Dawn of a New Beginning


Well, after having Xanxus (painfully) flick me in the forehead and Analise (painfully) comb through my hair, we finally arrived at Guadosalam. Sword in hand, I led the group through the crowd of people slowly forming at the entrance of Guadosalam. "Lady Danaya! You're amazing! I saw your concert in Luca!" one man exclaimed. I put on a smile and bowed.

"Thank you!" I shouted in a kind manner. Xanxus protectively walked in front of me as we walked upwards and I tapped his shoulder. "Xanxus, it's okay. I won't get hurt. See? Vidina's holding himself back from protecting me, too." I said softly as Xanxus simply grunted in front of the people and walked behind me and beside Analise. I looked to the right of me and saw Sargent, his face as cold as ever trying to intimidate others. Iyana was beside him, her wrench resting on her shoulder, walking and chatting with Vidina. "Please make way for us." I asked of the people as they formed a pathway for us.

"Wow. She has it good." I heard Sargent whisper to Iyana. Iyana scoffed.

Iyana replied, "You think it's easy being Danaya? Just shush and go along. We're almost to Chateau Leblanc and honestly, I can't wait to bother the Syndicate."

"Bother?" Sargent asked. I stopped walking and turned around.

"By bother, she means constantly harass them. She loves pointing out the negatives." I explained with a smile. I turned back around to the front and continued to walk, the Goons greeting me and letting us in. Once we got inside, I looked around the Chateau. This has been my third time here and Mom said nothing had changed. I noticed Sargent and Xanxus gazing at the elegant displays.

Analise smiled and said, "Come on" as she opened the doors leading to the main room. I heard Sargent take in a sharp breath as he saw the table filled with fruits.

"Haha go on. You can get some. Leblanc won't mind….much." I explained as Sargent and Vidina both rushed to the table, filling their mouths with the juicy fruits. Xanxus walked around the room and looked at all the displays, while Iyana and Analise took in the cool air. I, on the other hand, walked to the Goon guarding the entrance to underground.

"Hey! Are Leblanc, Logos, and Ormi having a meeting or something down there?" I questioned. The Goon nodded.

"Yeah, but I'll get them for you, Danaya. Hold on." The Goon started to run down and disappeared. You know, I always liked the goons. They were pretty cool. Wonder how they look like underneath their uniforms. I turned back to the others and saw they were in their own little worlds. Xanxus and Analise were sitting together eating a fruit each, Iyana was getting herself a glass of water, and Vidina and Sargent were still trying all the different types of fruits there.

"Oh my, looks like you're hungry, loves." Leblanc commented. I turned around with a smile.

"Leblanc!" I shouted happily.

"Why don't you introduce me to these people, love? Before Logos and Ormi give you something." I nodded and introduced her to Xanxus and Sargent, both thankfully replying with a small bow and greeting. Leblanc smiled. "Looks like you have quite a bunch of people here. Anything happen so far?" I winded up telling Leblanc all about my visions, details about each one. "Oh my, that sounds horrible. Oh!" Leblanc made a noise as Logos and Ormi appeared.

"So Leblanc, I think your wig is starting to fall off." Iyana commented. Vidina and Sargent snickered. Leblanc rolled her eyes and grabbed a sphere from Ormi's hands.

"Here Danaya. I think this may be of help to you, loves." Everyone rushed over to us as Leblanc handed me a sphere. I activated it and watched the sphere with everyone crowded around me.

Mom, Dad, and Wakka stood in a prison cell. "What do you want with us? Release us at once!" Mom had ordered. A chuckle was heard.

"I believe I cannot do that, High Summoner. You see, I need you. As well as these two." A voice explained, but I couldn't make out the voice; it was distorted.

Dad growled and slashed the cell with his sword. "We will get out of here!" Wakka calmed down Dad.

"Ya, calm down." Wakka soothed my father. Wakka turned to whoever was speaking and glared. "What is it you want, ya? There is nothing we could possibly have!"

"Oh, there is." The voice responded. "You have..."

The sphere stopped there. I tried playing it again to see if there was anything else, but nothing showed up. "That's it?" Sargent mumbled.

"Dad…" Vidina muttered. I turned to Leblanc and bowed.

I exclaimed, "Thank you!" I turned to Iyana and handed her the sphere. "Yana." Iyana nodded.

"I already know. I'll send it over to Shinra for research." Iyana announced as she grabbed her communicator and walked over to a nearby table. I looked at the others' expressions. Analise was puzzled, Vidina was looking down, Sargent was staring at me in disbelief, while Xanxus looked like he was in deep concentration. I turned back to Leblanc, Logos, and Ormi and smiled.

"So, where did you find it?" I questioned them.

"Boss sent me and Logos to the Omega Ruins to find some rare items." Ormi explained.

Logos continued, "Then some bumbling buffoons were collecting rare things in there as well, so just for fun, we took matters into our own hands. We found that sphere with the rest of the stuff and showed Boss." I nodded, absorbing all the information they were giving me.

"Thank you, you guys. It means a lot to give me the sphere." I thanked with a deep bow. Leblanc laughed and placed her hand on her hip.

"It is nothing, love. Now go on. I have some important matters to attend to." Leblanc exclaimed as she waved her fan around. I giggled and bowed.

"All right, we'll leave. Thanks Leblanc, Logos, Ormi. Goodbye!" I exclaimed.

Sargent looked up from eating and waved as he walked out the door first. Xanxus took Analise's hand as they both said goodbye and walked out, Iyana running after them. Vidina stared at me and I grabbed his arm, pulling him out with me. "You okay? You seem out of it." I asked him. Vidina managed a small smile.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Vidina answered as he used his staff to close the doors.

Xanxus announced, "Well, off to the Thunder Plains we go." Analise, Iyana, and Vidina looked towards me. I acted like nothing was really happening as I led the group down the path that connected to the entrance of the Thunder Plains. As we got closer, I could start to hear the thunder booming. I mentally flinched, but took in a deep breath and stared out at the Thunder Plains as I rubbed my bare shoulders.

"Dannie…" Vidina called as he started to fasten his cloak and put on his hood while walking out. I shook my head and watched Xanxus and Sargent walk ahead. Xanxus stopped to put on his leather coat while Sargent closed his cape and put on his hood. Analise and Iyana walked ahead and turned around to face me. *Everyone isn't scared, so you shouldn't be afraid either, Danaya! Come on, move!* I took a step out of the cave of Guadosalam, but flinched back as lightning flashed. The towers were calibrated excellently to make sure the lightning goes to the towers only, but ever since I was little I was afraid of lightning. Thunder boomed and I made a small squeak noise. Everyone turned to me as I pulled myself into a fetal position.

Analise rushed over to me. "Hey, hey come on. It's okay." Analise whispered as she embraced me. "Guys, get over here!"

"We'll just take the Airship." Iyana said understandingly as she started ahead with Vidina, who was worriedly looking at me. My body shook as Analise helped me up. I flinched as more thunder boomed. The visions all came back one by one and I collapsed.

"Xanxus! Can you carry her? She can't even walk." Analise asked. Xanxus let out a small sigh and carried me bridal style. My arms clung onto his neck, my mouth letting out small whimpers. "We'll wait here for Iyana and Vidina. I don't want Danaya being seen by other people like this." Analise said as she grabbed my sword that I dropped on the ground.

"I'm so weak…" I mumbled as I flinched once again from the thunder. I yelped as someone pinched me on the side. Looking up, I saw Xanxus shake his head slightly and bring me into the airship that Iyana parked right outside the cave of Guadosalam. My hair got a bit damp from the rain as we walked. I looked at Analise, only having a midriff as her top. She was slightly shaking from the cold, but walked inside the airship looking just fine. Once we got inside, Xanxus let me down, only to have me collapse onto the floor. I heard Iyana start up the engines and take off.

"I'm putting it on auto pilot for now." Iyana announced as she pushed some more buttons and got off her seat.

Sargent looked at me and I looked back. "Danaya?" Sargent asked with uncertainty in his voice.

"I'm fine." I replied, my voice cracking a little. I shakily stood up and looked at the others, bowing my head down. "I'm going to go in the Engine Room." I declared quietly as my feet moved slowly to the elevator. Once I finally got into the Engine Room, I sat down quietly in a corner and buried my face in my arms. To be honest, when we were little, Vidina and I would practice some of our magic. When he was practicing his Thunder spells (which he barely could master at the age of seven), Vidina accidentally cast a thunder spell on me. He was excited he got the hang of it, but panicked when I went unconscious. I was in a coma for about three weeks before I woke up. I was only five and wow, I got struck by thunder. Ever since then, I've had this phobia of it.

"Danaya?" I heard someone call out. I buried my face deeper into my arms, trying to block out whoever was calling my name. "Danaya. Come on, ya? It's all right! You're still not over it huh? It's been ten years!" Vidina shouted with a chuckle. I heard some shoes clank against the metal flooring. Vidina put me in an embrace. "Ya, it's all right." Vidina sighed as he hugged me tightly. "I got a feeling something's bothering you, and it's not the thunder. What's up?" I looked up from my arms and saw Vidina's red-brown eyes looking straight at my blue and green ones. My face turned pink as I buried my face into my arms again.

"It's nothing. Just go, Viddie. I'll be fine!" I exclaimed as I waved him away. Vidina laughed and patted my shoulder as he stood up and walked away.

"Whatever. Just letting you know, we'll be at Macalania soon so you might want to get ready. It's cold there. Wanna borrow my cloak?" Vidina offered. I shook my head.

"I'm fine! Just go. I'll go get my cloak in the storage room. I should have it in there somewhere." I explained as I stood up as well, stretching my arms. After a while of just standing there in complete thought, I walked over to the elevator and rose up to go to the Cabin. As I walked, I had this strange feeling that something bad was going to happen soon. I shrugged it off as I entered the Cabin and grabbed my cloak from the storage room. It was a shade of dark blue with a clasp in the middle to have it closed or open. I put it on and fixed the hood in the back.

When the airship's engine stopped, I said goodbye to Pello and hurried over to the Bridge. Once I got in there, everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me. "I'm fine you guys!" I reassured with a smile as Analise threw me my sword. I caught it and Xanxus sighed as he rubbed my head. I grinned and opened the hatch to go outside. "Well, come on! Off to Macalania we go!" I declared as I led the group to the woods.

"Whoa. It's still alive." Iyana whispered in shock as we all stared at the sight. Yeah, Macalania Woods was still alive and suddenly, it's been growing stronger. However, more and more fiends lurk through the woods. Actually, Macalania probably would be the most fiend infested place in Spira right now, well, aside from the Omega Ruins.

"Well…" Sargent started. Analise smirked and got out her whip.

"Let's get this done." Analise finished off as we all ran into the fiend infested forest.

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