Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Lion

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 10: Lion of the Beach


Beach City Containment Camp, Makeshift Gem Camp, present day


"We're running out of time!" Sadie shouted as she punched an Agate back, only to be caught by two more. "There's too many of them.

Suddenly, there was a large flash of light, and the Agates holding Sadie were shot back by a large bolt of energy. As Sadie looked to the source of the blast. She smiled in relief at what she saw. There standing before her, sword and shield in hand, was Rose Quartz, with behind her a force from on high. As several of the Gem charged forward to combat the incoming Agates, Connie rushed over and lifted Sadie up from the ground.

"Hey are you okay?" Connie asked the young girl. "What are you doing here?"

"Isn't obvious" Sadie scoffed as she brushed herself off, "Were fighting for the city. G.E.R.M was wiped out, so we took matters into our own hands."

Connie then noticed the strange blue colored Gem on Sadie's chest. Connie gave Sadie a puzzling look before Steven came over.

"Steven, look at this." Connie said to Steven as she gestured to Sadie. Steven noticed the Gem on Sadie and grinned widely.

"Say, that's the Gem from the monster we encountered at the Island!" Steven exclaimed as he poked Sadie's Gem. "How did you get that?"

"I gave it to her." Rose interjected as she approached the three Gems. "With the help of Howlite, Lars and Sadie were not only able to escape from Diamond's encampment, but many of them were able to become Illam Adeptus Gems in the process."

Connie looked to Sadie with stars in her eyes. "This is amazing! How many of you are Gems?"

Sadie looked around as she watched many of the residents of Beach City using their new Gem powers. Buck Dewey dodged several Agates before luring them onto the beachside, thereby allowing him to stomp his foot and create a small tremor in the earth, shaking the Agates like bells before he smashed them with his flail. Sadie then saw Kiki run until she was cornered by several Agate, as soon as she saw the Agates approach her, she curled up into a ball took a deep breath, and her back quickly grew large spikes. The Agate's back away a few inches, only to be tackled by Buck Dewey, who was wearing a ice-like armor. Looking up to the sky, several Agates were approaching the camp; they were suddenly shot down by Sour Cream, who was firing small cones at the Agates.

"This is for, my dad, and Onion you fucks!" he shouted as he directed several cones to attack another round of Agates.

Sadie then turned back to Connie and Steven and shrugged. "I'm pretty sure I have everyone."

Steven then looked around, expecting to see someone. "Speaking of everyone, where is Lars?"

Rose cringed at the question as Connie noticed Sadie expression change; she looked down to the floor and clenched her fists. Immediately, Connie placed her hand on Sadie's shoulder, trying her best to provide comfort for her friend. Steven then noticed this and responded with a flat "Oh" before Rose directed him away from Connie and Sadie.

"Sadie I'm sorry about Lars." Connie said to Sadie, "We should have stayed in Beach City, if we did then maybe-"

"No!" Sadie shouted, interrupting Connie, "You did what you had to do, and so did we. After you left, Rose and Howlite helped us escape Beach City, however, if Lars hadn't…did what he did…none of this would be possible.

Just then, an Agate swooped down by Sadie, this Agate was red and black and it had a golden head. Connie summoned her sword and was about to strike it when Sadie block Connie.

"Wait Connie, this one is with us!" Sadie objected, "It helped us escape Beach City and obtain the Gems."

Connie looked to the Agate suspiciously before Sadie turned to it.

"Overseer, what is the situation?" Sadie asked the Agate.


"Good, what is the status with the Temple?" Sadie asked the Agate.


"Don't worry, he's harmless." Sadie reassured Connie. "He says that all the time, but he hasn't hurt a single person."

Connie sighed in relief as Sadie turned back to the Agate before her. Connie then heard the sound of laughter from behind her; she turned around to see Steven hugging a large portly man in a strange metal suit. It was Greg, alive and well. Connie smiled as she watched Steven and Greg hug Rose, all one big happy family. This reminded Connie of her parents, it had been so long since they were…gone, and all the fighting and traveling almost made her forget about them. The very thought made Connie feel sick, but luckily the sound of Steven shouting to Connie to move over to his location.

"What's wrong Steven?" Connie asked the half-Gem as she approached him.

"You will never guess what I just learned?" Steven said gleefully to Connie.

"Steven, I don't think this is the right time to be so casual." Connie said as she looked towards the temple. "We need to figure out a way to get into the Temple."

"That's just it!" Steven shouted, "The temple is built right over a Metalian bunker."

"Meta-what?" Connie asked in confusion, "Wait, I remember hearing that word a couple times, didn't the Gems have a war with them."

"Oh yeah." Greg interjected "Although I can't remember for the life of me why though…Anyway, during that war, we built bunkers on various planets, this one as well, and just like with everything else, the Gems converted it into part of the Temple."

"Oh I see." Connie said, right before she processed what Greg had just said, "Wait a minute…how did…you said…are…you a…?"

"Yes I am!" Greg said proudly as he placed his right arm over his chest. "I am Kopar, 11th squadron of the 4th Division in the Metalian Army. Under the guidance of our Grand Commander Tiberium, I will do what I must to protect this Universe and preserve it's independence."

Connie gave a look of bewilderment at what she was seeing, not only was Steven a child of a Gem God, but he was also the son of the Gem's enemies, what are the odds.

"But…if you fought against the Gems, then why didn't you use your Metalian powers for, I don't know, preventing Pearl from killing you?"

Greg rose his hands defensively as Connie shouted at him. "Whoa there, I had to give them up or Diamond would have killed me." Greg explained "But thanks to Rose, not only am I back, I am back in business."

To further his point, Greg rose his arm up and shaped his had as if he was holding a gun, in that instant, metallic cannon materialized in his hand. Steven gaped in awe at what his father had done. Greg then aimed it at a group of Agates that were flying over the city and fired. A large stream of bronze colored energy shot from the cannon and flew all the way to the Agates, destroying them in a cloud of bronze dust.

"You know, those things were once my comrads." Greg sighed as he lowered his weapon. "Talk about irony."

Just then, Topaz, Howlite and Emerald ran in, along with Garnet and Amethyst.

"Are you all right?" Rose said to Topaz as she approached her sibling.

"We almost were killed, but it was worth it. We have found an entrance." Topaz exclaimed as they caught Their breath, "Nearby the back of the Temple, there is a small bunker entrance. It should allow us to enter the temple, especially with the Agates occupied."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Connie exclaimed, "Let's put an end to this once and for all!"

"Wait Connie, before we do this, there is something that must be done first." Rose interjected, she then looked to Steven and he looked to Connie.

"What's wrong?" Connie said worryingly, "What are you not telling me?"

"Connie, before you face Diamond, you must understand that he is not a Crystal Beast, or an Agate, or even a Crystal Gem. What you are about to face is a God, a being of immense power that has only increased because of Obsidian." Rose then looked back to Steven and he smiled.

"So we will face him together." Connie replied, anxious at what Rose was explaining to her.

"It's not that simple." Rose said as she placed her hands on Connie's shoulders, "As Gemians, we are unable to kill other Gemians, it is not in our nature to do so. Diamond is a Gemian and so is Obsidian. However, you may have the powers of a Gemian, but not the blood of one."

Connie lightly scoffed as she looked to the temple in the distance, then she looked back to Rose. "So your telling me I have to face him alone, is that it?"

"Yeah, that's it." Steven sighed.

Connie then looked to both Steven and Rose; her eyes began to water up as she began to realize where this was going. "There is more to this, is there?"

As Rose and Steven looked to each other, they looked back to Rose and nodded; Connie then placed her hands over her head and turned her back to the two of them.

"No…" Connie muttered to herself.

"Connie, it's the only way you can face Diamond." Rose pleaded, "At this moment, you are only a quarter of a Gemian's power, but if we comb-"

"NO!" Connie shouted, dropping her hands as she turned to the two Gems. "NO…I CAN'T…NOT AGAIN!" Connie cupped her face as she fell on her knees, sobbing loudly. "…not again…I lost my family…I lost you…I lost two of my children…I just…I just can't…"

Steven moved over to Connie and lifted her up. Connie looked to Steven as he wiped tears from her eyes.

"Steven…please." Connie begged silently, her words choked up by the emotions she was feeling.

"Connie, let me tell you something." Steven said as he grabbed her hand and placed it over his heart, "'I'm not going to leave you this time, and instead, I'm going to become part of you. I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself that will be me, loving you and loving being you. Because you're going to be extraordinary. You're going to be a hero."

"Steven…" Connie whimpered as she hugged Steven tighter.

"Just remember one thing Connie..." Steven said as he pulled Connie forward and stared into her eyes intensely.

"Yes?" Connie said as she did the same.

"...What ever you do, do not, under any circumstances, eat a lion licker ice cream. That stuff is toxic!"

After a minute to process the order, both Connie and Steven started to laugh and giggle as they continued to hug each other. This followed with a passionate kiss from Steven, as soon as their lips parted; Steven stepped back from Connie to stand by his mother.

Connie took a deep breath, wiped the remaining tears from her eyes, and began to concentrate.

"I'm ready."

"I know…" Rose said with a smile, "You always were."

With that, both Steven and Rose placed their hands over their Gem and began to concentrate. Suddenly there was a large flash as the two opened their eyes, which began to glow brightly. Soon the two of them became engulfed in a blinding light. All the Gems and Greg watched in awe at the spectacle before them. They watched as the two lights combined into one. Then a voice echoed out of the light, Connie remembered hearing the same voice when she was tortured by Pearl.

"Sacrificium sustinuisti fecit fortior iuvenum Cleri gemma. Et reliquum vulgus a viribus leo. Utor hac fortitudine prohibere Leviathanem. Tempus est, nisi hic mundus et totum circulum"

With that the light flew right into Connie, creating a blinding flash as a result, as the light faded, the Gems looked to were Connie once stood and saw what stood in her place. It was Connie, but her hair was longer and curlier. She was also wearing Rose's robe, which showed her glowing Gem. As she opened her eyes and looked around to the awe-struck Gem. She smiled and looked down to her hands.

"He was right." She said to herself as she summoned her shield and sword.


Crystal Temple, Heart Chamber (98% Corruption), present day


Diamond stood before the crystal heart, which was now engulfed in the black growth. As he looked around he stared at the bodies of the Gemians that laid on two slabs around the heart. These were the other two children of Topaz, Sunstone and Moonstone, who, like Lapis was supposed to be, going to be sacrificed to summon Obsidian.

Just then, Hematite appeared, kneeling behind his master.

"Master, the Agates have been destroyed." Hematite said to Diamond. "The Facility to make them is gone. We have no means to defend ourselves."

"The Agates were never meant to defend, but rather, collect." Diamond explained as his hands moved from within the heart. "However they did provided enough of a distraction, but now the Furem is approaching. You will deal with her, as well as the others."

"Shall I acquire their Vitae for you?" Hematite asked, hesitantly.

"No..." Diamond replied, shocking his servant with such a response "By the time they come to me, Obsidian will have already become complete, and this Universe will be purified once and for all. Now go!"

Hematite nodded as he teleported away. Leaving Diamond alone with the heart. As he watched the heart pulse with corruption, he bowed his head slightly. As he looked back up to the heart, a large eye suddenly opened in the center. Diamond gritted his teeth as he tried to fight the powers that were controlling him.

"No more..." Diamond grunted as he tried to break free. Only to fall back into the heart. "Stop this…madness…please!"

The being before him finally responded to the Gemian, it's voice deep and harsh, the very sound vibrated intensely within Diamond's mind, to the point where it almost made the Gem god vomit.

"Kotero, ichi ndi chimene iwe ankafuna, kodi sichoncho? Iwe ankadziwa mtengo f'r wathu zambiri ndi accept'd izo." Obsidian hissed, "Kamodzi ine unali restor'd anga mphamvu anabwerera, ine adzakantha ndi mavuto iwe ask'd ine kukonza. Chako chonse sadzakhala ndi machimo iwe want'd kuyeretsa. Iwe want'd ine akumuletsa, anachita iwe?"

"Not like this…" Diamond replied, "This is not what I wanted to happen, the civil war, and the deception to my sibling, what I did to…them…Pearl…you used me to accomplish your own goals…YOU TRICKED ME!"

"Ay, Ine fopped iwe! Ine deceiv'd iwe! Imeneyi sinali zambiri tinali mu malingaliro!" Obsidian groaned mockingly, "Zonse iwe zolengedwa uli yemweyo mu lingaliro: kulenga woyera chonse, free uchimo ndi chodetsa. Izo zimapangitsa izo N'zosavuta kulamulira iwe. Tikadzadza wako mitu ndi wotentheka maloto ake a oyera ndi ulamuliro, ndiyeno iwe achitira enawo, ndipo pa nthawi iwe kuona zipatso za ntchito zako, ndiye ife zomwe ife tikufuna. Ngakhale ine Mufuna kunena, iwo njira yako mtundu perceiv'd iwe ndi ine monga milungu inali zothandiza. Mokondwera pambuyo ine englut chilengedwechi, ndinenso wolawana njira imeneyi ndi ena."

Diamond eyes widened at what Obsidian had said he could feel his stomach drop at the mention of one word.

"Others…what do you mean…others?"

Obsidian growled in response, "Ine ndikukhulupirira Chimatayidwa nthawi kumaliza, tinga?"

Within that instant, Diamond felt his body rise up and place his hands onto the Crystal Heart. As he did, light began to seep through the growth surrounding the heart. Diamond tried to hold his breath and resist the control, only to feel his mouth and voice move on their own.

"Dominum Nazare Obsidian Sanctum Magnus Leviathan Serpentem vobis ista quae animam tibi dedi, et filiorum exactoris Gema herself in cognitione et sapientiae hominis! Suscipe eam sacrafice, atque det mihi quod postulo!"

Diamond then looked to the Gemians lying around the slabs and watched as they slowly dissipated into a greenish mist. As the mist floated into the Crystal Heart, the energy flashing though began to flash on and off, this was accompanied by a large thumping noise, much like a heartbeat.

As the last of the green mist entered the heart, Diamond pulled his hands from the Heart and looked down before him. There, laying on a slab before him was his first child Onyx. Her chest was cut open, revealing a large onyx Gem on her heart, which beat to the rhythm of the larger heart. Diamond then summoned a dagger from the air; a dagger stained with dried blue blood, and raised it above his head.

"Kumaliza!" Obsidian commanded Diamond.

Diamond tried to resist the command of the Leviathan, but it was for not. The Gemian was but a puppet to the Leviathan.

"Ine ndi amene kulamulira iwe Diamondi, ine nthawizonse anali!" Obsidian hissed, "Iwe surviv'd Insidiae ndi gain'd wako mphamvu chifukwa ine allow'd izo, ndipo iwe udzakhala achitira pamene ine ndikunena chifukwa ine hest izo!"

As The Old King began to speak, black tears of obsidian rolling down his face.

"Obsecro autem vos, Leviathanum magnum Magister ordinis, magnum perniciem atque mundorum vitae! Maioris expresserant invocavero, ordinem regem illa magna serpentem effecta, Obsecro autem vos, agens divinum umbrae mortis positum interminatum fortitudine tua insuperabile! Obsecro autem vos, magne Leviathan serpentem Nazare Obsidian Sanctum potentesquaeso vobis quia, nemo, ego præcipio tibi, ..."

Diamond closed his eyes as he mouthed the words "Dimitte mecum" before he plunged the dagger into Onyx's chest, Diamond watched as his daughter awoke in shock, coughing up black blood and reaching for Diamond, only to quickly falter and eventually go limp.

Diamond watched as her body dissipated into a green mist, just like the others, and as he watched the heart beat faster, he uttered the final command to finish what he had started centuries ago.



Crystal Temple Outskirts, present day

Nighttime had already fallen on the remains of Beach City. On the outskirts of the temple, the beach was calm and quiet. However, this silence was ended by the sensation of a large green wave of energy cutting through a large number of Agates. As more of them approached the source of the attack, there stood the Gemian Secundo known as Emerald, carrying his swords in hand. As more of them approached him, he brought his swords together and they transformed into a large ax-like blade. He then turned to see Howlite behind him, and as the two of them nodded to each other, Howlite summoned her ax and the two of them began to spin rapidly. Eventually, the two of them became a small tornado, sucking up air and sand as well as the incoming Agates. After a few moments, the two of them stopped, releasing a small shower of sand, Agate parts, and Gems around them. As Howlite and Emerald looked to each other in surprise at their success, the moment was cut short by the presence of a even bigger being, only this time, this being was on their side. With Connie riding on her shoulders, the tall Gem fusion known as Alexandrite rushed into the outskirts, knocking aside Agate as if they were flies. Emerald and Howlite followed suit, cutting down the Agates that trailed behind.

"Were almost there!" Connie shouted to Emerald and Howlite "We can make it. I know we can!"

Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently, as a defining shriek suddenly shot through the sky. Connie cover her ears, her head feeling like it was splitting open, the other Gems were affected as well, especially Alexandrite, who reverted to her original trio of Gems. Luckily, Garnet was able to catch Connie as she fell.

"Ugh, what the hell was that?" Amethyst groaned as she twisted her finger though her ear, "I thought Greg's snoring was terrible."

"I don't know…" Garnet replied as she helped the disorientated Connie up "But right now, I have a hunch that whatever it is, it's not friendly."

As Connie shook her head and recomposed herself, she looked to her left, and saw Emerald help Howlite up, and Garnet talking to Amethyst, however when she looked over to Pearl, who was staring off into the direction of the Temple, she saw something that rattled her to the very core of her being. The rest of the Gems then looked as well, their expressions changing to horror at what they were seeing, which was the Crystal Temple, but with a colossal black claw extending out of it. The ritual had finally been completed and after billions of years of captivity, the Obsidian Leviathan was finally reborn.

"Were too late…" Pearl whispered as she fell to her knees, tears pouring from her eyes as she gazed into the horror before her. "Sed puniat nos in Gemia…"

Suddenly, from the opposing side of the temple, another claw shot out and planted itself within the earth below, the very impact shaking the ground like paper, causing buildings to topple and the once calm ocean to shake violently. Another defining roar, one that caused the skies above to shake, followed this. The Gems watched as the sky filled with clouds and rain began to pour down, thunder and lightning came and went like cars in an open road. The winds blowing cold air before the Gems. Connie then turned to the other Gems and brandished her sword.

"Is that the Leviathan?" Connie asked the Gems.

"Yes it is." A voice replied, causing the Gems to turn to the grey skinned Gem before them.

"Hematite?" Emerald shouted as he approached the Gem, only for Howlite to stop him.

"Emerald no! He's brainwashed by the Monster." Howlite explained.

"Correction Howlite, I have been enlightened." Hematite interjected with a smile as he looked to the Temple. "The Obsidian Leviathan is the rightful ruler of this Universe, not GEMA, not DITOROQU, not the Gems or Metalian, or any other tyrant, but the Obsidian itself."

"Hematite this is crazy!" Emerald shouted to Hematite, "You are not thinking clearly, Diamond has-"

"Opened my eyes to the truth." Hematite concluded, summoning his pair of Duck Blades, "But I can see that there is no use convincing you to surrender."

"Connie, you and the others go stop the Leviathan." Emerald commanded the young Gem, "Howlite and I will take it from here."

"Emerald…" Connie muttered as Garnet grabbed her attention.

"Don't worry about them Connie, they will be fine." Garnet reassured Connie, as the two of them. If I know Emerald, he has a couple tricks up his sleeve."

"You got that right!" Amethyst interjected "Go kick his ass Emey!"

As Emerald, watched Connie and the Gems dashed off towards the temple, Emerald then turned his sights back to Hematite, who sniggered at the two Gems before him.

"A wise choice to send them off like that." Hematite commented as black armor grew across his upper body, "It will save the Master the trouble of hunting them down."

"THAT'S IT!" Howlite shouted as she summoned her ax and charged at Hematite, only for the Grey Gem to quickly parry the attack and slash Howlite across the chest.

"Howlite!" Emerald shouted as he watched Hematite kick Howlite across the ground and into a rock. As he dashed to her, he was cut off by Hematite, who attempted to cut at him. Emerald jumped back and armed himself, looking to Hematite with a glare of rage.

"Don't worry, the wound is not fatal." Hematite reassured as he brandished his blades, grey blood trickling down one of them, "I didn't want her to interfere with our agreement, you know, the promise you made to me all those years ago?"

"Wha-" Emerald muttered in confusion, before a memory quickly dashed through his mind.


"Doesn't that seems a bit arrogant, Master Emerald?" Hematite said as he gave a look of concern. "You have no idea what I am capable of."

"It's not arrogance Hematite, its ambition. I mean, Master Topaz must have a favorite Secundo, and I will prove that I am that Secundo!"

"With all due respect Master, I find that strategy unlikely. I have gone over your records and you have proven time and time again that you cannot even defeat one opponent without the help of Howlite. However, there is no shame in that."

"Do you see Moonstone asking for help, or Sunstone, or Onyx?" Emerald asked as he brandished his sword "I will prove that I am the best, and I know just how to prove it by defeating you."

Hematite looked at Emerald for a moment and then smiled, he then clenched his fists and positioned himself in a combat position

"If you are challenging me to a duel, then I will at least go easy on you." Hematite said with a grin. "We both won't use our weapons."

"Fine…" Emerald said as he dissipated his sword and entered a fighting stance as well. "…but there will be a day when we will face each other with full force, and I hope you will expect to fall to the floor many times."

"If you say so Master…" Hematite scoffed "…if you say so."


Emerald grinned as he looked down at his blade, grabbing the hilt with both hands; he held it horizontal from Hematite. As he did, the blade in his hand then began to glow brightly.

"So, you finally wish to challenge me to a duel at your full power, eh?" Emerald asked Hematite, who positioned himself in preparation of an attack. "Well then I have only one thing to say to you."

Suddenly, there was a large green flash, staggering Hematite. When he opened his eyes and looked back, there was Emerald, but his weapon was now a single green katana. Emerald also had a pair of wings composed of stone and green energy. As Emerald watched Hematite brandish his weapons, Emerald did the same.

"How about you amuse me with your futile attacks?" Emerald asked Hematite as he prepared to attack.

"With pleasure, "Master Emerald!"" Hematite replied slyly, preparing to do the same.

Within the instant the two Gems, once brothers in arms, now enemies in war, with weapons in hand and potentials reached, charged.


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