Dawn of a New Beginning

Do I Have To?

Iyana listened to our Uncle yelling. Iyana and I usually just call him Uncle, like Mom would call him Brother. Everyone could hear him yelling through the Communicator. "Seriously? She has to?" Iyana asked Uncle in Al Bhed as she faced me. I pointed to myself and she shrugged. Vidina and Analise turned to me. The Aurochs started planning their strategy as they huddled up together. Iyana kept talking to Uncle in Al Bhed, until she hung up and sighed.

"What happened?" Analise asked worriedly. The Aurochs shouted out their cheer and then turned to us.

"Danaya. Your mom was supposed to perform an opening concert for the blitzball game. Baralai, Nooj, and Dad all suggested you fill in for her. The least you could do is calm the audience and provide them entertainment." Iyana explained. I widened my eyes.

*Me?…I could…I couldn't….* When I performed, my mother was always by my side. But….

Sainey giggled, "That should be fun! Come on Danaya! You gotta calm the crowd ya? Give them something to look forward to while you search for your parents and Wakka!"

"Yeah. Come on Dannie!" Vidina exclaimed. Shaun smirked and ruffled my hair.

He added, "Yeah. It'd be cool to see you all dressed up and singing ya?" I turned to Analise for help and she just smiled.

Analise commented, "I think it's an amazing idea. Let's go tell Tobli. He's in charge of the whole thing now." That's right! Do you remember my Mom's old friend, Tobli? The short little guy? He's in charge of holding the blitzball games now! I always thought it was a tough job for such a small person. Iyana shook her head.

"Uncle already told him. Naya. You're going to be on in about an hour." I choked on my own spit.

Vidina exclaimed, "How is she going to get ready in time ya?" Iyana, Analise, and Sainey giggled.

"Naya. Do you remember when our Moms would tell us about the Garment Grids?" Iyana asked me. *Uh oh…I think I know where this is going…..* I nodded. "Here's something like the Garment Grid. You simply pour in a little bit of your MP, then kiss it, and your outfit will transform into something else. This little thing will know what kind of outfit to use, but there's only one use. I was going to save it, but I think you need it right now."

"Aweee yeah!" Sainey shouted.

I smiled and replied, "Awwwww! Thanks Yana!" Iyana just smiled and handed me the small sphere. I closed my eyes and focused some of my MP into the sphere, kissed it, then waited for something to happen. I then began to feel light, as if I was being lifted into the air. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, then started hearing some "Oooh's" and "Aaaah's."

I opened my eyes and everyone was staring at me with shock and admiration. "Uh….is there something on my face?" The boys stared at me with wide eyes, while the girls started giggling. Lisie pushed me into a dressing room with a mirror.

"See for yourself." she teased as she faced my body in front of the mirror. I gasped and widened my eyes as well. *What the….*

I was wearing my mother's songstress outfit, except slightly modified. The black skirt was longer, reaching down to above my knees. The boots were black with heels and had silver chains around them. The arm sleeves were looser, and the dress didn't show my stomach. Instead, there was some light blue, periwinkle fabric covering it up. Strapped to my side was a pouch and I felt my neck for my necklace. It was still there. Mom's outfit felt so soft and comfortable, parts of it were silk. The outfit fit me perfectly. My hair was slightly curled at the tips and a part of my hair was braided and held together with a bunch of beads that extended to my butt. I walked back to the others and they all clapped.

"You look beautiful ya?" Vidina complimented me. All of a sudden, blood started rushing to my face and I felt hot. I looked down.

I replied, "Thanks Viddie." A few of the guys whistled and Iyana gasped.

"Naya! You have to go on now! Here's your mic!" she shouted as she handed me the black microphone. I widened my eyes.

"But wait! What am I going to sing? How-"

"Just think of something! The crowd's waiting! Now go!" Analise shouted as she shoved me into the door that led to the entrance of the arena. Instead of the normal sphere that is used for blitz ball, a stage is in its place.

"To open the blitz ball tournament, let's give it up for our opening act, the daughter of the High Summoner herself, Lady Danaya! Yes yes! This is going to be a spectacular performance!" I heard Tobli announce all hyper from his spot. The spotlight was on me and a familiar song started playing. My mom's song: Real Emotion. I smiled for the crowd and bowed as I took in a deep breath. My body and mouth started moving on its own. *Mom…*

"What can I do for you? What can I do for you? What can I do for you? I can't hear you." I started singing. *Dad…..*

I continued, "Far beyond the hazy borders of my heart….I can see a place that's something like this. Every now and then I don't know what to do. And I know that I, can ne-ver go back." *Wakka….*

"All the things I've seen, in those hazy dreams, can't compare to what I'm seeing now. Everything's so different, that it brings me to my kneeeeeeees!" I hit the high note as I kneeled on one knee, then got back up and started twisting my body and popping my chest to the music.

"And oh, I know, the world of Real Emotion has surrounded me. I won't give into it now I know! That forward is the only way my heart I can go. I hear your voice calling out to me. You'll never be alone…." As I performed for the crowd, I only could think of my parents, Wakka, and the horrible creature that took them away at sea. *I swear on my life, I WILL find them* The crowd went wild as I panted, smiling and bowing over and over.

"Thank you!" I shouted. Everyone was chanting my name and I bowed once more, wiping some sweat off my face as I exited the arena. Once I got in the locker rooms, everyone hugged me and patted me on the back.

"You did amazing!" Iyana exclaimed. Analise smiled as Vidina hugged me. I felt something jolt inside my body and gasped, quickly pulling away.

"Something wrong ya?" Vidina asked me worriedly. I shook my head, put on a smile, and faced the Aurochs.

"Good luck you guys! Win this one!" I shouted with enthusiasm. The Aurochs cheered and ran off to the stadium when Shelinda announced they enter. Analise went into one of the showers and I looked at Iyana confusedly.

Vidina guessed, "Bet you she's dying her hair again." I nodded with realization and sat down on one of the benches.

"You were amazing." Iyana complimented. I let out a nervous laugh as I scratched my head. *Oh! My outfit…* I stared down and closed my eyes as I kissed the sphere and my regular outfit was back on.

"Wouldn't wanna wear that dress sphere for long." I whispered. Analise came out of the showers and appeared with bright pink hair. "Whoa. Awesome!" I shouted. Vidina and Iyana chuckled.

"Like it? I thought about changing it while you performed, but I was too caught up in watching you!" Analise explained.

I giggled, "It looks beautiful. Now, you guys wanna split up and explore the rest of Luca?" Vidina, Iyana, and Analise nodded.

Vidina commented, "Sure! Sounds like a good idea, ya?" I got up and walked off first, but then Vidina grabbed my arm. "Hey! I'll come with you." Analise and Iyana coughed loudly. I turned to them and they just smiled and waved. *What's up with them?*

"Ok. Come on then Viddie!" I shouted childishly as I led him out of the Aurochs' locker room and towards the theatres. There were camera everywhere. Most of them turned to Vidina and me as we walked out.

"Look look! It's the High Summoner's daughter! Lady Danaya! May we have an interview?" one of the men asked. I turned to Vidina with a sheepish smile and he just chuckled as he lightly shoved me forward. I got interviewed about many things: my parents, Wakka, my performance, etc. Thankfully, Vidina pulled me away and we ran over to the docks. I laughed.

"Thanks Viddie!" I shouted. He ruffled my hair and smiled as we sat down by dock Number 4. I looked up at Vidina and realized how cute he was. His spiky hair looking like it was burning the sun itself. His red-brown eyes gleaming and the way he looked when he was calm and- I stopped myself. *What am I thinking? This is no time for romance Danaya! You're supposed to be finding your parents and Wakka!* I shook my head and stood back up.

"Where you going Dannie?" Vidina asked me. I shot him a smile as I pointed to the screen that showed the blitz ball game. The Aurochs and Goers were tied, and only a minute was left in the game. "Oh! We're tied! Come on guys!" Vidina shouted to the screen. I smiled and cheered along with him as the game continued. Shaun passed it to one of the other players. 45 seconds. The player passed it to Sainey. 20 seconds. Sainey shoots…..10 seconds. She scores just as the timer goes off.

"WOO!" Vidina and I shouted. Vidina hugged and spun me around in the air.

"We're going to the Finals!" I exclaimed. Vidina whooped and shouted as he released me. Vidina jumped around and hugged me one more time. He grabbed my arm and pulled me along as we ran to the locker room. Once we got inside, we saw all the Aurochs panting and drying up. Analise and Iyana were providing drinks for them.

"You guys were awesome ya? Who you playing next?" Vidina asked eagerly. Shaun chuckled and ruffled Vidina's hair, almost messing up the fohawk.

Shaun answered, "Stay calm! The game against the Ronsos and Al Bhed have just started! Kilika Beasts forfeited to the Ronsos because two of their players were injured." I smiled and walked over to Analise and Iyana, letting Shaun and Vidina talk.

"Soooooo Naya. What did you and Vidina do?" Iyana and Analise asked. I smiled, oblivious to their suggesting stares. I told them about how I got interviewed and how Vidina and I sat near the docks.

"So boring!" Sainey cut in. I giggled and shook my head. We kind of all just talked and waited around until the Last Round was being announced.

"We playing the Ronsos ya?" Shaun commented.

"Good luck! Heard they're tough." Iyana exclaimed. The Aurochs nodded and did their cheer as they ran off to the arena, leaving Vidina, Analise, Iyana, and me to keep their benches warm and watch the game. As we watched, Vidina and Analise kept cheering the Aurochs on as Iyana and I prepared drinks for after the game. I started rubbing my arms, becoming cold.

"Of course you're going to be cold! Your top is sleeveless! The only sleeves you have is your arm sleeves and they're thin!" Analise ranted on after I told her I was cold. Iyana sighed and went over to me as she hugged me tightly.

Iyana smiled, "Unlike Ana here, I'm going to be a good person and hug the poor girl!" I smiled and hugged Iyana back.

"Thank you Iyana." I said softly as she let go and we continued to prepare the drinks.

Vidina, absorbed in the game, yelled out, "Oh come on Sainey! Shaun was open! And now you're poisoned!" Iyana and Analise shook their heads.

"What's the score?" I asked interestedly.

Vidina answered, "We're leading by one and there's a minute left. WHOA! COME ON SHAUN! YOU HAVE TO STALL THEM!"

"Don't you think you're being too much into the game?" Iyana asked. Vidina ignored her. "Oh man. This boy…"

"YES! WE WON!" Vidina yelled out as he gave a whoop and jumped in the air.

"Woo hoo!" Analise and Iyana shouted as they clapped their hands. Analise's headband almost fell off her hair as she jumped around with Vidina. Vidina lifted me up and kissed me on the nose and smiled.

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