Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Invasion

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 2: Invasion of the Gem Snatchers


Maheswaran Household, present day

It was quiet at the Maheswaran household; Connie was eating dinner with her family as she normally would. She always found a sense of peace when it came to her family that no matter what had happened they were there for her. After the whole crisis was over, Connie's dad, once a security guard named Doug, was now the chief of security for Mayor Dewy. As for Connie's mother Priyanka, she found a job as an assistant manager at Fish Stew Pizza. Knowing that they could not move away due to Connie's new problems, they decided, much to their concern, to stay for Connie's sake.

"So Connie," Priyanka said as she passed a bowl of mashed potatoes to her daughter. "How did your training go today?"

"You mean her death wish…" Doug muttered under his breath.

Priyanka glared at her husband before exclaiming his name. Doug quickly rose his hands up in defense.

"May I remind you that this is our daughter we are talking about, Our PREGNANT daughter? Who thinks it alright to train a pregnant woman in combat, A bunch of psychopaths that's who!"

Priyanka scoffed and pointed at Doug "They know what they're doing Doug, they would not be having Connie go through this without a good reason. Why are you so cynical about this?"

Doug slammed his hands on the table in anger "Have you forgotten what happened to that Steven boy and his father? Those same Gems butchered them into pieces. Not to mention tormented our daughter, or have you thought the therapy was just for fun?"

Connie, ignoring the yelling of her parents, got up from the table and walked into her bedroom. As she sat on the bed and sighed, she could still hear the sound of her parents arguing with each other. Connie then slumped onto her bed with her face to the ceiling. As she did, she looked down at her stomach, which was now slightly bulging. It was amazing how Connie was dealing with this; even before her transformation into a Gem, she had no symptoms of pregnancy. Not even morning sickness, it almost as if she was not pregnant at all.

"I'm sorry to put you through all of this." Connie said to her child, "I never intended to put you through this entire gunk. I just wish Steven were here, it would make things so much easier."

With that, she closed her door, slipped into her pajamas and climbed into her bed to fall asleep; hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.


Beach City Exterior, present day

The small town of Beach City was quiet, the majority of the small community was asleep, and the streets were lifeless. Little did the citizens know, that watching above on a rooftop were two figures in grey cloaks. As they both gazed upon the city, the figure on the right, a white haired woman, unhooded herself and knelt down to survey her location.

"You know I would think that our Gem sisters would choose a place that was more…lively." Zirconia said with a tone of disappointment as she watched a young boy leaving the arcade with a large bag of tokens. "Then again you didn't have much of a say in the matter didn't you?"

The hooded figure responded with a light nod. Zirconia then noticed the figures white hands clench. Zirconia rose up and faced the figure, patting her hand on the figure's shoulder in a comforting and sarcastic manner.

"Oh come on, think of this as somewhat of a reunion." Zirconia chuckled, "Besides, I will finally meet your other half, it should be quite the family reunion, won't it…Mother?"

As Zirconia walked away from the figure and jumped off the rooftop, the figure turned to the direction of the temple. She then unhooded herself and gazed upon the temple with a cold, black shot stare.

"Yes," Vestibulum said sternly as she felt obsidian tears roll down her face. "Yes it will."


Mayor Dewy's Office, present day

Mayor Dewy was sitting in his office as usual, on the phone with someone called "Lucy Lead Pipe." A picture of his family say beside him as he unbuckled his trousers and continued to listen to the tranny on the phone, showing that this man had no sense of respect nor morals. As he asked her questions about her "organic pipe," he heard a knock on the door.

"Hey uh, could you come back later" Dewy said as he covered the phone with his hand, "I am having an important meeting with a representative and I cannot be disturbed….for the next ten minutes."

"Sir, it is urgent," a woman's voice said from behind the door, "It's someone saying that they work for "Master."

Dewey's stomach sunk, without hesitation, he hung up the phone and buckled up his trousers.

"S-s-s-send her in." Dewey said nervously.

As the door opened and Zirconia walked in, two Agate drones followed behind her. As she sat in the chair across from Dewey, the Agates hovered next to him. Dewey was now sweating bullets, knowing that this might end in a way he did not want it to end.

"Hello Mr. Mayor," Zirconia said warmly, "I am glad to see that you were able to break away from your infidelity to make time for me."

"Of c-c-course Zirconia" Dewey said with a shudder, "Now, we built that vault for the Master already, right where he asked us to, and I have been keeping track on the Gem's actions and movements as I always have. Is there anythi-

"Shut up!" Zirconia barked to the Mayor "You know why I am here; the Master would like to thank you for your hospitality for the past few years, for allowing him to proceed with his plans without obstructions and for providing hospitality for our troops.

Dewey smiled as he wiped his head with his sleeve. However, as he looked up and saw the door open again; his smile vanished as he saw Zirconia now crouched on the desk before him, her hand moving to the base of his neck.

"But I am afraid that your uses to our cause have run their course, and Master does not like to leave behind any…loose ends."

Dewy began to panic, "Wait Zirconia, I still have money and power. I know many people who you could use as servants. Governors, Generals, anyone he wants. Please, I have been so loyal to him. I did everything he asked me t-"


Zirconia watched as Dewey's head fell onto the desk, smashing his family picture.

"I know you did," Zirconia said mockingly, "But just like Master said, in a game of chess, you must sacrifice the pawns to win."

As she let go of Dewey's body, she pushed his lifeless corpse aside and sat down onto his desk. Relishing the thought of controlling this city, she looked to the Agate's beside her.

"Go and assemble the others," Zirconia said with a smile "rip this city apart until you find the girl. Then bring her to me, alive if possible."

The Agate's nodded as they hovered out the doorway. As they did, Zirconia tuned her chair around and gazed out into the sleeping city, knowing that in a few minutes, it would be time to walk it up.


Maheswaran Household, present day

Connie woke up to the sound of banging, as she rose up from her bed, she quickly put on her coat and walked towards the door. As she was about to open the door, she heard her parents talking from the other side. They seemed to be talking to someone else.

"Look, just tell us why you need to speak with our daughter?" Doug said in a concerned tone, "I am a police officer and I work for Mayor Dewey, I am sure whatever my daughter did is a misunderstanding.


Connie recognized the voice of the "guest", it was the same voice as that strange robot she fought to the Tribunal Temple long ago. As she opened her door by a crack to look onward, she saw her father in the hallway, blocking the Agate drone from moving on.

"But you still haven't told me what she stole!" Doug said to the Agate, "Do you even have proof that she stole anything? Do you even have a warrant?"

The Agate's lens switched to a yellow color as it stared at the human blocking its path "[THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING ORGANIC…COMPLY WITH THE SEARCH OR THIS UNIT WILL USE FORCEFUL ACTION.]" then the Agate tilted its body, noticing the small eye peeking out from the door. Doug then turned as well, seeing his daughter watching from beyond. Choosing his actions carefully he mouthed the words "run" and football tackled the Agate. Connie was about to charge in when she heard her mother's scream, followed by two more Agates entering the hallway, one of which had the body of her mother pinned through the chest.

As Connie screamed, Doug rose up and pulled his baton from his belt, knowing that his preparation for any form of attack would finally pay off.

"Connie! Get to the Gems and get out of here! GO!" Doug shouted as he struck the Agates, allowing enough time to let his daughter escape.

Connie quickly shut the door and locked it; she then grabbed her dresser and pushed it in front of the door to block it. As soon as she unlocked the door, she heard her father's screams followed by a large wet thud. At that moment, Connie froze in horror, crouching down with the realization that her parents were now dead. As she felt tears roll down her face, she regained focus as she heard the sound of the Agate's trying to break down the door. Connie quickly jumped on her bed and opened her window. As she squirmed through and attempted to climb down the wall of her house, her hand slipped and she fell onto the ground below. As she lay on her back disoriented by the fall, she saw three Agates hovering above her. She tried to summon her weapon, but it was no use, she was too disorientated to concentrate.


Connie tried to resist their grasp but was too disoriented to fight it. As the Agate lifted her up, Connie vison blurred before everything turned to black.


Connie woke to the sound of panicking voices. As she came to, she saw she was moving toward the City Hall. As she looked around, she saw in horror as hundreds of Agates were breaking into homes and rounding up the citizens. Buildings and homes were ablaze and destroyed. There were bodies all over the streets. Connie saw as a young boy known as Onion was sitting next to his father's corpse as an Agate came towards him.


Onion suddenly pounced onto the Agate's head, Connie watched in horror as the Agate simply fired a red laser from its lens, blowing off Onion's head and causing his twitching body to fall next to his father. The Agate hovered away without remorse, dragging the bodies of Onion and his father behind them.

As Connie choked at the sight, her attention returned to the now present City Hall. As Connie was brought into the building, she could see Agates and crystal technology everywhere. As Connie glanced down a hallway, she saw people lined up at a table, under the watch of Agates, as they were forcing citizens to build strange looking pods.

Connie was then brought into the office of the late Mayor Dewey, whose office was now occupied by his immanent successor, Zirconia.

"Hello Connie, it's nice to finally meet you." The white haired Gem said to her captive as she walked up to her, "Do you like what I have done to the place? I think I have done a grand job, don't you?"

Connie gritted her teeth at Zirconia before spitting in her face; this resulted in a sharp slap in the face by Zirconia.

"I was told that you humans were lacking in the concept of manners." Zirconia said while wiping her face, "It doesn't matter though, once The Master deals with you it won't make a difference. However, if you tell me the location of Garnet and Amethyst, I might make sure your trial is painless."

"Why did you attack Beach City?" Connie asked as she tried to release herself from her Agate captor, "Why enslave all of them? WHY KILL MY FAMILY?"

Zirconia smiled as she bent down to whisper into Connie's ear.

"It's because I need to break you."

As Zirconia moved away from her captive, Connie looked in confusion at what Zirconia meant by breaking her.

"Vitae is the life force of a Crystal Gem, it's the source of a Gem's power and grants them immortality and divine powers." Zirconia said as she looked out the window. "However, The Master knows how to extract it and use it for his own well-being. To extract the most at a time however, the subject must be in the highest state of agony and pain. This is because the process of producing Vitae is much like the production of endorphins, once the subject is at a certain level of pain, and suffering, they will be ripe for consumption."

Zirconia then turned to Connie and gave a large grin "Which is why I am giving the job to an old friend of yours." Zirconia then gestured to the door behind them as the Agate made Connie turn to see the figure behind them. "She has been waiting to catch up with you, just like old times."

"No…" Connie whispered as she saw the sight before her.

There standing in the doorway, was a tall gem with a long nose and pale skin. One of her eyes was milky white and scarred while the other was black shot and trickling obsidian fluid. She was wearing a grey and black variant of her original dress but with a back diamond in place of the yellow star. To Obsidian, she was known as Vestibulum, but to the Crystal Gems and Connie she was known as…


Pearl looked down at her captive and smiled warmly at her old friend.

"Hello Connie, it's been a while hasn't it? My my, you have grown since the last time we meet."

Connie glared at Pearl while trying to break free of the Agates. She then noticed one of the Agates behind Pearl looked far different from the rest. It was purple and grey and its lens was white with a black dot in the middle. Her attention was brought back to Pearl as the Gem grabbed her face and examined it. Pearl then traced her hand down to Connie's stomach.

"I can sense her Connie." Pearl said with a smile, "I am surprised you haven't been affected by the ailments basic organics endure during such a cycle. It seems as if you were not pregnant at all. Perhaps your body is adjusting to the Gem magic. Just like Steven."

Connie then watched as the purple Agate slowly moved behind Pearl. Pearl then noticed Connie's expression and turned to see the Agate, who then stuck out its tongue before decking Pearl in the face.

"This unit is now authorized to kick your backstabbing ass, bitch!" The agate yelled as it transformed into Amethyst, "GARNET, NOW!"

Just then, there was the sound of a car horn, followed by a loud and violent crash as a large van drove right through the office. It looked like the van that Greg used to own, only that it had a small light cannon attached to the roof. As it stopped inside the building, the back door opened and Garnet jumped out, smashing two Agates onto the floor before facing Pearl and Zirconia.

"Oh look, its mommy." Zirconia said in a mocking tone "Looks like the family is all back together.

"What are you talking about?" Garnet said to the white haired Gem before facing her former Gem sister, "Who is she?"

Pearl responded by pouncing at Garnet, only to be shot back by the light cannon. As Zirconia looked to Garnet and then to Amethyst moving Connie onto the van, she ran out of the hole and began to wave her hands to the city.

"The Gems are here!" Zirconia shouted to the Agates within the city, "Get them!"

The Gems watched in horror as a large cloud of Agates began to swarm towards them like locust. Without another word, the Gem entered the Van and garnet floored it, sending the van through the city hall and out into the streets. Amethyst and Connie looked outside and saw the swarm grow closer and closer. The light cannon was very effective with repelling a few Agates, but it was not enough for an entire swarm.

"Garnet" Amethyst said in a worried tone, "Not that there is any pressure and you can answer at any time but, DO YOU HAVE A BACK UP PLAN?"

Garnet looked back to her Gems before pulling on a rope attached to the ceiling of the van. As she did, the light cannon fell off the van and fell to the ground.

Amethyst looked at the cannon, then the swarm, and then Garnet. "Okay, how about a plan that's not crazy or stupid?"

As Garnet smiled, she touched her palm Gem with her thumb. As she did, the cannon began to glow brightly, pulling in the Agates like a magnet to metal shavings. Suddenly, there was a blinding light and a deafening roar. The ground shook and the van nearly turned over. As Amethyst and Connie looked back, they saw the large funnel cloud of smoke rise up into the air. As the Gems cheered at their victory, Connie gasped as she saw the ruins of Beach city in the distance; she could see the smoke rising from the buildings, thinking about the people that she considered friends and how would they survive. As she watched as the city vanished into the distance. She turned to Amethyst, who gave her a look of both relief and sympathy. Connie tried to speak, but only found herself breaking down into hard sobs. The purple Gem wrapped her hands around her as she looked to the descending road, the smoke filling up the grey skies above, an omen for the terrible force that would come.


Unknown Water Planet, present day

The water was peaceful and tranquil, silent and calm Not a single drop of land was in sight. As the water sat calm and undisturbed, there was a large wake as a swarm of Agates flew across the sky, scanning the ocean below.


Just as the agates began to split up, the water below them suddenly rose up into a huge column. Swallowing the Agates and dragging them to the watery depths below. In the distance, a blue gem by the name of Lapis Lazuli was hiding beneath the water as she watched the spectacle occur. She sighed with relief as she saw the Agates vanish beneath, unaware that she was being watched as well.

Suddenly, she felt a powerful current force her above the water and into the air. As she spun around in the sky, she then saw four Agates surround her. In between them, were a Gem with Grey skin, black, half-shaved hair, and a black suit with a grey triangle in the center, she smiled as she made eye contact with Lapis.

"Who are you?" the water Gem exclaimed as she tried to break free of the Agates, "Are you another Gem sent to capture me?"

The Gem raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Why yes, my name is Onyx, and I am here for you. Master wanted me to specifically you." She said with a small laugh, "Seeing how you single handedly wiped out his forces, I am not surprised."

"Master?" Lapis said in confusion, "What is happening, where is Master Topaz?"

Onyx sniggered as she floated back to her Agates, "She knows nothing doesn't she?" she said to one of them, "Why is she so important again?


"I see…" Onyx smiled as she lifted her hands and summoned a onyx sword. She then turned to Lapis and pointed it at her. "Master will definitely be expecting you then, let's not keep him waiting"

Before Lapis could respond, she felt a beam of black energy pierce her chest, causing her to transform into a blue Gemstone. Onyx then floated towards it and clutched it in her hands, as a smile grew on her face; she then felt burning tears streaming down her face. Instantly knowing what that meant, she turned to see Master Diamond standing before her.

"Præceptor" the Gem responded as she knelt before him, the Gem of Lapis held out towards him "I have the Gem known as Lapis Lazuli, she will no longer be a threat to your plan."

Diamond took the Gem and examined it; reminded of the trouble she had once caused him millennia ago with the destruction of his Gem Colony known as Atlantis.

"It seems you had found a way to escape my prison." Diamond said to the Gem, "I can see why Topaz took a liking to you and I can also see why you were...Nevertheless, you will find that I will not be so kind, especially to traitors."

Diamond then clenched the Gem and watched the Vitae drain from it into himself, causing the crystal to become opaque. He then placed the Gem into his pocket and lifted his hand into the air, causing the group of Agates, which were submerged into the water below, to shoot up into the sky.

"You have done well with following my tasks Onychinos, you have truly proven your loyalty and efficiency to me."

"Thank you Master." Onyx said as she stood up before the Gemian God before her. "I also believe that my daughter and granddaughter have been failing you?"

Diamond turned to face the sky above him, "There failures have become a problem, not only have they allowed the Vitae of my sister Rose to reincarnate thrice over, but now the little thief has escaped and is now searching for my sibling Topaz."

"That means you will want me to stop them?" Onyx replied as she moved next to Diamond.

As Diamond was about to speak, he paused and placed his hand on his chin. "No, not yet." Diamond said as he looked down to the water below him. "Not until they find Topaz, then you will inform me and then stop them. But before you do, I have one task for you to do first."

"Of course Master." Onyx said with a smile, "What is my task."

Diamond turned to his servant and looked down to her before answering her question with one of his own.

"Do you remember the technique "Mortalia Larva?"

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