somehow discussing strategies, before taking their positions. Analise quickly took her spot at Left Forward, across from Aron. Even from here we could see his smirk disappear into something approaching fear, which made me giggle. The ref checked that everyone was in place, before moving to the center of the sphere with the blitzball. He held it out in front of him, building the intense anticipation, before throwing it high.

Dean shot off for the ball as Ed, their Center, did the same. Ed got to it an instant before Dean did. I started to frown; Dean should have gotten there first easily. I understood why as he slammed full speed into Ed; Dean intentionally let him get it. To his credit, Ed managed to hang onto the ball, before sending a strong pass to Aron. Again, he got the ball unhindered - until a moment later Analise hit him hard with her heel. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sarge wince, knowing firsthand how much her foot can hurt. Aron dropped the ball, which was quickly scooped up by Analise, who sped toward the goal. She didn't get very far before Gigi and Fifi blocked her. Being twins, the two girls on defense were more than skilled enough to pose a problem, even to Lisie.

Before either could do anything, Analise let go of the ball, and kicked it - backwards. Completely confused, the Goers could only watch as the ball flew back to Lauro, who passed it across the sphere to Shaun, who immediately passed it back to Lisie. She didn't even bother with catching it, simply punching the blitzball passed a stunned Jester into the goal. '1-0' read the scoreboard. Iyana and I stood up, our fists pumping in the air.

When the ball was launched again, Dean let Ed get it, before slamming into him again. This time he couldn't hang onto it, and the ball popped free. Shaun quickly grabbed it, and began swimming towards the goal. He was blocked by Mylene, who hit him hard before he could prepare himself, and the ball popped free again. She grabbed it, and sent a quick pass to Aron, who caught it with ease. He was smarter this time and passed it right back – but not before Analise hit him again. Mylene received the pass and immediately sent a strong shot toward Yero. Surprised, neither Aurochs' defender could get a hand on it, and Yero was just barely able to deflect it. Bettina got it, and turned to pass it to Dean when she was hit from behind by Mylene. Outraged that the ref didn't call the obvious foul, the Aurochs were unable to respond in time to stop her from scoring. As she swam back, she passed by us with a taunting smile on her face. The scoreboard showed 1-1.

I growled at Mylene, "FU- ouch!" Iyana hit me upside the head and shook her head disappointedly.

"Don't let her get to you." Xanxus warned me.

The ball was launched again. This time Dean didn't hang back, going right for the ball and getting it. But before he could go anywhere, he was hit by Ed, followed almost immediately by Aron. Letting go of the ball, Mylene grabbed it and blew passed him. But she didn't get very far; Analise came charging out of nowhere and smashed into her so hard she flew out of the sphere!

"YEAYUH!" Vidina shouted. Bettina picked up the loose ball and passed it up to Shaun. He swam up close to the goal, but was stopped by Gigi and Fifi, who stopped his every attempt to get passed them. *Come on Shaun!* In desperation, Shaun threw a pass toward Dean, which was picked off with ease by Gigi, who threw a long pass to Aron. He somehow caught it, and managed to hang on to it despite being hit by Lauro. He also managed to get a pass off to Ed right before getting crushed by Analise. Ed took a quick shot at the goal, which was deflected by Yero, before being volleyed into the goal by Aron. (1-2). I could tell Sargent and Xanxus were getting so into the game, for their faces held deep concentration on our team.

Next launch, Dean grabbed it again, and hung onto it long enough to get a pass out to Analise. She got the pass and swam toward the goal, before getting blocked by Gigi and Fifi. Remembering from earlier, Aron moved in from behind her. Trapped between the three, Analise didn't have time to do anything except try to hang on to the ball as all three hit her, one after the other. Somehow she did, and was recovering from it, when Ed hit her from the side. This hit knocked the ball from her grasp, and left her hanging in the water, barely able to move.

"Shitbags!" I called out. Iyana looked at me in mere confusion, and I shrugged sheepishly. While Analise recovered, Aron and Ed moved the ball toward the goal and scored again. (1-3)

"Fuckers…" I heard Sargent mumble. I looked at Xanxus and noticed his hands curled into fists. *Huh…he really does love her…*

People began to cheer for the Goers and I could do nothing but watch. Vidina must've sensed my anger so he shouted, "HEY SHUT UP! AUROCHS FOR THE WIN, YA?" Iyana and I busted out in laughter, while Xanxus and Sargent joined in. I almost dropped to the floor giggling because Xanxus actually joined in with Sargent and Viddie. The scoreboard sounded for halftime and we all raced into the locker room, Vidina and I leading the group.

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