Dawn of a New Beginning

Damn it

I woke up with a groan as I lifted my head up from the counter. I yawned as I got up and walked upstairs, checking on the others. I was surprised to see no one was on their bed anymore. "What? How long have I been sleeping?" I mumbled as I walked out of the Cabin and into the elevator. Once I got on the elevator, I took a trip over to the Bridge. When I arrived, I found everyone talking in a small circle, with Iyana on her pilot's seat managing the ship.

"You're awake!" Sargent exclaimed. I looked at everyone and saw that some of them had changed into a new spare set of their clothing. Iyana got up from her seat and joined the circle.

The first thing that popped out was, "Are you guys okay?" Everyone chuckled at my question. "What's so funny?" I questioned, rubbing the side of my head to ease the pain.

"Danaya. We're fine." Iyana answered with a laugh. "We're just all…relieved that we killed it. Well, you did." I shook my head, not taking all the credit for the defeat of the monster. Vidina wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. Sargent and Xanxus gave me pats on the head as we all laughed.

"Pello's in the engine room making sure everything's okay. We'll be at Home in a few." Xanxus explained as he sat down on the chair next to the Commsphere network. I stared at everyone, my expression turning a bit more serious.

"You guys." I started. "This is it. After this meeting, I will declare that we're going to go confront Malfonse and kill him off. Then, we're going to take back my parents before he gets the others." Everyone looked at me confused.

Vidina lifted his head up and asked me, "Wait ya, how are we going to find Malfonse?" I smirked and kissed Vidina on the cheek after winking.

"My most recent vision. I had it after killing the monster. I won't tell you guys just yet where his lair is, but it's one that you never expected." I noted as Iyana announced we're landing. Once opening the hatch, all of us jumped off and hurried inside the building. "To the meeting room." I announced as all of us calmly made our way through the halls. Around us, Al Bhed were bustling around and busy doing their work. When we got inside the meeting room, everyone was in there waiting for our presence. Once we got seated, everyone turned to me to start the meeting. "Huh? Oh!" I exclaimed. Everyone chuckled around the room. The people in the room consisted of Uncle Gippal, Auntie Rikku, Paine, Baralai, and Nooj.

Uncle Gippal chuckled and then urged, "Come on Danaya. Tell us what happened. We have to know so we can plan the next move." I cleared my throat and explained in detail about us defeating the monster at the Moonflow. As I told the story, everyone around the table smiled with joy.

"That is super! So Danaya, wait. What was this about Analise being an aeon?" Aunt Rikku asked. I let out a look of realization as Iyana cut me off and explained for me. After the explanation, everyone was in deep thought as they absorbed that Analise was an aeon.

"So, you turned out to be like your mom." Nooj explained with a slight smile on his face. My mouth slightly tilted upward as I looked down at my folded hands.

Paine cut in, "So what is your next move?"

At that, my head shot up as I stated, "We're going to kill Malfonse." There was a dead silence as that statement was left in the air. I watched the adults glance at each other. "Please trust us. We can do this. We've all grown." I pleaded, my voice letting them know I was yearning for my parents to be here.

After a while, Baralai spoke up. "All right. We'll inform Lulu about it as well." Baralai answered with a sigh. "But if you guys are in trouble, you must call us for help. We trust you know where he is." I nodded at that, and the adults nodded as an agreement for us to go. "But first…" Baralai started, "You must go visit Wakka. He's conscious now. The White Mages are making him eat right now. Lulu's on her way by Brother's airship, which is why she's not here yet." All of us cheered in happiness. I turned to Vidina, but saw that he had already dashed out of the room. I giggled as we all ran after him.

"Viddie! Wait up!" I shouted with a laugh as I ran down the halls, sword in hand. Once we reached the infirmary, everyone calmed down as we quietly walked in. I looked behind me and noticed the adults slowly following us. "Wakka!" I called out as I saw Vidina and Wakka embracing. They released each other as I smiled at Wakka's appearance. Most of his injuries were gone, and all in all he just looked weak. I ran over to Wakka and hugged him, Iyana joining me. "Thank Yevon you're all right now." I whispered as I tightened my hug, tears squeezing out of my eyes. Wakka let out his deep laugh and patted me on the back. Once we released each other, Wakka looked at me worriedly as he held my arms.

"Danaya." Wakka croaked out, his throat dry. "You must save your parents. Malfonse. His lair, it's below the upstairs room of the dome in Zanarkand." I nodded.

Xanxus called out, "We know." Wakka turned to the new voice and stared right behind me, at Xanxus and Sargent. "Oh, um. My name is Xanxus, sir Wakka." Sargent introduced himself as well, but Wakka pushed me away when I was about to say something.

Wakka rushed, "Everyone else will fill me in. You all must go." Though it was hard, I pried Vidina away from Wakka as we all ran back to the airship.

"Let's go!" I shouted as we ascended into the Cascade and got everything ready. "This is it." I mumbled, clutching the necklaces around my neck. "Iyana! Full speed ahead for Zanarkand! Guys, contact Zanarkand and ask Isaaru to evacuate all the people out of the Dome! I don't want anybody near the dome." I stated, my mind getting to work as I walked to the elevator, making my way to the Cabin. When the doors opened, I rushed in and locked myself up in the inventory closet. I leaned my head against the wall as I closed my eyes, getting myself determined. When I opened my eyes and turned around, I screamed as the purple mist was right in front of me. *Danaya, run!* Analise shouted in my head.

"You will not get away…" a raspy voice declared as the purple mist surrounded me. I screamed as I backed away, my back hitting the wall very hard. I hurried to the door and tried to open it, but I kept missing for the knob. As I got the door open, the purple mist still stuck onto me. Each passing second the purple mist stayed on, I continued to feel weaker and weaker. I tried to get the purple mist off, but it wouldn't disappear. *Danaya…* Analise tried to call out to me, but I couldn't hear her. Her voice was getting lost and so was I. Everything turned black around me as I slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes, blinking them to adjust to the sunlight. I found myself in an unrecognizable place. It looked like I was in a cold stone cell. I tried to move my arms and legs, but they were chained to the wall. I started to hyperventilate as I realized what situation I was in. "No…" I whispered. My arms and legs moved as I tried to free myself from the chains. My whole body felt weak. "Analise…You there?" I whispered. After a while, Analise answered. *Yes. I'm weak too, Danaya. I'm sorry it took me a while to answer. There seems to be a force that is not letting me communicate with you well. Bahamut had informed me you will not be able to summon me* Analise explained. I groaned and looked around the dark place. There was barely any light, only a lit torch that was placed inside the cell.

"I have to get out of here." I whispered. I looked around the cell and tried to figure out where I could be. *Most likely I'm at Malfonse's lair. I have to contact the others…but how?* I thought. I shook my head and focused on escaping first. I scanned the floor, looking for any item that could be of use for me. *Danaya. My whip. Where is it?* Analise questioned me. My head shot up as a smile slowly started to form. There was a hidden knife compartment on the handle of her whip! I started to move my legs, trying to shake the whip out. However, it was more difficult since my legs were constricted with the chains. I squirmed and tried so hard to get the whip out of my boot. Finally, my entire left boot came off, and the whip made a small clatter as it dropped to the ground.

Using both feet, I picked up the whip and was able to slightly throw it into the air just enough for it land on my lap. "Come on, I got this." I whispered. Just as I was about to pick it up with my mouth, I heard some loud footsteps. My mind worked quickly as I hid the whip underneath my legs and pretended to still be unconscious.

"Is she still knocked out?" I heard a voice. It took all my will power to not yell at Malfonse right then and there. I heard a growl. "I see." Malfonse responded. "We'll come back for her later. I think it'd be great for them to have a little family reunion, don't you think?" Malfonse suggested with great laughter. I bit my lip as they walked away, tempted to get the hell out of the chains. After I was sure they left, I quickly maneuvered the whip back to my lap and bent myself down, getting the whip with my mouth. Shaking my head caused the compartment to open, thus allowing the knife to fall to the cold floor. Slowly, I brought the knife up with my legs that were chained to the ground. Using my mouth, I grabbed the knife and started to move it back and forth against the chain. *I'm sure the chains will weaken. They're already really rusty.* I thought in my head as sweat beads started to form. I dropped the knife in exhaustion as the chain on my left wrist finally broke.

Hurriedly, I cast a Blizzard spell on all the chains and broke them using the knife. Quietly standing up and stretching, my back cracked and so did my neck. After that, I picked up Analise's whip and proceeded to the cell door, which was a bit of a challenge to open. Luckily, my pick-pocketing skills were taught by my very own cousin. Using a random small metal piece I found on the floor, I opened the cell door and quietly walked out. *You guys need to be here now! Please!* I pleaded as I started to explore the lair, trying to find a way to my parents. Apparently, I was downstairs in some sort of basement because there was set of stairs that led to somewhere up. I heard some growling as I was just about to round the corner, so my eyes widened as I tried to find a place to hide.

Luckily, there was a small crack in between the halls that my small self could fit in to. *Sometimes being short has its moments…*As I watched the monsters pass, I knew they were the fiends from my visions as I watched Wakka escape and my parents be left behind. Taking a deep breath, I slid out of the crack and quietly walked through the halls. As I rounded a corner, the same monsters who passed by were right in front of me. I was about to scream, but one of them clamped their fiendish hand onto my mouth. I struggled against them, but somehow, Vidina's voice spoke through one of them. "Dannie, shut up. It's us, ya?" After he said that, he let go of me as their illusions wore off, and the whole group was standing right in front of me. With Xanxus was my sword as he handed it to me.

"I'm so glad to see you guys." I whispered.

Iyana replied, "When we realized you were gone, none of us had any idea what had happened. However, Pello said when he went back to the Cabin, he saw a few traces of purple mist left. That's when we knew. So, we hurried up to come find you. Now all we have to do is save Auntie and Uncle, fight Malfonse, destroy the place, and get out of here." All of us nodded, but I noticed Vidina turned his attention to my wrists.

"What happened to them?" Sargent questioned as I noticed the bruises starting to form as well. I rubbed my sore wrists as I shook my head, not wanting to talk about it.

"Let's go. Analise says she feels weak in this place, so I can't summon her." I explained as we started to walk through the halls, using the disguises that Shinra had built for us. It was a device that made us as an illusion to whatever our minds wanted. As we walked, I was worried on where my parents were and how were they doing.

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