Dawn of a New Beginning

Practice Gone Wild!

I collapsed onto the floor. "Malfonse…" I muttered. *How…how could he?* I turned to the others in panic, seeing their panic stricken faces as well.

"So…Malfonse is behind this…?" Xanxus asked, his tough demeanor breaking as the realization shocked all of us.

"Iyana. Bevelle. Now." I stated blandly. "Analise. Contact everyone and we shall meet at Bevelle immediately." Analise and Iyana both nodded, seeing I was in a dangerous mood right now.

Vidina called out hesitantly, "Danaya? You okay…ya?" My eyes turned cold and suddenly, I felt nothing but anger. Sargent and Xanxus started to approach me, but stopped when they saw my eyes. Analise turned to me and I could see the anger welling inside her as well, her eyes flaring up into an emerald color once again. I picked up my sword from the ground and made my way towards the elevator. "Danaya!" Vidina called out to me as he grabbed my arm. I jerked my arm away and shook my head, signaling him to leave me alone. Vidina respected my wishes and replied, "I'll just be with the others and help contact everyone." I walked inside the elevator and pressed the button to go to the Cabin.

Once I got in there, Pello greeted me as I strode past him and into a closet. "Mish Danaya, ish there anything I can doo for yoo?" Pello questioned me. I shook my head and silently grabbed a couple of dummies to set up in the deck. I walked back into the elevator and made my way up to the Deck. Once I got up there, I set up the dummies and made sure they were secured onto the ground. There were four dummies and I envisioned all of them as Malfonse. I took a deep breath and exhaled, positioning my sword into an offensive mode. Our dummies were made of special material, no matter how many times we hit them; they wouldn't get damaged or destroyed. We could pound them senseless into the ground however many times we wanted. I stared coldly at one of the dummies and shouted as I rushed towards it. I struck it heavily with my sword and then continued to slash it again and again.

"Haaaaa!" I shouted as I charged up my sword with Firaga. "Flame Tongue!" I exclaimed as I struck the dummy, a cloud of fire bursting out. *I WILL improve my skills. I WILL defeat Malfonse and I WILL get back my parents!* I turned to the other dummies as I dropped my sword on the ground and performed a number of black magic and physical attacks. I dropkicked a dummy in the face and roundhouse kicked another. I cast a combination of Firaga and Blizzaga at a dummy, trying so hard to strengthen my skills.

About an hour later, I had consumed more than 5 Ethers and cast Holy more than 10 times on the dummies. My sword continued to shimmer, despite the torture I put it through the past hour. "Danaya!" Iyana called through the intercom. "That's enough! We only have half an hour until we reach Bevelle. By the time we're there, you're going to be exhausted!" Sweat dripped down my forehead as I shook my head.

"No!" I called out. "I'm going to keep practicing! Don't worry about me!" I panted as I looked at the dummies. I decided to take apart three of them and leave one. *Okay Malfonse…come at me.* The training my father put me through finally proved worth all those years as I hit the vital points in the dummy's body. I did a series of kicks and punches then ended it with a blow to the head. I picked up my sword and backed up a few feet to perform one of Dad's attacks. I ran to the dummy, used it as a lift as I jumped up, and energy started to form on the tip of my sword. Just as I was about to jump down, I threw the energy ball at the dummy and shouted, "Energy Rain!" I gasped in surprise as the dummy exploded and was destroyed into literally nothing. There were no pieces of material flying everywhere, it was just nothing.

"Danaya! You destroyed one of the dummies!" Analise exclaimed in shock. "How?" I stared at the place where the dummy used to be and shrugged.

I replied, "I…have no idea." I panted in exhaustion and kneeled down onto the ground, looking at the ground. *We can do this.* I felt the power surging throughout me as I grasped my mother's and father's necklaces.

"Danaya. Get back inside! We're landing!" Iyana exclaimed. I shook my head and smiled at the camera.

I answered, "No, I'm fine! I'll just jump down from the deck."

"ARE YOU AN IDIOT?" Analise shouted through the intercom. "Get over here! Danaya, this is serious!" I laughed, trying to lighten up the mood and contain my sadness inside.

"I'll be fine!" I shouted. "Don't worry, Lisie. You have to lighten up!" I giggled. "Xanxus, I think you should teach her how to lighten up. But then again, both of you are so serious!" I joked around, resting my sword on my left shoulder as the airship lowered onto the bridge of Bevelle. Once I felt the airship turn off, I looked down to see a few monks and guards gather. Pushing through the crowd, everyone (Uncle Gippal, Baralai, Nooj, Auntie Rikku, etc.) watched the others exit through the hatch. I took a different way as I jumped off the deck and landed on Vidina, resulting in him and me to crash to the floor. "Woops, sorry guys." I explained with a nervous laugh.

"Danaya. What are you doing? Hurry it up. You said this was an emergency." Baralai explained as we all walked to the New Yevon building and into the meeting room. Everyone took seat and everyone was here: the Syndicate, Nooj, Baralai, Uncle Gippal, Lulu, and Auntie Rikku.

Sargent questioned, "Where's Kimahri? I thought we contacted him as well."

Auntie Rikku replied, "Kimahri was dropped off at Home to stay with Pops to watch over Wakka while we're gone. We'll inform him later. So, what did you guys find out?" Xanxus looked at me, signaling to say something. A dead seriousness took to the whole room as I began to speak, my voice a bit shaky.

"We…" my eyes darted back and forth to everyone. "We went to the new headquarters of the Youth League to investigate." Baralai smiled and nodded his head.

"How did that go?" Baralai questioned. My hands formed fists underneath the table as I opened my mouth to answer.

I swallowed nervously and replied shakily, "T-the…one behind this…i-is Malfonse…" If someone were to just come in, I'm sure they would think everyone was shot with a petrify spell, for everyone's faces froze when I said my statement.

"That's impossible." Nooj stated as he stood up, slamming his fists on the table. "Malfonse is a trusting person and he would never do such a thing. Besides, we've had background checks on everyone in the Youth League and nothing came up like that." Nooj continued to deny it.

Not being able to say anything to Nooj, Xanxus looked at Analise and she got what he was thinking. Analise stood up maturely and countered, "Sir Nooj. We saw the black phoenix from the fiends, the fake Sin, aeons, and Wakka's back in Malfonse's office. His desk, walls, and everything else were covered with it. We found the journal in Danaya's vision on his bookshelf." Nooj shook his head, not accepting whatever we told him.

"Nooj, I think these kids may be right. They ARE the ones who have been investigating as well." Baralai tried to reason out to Nooj. Leblanc stood up confidently and shook her head.

"I have to disagree with you. Whatever Noojie says is right! Besides, they DID have background checks on every member of the Youth League!" Leblanc exclaimed. Soon enough, everyone was standing and arguing. Nobody was backing down from their decision. At the same time, I felt hurt, suffocated, and betrayed.

Watching everyone arguing made me shout out, "ENOUGH!" Everyone shut up and looked at me. I exhaled deeply and sat down, everyone following my action. "I know what I just told you is true, but no one will believe us unless we have solid proof." Uncle Gippal nodded, agreeing with me.

"You guys should go investigate and visit him more often. Just try to act like nothing happened, okay?" Uncle Gippal suggested.

Leblanc cut in, "But the three leaders in Spira and the High Summoner's daughter should impact people's thoughts, correct?" Baralai shook his head.

"That may be true, but when having spare time while all this commotion is going on, Malfonse could be erasing any evidence and then he would be able to blame us for fraud." Baralai answered. Leblanc instantly shut up and turned to me.

"So then, we'll investigate Malfonse more." I stated, having taken up Uncle Gippal's suggestions. Everyone nodded in agreement, except for Nooj. "Nooj." I called out with a soft tone. Sir Nooj looked at me with fiery eyes. "I'm sorry for this, but we can't do anything about it. Please don't hold anything against us. I understand if you're angry at me, but don't be angry at the others." I apologized as I bowed my head down. I heard Nooj chuckle as he hit my head lightly with his cane.

Nooj sighed and replied, "It has to be done. It's all right, Danaya. Analise mentioned Kimahri was telling you guys about something he found at Gagazet. If I were you, I would see what is up over there." I looked at the others and they all nodded.

"Okay!" I exclaimed, trying to cheer up the mood.

Auntie Rikku clapped her hands together and explained, "We'll just focus on trying to get proof too, while investigating the symbol more and what it means, and if possible, trace its roots." We all nodded and left the meeting room just like that.

"Danaya. Are you sure we can just leave the meeting room like that? Isn't everyone going to discuss anything else?" Sargent questioned me. I shook my head with a small smile. The hatch opened up and we all walked inside.

I answered, "No, Sarge. Besides, this is where things are going to get serious. I believe Kimahri found something important. Let's see what it is. All I want to do is gather solid proof that Malfonse is it." Everyone sat around the Bridge as Iyana started up the airship.

"Aren't your visions enough, ya?" Vidina asked as he sat down next to me. I shook my head.

"The visions are merely visions. There's no way I can project them to everybody else. Besides, we have to defeat Sin and that mock Sin before anything. Even though everyone knows Malfonse is behind everything, it'll be too late to stop him wreaking havoc on Spira." I explained, looking at my reflection on my sword. Analise walked over and stared down at me in shock. "What?"

Analise giggled and shook her head. "You've really grown these past few weeks, haven't you?" I looked down and smiled as the airship took off into the air.

"How long will it take to get Mt. Gagazet?" Xanxus questioned as he spun his pistols around his fingers.

Iyana answered, "Around 30 minutes. We're not that far actually." I stood up and walked around the Bridge aimlessly until we were at Mt. Gagazet. Everyone made sure to have their cloaks or capes on. Once we got there, I was the first one out to go out and greet the other Ronso, since Kimahri was watching over Wakka.

"Hi Lian! Hi Ayde!" I exclaimed, waving at two fully grown Ronso. Lian and Ayde were inseparable, and they were very nice to everyone.

"Hi Danaya. Hello friends. Danaya and friends must check mountain peak. Ronso found sphere there. Danaya must watch sphere, but have to travel on foot. Teleporters not work yet." Lian suggested as he pointed to the mountain peaks.

Iyana muttered, "Can't we take the airship going there?" I laughed and shook my head as I turned back to Lian and Ayde.

I exclaimed, "Thank you, Lian, Ayde! We'll make our way there now." I led the others up the mountain as we faced a few fiends on our way. "Hey! Let's go in the hot spring after we find the sphere!" I suggested.

"The hot springs?" Sargent questioned. I nodded happily and Analise laughed.

Analise reasoned out, "Danaya. We can't do that. There are three girls and three guys here." I thought about it for a moment before bowing my head in defeat. "Don't worry. When everything is over, we three girls can go in the hot spring together, okay?" My smile beamed as I nodded and continued to walk up the path to the mountain peak.

"Danaya! You're getting too far! We can't see you!" Xanxus called out. I looked back and saw nothing but snow.

I shouted, "Wait, I can't see you guys!" All of a sudden, snow started swirling all around me. I heard everyone calling my name, but the snow was too thick to see through and find everyone else. I finally knew where they were when I heard someone shrieking. "GUYS! GUYS I'M COMING HOLD ON!" I shouted as I ran to the origin of the shrieking. I finally got out of the snow storm and found Sargent hovering over the edge, trying to pull someone up. I looked and saw it was Iyana. I ran over to them and helped him pull Iyana up.

"Whew! That was close! Now where are the others?" Iyana asked as she stood up and removed the snow from her leggings. Sargent and I shrugged while we tried to look for Analise, Xanxus, and Vidina.

"Lisie! Xanxus! Viddie!" I called out.

I heard Xanxus yell, "Over here! Turn right and then go up! We can hear you!" I turned to Iyana and held her hand, then told Sargent to hold Iyana's hand.

"Huh?" Sargent shouted in surprise.

I scoffed, "Shut up! We have to do this so we don't get separated! Okay, let's go!" We started walking in the direction Xanxus instructed us to go and eventually found the other three of the group. "Okay, let's all hold hands and make our way up. We'll probably be at the peak by then." I grabbed a string from my pouch and wrapped it around my waist, making an attachment for my sword. I locked hands with Vidina and Analise as we all made our way up together.

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