Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Drag

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 12: Drag me to Insidiae

Maheswaran Residence, 5 hours later


Connie awoke to the sound of her alarm buzzing annoyingly. Connie sat up anxiously as she opened her eyes and looked around. She was back in her room, back in her house. Connie moved to her window and opened it. She saw Beach City, intact and full of life. Everyone was moving a talking. She then sat back onto her bed and looked down at her shirt. She lifted her shirt to see that she was neither pregnant, nor Gem. As she looked up in confusion, she saw her mother pop her head in from the hallway.

"Oh Connie you were awake." Priyanka said happily, "Come on, I just made breakfast."

Connie hesitated before she entered the hallway, everything was normal, no Agates, no dead bodies. It was as if nothing had changed.

"Was it all a dream?" Connie asked herself before she pinched herself; there was no reaction, no change.

"No…:" Connie whispered as she entered the kitchen. There was her father, sitting at the table with a newspaper and coffee, and her mother was at the stove. Doug then put the newspaper down and smiled at Connie.

"Everything alright Connie?" Doug asked his daughter.

"Yeah Dad, I just had a crazy dream." Connie sighed as she rubbed her head. "It was terrible, Steven and his Dad were killed by Pearl, and then I was…attacked as well. Then there were s Gems who helped us fight a Gem God. The strangest part was it felt like months, almost a year."

Doug moved over to Connie and he patted her on the head. "Well, that sounds like quite the adventure."

"You know this is because she hangs out with that Steven boy." Priyanka chimed in as she placed a glob of scrambled eggs on Connie and Doug's plates. "It's because of his weird family that she is having these nightmares."

"Now Priyanka, Connie can't control her dreams." Doug replied as his attention to his newspaper. "You have had your fair share of nightmares when you started as a surgeon."

Priyanka blushed as she returned to the stove.

"You know Connie; I bet you could make a great story out of this dream." Doug said to Connie as he picked up his newspaper.

"Yeah…" Connie sighed as she looked down to her eggs. Grabbing a fork and digging them in.

"Imagine it Priyanka." Doug chuckled as he continued to read the newspaper. "A story about Connie, fighting for her life and her friends, fending off against the massive Leviathan. No hesitation, no mercy! Would be quite a read, wouldn't it?"

Connie stopped and looked up to her Dad, his face covered by the newspaper.

"Yes it would." Connie said tensely. "Except I never told you about the Leviathan."

Connie heard all the sound in the room stop. Everything was quiet, so quiet that Connie could hear her heartbeat. She watched as the sun that poured from the windows faded away, and the warmth of the room turn ice cold. Connie then slowly approached Doug and looked behind the newspaper.


There was Doug, still holding the newspaper, but he was dead, his head was split open and there were flies buzzing around his corpse. Connie gasped in shock and turned to Priyanka, who was impaled through the chest by the stove, which turned into an Agate. Connie then stumbled as she placed her hand onto the table. She felt the wet flesh as she looked at her bloody hand. Connie then looked to the table and saw the rotting fetuses on the table before her. Connie backed away before the fetuses lifted their head and looked to Connie.

"Mama, where are you going?" One fetus asked her.

"Mama, it hurts." The other one interjected.

Connie covered her mouth with her hands before she darted to her room. As she raced down the hallway, the hall expanded and expanded. Connie ran as fast as she could until she finally reached the door. However, as she grabbed it, she could not open the door; suddenly she heard a voice singing from the other side. The voice sounded like Pearl's.

"When the moon is full…" Connie heard a sawing noise from the other side.

"…and I've pried…" She heard the sound of flesh whimpering and then a snapping noise.

"…I'll take up you guts…" Connie heard more cutting and more muffled whimpering, she tried to open the door, but it would not budge.

"…to the little shed outside…" There was an audible slice and a dripping noise, before a sound of a box opening and a dumping of items before the box was slammed shut.

"…I'll pretend that I'm blind in one eye and I'll hide it in you…" She then heard a gurgling noise followed by more cutting and slicing. It became clear to her that what was happening behind the door had to do with Pearl's killing of Steven. At this realization, she rammed the door with her shoulder, but alas, it was no use. Connie screamed for Pearl to stop, but it was pointless as the Gem behind the door continued to sing.

"It's like your head is crumbled and hiding in you." Connie then heard a sawing noise as well as a constant chant of "I forgive you" repeatedly until…


Connie broke down in tears as she fell to her knees. Just then, she heard the door click and she stood back up. As she opened the door. There standing before her was a tall pitch black being. It was featureless, save for one eye. Instantly, the being grabbed Connie and moved its head before the girl, it's eye flashing a blinding light.



Unknown Location, date of time unknown


Connie struggled as she opened her eyes, seeing before her Master Diamond, the Gemian that was beside her when she kill Obsidian. Diamond backed away as Connie looked around in confusion. The two of them were within a metal room with no windows or any sources of light other than a strange looking lamp on the ceiling and the door, which had a blue field of energy going through it. There were two beds of strange design on each side, with Connie laying on one of them. There was also a strange bowl-like device, which one would assume to be a toilet.

Connie then turned her attention to Diamond as he sat on the other bed. She noticed that he was wearing a light-red jumpsuit with strange letters on it. As she looked down, she saw that she was wearing the same suit as well. There were also two strange shackles on their arms.

"It is about time you woke up." Diamond said with a sigh. "You have been out for some time."

Connie looked around as she tried to stand up, only to feel a sharp pang around her abdomen.

"Ah!" Connie yelped as she clutched her stomach, sitting back down onto the bed. "How long was I out?"

Diamond paused before answering her question. Connie noticed his expression and a look of concern grew across her face.

"...A month."

Connie's eyes widened as her jaw dropped. She looked around once more and then back at Diamond.

"No….NO!" Connie exclaimed, making an x shape with her arms. "This is another dream, isn't it?"

She looked to Diamond with a concerned smile, but as she looked at him, her smile faded.

"Wait! I know!" Connie said to Diamond as she began to unzip her jumpsuit. "I didn't have my Gem in the last dream, so if I it's not there, then it's a dr-"

At that moment, as Connie looked at the stomach, she noticed two things. The first was that she had her Gem, but it was opaque and dull. However, the second observation was the one that rattled her the most. Below her Gem, a large scar went across the base of her stomach. It looked as if it was to remove something…or to remove two things.

Connie looked up to Diamond, her mouth agape, her face pale, and the lights in her eyes gone.

"Connie…" Diamond said as he reached for her. "Before you do anythi-"

"YOU BASTARD!" Connie shrieked as she tackled the Gemian. Connie then began punching Diamond until she ran out of breath, proceeding to collapse on the Gemian and began to sob.

"Connie, your children are alive." Diamond said to Connie, causing the young girl to look up to him.

"There alive?" Connie asked with a sniffle as she got off Diamond. "Then where are they?"

Diamond hesitated again before he noticed Connie's face turn red. Diamond then sighed and replied to the Gem.

"They are with Tiberium." Diamond answered softly. "They are his servants."

Connie sat back as she placed a hand on her head. Shocked with disbelief at what she was hearing. She could feel her throat choke up and her eyes well with tears. Three times now has she lost her children, now knowing that she will have to fight, if not, kill them.

"Who is Tiberium?" asked Connie as she wiped tears from her eyes.

"A Gemian." Replied Diamond. "He attacked the Crystal Gems ages ago with the Metalian army. Now he has returned and has a larger army. Along with Obsidian.

Connie sat up a little as she looked to Diamond with shock. "That's impossible, we killed him! I stabbed him in the heart! You where there! HOW IS HE ALIVE?"

Diamond sighed as he fidgeted with his hands. "Because we did not kill the seed."

"The seed?" Connie asked. "What seed? There was no seed!"

Diamond sat up and opened his jumpsuit, showing Connie a circular scar over his right pectoral. "When I conquered the Temple, I planted the seed of Obsidian into the base of the Crystal Heart. The seed is the vital incubus of a Leviathan. Once Tiberium plants it into a new source of Vitae, it will grow into Obsidian.

"Then we have to leave!" Connie said as she stood up. "We need to escape this bunker and find the others. Come on! There is not much time before…"

Connie stopped as she looked back to Diamond, suddenly, the suits, room, and appliances all started to click in her head. She then looked back to Diamond with a worried look in her eyes.

"Diamond, where the hell are we?"

"Connie, we are not in a bunker." Diamond replied softly. "In fact…we are not on earth."

"Then where are we?" Connie asked, although she did not want to know the answer.

Diamond then stood up and guided Connie to the doorway of the cell. As she looked outside, she felt her stomach drop and her mouth dry up.

She could see countless cells as far as the eye could see. She saw what looked like Agates patrolling the hallways of the cells. She also heard the sound of screams, shouts, grunts and other noises. Some of them were apparently threats and conversations, but they were mainly in languages she could not understand.

"Wha…whe…Where the hell a-are w-we?" Connie whispered.

Diamond could feel the Gem tremble as he felt his heart sink.

"This is the Gem colony Insidiae..." Diamond replied sadly. "...and we are light years away from Earth."

Connie stepped back until she had her back to the wall. She then curled up into a ball and began to cry softly.

"Why couldn't you have killed me?" Connie whimpered softly. "I should have died…I …I just want to die…I…can't…"

Diamond approached the Gem and crouch down beside her, placing a hand on Connie's shoulder. The young girl then leapt out and clung to the Gemian, sobbing loudly as she buried her head into his chest. Diamond then wrapped his arms around the girl; tears began to trickle down from the Old King's face.

"Do not fear, Connie." Diamond whispered as he cradled her. "You saved me, so I will save you..."

"…somehow…I will...somehow..."

As he held the weeping gem in his arms, he looked out the doorway, with the understanding that their troubles were far from over…


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