Dawn of a New Beginning

Attack at Besaid!

Going inside the airship, I decided to go to the Cabin and check in on Analise and Xanxus. As I was just about to enter the room, I stopped and thought about it for a second. *They might need some time alone…I'll just leave them then.* I then heard someone groan and I turned my head towards the door. "That feels really good, Analise." Xanxus groaned out. My mouth was wide open as my face turned pink. *What the…?* I heard some more moaning and I almost gagged. I rushed inside and found Analise on top of Xanxus….massaging him.

"Oh, Danaya. Is everything okay?" Analise asked me as she got off Xanxus and drank some of her water in a glass. I whined and stomped my foot on the ground. *They're too mature for that! How could I think of that.* Xanxus slowly got up from his bed and walked down the stairs.

"You okay, shortie?" Xanxus asked me. "You're getting paler." He reached for my hair, but I swatted it away and turned around. "

I exclaimed, "I'm going to the Engine Room!" My sword almost slipped out of my hands as I hurried into the elevator, afraid to even look up. "I….am so messed up in the head." I mumbled as I shook my head. "What was I thinking?" I questioned myself as the elevator doors opened up. I stepped out and checked if my notebook was in the same place as last time. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth as I walked around the Engine Room, looking at all the machina. "Whoa!" I exclaimed as the airship started to lower itself quickly. My whole body collapsed onto the floor and I held the stair railings to help myself up. I walked out and back to the Bridge. "Are we here?" I asked Iyana.

"Almost." Iyana answered. I heard the door open and in came Xanxus and Analise, ready with their weapons.

Analise called out, "Danaya. Here. You forgot to restock your pouch." She threw me a couple of items and I quickly placed them inside my pouch. I opened up the hatch on Iyana's signal and faced the sandy beach of Besaid Isle once again. Since the airship landed on water, everyone had to gently jump down. However, we did all get splashed from the water. Everyone ran as fast as we could to the village, thrashing all the fiends in our way. It was true; they were way more fiends here than last time when we picked up Lulu. Once we got to the village, a group of little kids came over to us.

"What's going on?" I asked them in concern.

"Lady Danaya! It's horrible! Fiends are everywhere. Lulu, Paine, and Rikku are trying to hold them all off, but the fiends keep pouring out of the Chamber of Fayth!" a little boy exclaimed. I kneeled down to the little kids' level and smiled.

I reassured, "You all will be fine. I promise. Go get all your friends and stay inside the huts, okay?" The little kids nodded and ran off as I stood up and turned to the others. Everyone nodded and we ran off into the temple, killing off the fiends that have escaped from the Cloister of Trials as we ran up the stairs.

"Danaya! Sargent, Analise, and I will handle the ones up here. Go down the lift and help them." Xanxus told me. I listened to him as Iyana, Vidina, and I went onto the lift and down to the Chamber of the Fayth. Once we got down there, Iyana quickly ran over to Auntie Rikku, who collapsed onto the ground. I looked straight ahead and saw Lulu and Paine fighting off three Chimeras and a few huge flans. Vidina took care of the first two flans while I took care of the last two. I faced them with a smirk and cast Blizzaga on them both; the flans being Fire flans. My smirk faltered as the Fire flans were still intact.

Paine explained to me as she dodged an oncoming attack from a chimera, "They're stronger than usual. It might take a few spells to get them dead." I cast Blizzaga twice on each Flan and they both finally disappeared into pyreflies. I decided to go help Lulu with the two other chimeras and took one of them on my own. I charged towards it and stabbed it with my sword. I pulled my sword out of the screeching chimera and backed up as it tried to claw me.

"Where are the others?" Lulu called out to me.

"Up there, getting rid of the fiends left in the Cloister of Trials! There's way too many!" I shouted as I did a back flip. The chimera's snake lifted up and I cast Shell on myself, bracing for the attack. *Don't think about it. Don't think about it.* I chanted in my head as the Thundara spell hit me. I whimpered as the electricity crackled throughout my whole body and eventually disappeared. I shakily straightened up and turned to face it. I charged my sword with power and ran to the Chimera. "Dark Attack!" I exclaimed as I slashed the Chimera with my sword, inflicting Blind on it. I stepped back and slashed it again and again. When the lion faced me, I got my body into position and waited for the flame ball to increase in size. Once it was thrown, I was about to dodge it, but the Chimera threw it in another direction. I laughed as it hit the wall. *Thank you Blind*

I checked in on Iyana helping Auntie Rikku and saw them fending off five Dingoes. I turned back to the Chimera and unfortunately, it had just unleashed its Aqua Breath. I staggered back at the attack, the water cutting my skin like a sharp knife. I stared at the blood dripping down my arms and growled. I raised my sword in the air like a staff and shouted, "Holy!" as a bright light had appeared in the room. Once the light subsided, the Chimera was replaced with pyreflies. My victory was short lived as three Sand Wolves came at me like I was a piece of meat. I backed up and cast Firaga on all three of them. This resulted into just a flinch from all three. *I need more space* I thought, but someone had cast Blizzaga on all three of them from another direction. I looked around and saw Vidina coming to my rescue. I smiled, but it dropped as an Ochu rammed Vidina on the side.

"Danaya! Go help Vidina! I got these!" Lulu shouted as she ran over to me, Paine following right behind her. I ran over to Vidina and covered him just in time as the Ochu tried to whip him. I flinched at the pain on my back and looked at Vidina with a smile.

"My turn to save you." I mumbled incoherently as I quickly stood up and faced the Ochu. I cast Firaga on this bastard and slashed it like there was no tomorrow. My head slightly turned back as I saw Vidina casting Firaga continuously. I paused and brought out an Ether out of my pouch, throwing it to Vidina and resuming my attacks. I backed up a few feet and prepared myself; I would perform one of my dad's special attacks: Spiral Cut, with a few modifications. I got a running start and then did a cartwheel, then performed a series of flips before bringing my sword down upon the Ochu, charged with Fire. That finished it off as it disappeared into pyreflies.

I looked back at Vidina tiredly and saw that he was facing off against another Ochu. I drank up a Hi-Potion and turned around to be face to face with a Master Coeurl. I gulped and hope for the best as I ran towards it. "Magic Break…" I whispered as my sword came in contact with it. I ran back and quickly cast a combination of Watera and Firaga. The Master Coeurl lifted its whiskers and cast Drain. I instantly felt weaker and hurriedly reached for a Hi-Potion. I cast Firaga again and the fiend got angered even more.

The Master Coeurl stretched its body and before I could even do anything about it, it shot Blaster towards me. I gasped and launched myself onto the ground, just barely missing the Blaster, which hit the wall behind me. I heard someone shout 'Flare' and looked to see Vidina defeating the Master Coeurl. I stood up and looked around. The fiends had stopped pouring out and by the time we were finished, everybody was exhausted, especially Auntie Rikku, Paine, and Lulu. The three of us helped them all out and up the lift. We found Analise, Sargent, and Xanxus waiting for us. Analise took Paine out of my arms and helped her. My ankle had sprained and I had to limp. Xanxus saw my limping and placed my arm around his neck as he helped me walk.

Just as we exited the Cloister of Trials, I told Xanxus I could walk on my own. He let me go, but just as he did, something had tried to pull me back into the Cloister of Trials. I turned back and was about to kick it, but it was some type of purple mist. "SIN WILL BE REBORN AGAIN!" the purple mist proclaimed with an evil laugh as it tried to pull me inside. Xanxus was pulling me with all his might, but it was no use. I felt more force and saw that Iyana had grabbed a hold of my other arm. I tried to help them, but the purple mist was stronger.

"LET GO OF ME!" I commanded to the purple mist. It just laughed manically and the others downstairs watched in horror. Sargent had run over to us and helped pull me away as well. As the purple mist let me go, I tumbled down the stairs. I heard the doors shut close and a groan escaped my lips as I got up. I got up and dusted my skirt off, staring at everyone. Lulu, Paine, and Auntie Rikku were watching me walk out of the temple in horror. I was the first one to arrive in my hut, followed by the others.

"Danaya. Are you all right?" Aunt Rikku asked me as she cupped my cheeks. I nodded and smiled for reassurance as I set my sword down on the ground. We sat on the couches and floor. "Wakka still hasn't woken up." Auntie Rikku explained.

Paine added, "That mark, it's still on his back. The White Mages tried everything to remove it, but they just couldn't. Baralai said to come to Bevelle in the morning. You guys should stay here since it's already late." I turned to the others in our group.

"Guys, is it okay with you?" I asked them. Iyana, Analise, Vidina, and Sargent nodded. However, Xanxus seemed hesitant as he answered 'yes' to me. "What's wrong, Xanxus?"

Xanxus shook his head and replied, "Where will we stay?"

"If you would like, the boys could stay in my hut." Lulu suggested. "Rikku and Paine can stay in here with the girls." Everybody agreed on that and the boys followed Lulu to their family hut. I turned to Iyana and Analise, seeing them already make their way to my room. My room wasn't that big, considering the house was just a hut. I walked into my bathroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I washed up my face and brushed my teeth, then went to check on Paine and Auntie Rikku. They took up my parent's room.

"Auntie Rikku? Paine? Are you sure you don't need any extra blankets or quilts?" I questioned them as I rubbed my bare arms. It was getting pretty cold. Auntie Rikku and Paine smiled reassuringly at me.

Paine said, "Don't worry about us. Just go get some rest with the others." I turned back around and walked into my room to Iyana and Analise. I found them fast asleep and quietly stepped out. *I'll just go sleep on the couch…* I settled myself onto my couch and pulled an extra quilt out from under the bamboo-made couch. I placed the quilt over me and after taking off my boots, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

It took me a while to fall asleep, because all I could think about was my most recent vision. Just before I went to sleep, I felt somebody kiss my forehead and whisper, "Danaya. I wish you would stop thinking about others and think about yourself too." Auntie Rikku had pulled back a strand of hair in my face and walked away back into my parents' room. My eyes fluttered open and I thought about what she said. *Auntie Rikku…*

"Danaya?" I heard somebody whisper from the entrance of the hut. My body shot up and I looked to see it was Vidina, gesturing for me to come outside. I quietly got off the couch and tiptoed out of the hut with my boots just barely on with the laces untied.

"What are you doing?" I whispered. "You're supposed to be sleeping." I looked around and nobody was awake, not even a single person.

"I just wanted to show you something, ya. Look." Vidina whispered as he pointed up at the sky. I stared at the stars and gasped quietly. There were so many and all of them were twinkling so brightly. I smiled and stared at Vidina, who was also looking up at the stars. My eyes couldn't tear away from how cute Vidina looked at that moment. He stared at me and smiled back as he ruffled my hair. "Go back to sleep. I'll sleep too now, so don't worry." Vidina whispered as he kissed me on the forehead. It was a good thing it was dark outside so he wouldn't be able to see my growing blush on my cheeks. I tiptoed back inside my hut and took off my boots, lying back down on the couch and ending the night with a big smile on my face.

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