Dawn of a New Beginning


All of us gasped as the airship started shaking. "What was that?" Iyana shrieked as she tried to maintain control of the ship.

"Come on! Vid! Naya! Let's go to the deck and see what's up." Analise declared as she grabbed her whip and pulled me along. Vidina threw me my sword as he ran after us. I caught it with ease and ran on my own as we all hurried inside the elevator. Once we got up to the deck, we were faced with some sort of monster. It was a type of Klikk, but much bigger! The Klikk-like monster had razor sharp teeth and the same symbol as the monster that took my parents.

"It's a spawn!" Vidina exclaimed with fury. All three of us engaged into battle as we got into formation. I was in the middle, Vidina behind me on the left and Analise behind me on the right. I held my sword confidently as the Klikk tried to strike me first. I swiftly dodged and slashed it on one of the legs. It let out a screech and Vidina blasted a Thundara on it. Analise decided to use her whip as a club and started clubbing away at the Klikk. I screamed as I told Viddie and Lisie to get out of the way. I backed up a few feet, before running head on to the monster and screaming. I concentrated some Fire magic, making my sword blaze up with flames.

"Inferno Flame Strike!" I shouted as I struck the monster with my sword, flames surrounding the Klikk and burning it successfully. However, that burning wasn't enough. I backed away and let Analise do her damage. Analise smirked and quickly got out a piece for her whip from her pouch. She turned her whip into a mace. The ball-like end had spikes all over it. Analise and I exchanged looks. I nodded as I cast Blizzara on the spikes, making them turn into cold, hard ice.

Analise jumped up high in the air and started spinning around. Once she stopped spinning, a smirk appeared once again on her face as she hit the Klikk from above. "Dropping Ice Spikes!" she shouted loudly as she tumbled off the Klikk and landed next to me.

"Show off." Viddie mumbled.

"What was that?" Analise asked. "Whoa!" she shouted in surprise as the Klikk cast blind on her. I soon felt it too, a cloud of darkness surrounding my line of vision.

"Viddie!" I called out. "Take care of the Klikk."

"Roger!" Vidina exclaimed as I heard him cast spells on the Klikk. I waved my arms around, feeling for Analise. Once I got a hold of her shoulder, I quickly cast Esuna on both her and me. Analise sighed in relief and thanked me as she ran off to help Vidina, who was casting Black Magic spells from afar. I reached into my pouch for a Grenade to throw, but then I looked up and it was too late.

"NAYA!" Analise screamed. I covered my arm and felt the pain come as the Klikk swiped me with its leg. I fell down and clutched my arm as I bit my lip, containing my screams. I also felt sick. *Poison….* I thought as I tried to reach for my pouch, but couldn't due to the amount of pain I felt. *That Klikk is tough.*

I heard Vidina yell from afar, "Holy!" I saw a bright light from the corner of my eye. Analise, preoccupied with the Klikk, looked towards me with worry. I put on a bright smile and painfully got out an Antidote and Hi-Potion as I drank them both at the same time. As I finished both bottles, I threw them off to the side and stood up tiredly.

"Dannie!" Vidina called out to me and shot me a wink. I knew he wanted us to perform our special move. I nodded and looked at Analise, who in turn, nodded back as she backed away a few steps. I positioned my sword horizontally as Vidina started running towards me. This special move both of us developed made Vidina run more, because well, I'm not exactly the fastest runner out there. As Vidina reached me, he hopped up and used my sword as a leverage, then threw me into the air as well. Once we were both rising up in the air, we worked quickly, Vidina creating a mega huge fireball and me continually casting Blizzara on the fireball, making it one huge, flaming, ice rock! Oh yeah!

Vidina and I shouted in unison, "Danaya and Vidina's special combo Ballin' Nova!" Oh yes, I know. Cheesy name. Viddie and I dropped to the deck of the airship tiredly, sweat pouring down my face. The flaming ice rock blasted into the Klikk, making it screech in agony. The Klikk stumbled down, almost falling dead. *One more! Just one more!*

"Lisie!" I managed to pant out. Analise nodded and dealt the final blow with her whip, cracking the Klikk with it so hard that it fell off the airship. Vidina helped me up and we all drank up on Potions.

"Did you guys get it? I saw something fall off the ship!" we heard Iyana's voice through the intercom.

I yelled out, "Yeah! We got it!" Iyana cheered and told us to get back on, since we were nearing Kilika. I clutched my necklace as Analise, Vidina, and I went inside the elevator and back to the bridge. Vidina let out a small yell as he plopped into the seat next to our Comm-sphere network.

"I'm beat, ya? What was that thing?" Vidina asked us all. Analise let out a sound as she shook her head unbelievably, going over to the seat next to Vidina.

Lisie replied, "It seemed to have the same symbol as the monster back in Besaid." I looked down as I furrowed my eyebrows, my mind getting all confused. *The monster and the Klikk are connected in some way. Something or someone must be controlling both of them. But what could it be?…*

"We're here! Kilika!" Iyana announced. I smiled as Vidina let out a whoop and jumped for joy. Analise simply smiled as she was the first one to exit the ship. I went out with Vidina and Iyana. Outside, there were a lot of people looking at us curiously. Most of them shouted in excitement, seeing as the "High Summoner's Daughter" was here. I just continued to smile and wave. Iyana leaned over to my ear and whispered, "Wow. You're getting tons of attention." I nodded. Vidina and Analise, who were behind me, had had trouble catching up because of all the people crowding around.

Being the High Summoner's daughter wasn't exactly the best thing to be. You get a lot of attention and recognition yes, but you also have a lot to live up to. When I was younger, I thought of it as fun, but now I know it's a responsibility. A little girl squeezed between some people, ran over to me, and held up a bright, yellow flower. Her face was full of hope and eagerness.

"Here you go Lady Danaya! I just picked this one!" the little girl exclaimed in her childish voice as she gave a small bow. I giggled and took the flower graciously.

I thanked her and she ran off. As I waved goodbye to her, the group and I walked past the people and to the forest where the temple was. "Lady Danaya. Would you like an escort?" a passing lady asked politely, her husband by her side. I smiled softly and shook my head.

"No thank you. We're fine on our own. Although…." I paused as I thought of a way to word my question. "Has anything bad happened recently?" I finished my question at the couple. The man shook his head.

He answered, "No, actually. Everything seems to be fine. I heard what happened in Besaid. Boy, word travels fast. We will pray that your mother and father, as well as Sir Wakka, will be all right. We hope you find them. Do not worry M'Lady. My wife and I are more of the calm ones. There are people out here in Spira right now that are panicking about." I took in all his words and bowed.

"We will be careful and I will find them. Thank you!" I exclaimed with a small smile as my group and I walked right into the forest. The forest in Kilika didn't have as many fiends as long ago. There were very few fiends, but sometimes there were Lord Ochu's stomping every once in a while. I felt Analise's stare on me, so I turned to her with a smile. Iyana and Vidina turned to Analise as well.

"What's up, Lisie?" I asked her. She let out a small giggle.

Analise shook her head, but then replied, "It's funny how you're getting all this attention. I still wonder how you're not suffocated." I just let out a smile.

"You know. I just deal with it." I told her knowingly, remembering all the times when I traveled to Luca with my parents when I was younger. Once we got to the stairs, Iyana let out a sigh.

I heard her mumble, "Great. These steps." I smirked and grabbed her hand as I started running up the steps, my necklace making a jingle sound with every move. "W-whoa!" she exclaimed. Once we made it to the top of the steps, we waited for Vidina and Analise. Iyana let out a playful glare towards me and I just smiled.

"Ya! That's not cool! We had to run just to catch up, ya?" Vidina complained as he put his hands on knees, catching his breath. I laughed as I began up the last set of steps to the temple. "Come back!" Vidina yelled as he watched the rest of us walk. I had gotten more greetings from people who had come to visit the temple.

"Dannie!" Vidina shouted after me as he finally caught up with us. Once we got inside the temple, we all saw Mother's old um, frenemies, you would call it. Dona and Barthello. They both turned around to see us. Dona had a small smirk on while Barthello had a friendly smile. I bowed to Dona and so did Analise. Iyana and Vidina just gave a small nod.

"Well well, if it isn't the High Summoner's daughter. How are things doing in Besaid? We tried to help as much as we could, but I guess it wasn't enough. How are you coping?" Dona asked, surprisingly worried.

I gave her a small smile and answered, "I'm doing ok." Vidina nodded to agree with me. "We're trying to find them, and we'll do everything we can." Dona chuckled.

"Just like your mother I see. I bid you good luck." she commented. "Barthello, let's go." Barthello waved goodbye to us as they both walked away. Iyana raised her eyebrow at their retreating backs, but she copied the rest of us as we all kneeled in front of the statues and prayed. Once we were done praying, we all headed out and back down to the forest. Analise stopped walking, and the rest of us turned to her.

"Analise? What's up?" Iyana asked. Analise widened her eyes and turned her whole body around.

She shouted, "There's an Ochu over there!" Just as she said that, an Ochu stomped towards us. Vidina and Iyana grunted. I held my sword in an offensive position as we all started attacking. I ran towards the Ochu and slashed it with my sword. Vidina cast Firaga on the Ochu and Analise whipped it. Iyana looked at me and I nodded.

"Guys!" I warned to everyone. Analise and Vidina let Iyana have her spotlight for a while as she started backing up. Iyana's huge wrench started glowing red and blue, then she started charging at the Ochu.

Iyana exclaimed, "Blazing Power Strike!" I gaped at her, amazed. Blazing Power Strike took her two years to try to perfect. The chances of her perfecting it at this moment was 50/50. Iyana's special move, Blazing Power Strike, dealt Fire and various status ailments, along with a massive amount of damage. Once she hit the Ochu with her wrench, there was a huge explosion, and I knew she perfected it.

"WOO! Iyana!" I cheered. Iyana smiled proudly and put her hands on her hips as the Ochu disappeared into pyre flies.

Vidina commented, "Amazing, ya?"

"Finally perfected it." Analise added with a chuckle. I smiled at everyone and they smiled back. We continued through the forest until we came across a few wasps. I shuddered and stepped back a little. Wasps weren't exactly my…..favorite monsters. Not only were they hard for me to kill since they were long range, but their buzzing made me want to shrivel up and die.

"Viddie!" I called out. He nodded and took care of all three wasps with a simple Blizzard. We all made it out of the forest and walked back to the village. "You guys wanna visit the new headquarters of the Youth League?" I asked everyone else.

"Whatever you want." Analise shrugged. Vidina said the same thing.

Iyana smiled, "Up to you, leader!"

I exclaimed, "All right! Let's go!" We all went on the boat and waited for more passengers. Once there were more passengers on the boat, it started moving. A lady came up to me with a friendly smile.

"I pray to Yevon that your parents will be found. As to what reason is the High Summoner's daughter visiting the new headquarters?" she asked me.

"Thank you. We just want to visit Ma'am. My friends, cousin, and I have never been here, so we're going to look around." I explained. The lady nodded and left us alone. Iyana rested her arms on the ropes of the boat and sighed.

"Breeze sure is nice." she muttered. I looked around and saw Analise admiring the scenery at the top of the boat, while Vidina was playing around with some kids and a blitz ball. I giggled as I watched them play like they didn't have a care in the world. I rested my sword between my shoulders and hung onto it. All of a sudden, the boat came to an abrupt stop and we arrived at the new headquarters.

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