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Story of a High School SOLDIER

Chapter 1 Juni, Tony and the Surprise

I know your looking down on me father and I am going to make you proud.

My name is Anthony McCoy. I am the son of Sean and Jean McCoy. We were a happy family. That is until 3 years ago when my mother and I were told that my father had died in combat. My mother wanted him to get out of the secret government military, but he was the best. What was it about this mission that he couldn’t complete? I keep thinking about that question as I grew up. My mother has been supporting us since then. I wanted to do my part, but the only thing I could have done was keep the house clean.

My father had the most custom of swords. It was passed of between friends who stuck together. From what my father said, it started with the father of Angeal Hewley getting it made for him once he joined the SOLDIER program. He was legendary to. Angeal has passed it on the a young First Class Zack Fair. I had heard stories about him. He always believe in himself. It’s a shame what had happened to him. Zack passed it on to a grunt man who became Zacks best friend. He was Cloud Strife. From what I was told, he was there with Zack when the whole Sephiroth Incident. He had gotten Mako Poisening and was made to believe he was First Class. Now somewhere down the line, my father got the sword and now it sits at his grave. I’ve been taking care of it making sure it doesn’t rust.

Now I have supportive friends and they have been there for me throughout this whole experience. That sword apparently takes 3 people to carry. I’m shocked that all these people were able to carry it at ease. They helped me flip it over and clean it. I had just returned to school, classes as normal. My first class, English with Mr. Kennedy. He would always act out whatever role the current book we are reading. He made the class fun as much as English is dull. Most of my friends were there, including my crush, Juniper Santiago. Juniper has been a close friend since kindergarten and it was early last year before we entered High School that I realized that I had a crush on her.

Everyone sat at their seats, mine being at the very back, right behind Juniper. Juniper and I had all the same classes, so imagine my torture when I’m sitting with my crush. That’s when it happened. Juniper turned around and looked at me.

“Hey Tony? I have something to ask you.” She said with a nervous face. I was looking at her trying to debate on what was going on in her head. “Yeah Juni, what’s up?” I was the only one that had authorization to call her Juni, she doesn’t even allow her parents to call her that. If you were to call her Juni, expect to have either no kids in the future or the black eye. “We’ve known each other since kindergarten and I know somewhere in you that you have feelings for me. So I was wondering if you would go out with me. Like make it official.”

My heart was pounding. My crush just asked me out. And she knew I had feelings for her. Did I make it too obvious? “Of course. I would love to make it official. I’ve been wanting to ask for a while.” She got the response she wanted and I got the girl I wanted. Everyone eventually knew we were bound to get together as much as we hang out with each other.

The school bell rang meaning First Period was over. Time to go to Algebra I. Mrs. McKenzie. This class was dull. She can literally put the whole entire class to sleep and still teach. As much as I wanted to learn algebra, I needed a new teacher. Maybe we’re all just use to Mr. Kennedy’s class. As Mrs. McKenzie started the lesson, the loud speaker came blaring on.

“Mrs. McKenzie? Do you have Anthony McCoy in class?” The speaker was a two way speaker to allow the administration office to communicate with the teachers. “Yes, he’s in class today. Is everything ok?” Her attention went straight towards me. What did I do to get on the bad list. My time away from school was approved and I came back in time, even if I didn’t want to. How could I move on without the one person I look up to.

“Could you send him to the principals office. He would like to speak with him.” I got up and looked at Juniper. “I’ll be back, I promise. They are probably going to ask me about my absence.” She nods and I start walking to the principals office.

I arrived to the principals office to see not only the principal, but the director of SOLDIER. I haven’t seen him since the funeral. “It’s been a while director.” I said looking at him. “Did y’all complete my father’s mission?”

He looked at me. “Yes we completed it. Just last week actually. You and your mother have been ignoring my calls. We wanted to check in and to offer you a great opportunity.” I raised an eyebrow.

“The opportunity is they want to start a high school program. Just like the JROTC program. And they want you to lead it.” Now I’m very shocked. They wanted me to join the very program that killed my father. “I don’t know. Even if I do join, I’m not using those cheap swords you have.”

“Oh no. Of course not. That’s for the others. First class have access to using their own. And we have a surprise for you.” The director waves someone inside the office. The next thing I know, 4 SOLDIER members were carrying a large case. It looked like they were struggling. “We want you to use this.” The SOLDIERs places it on the desk and opened it. It was my Fathers sword. “Your father wanted to pass it down to you.”

I was speechless. It was an honor to be in SOLDIER but was I capable of carrying the sword. “I would love to join but there is no way I can lift that sword by myself. It took me and 3 of my friends just to clean it.” The director chuckled. “Try it.” I shrugged and grabbed the hilt. Next thing I know, I was able to lift it. “By holding this sword, your father and those before him that had this sword will always be there for you. Their stength is now yours. Now what do you say?”

I was astonished. I had always dreamed of holding this sword. It’s incomparable size and weight was what made me not touch it. After looking at the sword, I looked at the Director and nodded. “I’m in.”
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