Heartache and Pain


2 years later......

It had been 2 years since the three men who murdered my parents were put in jail. I had asked what happened to the boss after we escaped from the warehouse and Erik explained that after he thrown him off of me he hit a wall and died instantly. I was relieved that he won’t be able to hurt me anymore but at the same time I felt kind of.......I don’t know, sorry for him; although I am not sure why considering all the times he hurt me. Christine and Raoul are now happily married and have a child who is a little boy called Stefan. Raoul and I are now firm friends even after the whole break-up. Although Erik still makes sure Raoul doesn’t try anything funny around me even though we have been married for a year; we had a simple summer wedding that occurred a few months after I was kidnapped and raped by the boss. After the wedding we spent two weeks in Paris where we saw many sights and sounds I had never seen before. Luckily after being raped I didn’t fall pregnant with his child but instead I now have two beautiful children that are most definitely Erik’s in every way; well twins to be precise who are called Christina May and Christian Eriksson. The twins are now two years old and I also have another child on the way; I hope it is another girl who will look just like her father. Christina and Christian has my brown hair but Christina has Erik’s blue eyes whilst Christian has my brown eyes. Christian is the oldest and is very protective of his younger sister although they get on so well with each other; it reminds me of the kind of relationship I had with my brother when I was a child. Nadir is now head counsellor and Erik works alongside him as deputy counsellor. Overall I was happy with where my life has taken me and life couldn’t get any better than this.......

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