Dawn of a New Beginning

Visiting Nooj

Once I got to the bridge, I saw everyone already there, waiting for me. I tapped my sword on my shoulder. "Well come on leader, let's go! Ready to see Nooj and the Youth League?" Iyana asked me. I nodded and led the group down the ramp and to Mushroom Rock. It stayed the same. Unfortunately, we can't park our airship in the middle of Mushroom Rock Road, so we have to cross it before getting to the Youth League.

"Get ready for some fiends!" Analise shouted. One of Mom's friends, Yaibal, walked up to us and bowed.

"Yaibal!" I bowed. "It's great to see you again!" He smiled and ruffled my hair.

"Hey Danaya. You guys here to see Leader Nooj?" We all nodded.

Vidina smirked, "We don't need an escort. We're going to go fight the fiends ourselves." Yaibal looked worried for a second, but he nodded with a smile.

"All right." he replied. "Good luck. And Danaya, good luck with finding them." I put on a smile and nodded as Yaibal ran back to what he was doing. I turned to my group and found Iyana and Sargent talking, while Analise was adjusting her goggles and Vidina was fixing his hair.

"Everyone!" I called to them. They all turned to me with confident smiles. "Let's do this." I announced as I slashed my sword in the air. Everyone cheered and we began our journey across Mushroom Rock Road. Immediately, three Raptors appeared and one of them charged for me. I immediately slashed it with my sword and it slid back. I caught a glimpse of Sargent putting his gun in his cape and putting on the ring I gave him as he got in a fighting stance. I smiled and ran to the Raptor, slashing it once again. It flinched and attacked me once more.

I felt frozen, paralyzed. *Shit. I'm petrified* All of a sudden, I felt something pierce the rock right after I saw Analise throw a Soft on me. I dodged just in time as two more Raptors appeared. Vidina shouted, "Fira!" and bursts of Fire went to the Raptor I had attacked earlier. It disappeared into pyre flies and there were four more left to kill. Sargent had just punched the living daylights of one Raptor as it disappeared into pyre flies as well.

"Wicked Wrench!" Iyana shouted as she hit a Raptor with her wrench, causing the Raptor to be poisoned and blinded. The Raptor started clawing the air, unable to see us. I finished it off with a simple Fire and ran over to help Analise, who was struggling from afar to fend off a Raptor that pinned her to the ground. I took in a deep breath, hopped over a rock, flipped in mid-air, and landed safely on the ledge below.

"Lisie! I'm coming!" I shouted as I ran as fast as I could. When I got there, however, Analise kicked the Raptor off of her and swung it so hard that it hit the wall opposite of them. The Raptor screeched one last time, before disappearing into pyre flies. I groaned, "Man Lisie! I could've helped!" Analise just smiled and patted my head as she hurried to aide Vidina, who was struggling with a Raptor of his own. I heard someone grunt and from above, I saw Iyana and Sargent both struggling with three Red Elementals. I hopped from ledge to ledge, and it was pretty difficult, considering I had my skirt to worry about.

Sargent scowled, "Stay back Danaya! We can handle this!" Iyana scoffed.

"Oh shut up! Naya! Hurry and attack them with Blizzara. I'm trying my Blizzard spells, but my magic is too weak!" Iyana shouted. I ran as fast I could to them and finally stumbled in front of the Red Elementals. I cast Blizzara on one of them, Blizzara on the next, and Blizzara on the last. I sighed in relief and so did Iyana, but our worries weren't over yet. An Ochu started stomping towards Iyana! Before anyone could do anything, Sargent pushed Iyana behind him and started shooting down the Ochu with his gun. Iyana looked back at me and I nodded, helping Sargent defeat the Ochu by attacking it head on.

Sargent exclaimed, "Fire Bullet!" as he pulled the trigger and a bullet surrounded by flames of fire was shot into the Ochu's body and it exploded into pyre flies. Vidina and Analise caught up with us.

"Dannie! You all right, ya?" Vidina asked me. I giggled and nodded, seeing an injury on his arm. I went over to him and touched his arm. "H-huh?" Vidina's face turned red. I smiled as my hand glowed white and Vidina's injury was gone. "Oh, thanks Dannie."

"Now then…" I began, facing the group. "The lift is right over there. Let's go?" Everyone nodded. We all fit on the lift and made our way up to the Youth League headquarters. The Youth League headquarters hadn't changed much in well, 17 years. There were more tents/houses built, and everyone was still happy. As the lift stopped and we got off, everyone seemed to stop and stare at us. Vidina laughed nervously and Sargent began rubbing behind his head. Iyana smiled and led us through the crowd of people.

Iyana laughed, "Well come on now you guys!" A little girl, about the age of 7, came up to me and put her hands behind her back while swaying back and forth.

"Hi Lady Danaya!" she said in her high-pitched voice. "Have you come to see Leader Nooj?" I nodded. Lucil, still looking young and adventurous, came up to me and smiled.

"Hi Captain Lucil!" Analise and I shouted. Iyana gave her a wave, and so did Vidina. Captain Lucil had remained a close friend of Mom and Dad, then I grew up knowing her. Captain Lucil still had her fiery red hair and dressed in the same clothes, maintaining her figure.

Captain Lucil bowed, "Hello Danaya. It's a pleasure to see you all again. I'll inform Nooj about your arrival and he'll come out shortly." The group kind of spread out on their own. Iyana went with Analise to explore different cliffs to find some treasure, while Sargent and Vidina just kind of walked around. An elderly couple greeted me with a bow.

"Lady Danaya. We hope you find your parents soon. My, they were a lovely couple. We hope you do find Sir Wakka as well." the elderly man told me. I nodded, holding determination in my eyes.

"Thank you. I will be sure to find them." I declared as the couple gave me one last bow, before walking away. A little boy around the age of 7 or 8 came up to me. I kneeled down to his level and smiled. "What can I do for you?"

He smiled cheekily, "Lady Danaya! I was watching you guys down below and you're an amazing fighter! Are you fighting for your parents?"

"Yes sir!" I exclaimed jokingly. The little boy giggled and ran away happily to his father. I stood back up and looked down with a small smile. My sword glimmered in the night sky and the fires crackled loudly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Vidina and Sargent talking. They didn't know I could hear what they said.

Sargent asked Vidina, "Does she always get attention like this?" I saw Vidina nod.

"Yeah, she does. She doesn't know I can tell, but Dannie feels suffocated because of it. It can be tough for her, but she puts up with it for her parents. Dannie doesn't look like it, but she's very strong." Vidina answered. I smiled brightly and shook my head. When we heard the doors open, we turned to see Nooj exiting the building and coming up to me.

"Nooj!" I exclaimed, running up to him. Nooj embraced me and let out a chuckle.

He greeted, "Hello Danaya, everyone. Come into my office and we'll talk." I followed right behind Nooj, Vidina walking by my side. We went inside Nooj's office and sat down in the seats.

"So…..what's been happening? Find anything?" Nooj asked us, but he was directing his stare at me. I sighed and shook my head.

I answered, "Not really anything useful. On our way to Kilika, there was a fiend that attacked us. It was like a mutated Klikk. That fiend had the same symbol on as the monster that attacked us in Besaid. Then, when we visited Malfonse at the new Youth League headquarters, I had a vision."

"A vision?" Nooj questioned me. I nodded and thought back to it, remembering every bit of it.

"The vision was of my parents and Wakka. They were trapped in a cage and were really angry. Since they were wearing the same outfits on my birthday, I'm pretty sure what was happening in my vision was going on at that moment the vision appeared." I explained to him. Nooj nodded in deep thought. He rested his chin on his hands and looked down, then looked back up.

"I'm going to think deeper on that vision of yours. Meanwhile, I have someone for you guys to meet." Now this, got my attention. I straightened up and so did the others.

"Who is it?" Analise asked. Nooj smirked and looked at Sargent. Sargent would have glared at Nooj, if I had not kicked him in the leg underneath the table.

"Why don't you introduce him to me first? So therefore, I can let the others know of your new member." Nooj suggested. I smiled and poked Sargent in the cheek.

"This right here, Nooj, is Sargent! We met him in Luca and I asked if he'd like to join us. He said yes!" I shouted happily. Nooj smiled.

"But why did you ask him?" Nooj questioned. I put on a small smile, leaned into Nooj's ear, and whispered about Sargent's family and how I wanted Sargent to feel he has a place in this world. *It's true. I thought Sargent was pretty cool. Even though I know he doesn't think he can't amount to anything, he can. I know he has to be here. With us* Nooj smiled and ruffled my hair.

I questioned anxiously, "So. Who's this person we get to meet?" Nooj stood up, and we all followed.

"Don't tell me it's another one of your friends that you're going to share a very….detailed…story with us about." Iyana groaned. Analise giggled and patted Iyana's arm. Nooj, every once in a while, would introduce us to some of his old comrades and tell us stories all about their times when they were our age. Sometimes, it would get veerryyyy boring. Nooj chuckled.

"Nope." he replied. "Someone better. Come on, follow me." We all followed Nooj out of his office and into another room. The room was filled with punching bags and training dummies, but what I did notice was the man practicing in the middle as he shot two dummies and kicked them down.

"Hey!" Nooj called out. The man whipped his whole body around with an alarming look, quickly attaching his pistols to his pants.

"Who's this?" Vidina and I asked in unison. Analise and Iyana stayed in silence, waiting with anticipation. Sargent just grunted quietly and waited by Iyana's side.

"Hello there." the man said courteously with a bow.

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