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You Had Me At Hello🌿


In where Tyler is a photographer and josh is a fashion designer, and fall in love. But there’s one problem. Fem!Tyler Top!josh

Romance / Humor
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Chapter one: Meeting🍃

It was 6:00am, Tyler’s alarm went off. He woke up to the sound of an irritating beep. He annoyingly turned it off, he rubbed his eyes. He looked around, the sun was shining through his curtains. He smiled, he got up ready to change. He walked over to his closet, he pulled out what he needed and set them aside while grabbing his shoes. He started getting ready, and

He wore a beige top, tucked into black high waisted baggy pants. And finished it with a simple black belt. And put on his beige nikes. He owned a lot of beige and light colored items. His neck was exposed but he liked it, he smiled in the mirror before grabbing his small white backpack and heading out. He locked the door behind him and started up his car, it was a Jeep. He was very successful enough to have a Jeep, he was a photographer. But he worked at the cafe as a side job, he liked it he would usually attend events for photographs like concerts or for the news. Anyways, he got in and drove off to the cafe.

Once in, he turned the lights on. Well a few since it was sunny for some reason. He went behind the counter and made himself a coffee. He sat down writing in his notes while waiting, his coworker Billie would be here soon and so would Melanie, He relaxed a bit. A few minutes later bill arrived

She looked tired, she greeted him and went to the back to put her things away. Then they started cleaning and shortly Mel arrived. She was exhausted.

She didn’t really want to talk, but she greeted them anyways. They decided to give her some peace. She looked stressed, shortly they opened the cafe and customers started coming in, Melanie took the morning shift, Tyler took the evening shift, and Billie took the night shift. She didn’t mind taking the night shift, it only ended at 9. But they’d stay to help and clean Incase an emergency, when shifts changed they’d get a 2 hour break. The day was like any other day, the same old....everything....there were a large variety of customers, in fact that’s how Melanie met her boyfriend of three years, Oliver tree.

Billie wasn’t the Type of person to get in relationships even if both genders asked for her number all the time. The same happened to Tyler but he always refused bc he wanted someone who didn’t immediately ask for his number....he wanted someone who slowly started finding interest in him or love at first sight.

Yea it might sound stupid but he....wanted that. But why would it ever happen to him. Mel’s shift ended and finally it was Tyler’s turn, he set up the way he liked it. There was a rule where whoever had the shift chooses the music and sets up the counter the way they liked it. And it worked, so Tyler fixes his little plants he added and set his notebook where he could write. He loved song writing....but never had the confidence to actually share them. He brushed the thought off as he sat down and waited.

a few customers later and still nothing interesting. He was bored it was around 2 and the sun was bright, out of no where there were a bunch of people running down the sidewalk with cameras chasing someone...he had red hair...sunglasses and a black suit on....he looked rich as well.....Tyler suddenly realized...it was josh dun! One of the most successful businesses men in the fashion district! He was such a big fan of his work! In fact the shirt he was wearing was from his line. He would love to meet him, but he looked like he was in a hurry...he ran right past their door. He hesitated but he lost all opportunity, he frowned.

A customer interrupted his thoughts, Tyler helped them shortly. After that he went back to his writing, “now the night is coming to an end.” Or “I hope I’m not my only friend.” He didn’t know what to call the song yet, but he didn’t want to overthink that. While in his thoughts, he heard a “hello.” He looked up, he immediately blushed. It was josh dun, he felt stiff he didn’t know what to say, josh on the other hand was intrigued by his appearance, josh thought he was beautiful.

“Hi...” Tyler responded. He smiled up at him, josh returning the smile. Tyler blushed he loved josh’s smile, and josh’s bright hair.

Josh: “can I order?”

Tyler realized he spaced out thinking of josh’s features, he was embarrassed but agreed to help josh.

Tyler: “yea of course, what would you like today?”

Josh: “ can I get a cappuccino shake, caramel please, and extra whip cream. And a bacon cheese bagel, thanks all thank you.”

Tyler: “alright...that will be...12.99$ please.”

Josh grabbed his wallet and pulled out his card swiping it, they waited as it accepted it. Once it did josh pulled it out and smiled, Tyler smiled back and gave him his recite.

Tyler: “name?, for your drink.”

Josh: “oh um, just josh!”

Tyler: “alright.”

Before josh walked away Tyler stopped him.

Tyler: “sorry but your josh dun, right? I’m a big fan of your work!”

Josh giggled as he walked back up to him.

Josh: “yea I noticed, your shirt from my fall collection.”

Tyler: “can I take a selfie with you? And can you sign my notebook?”

Josh: “of course!”

Josh hated to admit it but he felt nervous around him , he felt intimidated...he didn’t know why or maybe it’s the fact that He was extremely attractive. He had to get his number but it would be weird to ask to randomly....he shook the thought off as he took a selfie with Him and afterwards signed his notebook.

Tyler: “thanks a lot! Also I saw you running down the sidewalk earlier.”

Josh: “oh yea, paparazzi it’s annoying but I escaped taking a corner. And I settled here, I’ve been to other cafes like this so.”

Tyler: “that sounds nice, anyways I’ll start with your order. I’ll bring it to you, you should sit down.”

Josh: “oh um....”

Josh really needed a way to communicate with this guy, he looked so interesting. And pretty....josh was blushing hard. He didn’t know what to say....he didn’t want to be weird.

Tyler: “Yes?...josh..?”

Josh: “oh! Um...haha...never mind sorry..”

Tyler nodded, he smiled while josh did the same and walked away to sit down.

He sat down in the corner, where the window was. There was only like 9 people in the cafe, so it was surprisingly weird that the corner was empty. He looked at his phone as he waited, he looked through his feed. He kept looking back to catch an eye of the boy, after a few times they made eye contact. He looked back quickly he blushed and buried his head in his arms. Tyler liked it, but he found it interesting that josh kept looking at him, he was almost down with the order as Billie walked in.

Billie: “hey Tyler, I see you already met josh!”

Tyler: “yea he’s so sweet.”

Billie: “That’s nice, anyways you wanna watch a movie at your place?”

Tyler: “oh yea sure!”

Billie: “cool, so Um...you gotta get his number.”

Tyler: “what!? No! Well I....he doesn’t even know me bil.”

Billie: “your loss, anyways my shift starts soon so go deliver the order.”

Tyler: “oh yea.”

Billie: “he’s been staring at you for a while, you know.”

Tyler: “really?! Well I know...sorta but is he?”

Billie: “he’s doing it right now, I just looked back at him...I think he so spaced out that he doesn’t even notice me looking at him.”

Tyler: “interesting anyways go to the counter, I packed things already. I just gotta write his name on the cup.”

Billie smiled and walked away, Tyler wrote josh’s name....he looked at it for a while...he hesitated but said “fuck it”

He put a hearts around his name. He was nervous but he did it, as he put it on the trays he stated walking over to josh. Josh noticed and turned around, he didn’t know how long he was staring. He also noticed how feminine His figure was....he loved that a lot...his thoughts were cut off by a voice.

Tyler: “here your order, josh.”

Josh: “oh!, thanks a lot.”

Tyler: “no problem, if there’s anything else you need just ask!”

Tyler smiled, josh blushed but smiled back. He walked away, josh looked back. And immediately turned away....”He was thicc” josh thought. He opened his bagel and grabbed his drink, he noticed something about it...his name had a bunch of hearts around it...he thought it was cute. Tyler took his break, he left the store for a few minutes to go to bath and body works to buy himself some lotion.

When he came back he saw that josh hadn’t left yet. He walked back in, he walked to he counter where Billie was to get his backpack. Josh started to leave, he got his stuff and threw everything away, except the drink. Tyler saw as josh started to walk away to the door, but josh stopped at the counter. Billie saw this as a “oh shit it’s bout to go down.” Cue. So she left.

Josh: “hey, Um what’s your name?”

Tyler: “it’s Tyler, why?”

Josh: “oh nothing. It’s just....your...”

Josh started getting red, Tyler did too he was a bit confused.

Tyler: “is everything alright?”

Josh: “nah, it’s just....I’m gonna come back some other time...I guarantee it...”

Tyler: “I’m looking forward to that!”

Josh: “godammit your fucking adorable!”

Tyler blushed so hard, his stomach felt like butterflies. He smiled, josh realized what he had said.

Tyler: “thank you sir.”

Josh: “I, I’m sorry....bye!”

Tyler: “your fine! Josh!”

Josh ran out the door in embarrassment, it was 7, he walked to his car and drove off. He was so mad at himself! He one of the biggest business men in Hollywood and what this situation ruins it all, he turned on some music. It helped him brush the thoughts off as he got home, the gates opened and he parked. He walked in and locked the door shut, he threw his jacket on the couch and angrily sat down. He felt so stupid, he didn’t even know him and he was already interested in him. The media already knew that he was bisexual, which is good because then the situation would be worse.

He walked upstairs and changed into something more comfortable, then got into bed. He couldn’t get the boy out of his mind, he noticed his radio was playing “talk me down.” By troye Sivan, he was friends with the guy. The lyrics were “I wanna sleep next you.” And “I wanna hold hands with you.” And the last one that triggered him. “I wanna be close to you.” Josh blushed so hard. He started talking to himself.

Josh: “I’m gonna get you back for this song troye.”

He laughed at the thought but then got slapped in the face with Tyler’s image.

Josh: “what am I gonna do? How do I get closer to you, that’s all I want to do.


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