You Had Me At Hello🌿

Chapter three: Date night💖

The week went by fast, or Wednesday went by really fast it was already Friday. But Wednesday was the same as any other day. Sorta, josh did call a few times

Which Tyler wasn’t complaining about, he was so excited and he knows he’s said it many times but still! His heart was racing.

He took a day off Friday, luckily his boss was actually Melanie, Yea surprisingly.

Anyways, he went to the mall to buy a new top, he settled for a soft grey shirt, and some new black formal pants. He went to bath and body works to get a perfume, he settled on one called “rose.” He then ate some sushi at the food court, he got home at 3:00, He walked into his place setting his bags down. He then decided to do his daily chores and then watched few episodes of the office, then the time came. It was 7:00, for him that was exactly enough time to get dressed.

He thought he looked absolutely sexy, he tucked his new shirt into his new pants and he looked so good, he wore some formal black dress shoes. He had all types of phone cases for moods or colors, he put on a simple black case with a cover that was from Louis Vuitton, but they patterned were white. He went to the bathroom to get pampered up, he cleaned his face then washed and added a cream, he washed it all off as he used his new lotion he bought a few days ago. And then his new perfume, and finally done. It was 7:49, he decided to watch more of the office so he sat down in the living room waiting.

Josh was static aswell, he went out to buy a new cologne and suit, It was beige

He loved the way he looked, he washed his face before leaving. He got his friend mark to get his limo so it would be more romantic, they both walked out and mark started the car up and josh sat down. Mark left, the gates closed behind them. Josh was a bit jumpy but very nervous, he was so excited tho.

They arrived to Tyler’s home, josh liked the way it looked it was very simple. Tyler gave him the address yesterday, luckly it wasn’t too far. He walked up to the door, he he fixed his hair getting ready to knock. He actually dyed his hair a different color yesterday aswell, it was yellow now. He knocked waiting for a response, Tyler shortly answered.

Tyler: “hey! Josh, you ready?”

Josh: “yea! Totally. Let’s go”

Tyler stepped out, josh couldn’t catch his breath. Tyler looked so sexy, he blushed.

Tyler: “is everything alright?”

Josh: “yea, you look amazing”

Tyler: “oh thank you, you too by the way, you have new hair! It looks so cute!”

Tyler reached for his hair, he ran his fingers through his hair. Josh smiled he held Tyler’s hand,and smiled.

Josh: “thanks, now we should get going.”

Tyler nodded and he followed josh down the stairs. His eyes widened as he saw the limo, he felt bad.

Tyler: “a limo? But why? It’s sweet but don’t you think it’s too much?”

Josh: “not at all, you deserve it Tyler.”

Tyler smiled, he then blushed. Once they reached the car josh opened the door for him, Tyler sat down waiting for josh to get in. Once he did mark drove off to Hollywood, they were a bit awkward but still happy to see eachother again.

Tyler: “so what’s the name of the place?”

Josh: “oh, l’amour. It means love, in French.”

Tyler: “that sounds so romantic...sorry.”

Josh: “what why sorry?”

Tyler: “idk I just feel like I shouldn’t say that...”

Josh: “no don’t be sorry for anything!”

Josh grabbed his hands and pulled him closer.

Josh: “you deserve this....I just know you do ok, so please don’t say that. I really like you-“

Tyler: “what?-“

Josh: “-your cute side, you know? Like i don’t know how to explain but i love when you get nervous or cocky sometimes....”

Tyler: “I like that your shy, it’s cute.”

Tyler found it odd that he cut off to that, which is very random. But he didn’t mind.

Josh smiled, he still had Tyler’s hands in his. He blushed and tried to part them but Tyler held on, josh looked up at him. Tyler smiled and kissed his cheek. Josh was so surprised but he loved everything about it, when they parted josh looked deeply into the windows of his soul. Those beautiful hazel eyes drove josh crazy, they got closer and closer ready to finally kiss but mark interrupted them.

Mark: “were here lovebirds, now get out.”

Josh: “damn mark, alright I’ll see you later, I’ll call you.”

Mark hummed and they got out of the car, Tyler didn’t even see the red carpet to the restaurant. It was a stair case, and there was so much paparazzi everywhere. Tyler felt his anxiety getting ready to burst until he felt josh’s hand.

Josh: “ I know it seems like too much. But Trust me ok?”

Tyler: “alright, josh”

Josh started walking up the stairs with Tyler behind. So many questions were being asked and pictures being taken, Tyler was still scared but he decided to keep it together. He worried about how he looked, but josh kept him close. Josh held his hand the whole time, once they reached the doors a waiter opened them. They walked in as the waiter escorted them to their seats

The scenery was beautiful, Tyler already loved it. They sat down as the waiter grabbed their menus, the waiter left.

Tyler: “so what are you gonna get?”

Josh: “I’m not sure, but definitely some macaroons.”

Tyler: “yea totally, I think I’m gonna get their fancy ratatouille.”

Josh: “I was looking for that actually, we’ll make that two orders.”

They settled and put down their menus, they were a bit silent.

Tyler: “so, thanks again josh. This is so pretty, and the view is great.”

Josh: “stop saying thank you, I said that you deserve this and more. You must work hard, what career do you have?”

Tyler: “I work as a photographer but I go to the cafe as my side job bc I take photos of concerts that come to town. And I obviously need something to do while I wait for the next concert, and when I do. I usually take a day off. And go to that concert.”

Josh: “how much do you earn? And do you even like it?”

Tyler: “I love it, it opens a whole new world of variety. And when some of my favorite artists come I get to meet them. I’m a professional photographer, I’ve been doing it for years. I’m not big but I’m a bit popular somehow? I get paid 70k a year but 3k a month, I charge 120 or 100 each hour. I do models sometimes, but for small businesses. The only time I’ve Done anything big was my collaboration with Versace. But that was a year ago, so life isn’t so bad. I’m happy for now. But I do hope to get big someday.”

Josh: “wow that’s great. so yea, You do deserve more, I’m gonna make that happen. BEFORE you say no! I don’t care I’m gonna treat you!!”

Tyler: “josh this is too much! I’m fine! Please! Trust me! If I need you for real, I’ll make sure to call. Please.”

Josh: “I get it, im sorry. I guess it really is too much, I’m sorry.”

Tyler: “it’s perfectly okay, don’t worry.”

They smiled, the waiter came back and took their orders. Once done he asked for drinks and shortly he was bringing them some Pepsi, they talked a bit right after they got their meals. About ideas for a possible new fashion line for josh’s company, they shared good memories aswell. They finished half an hour later.

Tyler: “I had a great time josh, this was amazing”

Josh: “I’m so glad you liked it, this was also an amazing night.”

They shared silence until they heard a faint tune, it suddenly became louder. They looked over, people were joining the dance floor, Tyler started tapping his foot, Tyler got up and grabbed josh’s hand, he dragged him to the dance floor.

Tyler: “lets go! Cmon!!”

Josh: “what!? No! I’m not a dancer Tyler! You go I’ll be fine.”

Tyler: “no! Your coming with me, period.”

Tyler gave him a look whilst still holding his hand, josh finally gave in. He nodded and Tyler smiled. They reached the dance floor and immediately started dancing. Well sorta, it wasn’t hardcore but relaxing, josh stood there. He swayed back and forth but didn’t really do anything, Tyler on the other hand was swaying his hips. He waved his arms back and forth it was dark. And the only light source was a red disco ball, there was a ceiling over them. josh still didn’t want to move. Tyler then tried something else, while moving he seductively loosened his shirt to reveal a little more of his shoulders, it was obvious josh saw, he started blushing furiously.

Tyler then walked over to where he was and put his arms around his neck, still waving his hips. Josh didn’t know what to do, why was he so intimidated by such a small person. He was so confident and outgoing, which is ironic because josh is literally one of the most successful business men in the district!! He Went for it, he wrapped his arms around Tyler’s waist. Tyler smiled at this, he put his hands on josh’s and guided them on each side of his waist. He waved side to side, making josh move more, sooner or later they were dancing. They were both laughing, josh was surprised but was really enjoying it. Still dancing someone bumped into Tyler and pushed him into josh’s arms, he looked up. Josh’s eyes were beautiful, josh really wanted to kiss him but he still couldn’t. Tyler then realized what just happened and stepped away from him.

Tyler: “sorry, we should get going soon.”

Josh dazed off, he didn’t even hear what Tyler had said. He was way to focused on him.

Josh: “I what?”

Tyler: “we should get going?”

Josh: “oh yea, let’s go.”

Josh grabbed his hand and guided him back to the entrance to leave, Tyler followed behind as they walked back the stairs. Paparazzi was still out which was so surprising. They once again took more pictures and a bunch of questions, josh got into the limo, and Tyler did so too. They drove off in awkward silence, Tyler couldn’t take it anymore, he scooted over to josh. He started straddling him, josh didn’t stop him.

Mark looked at the mirror, he smiled and closed the window between them. He then turned to take a longer road, Tyler was now fully on top of josh. With his legs on each side of him, josh was blushing so much he didn’t know what to do.

Tyler: “josh, I know what we both want.”

Josh: “you-u do...?”

Josh’s breath hitched, he was getting hard.

Tyler: “I really do, I want you to meet me my at my house tomorrow around 11:30.”

Josh: “oh wow, um...totally....”

He had a full on boner as soon as he heard Tyler’s words. Tyler felt a bump, josh covered his face, he smiled. Tyler removed josh’s hands from josh’s face and kissed him. Josh’s eyes widened, he kissed back, they made out in the back seat. With josh’s hands on his waist and Tyler’s around his neck. Tyler was also getting turned on, mark then reached Tyler’s home.

Mark: “alright fuck buddies, were here.”


Tyler got off josh.

Tyler: “I’ll see you tomorrow, bye 👋”

He left a confused sweaty josh in the back seat, once Tyler entered the home safely mark drove off. Josh looked down, his bump was so noticeable. He needed to take care of it.

Mark: “you need privacy?”

Josh: “you know me so well.”

Mark rolled up the window and turned on the radio on so he wouldn’t hear josh. The rest of the car ride was a bunch of moaning and dirty things being said under his breath. Josh got home and weakly walked to his door, mark left to park the limo somewhere else. Josh reached his house and walked in, he went to the kitchen and got an iced tea. he sat down in a chair, he thought about this thing with Tyler.

He wanted to progress more with him, but after all the paparazzi craze. He really needed to stop somehow, “no!” He thought, but at the same time he was scared....he didn’t know if we was good enough...he needed some pep talk. Someone needed to help him clear up or at least understand what he needs. And he can’t go to Tyler, he can’t hurt him. He got up and went upstairs he changed into something more comfortable. He then got a call, it wasn’t Tyler it was anonymous. He answered.

Josh: “hello?”

Billie: “hey dude I’m Tyler’s friend, Billie. You saw me at the park yesterday.”

Josh: “oh! Yea!, um do you need anything? And how did you get my number...?”

Billie: “Tyler did duh, anyways I’m putting down some ground rules, I need you to listen because Tyler is my best friend and I love him.”

Josh hated himself for being intimidated.

Josh: “yes....? And these rules are?”

Billie vented most of the time, but she had some good points. Josh agreed to some, confused at times but understanding. Then he realized what if Billie could help him?

Josh: “WaiT biLLIe! I have a question!”

Billie: “-oh!, um go ahead. What is it?”

Josh: “so uM I’m sorta confused about this thing with Tyler and I’m not sure if I’m.....”

Billie: “I’m what?”

Josh: “good enough?”

Billie immediately got static, she was so excited.

Billie: “lets meet up tomorrow at the edge of the wharf at 11:00 sharp. Don’t let me down. We got training to do.”

Josh: “wait really! Great sure I’ll see you there.”

Billie: “cool! Looking forward to this! Alright bye!”

Josh: “yea see you!!”

They hanged up, josh plopped onto the bed and thought about Tyler....he radiates such a beautiful essence. He got flustered, he smiled like an absolute idiot.


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