You Had Me At Hello🌿

Chapter two: photoshoot✨

Tyler and Billie stayed up last night watching a bunch of movies, so they woke up late. Tyler opened his eyes, he sat up as he rubbed his face. He yawned and looked around, he noticed the clock. It was 7:40am! They were an hour late! Tyler started shaking Billie, she shortly woke up and Tyler explained everything. She had spare cloths so they both started to get ready, they rushed almost everything,

he didn’t want to look bad so he put a bit of effort into his outfit, he wore a oversized wavy top tucked into some formal beige dress pants and his white nikes. He grabbed his bag as Billie ran behind him

She quickly made a messy bun on her way out while wearing a neon sweater and black shorts with neon nikes. As Tyler locked the door, Billie unlocked the car and started it up and Tyler ran into it. He slammed the door and Billie drove off, they parked by 8:20. Then ran out making sure the car was locked, they had to cross the road only once, they sped walked a bit.

Billie: “I’m so tired fucccckkkkkk!”

Tyler: “we have to hurry dude cmon!!!”

Billie: “bro what the fuck is that over there!?!?”

Tyler: “what!?”

As they walked they saw a bunch of people rounded up in the middle of a park. There were photographers everywhere, following a tall figure. Tyler tried to get a better view still getting closer, as soon as he crossed between the whole thing he saw red hair.

Tyler: “shit.”

Billie: “what!? What happened!”

Tyler: “that’s josh dun! Again? Why is he here!??”

Billie: “hes the one that called you adorable!!”

Tyler: “yea I know! We should go!”

Billie: “what why!?”

Tyler grabbed her arm and started walking away, josh kept looking around

And sometimes making poses. That was when he made eye contact with Tyler, he blushed but he really wanted to talk to him, so he started heading into his direction while waving, Tyler noticed and stopped he didn’t know what to do. He just smiled and waved back, Josh finally caught up to him.

Josh: “Tyler! Hey look can we talk??”

Tyler: “yes of course it’s just I’m in a hurry I’m sorry!!”

Josh: “can I have your number!??”

Tyler: “yea it’s-“

Josh pulled out his phone and quickly started typing it in.

Tyler: “571-212-9857, alright call me later!! Bye!”

Josh: “thanks a lot, I’ll make sure to call!”

They waved goodbye as they parted, Tyler and Billie finally made it to the cafe. They apologized to Melanie, and helped her with the customers. Once settled and finally done with orders they took a long break. Tyler sat down to write some lyrics, Billie just slept while Melanie drew. It was only 10:00am, today wasn’t that bad. Tyler was then interrupted by a phone call, he quickly grabbed his phone hoping it was josh, And it was!

Tyler: “hello?, is his josh?”

Josh: “yes! It is how are you Tyler?”

Tyler: “I’m good, a bit tired how bout you?”

Josh: “I’m great, but we both know why I called or actually I don’t want you to think that I’m mad Im actually sorry....”

Tyler: “it’s really ok josh, I’m honored actually. I know all about your work and half of your personal life but, I don’t know you as a person...”

Josh: “yea I know, and I’m glad your not weirded out, but I’d like to invite to dinner Friday night in Hollywood.”

Tyler: “what! Really? Wait no I can’t accept that-“

Josh: “I don’t care I’m taking you out to dinner, no but’s ok!”

Tyler: “but!-“

Josh: “Tyler! I’m taking you out to dinner.”

Tyler: “fine, thank you josh. I don’t know what to wear tho.”

Josh: “it’s ok, it is a fancy place but don’t wear anything casual, I’m not trying to say I don’t like that side of you but something you know, formal somehow.”

Tyler: “I’ll write it down, don’t worry. What time?”

Josh: “8:30, I’m looking forward to this, I’ll see you this Friday, goodbye good looking.”

Tyler smiled, he giggled a bit.

Tyler: “goodbye lover boy.”

He hanged up. He couldn’t stop smiling, his idol is literally taking him out to dinner. “Wow” he thought. He set down the phone as he helped his friends, the rest of the day was normal. Tyler couldn’t stop thinking about josh, he was so excited. When work was over they all said their goodbyes and Tyler headed home, he felt static. He would see josh in a day! It was only Wednesday. Back with josh it was the same, he was very excited, but also a bit nervous....actually extremely nervous. He didn’t know what he would say but he knew that it should go really well.

He made himself a margarita while listening to some oldies in the kitchen, he wore a red robe with gold outlines. And some Gucci sweatpants, With Gucci slippers he walked around the room thinking about what the dinner would go like. He sat down on the couch and grabbed his phone, he went to contacts to change Tyler’s name to “cute boy I met💕” he’d change it once he got to know him better. He smiled as he turned off his phone, he relaxed a bit as he watched some tv. He was happy, all his other relationships were complicated. But he knew for sure that maybe this one was the one.

They both slept at peace with the world, they were healthy, happy and excited.


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