Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Leviathan

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 11: Against Her-Story, Against Leviathan


Beach City Temple Exterior, present day


Horror, it is a feeling that many people experience during times of sheer terror. Every day there is one living creature on this planet that experiences it. Most of the time, it is related to the possibility of death, other times, it is during a time where one might lose everything they care about. However, at this moment, in this city, as group of Gems watched an eldritch being emerge before them, they had received a visit from both of these horrors.

As Connie and the Gems approached the exterior of the temple, Topaz and Thorn dropped down next to them. The group of Gems looked up at the statue, which was intact save for the two giant arms protruding from the sides.

"You know, just this once I wish the enemy was a bank robber, or a living slice of pizza. But no, it has to be an evil god." Amethyst scoffed as she summoned her weapon.

"Amethsyst!" Garnet said to the purple Gem before moving over to Topaz. "Alright Master, how do we stop this thing?"

Topaz looked up at the temple with an expression of worry, thinking of a way to stop Obsidian. As the Gems looked to Them, they saw Them look down.

"I…I don't know…" Topaz said blankly. "I never fought the Leviathan or learned much about it. The only one who knows how to kill it is GEMA, but she is…gone."

"No she is not!" Connie interjected. "I recall correctly that you are Topaz, the embodiment of The Crystal Mother's knowledge, surely you must know something.

Topaz pondered this before an idea hatched into their brain. "I got it! Diamond is being used as a host for Obsidian, so if that connection is severed…"

"…then Obsidian would die." Thorn concluded as she armed her claws. Dashing towards the temple. "You hear that Obsidian, we know how to kill you, and you can sto-"

"Thorn, NO!" Topaz shouted as they reached out for the arrogant Gem.

Just then, the face of the temple broke open, in its place, a large black head emerged from the remains of the temple; it soon broke away the rest of the temple, reveling its body to the Gems. Thorn froze solid as she saw the great beast look down to her. As she looked into the gaze of the Leviathan, she felt a huge wave of insignificance and hopelessness wash over her. Topaz tried to call her back, but his commands were ignored as they watched the Gem fall on her knees, tears flowing from her eyes.

"All is lost." Thorn wisped as she gazed to the Leviathan. "Azurite, I failed you."

Just then, the great beast lowered his head and clasped his jaws around thorn. Quickly devouring the Gem as well as a large chunk of the beach along with her.

"NO!" Topaz shouted as they tried to dash towards Obsidian, only to be restrained by Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. They tried to break free, but as Connie stood before the Gemian and looked at them with a look of certainty. The Taskmaster broke down, falling to their knees and cupping their hand over his face. The Gems then looked back to Obsidian as he raised his head. Bellowing an earth-shaking roar into the heavens above. As he did, all the glass in Beach City shattered into fragments. This also attracted the attention of the Gems fighting from afar, who then noticed the large black creature shouting into the air.

"Ine munakwera anabwera pa dziko lapansi, ndipo ine mapazi awiri anatenga moyo!" Obsidian shouted, raising his arms into the air.

"I don't know what he said, but I think it involves killing us." Garnet said as she summoned her weapon. She then felt a hand on her shoulder as she turned to see Pearl looking to her with worry.

"Garnet…" Pearl said hesitantly. "If we…If don't make it…I…I want to know if…well…if we are…"

Pearl stopped as she felt a hand press on her cheek, as Pearl looked up to Garnet.


"Yes Garnet?"

"…Just shut up!"

The tall Gem bent in and kissed her, Pearl was shocked at first but then embraced the emotions. The two then quickly broke off the kiss.

"Better?" Garnet asked her Gem sister.

"Y-yeah" Pearl responded with a blush.

"Good" Garnet turned back to the Leviathan, who was already attacking a group of Gems led by Sadie. She then felt Pearl grab Garnet's arm and they looked to each other and smiled.

"So not to interrupt your little love fest here, how the hell are we gonna fight a huge monster?" Amethyst interjected watching as a Gem flew above them.

"With a huge Gem of course." Garnet replied, still looking towards Pearl.

Pearl looked at Garnet curiously, until she remembered whom she was referring to, a certain Gem that the three of them had not used in a long time.

"Alexandrite?" Pearl asked.

"Alexandrite." Garnet relied with a nod.

"Alexandrite!" Amethyst shouted as she rose her hands into the air.

The three Gems then created a circle around each other, each preparing to synchronize into the Great Gem known as Alexandrite.

"I hope you have improved on your synchronizing since last time." Pearl said to Amethyst with a smug look."

"I hope that you don't just make us Obsidian's butt buddy." Amethyst replied immaturely, causing Pearl to groan with annoyance.

The two Gems then looked to Garnet who positioned her arms before her and pulled them back, causing her Gems to glow.



Crystal Temple Outskirts, present day

Emerald grunted in frustration as he slid back, having evaded another attack by Hematite. As he stood up, he dashed forward, quickly disappearing and reappearing behind the grey Gem. Hematite however, simply pulled his arms back, which caused a black pulse to emerge from the Gem and send Emerald flying into a nearby building. Emerald stood up from the wreckage and flung an energy blast from his sword at Hematite, who simply smacked the attack aside.

"Emerald, there is no chance for you to win." Hematite said proudly as he pointed to the temple in the distance. "Do you not see that Obsidian has already risen? It is too late for you to top him."

Emerald growled as he dove up towards Hematite, throwing punch after punch, slash after slash, using everything he could think of to attack the corrupted Gem. Hematite quickly and efficiently avoided these attacks. His calculating mind and intellect giving him the ability to predict and counteract the Gemian's attacks. Eventually, Hematite smiled as Emerald charged at him again, only to be shot with a large bolt of energy. As Emerald floated in the air, Hematite scoffed and threw him across the city, all the way into the beachside. As Emerald stood up from the watery shore, he saw Hematite start to approach him from afar, a ball of black energy in his hands.

"This was your ultimate flaw Emerald!" Hematite shouted to Emerald. "You are like a cannon: Powerful as you may be, you are predictable and easy to avoid. I would say it fits well with your arrogance. In fact, I recall that your arrogance is the cause of the Insidiae massacre, isn't it?"

Emerald once again dashed towards Hematite, but as the grey Gem fired his energy ball, Emerald moved upward, allowing the ball to blow up below him and propel the Gemian upwards. Hematite watched with surprise as Emerald charge down with sword in hand. As Emerald quickly smashed into the ground before Hematite, the Gem could only be knocked aside. Staggered by the blast, he quickly channeled another ball of energy and fired it at Emerald, blowing up the Gemian within a cloud of smoke.

As the smoke cleared, Emerald stood in the wake, unscathed by the blast with his hand extended outward. He then retracted his arm and bolted towards Hematite, punching him several times in the face before roundhouse kicking him into a building.

"Yeah, I can be predictable." Emerald said as he bent down, his Vitae supply dwindling. "But that does not mean I can change the game now and then."

Just then, a large beam of black energy shot from the building. Emerald quickly used his sword to block the attack. As the beam stopped, Emerald lowered his blade, only to be shot with a larger blast of energy. This blew Emerald up as well as level several buildings. As Hematite pulled himself from the wreckage, he watched as several signs fell from the sky. One was for a pizzeria while another was for a café. The grey Gem then noticed something in the distance, between the fallen signs. It was Emerald, only his coat and shirt were torn and his torso was burned. The green Gem staggered as he tried to stand up, but he did, and then he armed himself once more.

"Is…is that..it?...Good." Emerald asked Hematite weakly; his exhaustion was now starting to show. "My turn then!"

Emerald bent down and bolted to Hematite, clocking the Gem in the face and slamming his head into the wall of the building behind him. Emerald then decked him aside, sending his body across the wall like a wrecking ball. As Hematite fell to the ground, Emerald quickly dove in and snatched the grey Gem, beating him into a pulp as they flew across the city. Eventually, Emerald directed all his energy into his fist and decked Hematite in the chest, sending the Gem flying until he crashed into an abandoned carwash. Emerald then stood up as he looked down to Hematite. The Gemian glared at the Gem he once called a friend, knowing that there was only one way to end this. Emerald slowly raised his blade into the air to finish off Hematite. Only to feel his arm halted by another. Emerald looked beside him and saw Howlite there, holding his arm, her face was bruised from Hematite, but her eyes looked to him for mercy.

"Howlite, what are you doing?" Emerald said to the cracked Gem as he tried to shake her off. "I have to stop him."

"No! You don't!" Howlite objected as she pointed to the Leviathan. "You have to stop the Monster. Hematite is not the monster, he is our friend."

"Not anymore!" Emerald said as he broke Howlite's grip of his arm. "For Gemia's sake Howlite, he tried to kill us, he tried to kill you. He works for Diamond remember, Diamond brainwashed him. You should know that from…"

Howlite eyes began to fill with tears as she looked to the floor. "I know Emerald, but before I escaped Insidiae, I promised Hematite that I would save him, and as a warrior to EMPE, to you, I keep my oath."

Emerald sighed as he turned back to Hematite. He clenched his blade as he too began to shed tears.

"Howlite…this is the only way…he is too far gone…I'm sorry."

Howlite whimpered as she turned away from the Gemian. As he looked back down to the Gem before him, he lifted his blade again, preparing to strike once more.

"Gemia, see the innocence in this child of yours home. Grant him rest from his burdens and sins."

As he was about to bring his sword down onto Hematite the Gem quickly opened his eyes and grabbed the blade, looking to a shocked Emerald with a curious look.

"Master, why would you do this to me?"

Before Emerald could respond, he heard a quick slash of a blade. As he looked around for the source, he looked back down to Hematite, who was smiling at him. Emerald then noticed the duck blade in his hand, which had a blade lightly coated with dark green blood. As Emerald was about to speak, he felt his throat feel warm and his chest feel wet. Emerald looked down to see that his throat was slit and he was bleeding upon the realization he looked to Hematite again, who stood up and smiled before kicking the Gemian down to the ground. Howlite then heard the commotion and turned around to see what had happened. Her eyes widened with shock as she saw Hematite standing over the bleeding Emerald.

"EMEY NO!" Howlite screamed as she summoned her ax. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

The cracked Gem lunged at Hematite, only to be drop kicked by the grey Gem, who tisked as he walked around Howlite and knelt beside the gurgling Emerald.

"A Gemian cannot kill another Gemian." Hematite said as he looked to the Gemain before him. "But as you can see, I am not a Gemain."

"It is quite sad really, that you, who talked about how you were the best and that your powers were so amazing, and that one attack from you could cut a mountain in half, were defeated by me. But I guess part of that was because of my new powers granted by the Master."

Hematite stood up and looked in the distance as he watched the Leviathan swatting at small specks flying around him like flies.

"You could have surrendered, and then it would be over." Hematite said Emerald. "It didn't have to end like this, with me killing you and all. Did you think this was easy for me? I did not have a choice! I was built from a Metalian for the sole purpose of channeling Obsidian, but then Rhyolite had to escape and I…I had to kill him…my own brother. After that, I had my memory suppressed and I was sent to be with you. I was an outsider, different. However, you accepted me; you were my brothers in arms!"

As the grey Gem continued, he felt his cheeks start to burn; he placed his hand on one and looked at it. He could see a black fluid was leaking from his eyes.

"But then we went to Insidiae, and you recklessly lead us to the eventual death. I was taken and transformed into this. My memories were returned and my purpose was remade. I was forced to gather the children of Topaz and Rose. However, I could not bring myself to hunt you. Now, I know the truth. The reason that Rhyolite, Onyx and I were created, the reason that Diamond needs the Leviathan. This Universe is corrupt, and by using Obsidian, Diamond will stop them and save us. After all, what better way to stop a Le-"

When he turned back to Emerald, he saw, Howlite, injured but alive, with her hands on Emerald. Hematite's eyes widened and he pounced at the Gems, only to be shot back by a small column of energy. Hematite watched as the pillar dissipated to show a tall four-armed Gem with black hair and three green cracked Gems before him.

"Varicite" Hematite stammered as he rose off the ground, "You…you actually did it."

"Yes we did." Varicite smiled as he looked down to the Grey Gem. "Hematite, we know that in your heart, you do not want to serve the Obsidian, and we also know that you want to help us stop him.

Hematite looked to Varicite, then to Obsidian, and then to his black stained hand.

"I…I don't know anymore…" Hematite said hesitantly. "I had been serving Obsidian for so long; my whole existence was for this how I could… I…I think I would be…"

"…A burden?" Varicite said, finishing Hematite's sentence. "No Hematite, you were never a burden. You are our teammate, our brother; we need you now more than ever, just as we needed you back then."

Hematite then looked and saw Varicite with his hand extended a warm smile upon his face.

"Now then, how about we become a team once more?"

Hematite looked down to Varicite's hand and then back up to the Gem fusion. As he did, a small smile grew on his face.

"You do know that I never had any training with Gem fusing, especially with two Gems." Hematite said as he wiped Obsidian tears from his eyes. "This could kill us all, you thought of that, right?"

Varicite grinned in reply. "Yes we did, but it does not matter, for if we do, we will do it as a team. Besides, I am sure you are capable for such."

Hematite scoffed as he grabbed Varicite's hand. "You know, even as a fusion, I can tell that it was Emerald who thought of that cornball."

With that, another pillar of light emerged into the air. Consuming both Varicite and Hematite, replacing the two with a larger Gem in the wake. This massive Gem was known as Serendibite, and as soon as he saw the Obsidian, he quickly dashed towards them.

"Now then, let us end this great Beast once and for all."


Crystal Temple Ruins, present day


Alexandrite shot several large arrows at the Leviathan, pinning it to the Cliffside. Obsidian shrieked as he began to remove the arrows from his body. Before he could do it however, he was shot in the face by a large energy cannon shot by Greg before Alexandrite held the being down. The Leviathan, overwhelmed by the attacks finally let out another shriek. As he did, small black beings began to emerge from the back of Obsidian, swooping down at the Gems before them.

"Keep going!" Connie shouted as she, along with Topaz, began running up to Obsidian. "Keep it distracted until I can find an entrance.

"Okay!" Greg said as he narrowly dodged a large Obsidian being, which in turn, sliced a chunk of Greg's hair off. "But make it fast, cause we can't hold them off forever."

As Topaz and Connie reached the base of the ruins, which was also the base of Obsidian. Connie looked around for any sign of a door or entrance. However, all they could find it was just stone; there was no visible way of entering the building.

"Damn! The Obsidian must have absorbed the doorway." Connie shouted to Topaz. "We will need to go around the temple in order to find another way-"

Before she could finish, Topaz summoned their large golden lance and stabbed the wall before them, causing the wall to explode and create a huge hole into the temple.

"…in…" Connie finished with a mumble, feeling a bit sandbagged by the Gem God of Knowledge.

Topaz then looked to Connie and gestured to the hole.

"I believe the proper human term is "ladies first"?" Topaz added.

Connie then gave Topaz a blank stare, scanning the Gemian with concern.

"What?" Topaz asked Connie. "Isn't it a custom tradition of humans to-"

"Oh Yes it is." Connie responded with a sigh. "But what about…uh...well...aren't...you...um…unless...eh…?"

After a few moments of silence, Topaz realized what she was trying to ask.

"Never mind then." Topaz chimed in as they quickly entered the temple along with Connie.


Obsidian interior, present day


It did not take long for the two to enter the main chamber of the Obsidian. Connie and Topaz quickly noticed the large pulsating back orb that resided in the center, as the two approached it. A tall Gemian appeared before them. It was Diamond, only that he was wearing a black crystal armor, and was welding his mace in hand.

"I have had enough, enough of you trying to destroy the order I have worked so hard to create!" Diamond hissed. "It is time I take matters into my own hands."


Crystal Temple Ruins, present day


Alexandrite and the Gems continued to pin Obsidian to the wall, however, they could see that the Leviathan was still breaking free. As Alexandrite summoned her large hammer, Obsidian broke one of the arrows pinning him and used his now freed hand to smack Alexandrite. Alexandrite struggled as she pushed Obsidian to the wall. As she did, she felt the Obsidian being begin to slice into her back. Alexandrite yelped as she softened her grip, causing Obsidian to break free and punch Alexandrite in the face. As the fusion fell, Obsidian grabbed the ground below him and pushed. The whole ground began to shake as the great Leviathan lifted himself from the temple, standing before Alexandrite, the remaining Beach City Gems plus Greg, and the rest of Beach City. As he looked down to the beings before him. He let out a guttural roar, which was cut short by Serendibite tackling the Leviathan. The Gems along with Greg quickly absconded from the battlefield of the Gem giants.

"What the...?" Alexandrite said as she stood up. "Who are you?"

Before Serendibite could respond, Obsidian shot a pulse of energy that pushed the Gem fusions aside. As Obsidian rose from the ground, He summoned a sickle in his hand and lunged for Alexandrite. The Gem quickly dodged the attack and summoned her flail. Quickly swinging it and hitting Obsidian in the head. As Obsidian fell to the ground with a thud, Serendibite then summoned his sword and cut off Obsidian's, head and limbs. Obsidian then roared as several tentacles shot out of his back, knocking the Gem fusion to the ground. As Alexandrite helped Serendibite up, they turned to Obsidian, and watched as he began to rise off the ground, his wounds healing instantaneously.

"This isn't working." Serendibite said as he clutched his side. "We need more force. Perhaps if we fuse..."

"No!" Alexandrite shouted to the Gem beside her. "A fusion like that is impossible, Gems who did such became unstable or died because of it."

"We have no choice!" Serendibite replied. "We need to buy Connie time, and unless we do something, Obsidian will wipe the floor with us."

Alexandrite watched as Obsidian stood there, watching them. Waiting for them to respond, or, his mind was on other things.

"Alright…" Alexandrite replied as she readied herself. "Let's do this."


Obsidian interior, present day

Quickly, the Old King lunged at the two other Gems, Topaz quickly dodged the attack as they tried to stab Diamond with their lance. Diamond avoided the attack as he swung his mace downward and knocked Topaz to the floor. Connie then pounced at Diamond and grabbed him from behind. Diamond then slammed his back and Connie into the wall behind him. He continued to do this until Connie fell off the Old King and onto the floor. As Connie tried to stand up, she felt a hand grab her scalp and lift her up. Connie screamed as Diamond held her. Topaz then swung their lance at Diamond, causing the Gemian to drop Connie and block the attack with his armor.

"Obsidian, I know that you are controlling my brother." Topaz said to the corrupt Gemian before him. "You may be powerful, but we can see though your lies."

Diamond pushed Topaz back before he turned to block another attack by Connie, who in turn blocked an attack by Diamond. The Old King then summoned another mace and used it to block Topaz's attack. Diamond was now pinned by both Connie and Topaz.

"We also know that Diamond is your host body." Connie added as she shifted her shield into Diamond. "Should we sever your connection to him, your power will be no more."

Diamond looked to Connie and then to Topaz, he then looked down and his whole body began to glow.

"My connection cannot be severed!" Diamond hissed as he began to glow brighter. "I am a God! MY POWER IS INFINITE!"

With that, Diamond created a huge energy pulse, sending Connie and Topaz flying into the walls around the chamber. Diamond staggered for a bit before falling onto his hands and knees, gasping for breath. Connie then staggered up and limped over to Topaz. As she knelt to the Gemian, she turned them over. Seeing a large cut on their chest. Suddenly, a though dashed into her head.

"I have the powers of Rose and Steven, which means…"

Without hesitation, Connie inhaled and spat onto her hand; rubbing her hands together, she placed them onto Topaz's wound. Topaz flinched in pain, as they would healed up. The Taskmaster then awoke, rising up as they looked to Connie.

"Connie." Topaz said in relief. "Thank Gemia you're alright."

"Topaz, listen to me, you have to get out of here and get the Gems to safety." Connie said to Topaz. "I am the only one who can stop Obsidian. But should I fail, you need to help the others."

"But Connie…" Topaz objected, placing a hand on Connie's shoulder. "…you cannot face two Gods alone, he will kill you!"

"But I'm not alone." Connie said warmly as she placed a hand on her stomach. "Not this time."

The two Gems looked back and saw Diamond begin to stand up. Connie then summoned her blade and stabbed the wall, blowing a hole in the side of Obsidian.

"Now go!" Connie commanded Topaz.

Topaz looked to the hole as they moved through it. As the Taskmaster reached the edge, they looked back and saw Connie, shield and sword in hand. Topaz also saw what they though was Rose Quartz and the half-Gem Steven beside her. Topaz smiled as they jumped off the side of Obsidian, the hole closing up behind them.

Connie turned and saw the hole she made close up, satisfied that the Gems would be safe from harm. She then turned back to Diamond, who was now standing tall, his eyes pitch black and with a mace in hand.

"At last, the Furem has come to die." Diamond exclaimed with a snarl. "You have been a thorn in my side for too long!"

"Look, before we do this, could you stop with the charade of "free will is the enemy"?" Connie said mockingly as she positioned herself. "I know that you are Obsidian and that you are controlling Diamond. I also know that all you want to do is destroy the Universe, not control it. To be honest, if you wanted to remove free will, you would have to also apply that to yourself."

"Diamond growled as he raised his free hand and summoned a black sickle. "I am surprised it took you so long to figure that out." Diamond said to Connie. "Of all the species I have consumed in a vast amount of Universes, this one will be my personal favorite. But before that, I will have to deal with you, little Furem."

Connie nodded as she brought up her sword and shield. "Well from your record so far, you would have to understand if I don't believe you."

Diamond growled in anger as brandished his weapons and lunged at his opponent. "No more words defend yourself or perish!"

Connie quickly dodged the attack as she brought the sword down onto the Gemian, only for him to roll out of the way and fling his mace's head at Connie. As Connie blocked the attack, Diamond dashed over and kicked the shield, hitting Connie in the face and dropping her to the floor. Connie quickly rose up; her nose trickling blood a she brought up her blade one more.

"Is that all you got?" Connie scoffed to Diamond, spitting out blood as she lifted her weapons "I had more of a challenge with my Agate hologem, and that was way before you attacked me."

Diamond shouted as he lunged into the air, mace and sickle in hand, and lunged again at Connie. This time, Connie blocked the attack and pushed forward, knocking the Old King back. Diamond flipped to recover as he shot a wave of energy from his sickle at Connie. As she blocked this, she quickly swung her blade back. Slashing Diamond's in the face and causing him to drop his mace.

"Ah!" Diamond shouted Connie, placing his hands over his face. "You little Canem!"

As his limb regenerated, he felt a sharp slash in his back. When he turned to the source of the attack, she was attacked again, cutting Diamond in the abdomen. The pain of the attacks caused Diamond to lose grip of his weapons and drop to the floor, feeling the Vitae drain from his body. As he looked up, she saw Connie walking towards her, brandishing a bloody sword and a cold stare.

"Is this what you waited for?" Diamond asked as he tried to stand up, only to stumble onto his back. "To finish me off? To avenge your loved ones and save your people? Then finish it, kill me, end this cycle once and for all."

Connie glared as she stared down at the bleeding and weakened Gemian before her. However, she did not lift her weapons. Instead, she dissipated them.

"No, I won't." Connie replied to Diamond. "My battle is with Obsidian, not you, and I know how to save you. I promised your sister that I would."

"Save me?" Diamond scoffed to the Gem girl before him. "Look at me! I was the leader of the Crystal Guardians, the Old King. Now I am a puppet, a shell of a Gemian. If you want to kill Obsidian, then you must kill me!"

Connie pondered this for a moment, thinking of what she could do. Just then, the whole chamber shook and there was a loud roar.


Crystal Temple Ruins, present day


The two Gem fusions stood up and raised their arms into the air. In an instant, the two began to become pure energy and start to fuse. In this instant, Obsidian rose from the ground and sliced the energy mound with his sickle. The energy, cut by the Leviathan before it, warped and faded until all that was left was a group of six Gem lying on the ground. Injured from the fighting and exhausted from using their Vitae, the Gems looked up to see Obsidian towering above them. The jaded God looking down upon them with one single glowing eye.

"Numakula iwe kuona mmene vane wako kulimbana?" Obsidian bellowed as he raised his hands into the air, triumpent over his victory."Ine ndine Mulungu, Mulungu woona! Ine ndi amene creat'd Gemia lako kotero call'd "Crystal amayi". Kodi iwe kuyembekezera kuti asiye ndi injini chiwonongeko monga ine?"

The Leviathan then knelt down to the Gems before him, and although they could not see it, it almost looked like he was smiling at them, smiling over his victory over this world and soon the Universe.

"Ngakhale ndimasirira wako chifundo ndi zikhumbo kupulumutsa wako chonse, monga ambiri 'asanafe iwe, ine Mufuna anon adzaswa anga mbali ndi amati zanga."

As Obsidian reached down to the Gems, each of them braced themselves for the worst. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst grabbed each other's hands while Howlite, Hematite and Emerald did the same. However, just as Obsidian was about to grab them, he stopped completely, like a machine that ran out of power. As the Gems began to get up weakly, they looked up to Obsidian with confusion.

"Wait, what just happened?" Amethyst said as she moved closer to Obsidian.

"It must be Connie and Topaz." Hematite interject, his presence startling Amethyst and Pearl before Emerald reassured them. "They are fighting Diamond inside of Obsidian, and I'm guessing that Diamond is losing.

"Come on, he have to help them." Garnet responded, trying to summon her weapons before stumbling. Pearl quickly ran over and supported the tall Gem.

"We used too much Vitae." Howlite said weakly. "We would only get in the way."

Just then, the Gems heard the sound of propellers as a duo of military helicopters began to land around them. The helicopters were large and had an insignia with the letters G.E.R.M written on them. As the Gems prepared for an attack. The choppers opened and from one of them, a tall operate with grey hair who was wearing a military suit with the word "Manson" over his left breast pocket, emerged from the vehicle and rushed over to the Gems.

"Are any of you Connie Maheswaran?" the General asked the group before him, several solders emerged from the choppers and approached the Gems. "I need to speak with her regarding…that!" the General pointed to the tall Obsidian.

"Connie is inside Obsidian and is trying to destroy it." Pearl replied to the General. "So far we have been trying to keep it contained in Beach City."

"Of course!" The General looked up at Obsidian and sighed. "First this town is attacked, then an alien ship crashes on earth, and now our entire planet is under attack by giant...eh...black men."

He quickly looked over to Garnet. "No offence mam."

"Why?" Garnet asked, oblivious to what the General meant by that.

Just then, there was a loud bang as the Gem noticed a large hole open up in the side of Obsidian. The Group of Gems and solders watched as Topaz appeared in the hole look back for a moment, and then jump down to the beachside. They then looked back up at the hole and watch as it closed up.

"Gema suscipiet eam." Topaz said to themself as they placed a hand over their chest. Topaz then turned around and saw the group of Gems and solders. they approached them with curiosity.

"Master Topaz, you're okay!" Howlite exclaimed as she approached the Gemian.

"Yes, thank you for everything." Topaz responded before looking back to Obsidian, who was sill immobile.

"Where is Connie?" Pearl asked Topaz. "Is she all right."

Topaz hesitated before responding.

"Connie stayed behind to deal with Obsidian." Topaz relied. "She asked me to help evacuate the city if she can't."

"No need to do such." The General interjected. "We have already evacuated your Gem friends during the fight. However, I was wondering where those two giant Gems went off to?"

Topaz blinked in confusion. "I'm sorry but, who are you?"

"General Marmaduke Manson the Second" the General replied sternly. "I have been tasked with leading G.E.R.M with evacuation of this city.

"Yeah, they helped me rescue the citizens from Beach City before our attack." Howlite interjected.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar, as the group looked to Obsidian; they knew it was only a matter of time before he focused his attention on them.

"Okay, let move out!" the General shouted as he raised his hand into the air. "Get these Gems to the rendezvous point."

The solders escorted the Gems into the helicopters; Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl went into one, while Howlite, Emerald, Hematite, and Topaz went into another. As Topaz sat down in the chopper, they noticed Hematite sitting across from him.

"Good to see you Hematite." Topaz grinned warmly at the grey Gem.

Hematite nodded slightly in response as Emerald patted him on the shoulder. The Gem looked to Emerald and then to Howlite, who grinned warmly at their friend they lost so many years ago. The General then stepped in the helicopter and sat beside Topaz. Giving a thumb up to the pilot, the chopper began to whirl to life and rise into the air. The Gems looked down to see what remained of Beach City. What was once a lively city filled with people and life was now a desolate war zone. Garnet and Amethyst stared down at the ruins of the city, reminded of when they evacuated the city a long time ago, only this was worst. They then saw Obsidian, still as a statue. Garnet could still sense the energy of Connie from inside Obsidian, placing her hand on the glass as the city fell out of view.


Obsidian Interior, present day


"Kill me…KILL ME!" Diamond commanded the Gem before him.

"No!" Connie shouted back. "I won't."

Diamond scowled at Connie as she turned her attention to the large pulsating object in the center of the chamber. She realized that this was the crystal heart, which was providing the Vitae for Obsidian. As she was about to summon her blade, Diamond's voice caught her attention.

"Need I remind you that I was the one that caused the death of your precious mate and his family? I butchered his father while he was still alive. I forced him to devour your child. Not to mention that it was I who killed your children…along with your parents. Or have you forgotten them already?"

Connie flinched as the memories returned to her, the sight of Pearl holding Steven's head, the sound of her parents calling her name as the Agates cut them down, the pain of when Diamond killed her child. She then looked to Diamond and felt the compulsion to attack him. She felt the hate rise in her body, the desire to torture him for all the pain he has wrought upon her.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you were not so upset after all this time. After all…"

Diamond tilted his head at Connie, knowing that his comments were rattling her.

"…everyone makes mistakes, right?"


Connie grabbed the Gemian by the neck and slammed his head into the ground. As his head cracked the floor below them, Connie grabbed him by the hair and punched him in the face. Diamond gasped as he let out a fog of black smoke from his mouth, a strained gasp emerged from the Old King.

Connie watched the smoke clear before she lifted Diamond again and punched him again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

Eventually, Connie stopped; she dropped the Gemian and rose from the ground, her hands sore and her knuckles bloody, stained with blood mixed from Gemian and Human. As she caught her breath, she looked down to the Gemian below her. His face was bloody, and his nose was broken. Several of his teeth were knocked out and scattered around him. Connie then felt her left hand sting as she lifted it up to examine it. She noticed the tooth that was stuck in one of her knuckles and she pulled it out. As she looked at it, she looked back to Diamond, who then gasped loudly as he looked hazily at the Gem who attacked him.

"Fi...finish…it..." Diamond gasped, spitting out blue blood and a tooth.

Connie bent down to Diamond and lifted his head up; she then opened his mouth and spit into it before dropping him. She watched as Diamond convulsed and shuttered as he wounds healed. Diamond then felt his stomach burn as he began to vomit black bile. As soon as he stopped vomiting, he gasped as he looked to Connie, his eyes a deep silver and his face healed and repaired. Diamond then looked to Connie with an expression of shock.

"You did it, you actually did it." Diamond said as he looked to his hands. "But why? After everything I did, you still showed mercy."

Connie sighed as she helped the Gemian onto his feet. "First: Let me make this clear that I still don't trust you." Connie said as she pointed to Diamond. "Second: I got my satisfaction from beating you into a pulp."

Diamond nodded in agreement, as he rubbed his jaw with his hands. "Clearly…"

"…And third:" Connie said as she looked down to her Gem. "It was because of them. When I first obtained Rose's power I wanted to stop you, to kill you for all that you had done, but now. I see the truth. You are just like me, we both made a huge mistake that altered our lives and changed us. Both of us became so obsessed with the past that we could not let go of our mistakes. If I had killed you, then I would not have changed. I cannot change the past, but I can make a better future, and part of that is to be a better Gem." Connie then approached Diamond and placed a hand on his shoulder. "If I can forgive Pearl, then I can forgive you as well."

Diamond felt tears fall from his face as he grasped the Gem into his arms. Connie stood there awkwardly patting the Gemian on the back as he wept.

"I am sorry." Diamond said to Connie. "Sorry for all the pain I wrought onto you."

Connie broke the hug and smiled to the Gemian, who in turn, with a little hesitation, smiled back.

Connie and Diamond then looking back at the Obsidian heart. As they approached it, Connie slowly placed her hands over her stomach and summoned a knife into her hands. The knife was old and its blade was stained red. As she looked to it, she then looked back to the heart.

"This knife was used to change my life." She said to Diamond, holding the knife in her hands. "Your daughter used it to rip my child out of my womb, and then used it to butcher Steven."

Diamond watched as she placed her hand over the heart. A low growl was heard as a large eye suddenly opened on the heart. It instantly noticed Diamond, who was free from its centuries of control.

"YUDASI!" Obsidian shouted as he tried to attack them. However, nothing seemed to happen, there was rumbling of the chamber, but nothing else. "Chimene iwe wandichitira ine?"

"Without a host you have no power, like a toy without batteries." Diamond explained to Obsidian. "I am free of your control, and now you will fall Obsidian, you will fall for all the death and destruction you have caused."

Obsidian hissed loudly as the chamber shook. "Numakula iwe Musaiwale Mbuye Daimondi, kuti ine ndi yekhayo amene angaletse Tiberium ndi asilikali ake? Ngati iwe kundipha, ndiye iwe adzakhala wosangalala wako mitundu ndi ake!"

Diamond paused at this moment, looking to Connie before looking back to Obsidian. Diamond stood aside as Connie approached the heart. As she stared into the eye of the Leviathan, she looked at him with a smile.

"You know, there was a time when I would have feared you." She said to Obsidian. "Where I would have begged you for mercy or submitted to you. However, that was before I became a Gem. Now look where we are, and who has whom at their mercy?"

"Iwe angayerekeze kuponya pa ine? Muli kanthu moo chabe furem!" Obsidian hissed, looking to Diamond who was beside Connie, glaring at him. This sight made the Leviathan shriek with anger.

"So in a way, when you killed my family, tortured me, and destroyed my home…" Connie continued, ignoring the bleats of rage from Obsidian. "…you just fucked yourself over."

"Iwe sungakhoze kundipha! Ine ndine mulungu, ine ndi Mulungu wanu!" Obsidian hissed in desperation, knowing that without his host, there was no way for him to defend himself. "Weake Ine ndi akulamulira, ine ndi nthawizonse mu ulamuliro!"


Connie raised the blade before the heart. Reminded a certain moment that seemed very familiar.

"I'm sorry about this, but you shouldn't be so upset after all…"

"…Everyone makes mistakes."

Connie plunged the dagger into the heart of Obsidian. Black fluids poured from the wound as she dragged the knife downwards, causing black flesh and energy to pour out of the cut heart. Obsidian let out a defining scream as its eye darted around the room. Diamond then ran over and picked up the sickle from the ground before he tossed it at Obsidian's eye. The sickle shot through the eye, popping it like a grape and causing Obsidian to scream even louder. As he continued to bleed and scream, the chamber began to break apart. Diamond ran over to Connie as the two of them jumped back. Obsidian gave one final shriek before the whole ceiling crumbled above them. There was no way to make an exit without crushing them both.

"Connie, hold on to me." Diamond shouted as Connie grabbed the Old King. "I pray that this still works."

Diamond then lifted his hand into the air and shouted "Chalcos, protegendum nos!" As soon as he did, a silver light surrounded the two of them. Then a large snake emerge from the ground. It was silver in color and had two sets of eyes and three sets of fangs. It quickly wrapped itself around the two Gems.

Outside, the body of Obsidian crumbled like a stone statue. A faint wailing could be heard as it crumbled into the sands below.


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