Dawn of a New Beginning


Everyone seemed to stop breathing as there was no sound. Everyone's eyes were fixated on Analise, except for mine. Somehow when Anastasia disintegrated, I felt her pain drive into me and hit me all at once. The last thing I remembered was falling off the edge of the debris and into the space-like atmosphere. There was a quick flash of a vision in my head.

Something was flying me through the space-like atmosphere. We kept getting lower and lower until we reached the very bottom. At the very bottom was a dark and dreary building. The thing that guided led me through the building. Inside the building was a black throne and in that throne, sat Malfonse.

At this vision, I let out a loud gasp as I snapped back into the reality of me falling off the edge. Reacting quickly, Analise transported quickly to the edge and grabbed onto my hand just before I went out of reach. I was weak, barely keeping my eyes open and my mind conscious. *Danaya! You need to stay awake!* Analise commanded me through my mind. I fought the sleepiness of my eyes, but it was just too strong. Suddenly, I felt Vidina hover his hands over my face. A bright light emitted from his hands as it started to cover my entire body.

"You okay now?" Xanxus questioned as Analise silently helped me stand up properly. I nodded as I held onto Analise for support and thanked her.

"Um…well…you guys…Analise says hi and she misses you guys a lot." I explained, Analise telling me what to say in my head. Analise smiled and embraced everyone, but her smile slowly faded as she looked at me. *I can't stay for long. I have to be dismissed once my duties are done.* Analise told me. I nodded and relayed the message to the others. They all nodded as we allowed to give Analise and Xanxus a bit of time together. However, just after a few minutes, Analise told me I had to dismiss her.

"Okay…" I hesitated to answer. "Analise…you're dismissed." At the command, Analise nodded with a sad smile and slowly faded away, pyreflies quickly filling the air. I looked at the others and they nodded to leave, but somehow I couldn't take my mind off the space atmosphere. I walked over to the edge, Vidina holding me so I wouldn't fall.

Sargent muttered, "I wonder what's down there." I swore I could've heard some laughter as I peered down. Everyone else quieted down as they too got curious of what was below this piece of debris.

Vidina noted, "When we were little ya, some kids said there was a guy who accidentally fell down into that nothingness and was never heard from again." I gave him a look, mentally saying not to scare me like that. "I'm not kidding ya!" Vidina exclaimed as he threw his arms up in defense. I was about to say something, but Iyana cut me off.

"You guys! We need to hurry! There's a distress signal coming from the Moonflow! The mini Sin-like monster is heading that way!" Iyana shouted in panic as we all ran off in the middle of her statement.

"You think we can defeat it now?" Xanxus called out in his rough voice as we ran out the dome, which we noticed wasn't shaking anymore. The tourists all cheered for us as they saw us run out of the dome.

After a while, I answered Xanxus, "I know so" with a smile. Iyana opened the hatch to the airship and we ran in as she started up the ship. The Cascade took off, and the rest of us got ready for the upcoming battle with the monster. "Analise. Happy you got revenge?" I whispered as I tied up my hair into a really tight bun and walked up the stairs to the beds. I sat down on my bed and looked down at my skirt and shook my head as I began to slide it off, revealing my black shorts.

*Yeah, I am. Do you want me to back off for a while in the battle with the monster?* Analise questioned. I nodded as I folded my skirt and placed it on my bed. "That'd be great! I know everyone else is itching for some action." I answered with a laugh. I stopped laughing as I heard the door slide open. I peered down over the balcony to see Vidina smiling up at me.

"Hey." He greeted as he strode up the steps and gave me a kiss on the lips. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek before greeting him as well.

"So…" I started as we both sat down on the bed. "What are you doing up here?" Vidina chuckled and then fake pouted.

"What? I can't spend time with you. Just because we're fighting some monsters and evil villains doesn't mean there's no space for some romance." Vidina reasoned out as he kissed me again to prove his point. I kissed back and smiled through the kiss. I could just feel Analise's smirk as Vidina and I released each other. I lied down in Vidina's arms as we began to talk about random things.

I exclaimed, "Oh! How much longer 'til Moonflow did Iyana say?"

Vidina answered, "15 more minutes tops. Xanxus and Sargent are keeping in contact with Tobli so they know what's going on. We have to get there before the monster gets there or else it could start to destroy Moonflow." I nodded and silently prayed that the monster would not arrive before us. *It won't. Don't worry.* Analise assured me in my head. "Dannie." Vidina whispered in my ear. I looked up and smiled, seeing Vidina's cute smile. "You think we're really going to defeat Malfonse?" he questioned me. I laughed and nodded twice. After about five minutes, Vidina and I got our weapons ready and headed to the elevator to move down to the Bridge. Once we got down to the Bridge, Vidina and I found Xanxus, Sargent, and Iyana in there with their weapons as well. Iyana must have set the airship on autopilot.

"Naya. The monster is very close to Moonflow, but so are we. Once we reach the middle of the lake, we're all going to head up to the deck and fight it. I'll lower the airship just enough so we can reach it with our weapons. I've done some work on my wrench so I'm able to throw it now like a boomerang. Shinra came back to us with some research and said that the monster is not able to fly, but it is able to hide itself underwater. Once that monster dives underwater, so do we." Iyana informed me as she starts to sharpen the edges of her monkey wrench. Xanxus stood up and looked at me.

Xanxus began to explain, "We asked Tobli to try to calm the people as they pass by. The Hypello are also at work. I'll head up to Pello and tell him to leave when we drop him off at one of the wharfs so he can help calm everyone as well."

Sargent added on, "Shinra told us he couldn't find any more information on the monsters besides that fact. He said he'll contact us right away when he finds out more information." I nodded and made eye contact with everyone.

"You guys, we can do this. We've grown in both maturity and power. We WILL defeat that monster." I declared. Vidina looked out the window and saw that it was nearing dark.

"How are we going to do that when it's nearing night time, ya?" Vidina asked.

I countered, "Still! Doesn't matter. We're going to beat that monster once and for all!" Everyone nodded and agreed with me as we started to make our way up to the deck. Our timing was perfect as the monster growled as it was very near the airship. Its crimson red eye glared down at us as we got our weapons ready. I decided to let Sargent, Xanxus, and Vidina start the fight first since they are used to long range fighting. Sargent and Xanxus began to shoot continuous bullets at the monster. Xanxus and I nodded as we exchanged glances with one another. "Bio!" I shouted.

At the same time I cast the Bio spell, Xanxus had started firing out Thunder bullets out his pistols. My Bio spell was absorbed by his bullets and they came as one attack towards the monster. I could see Iyana throwing her wrench and casting various status ailments on it to place on the monster. Sargent and Vidina were doing fine on their own, shooting bullets and casting Black Magic like they were having a party.

I started searching through the grenades and items in my pouch to mix them together. I smirked as I came across two Teleport Spheres at the bottom of my pouch. I threw the two of them in the air, and they transformed into a ball of light. Using my sword, I hit that ball of light towards the monster as it became a Cluster Bomb, dealing some damage to the monster. Iyana looked at me and I nodded as I got down on one knee and placed my palms next to each other. Iyana started running towards me full sprint and used my hands as leverage as jumped up high into the air. "Hah! Holy Drop!" Iyana called out as she struck down the air in front of her with her wrench. While she did that, five attacks of Holy were inflicted onto the monster.

Sargent and Vidina also performed a combo attack as Vidina shot six enormous sized Ice Balls into the air. At the same time, Sargent was shooting bullets at the Ice balls to break them off into sharp ice shards. After that, Sargent and Vidina sent a whirlwind of bullets and Fire balls as they continuously shot them at the same place over and over again. Everything was going well until the monster decided to dive underwater after Sargent's and Vidina's attacks. "Dammit! Everyone let's go! Remove anything heavy and dive under!" I shouted as I started to remove my boots and socks, trying to not let the monster get away. I was the first one to jump in as I had the lightest clothes on.

*You will not get away!* This thought was the only thing in my mind as I cast a Thunder spell at the monster, taking the monster by surprise as it turned its whole body around. I almost shrieked at the monstrosity. The monster was so large; its head was almost reaching the surface of the water. The monster furiously swam towards me, and my eyes widened in panic. The monster struck me with one its fins and I seriously started to bleed on my side in a rush. My mouth opened and I was forced to swim up to the surface and breathe some air. "Hurry!" I shouted to the others as they were diving in and swimming to the monster. I grabbed a Hi-Potion and hurriedly drank it, not wanting to waste any more time.

Right after drinking the Hi-Potion I swam quickly to the monster, not letting those years of blitzball practice go to waste. I dove underwater and saw the others swiftly attacking the monster from underwater. As I swam over, I sliced the monster at its eye and it lurched back in pain. I smirked and sliced it on the body once more. *Power Break* I thought as a red sphere appeared after I struck the monster. I swam backwards and concentrated some energy on my sword. I knew this attack was going to take a lot of energy out of me, but it's all right.

Once I charged myself up enough, I swam towards the monster and my sword started to fill with energy. Once there was a ton of energy directly on my sword, I threw it towards the monster as balls of energy flew towards it and the others swam away from it. A few seconds later, there was an explosion right where the monster was. *Energy Rain…* The only damaged that was caused though was the fins falling off. I looked at the others and they gave me a thumbs up as we continued to fight the monster. I watched as Sargent and Xanxus started swimming around each other, making a whirlpool as they shot their bullets toward the monster.

Since Sargent and Xanxus were spinning, it made the bullets spin with them and make something like a torpedo of bullets. The bullets hurriedly shot towards the monster and created a mini explosion on its lower body. I could see the glimmering tattoo of the black phoenix shining around the monster's body. I glared at the tattoo and went up to get some air. After breathing in, I dove underwater once again and nodded at Vidina, who was staring at me. Vidina and I distanced ourselves from each other. In the space between us, Vidina started creating a colossal fire ball. While doing that, I continually cast Blizzaga on the fire ball to make it an enormous flaming ice rock. Both of us used our energy to shoot it towards the monster towards its lower body as well. Vidina swam towards the bottom of his ocean where his staff dropped from before. He picked it up and swung it towards the monster.

While he did that, a huge dragon made of fire roared as it flew towards the monster and exploded into a black cloud. I followed Vidina's attack with my own as I swam towards the monster and struck it with my sword, a small cloud of black and green surrounding the middle of the monster's body. I swam away as I saw Iyana rushing towards the monster. Her monkey wrench was crackling with electricity as she hit the monster was immense strength. All of a sudden, the monster flinched and I smirked, exchanging glances with the others. The monster was getting weak. However, Iyana and I were already getting really exhausted from the fighting. Apparently, my evasion was lessening in strength as I failed to dodge an oncoming attack from the monster. It bulldozed towards me and I got knocked into a big boulder. I screamed in pain, water entering my mouth as a result.

I shut my mouth closed as I tried to swim up the surface, pain building up in my stomach. I quickly got out a Hi-Potion and drank it after breathing desperately for air. "Dannie! You all right, ya?" Vidina questioned as he came up for air too. I coughed a few times before nodding.

"Go on. We have to defeat that monster." I whispered. Vidina looked at me worriedly, but went back down underwater to help the others. A few seconds passed before I dove underwater and swam to the others. *Need my help yet?* Analise asked, worry evident in her voice. I shook my head as Xanxus was blasted into a nearby rock. I helped him up as he grabbed his pistols before they reached the bottom of the ocean. I could feel the monster's eye glaring at me, knowing I'd be its next target. The monster turned around, however, when a Holy spell was cast on it. I looked as well and saw it was Vidina and Iyana together. *Iyana? Casting Holy?* Iyana winked at me and I smiled. I turned to Sargent, who was putting his gun down on top of a rock and putting on the ring I gave him.

Sargent rushed towards the monster as he began to beat out his eye. To protect Sargent, Vidina and I both cast Protect and Shell on him. Suddenly, the monster backed away from us and started to glow purple. My eyes widened and I signaled to the others to swim away. However, it was too late…

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