Dawn of a New Beginning

Underground Bevelle

A week had passed by since we decided to rest up at Besaid. Shinra had contacted us the day before, letting us know that people had been spotting Anastasia around Bevelle these past few days and that we should check it out. Shinra said people have been saying she was looking for a powerful weapon underneath Bevelle. "Danaya. Are you sure we can do this? We just fought this lady a week ago and she pounded us." Sargent mumbled as he fixed his combat belt. I nodded my head and looked at everyone as I put on my fixed arm sleeves.

"We're going to be fine. Come on, let's go into the temple and pray, then say goodbye to Lulu." I suggested as I grabbed my sword and walked out of my hut, feeling the early morning rays of the sun beat down on my face. Everyone else followed, Vidina coming out of his hut as well. When we arrived at the temple, I kneeled before my mother's statue and performed the prayer. I felt a couple people kneel beside me and figured it to be Analise and Vidina. I opened my eyes once again and straightened myself up. "Let's go you guys." I whispered as I walked out of the temple.

"Goodbye Lulu!" Analise exclaimed once we went inside the hut. Lulu smiled and gave each of us a hug.

"Goodbye everyone. Please take care." Lulu exclaimed with worry as she stroked my hair. I smiled and nodded.

I replied, "Don't worry, Lulu. We'll be okay." Iyana and Sargent set out for the airship first so they could start it up right away for Bevelle. Once we all got inside the Cascade, Iyana flew off and Analise and I hurried into the inventory right away. "Lisie! How long did Iyana say it was going to take until we get there?"

As Analise took out a couple dummies, she answered, "Yana said about a couple hours. I'm going to be up on the deck training with Xanxus if you need us."

"Okay!" I shouted out as I walked out of the Inventory room and over to the elevator. I made my way to the Engine Room and stayed there for the majority of the time until we arrived at Bevelle.

As Iyana's voice sounded over the intercom announcing we had arrived at Bevelle, I made my way to the elevator and up to the Bridge. When I arrived at the Bridge, everyone was already ready. "Okay! What's the plan, leader?" Vidina asked as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Twenty feet apart!" Sargent joked around. "Red card!" Vidina laughed and shook his head.

I looked down to think for a while and clapped my hands together. "Okay! I got it! We'll sneak into Bevelle Underground and search for her there. She's bound to be there!" Everybody face palmed. "What?"

"Danaya. We could always just tell Paine and Baralai we have to go underground. No need to sneak in." Xanxus pointed out as he messed up my hair. I looked down in embarrassment as everybody else laughed. "It's a good idea though. It would be too obvious if she were to stay above level. Plus, I heard many years ago that the ultimate machina, Vegnagun, was hiding below Bevelle before your mom and the others took it apart. Maybe she wanted to find that and didn't know it was destroyed." I smiled and acknowledged that.

Iyana commented, "We've landed! Let's go!" We all grabbed our stuff and descended down the hatch as Yevonites looked up at us.

"Lady Danaya! Please allow us to escort you. We will inform Praetor Baralai and Lady Paine about your arrival." A monk explained as he bowed. To show maturity, I simply nodded and bowed to the rest of the Yevonites. The others followed me and I felt someone nudge me on the side.

Vidina whispered, "Being High Summoner's daughter has its perks, ya?" I gave him "the stare" and Vidina just shut up right after. I smirked and kept my head up as we entered the building. Baralai and Paine were waiting for us in front of the lift.

"What brings all of you here?" Baralai asked with a small smile. With the other Yevonites around, I cleared my throat and Paine's face lightened up.

I answered, "We request to go underground through the lift, Praetor Baralai. It is of upmost importance and could help lead to the whereabouts of my parents." The thing is, I could talk to Baralai comfortably, but not when the other monks and priests were around. I had to keep up my image, which included being respectful to Baralai and Paine. I could tell Paine was about to chuckle from my choice of words.

"Of course." Baralai approved with a smile. He looked to Paine and she nodded as she walked to the room that would activate the lift to go downwards. As the monks and priests started to leave to do their own thing, Baralai's smile disappeared. "What's below Bevelle?" Baralai questioned us.

Sargent answered, "When we contacted you about the Anastasia lady and said Shinra would do some research on us, we got a notice from Shinra back just yesterday that Anastasia was seen around here." Paine got back from operating the lift and heard what Sargent had explained.

"All right, be careful in the underground since there could be fiends there. We'll be on watch up here if there's any suspicious activity from anyone." Paine replied. We nodded and thanked them as we all took the lift down to Bevelle Underground.

Iyana shivered, "Man, this gives me the creeps. And we haven't even landed yet." None of us had ever been in the Underground before. Mom and Dad would always warn me not to go down here because it was dangerous. Once the lift stopped, we got off of it and we were in some sort of path.

"Whoa! There's so many ways to go! Where do we go, ya?" Vidina shouted. I shushed him as I looked around us, trying to find a path that would take us somewhere. I then found a path that ended with a lift in front of it.

"Over there!" I exclaimed, pointing at the lift for everyone to see where I was looking.

"But how do we get there?" Sargent questioned as he looked at all the different paths. Analise smiled and started walking ahead.

Analise muttered, "Follow me." We all ended up trusting Analise as she led us through a bunch of turns. "Okay, all we need to do is just go up." She mumbled as we started to go up the path. I turned to Xanxus and saw his eyes widen just a centimeter in surprise.

I smirked and commented, "Don't be so surprised, Xanxus. Analise has been such a smartie ever since." Xanxus just smiled in reply as we walked up the path and to the lift. This lift was surprisingly smaller than the other one, so we had to cram in with each other. "Yow!" I exclaimed as Sargent stepped on my boot. Sargent mumbled an apology as the lift stopped and we all walked up some steps to the Chamber of the Fayth. Once inside, we found the Fayth Room open.

"Should we go in?" Vidina questioned as he peered in, trying to see something through the darkness. Analise and I hesitantly took a step forward, and then made our way fully inside the Fayth room. Everyone else followed as we all stared at the hole in the middle of the room.

"Whoa…" Sargent gasped out. I crouched down, trying to look inside the hole.

"This must be it." I commented.

Iyana scoffed, "Danaya, if you think we're jumping down the hole, you're crazy!" I looked at her in desperation. Iyana sighed and shook her head. "Fine, but you and Vidina are going first." I looked at Vidina with hope as he extended his hand towards me. I grasped his hand tightly and looked down at the hole.

Analise explained, "Don't worry. We'll go right after you guys." My hand that held my sword clenched it tightly as I closed my eyes and jumped in synch with Vidina. The air surrounding me rushed through as I felt my hair and clothes fly up. Vidina never let go of my hand as I opened my eyes and looked down, trying to figure out a way to land. I finally saw some ground.

"Vidina! Ground!" I shouted as I tried to hit the perfect landing by positioning my legs correctly. Vidina let go of my hand and tried to do it as well. Once we hit the ground, I landed on my side and groaned in pain. I heard Vidina groan in pain as well. We got out of the way so the others could land as well. Once everybody landed safely, we all stared in wonder and amazement at the platform in the middle of the place. It was huge! "Oh Yevon…" I whispered as I walked forward, looking at the platform with huge towers.

Sargent called out, "How are we going to get there?" Xanxus inspected the place for a few moments before coming to a few chains.

"These chains are the only things linking to the platform." Xanxus commented, already hinting at what we should do.

Iyana instantly rejected the idea by shouting, "Oh no! We are not sliding on those chains to get there!" I looked fearfully at the chains that linked to the platform, and then I peered down below at the nothingness surrounding the platform and the place we were standing on. *Oh gosh, where does that lead to?* I heard some grinding and turned instantly towards the chains. I put my hands to my mouth as Analise and Xanxus started to slide on the chains, successfully going on the other side. Sargent and Vidina followed them as they too landed on the platform with ease. I was about to ask Iyana to go with me, but she was already urged on by Sargent.

"Come on, Danaya! You got this!" Sargent shouted as he gave me a small pep talk.

"Dannie! Just don't look anywhere but us!" Vidina exclaimed with a smile. I nodded and hooked my sword around my waist as I looked at the chain that led to the platform that curved down just a little. I gulped and took a deep breath as I hopped onto the chain and before I knew it, I was sliding on it. I spread my arms out to balance myself as I slid.

I shouted, "W-whoa!" as I got to the end and jumped off the chain. When I did, everyone patted me on the back as we looked down at another hole. This time, this one had some sort of weird stair thing. "Hey look! I see an opening over there!" I pointed out to an opening on the side of the hole that led to somewhere. Cautiously, we all jumped down and went inside the opening. *Oh my gosh, where does this exactly lead to?* I decided to trust my instincts and let them lead me to wherever we need to go. All of a sudden, I felt a surge of power go through my body as I looked at the others.

Xanxus questioned, "What's wrong?" I shook my head and told them to follow me as I started to run to an unknown place. I had no idea where the heck I was going, but I let my mind take control of my body as it led us to hopefully wherever we could find this Anastasia lady. When we got to a series of lifts, I stopped walking and turn to the others.

"Wait here." I commanded. "I think I know what to do."

"Are you sure?" Iyana questioned as she put a hand on my shoulder. I nodded and removed her hand as I started to go on each of the lifts, stepping on blocks and doing all sorts of things. When I got back to the others, I told them to take the lift on the right with me.

"Let's go!" I exclaimed as the lift started to move by itself. When the lift stopped, we were at another path.

Vidina questioned, "Where did you lead us, ya?" I shrugged and laughed.

I answered, "I don't know. I just let my mind control me. Oh well, let's see where we could be!" We had to cross a series of halls and a very mysterious room before arriving at a place with a very long walkway. I felt the power leave me and I sighed. "I think we're here."

"You think?" Sargent questioned as we all followed the pathway to whatever it led to. Once we got inside the room, we could clearly see a figure with their hands on their hips, facing us. It was none other than Anastasia. She held a smirk on her face as she was expecting us to come down here all along.

Anastasia said, "Heh. So what are you little kiddies doing here?" As if they were offended, Analise and Xanxus took out their weapons and got them ready in a position. "Well now, going into fight mode so quickly, are we?"

"What are you down here for?" I demanded, pulling my sword out and positioning it. Anastasia simply laughed and started to place a hand on her sword. In Anastasia's other hand was a small circular device.

"Well, isn't it obvious? I'm here to bring back you." Anastasia explained. "And to be honest…" Anastasia slashed her sword in the air. "The boss doesn't care if you're dead or alive." I grunted and the others got ready into their positions. I glanced quickly at our surroundings and gulped. We'd only fight on this walkway and circle; if one of us fell down the huge hole...Analise initiated the first attack as she slashed her whip towards Anastasia. Just as Analise struck first, everyone followed. Soon, we were all fighting Anastasia head on. "Now now, six against one isn't fair, is it?" Anastasia asked as she closed her eyes and brought her hands together. In a flash, a few fiends dropped down from above and landed right in front of Xanxus and Vidina.

"We got them, deal with her!" Iyana shouted as she brought her wrench down upon one of the Malboros that had appeared. I glared at Anastasia and started to run after her with my sword.

"Deadly Strike!" I heard Analise shout as she struck Anastasia with my sword…wait…MY SWORD? I looked down at my hands and found my sword out of my hands. My eyes widened at Analise as she gave me a quick wink and threw me back my sword. I looked at Anastasia and found a black cloud surrounding her face and her body slightly green. I shook my head as I caught my sword just in time for Anastasia to cast Esuna on herself. Sargent threw his gun behind his cape and landed a punch on Anastasia's cheek, only to have his arm twisted and his body thrown back by a Thundaga spell. I flinched and watched in horror as he flew above the hole. I darted my eyes back and forth on the ground until I found Analise's whip. I grabbed the whip and used it to grab hold of Sargent's foot. Once I got it, I pulled him towards me, but just as I did that, Anastasia shoved me down. I let go of the whip and watched Sargent tumble to the ground, but I was too busy trying to get out of Anastasia's hold to watch him recover.

Sargent had tackled Anastasia, but she ended up piercing him on the shoulder with her sword. Blood started trickling down his arm as Sargent staggered back. Anastasia stood up and glanced at Xanxus, Vidina, and Iyana. The three of them were surrounded by fiends. I started to panic as Analise and Sargent were both thrown back unexpectedly by Ice Balls. "WATERGA!" I shouted as I surrounded Sargent and Analise with balls of water. I struggled to keep them inside as Anastasia started toying with me. She laughed as she started to throw random fire balls at me. I tried my best to keep my concentration on Analise and Sargent, but just when they were above the platform, I got shot with a fireball and fell down. I struggled to get up because the attack was so strong. I looked at Analise and Sargent, who were both being beat up by Anastasia. I looked at Analise in surprise, seeing that she could've taken down Anastasia easily. When they were both down, Anastasia turned to me. She was bruised and injured, but not as much as us. Anastasia took a step forward.

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