Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Ghost

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 3: A God and a Ghost


Open Road, 1 month later

Silence, that is what filled the air as the Gem drove on the road. No one spoke or made a single sound other than the occasional sneeze or cough. It had been three days since the attack on beach city, three days since the Gems left the temple and their friends behind to escape Obsidian. Garnet kept her eyes on the road as she drove, making sure that there was not anyone or anything of suspicion following them. The road stretched for miles, passing through forests and fields and small towns. The occasional car would pass by, but it was nothing serious at this time. Garnet looked in the rear mirror at Connie and Amethyst, who were sound asleep. As she looked back to the road, a though continued to linger in her head.

"Why did that Gem call me mommy?" she thought to herself, thinking of all of the possibilities. She knew that as a price for being Gems, they could not reproduce like normal creatures, with the only exception being the Gemians themsel-

As soon as that though shot into her head, Garnet felt her hands shake and clench the wheel. She remembered about Pearl's father and what he was known for. However, it made no sense, she never showed any signs of intrusion, let alone conception, unless…

Garnet heard a ping come from the car as she looked down at the fuel needle. She saw it was reaching empty and knew that the van needed to be refueled immediately. Luckily, she saw the sigh for a Gas station a couple miles back, turned into the exit, and arrived at the station.


Paul's Gas & Grub, present day

The Gems sat at the table of the indoor restaurant as their van was fueling up. As before, silence floated between the Gems. The sound of plates clattering and voices talking and laughing surrounded them. Connie looked down at her plate and then back up at the Gems across from her. She saw Amethyst with her head buried between her hands while Garnet had her eyes on the floor.

"Is…is Beach City going to be okay without us?" Connie asked carefully

There was no response, only Amethyst looking up to Connie and shaking her head.

"What happened back there?" Connie asked again, "Is Beach City goin-"

"No it isn't Connie!" Amethyst snapped at the half-gem, slamming her hands on the table. As she did, the restaurant went silent for a moment, staring at the commotion before continuing with their own lives. "Beach City is gone now Connie, and there is no coming back. Do you understand? We can never go back. Diamond has the temple; he has access to our technology, not to mention all those Gems we captured, and now…" Connie watched as tears rolled down the purple Gem's face as she laid her head on the table. "I…I don't know what to do…"

Garnet looked to her Gem sister and placed her hand on Amethyst's shoulder. She then looked to Connie and took off her glasses.

"What are we gon-"

"Just drop it Connie." Garnet said softly as she examined her glasses, "Beach City is gone now, Diamond won and we lost. We have to leave Beach City behind. It is probably not there anymore."

Connie hesitated before continuing. "Listen, I know I am not that good at this Gem stuff, hell, I am not even a real Gem, but we need a plan for were we are going."

A long pause followed, Garnet was about to open her mouth to respond, only to have Amethyst beat her to it.

"Were else is there to go?" Amethyst said with a small scoff, "Diamond has a whole fucking army of Agates and our so-called "Gem sister," not to mention, a batshit insane agenda. Do you really think he is going to stop at Beach City? He will not stop until civilization, as we know it has been destroyed, and even then, he will not stop until the entire Universe is a lifeless husk of his design!" Amethyst was about the slam on the table, but instead slumped back into her seat and began to sob.

"I…I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do." She repeats a third time, holding her head in her hands.

The three Gem's mood seemed to weigh down the restaurant. No one seemed Hungary anymore and apparently doubted whether they were to begin with. Connie looked around at the customers and staff, then back at Amethyst before speaking up.

"In case you had forgotten, my boyfriend was killed by Pearl." Connie said in a gritted tone to the Gem before her, "If you think I am going to just accept that, then you are sadly mistaken."

Connie then sat up and began to walk to the door. Garnet then stood up and faced the half-Gem. "Where are you going?"

Connie stopped as she reached the door before turning to Garnet. "I…I am going to do something. For Steven, it's what he would do."

As Amethyst stood up and walked between the two Gems, she sighed. "Okay Connie, what do you want to do? What is your masterful plan to face a Gemian god of power?"

Connie looked down for a moment, and then, an idea flashed in her head.

"We have to find Topaz."

The two Gems looked at Connie with a look of surprise, Amethyst scoffed as she crossed her arms in disbelief.

"And how should we do that? Do you happen to have a God detector in your back pocket?"

Just then, there was a flash outside and the sound of screaming as the Gems ran outside to see what the ruckus was. There, next to the van, was an exhausted Lion, laying on his side after apparently hauling a large Gemian artifact known as the Wailing Stone. Connie walked up next to Lion and patted him on the head in approval, Lion growled before slumping down in exhaustion.

"Could this be used to find Topaz?" Connie asked as she examined the stone.

Garnet looked at the stone and stroked her chin, "It was designed as a way to send messages. In fact, Topaz used it during the war."

"So is that a yes?" Amethyst asked with a rekindled spirit.

"There is only one way to find out." Garnet said as she placed her hand on the stone and pressed it. This time however, instead of making an ear-piercing screech, a low hum could be heard; this was followed by a rhythm of low tones.

"Well that's new." Amethyst said as she smacked the stone. However, Garnet quickly stopped Amethyst and looked up at the sky.

"What is it?" said Connie, "Is it Topaz?"

"No it is not" Garnet responded as she eyes widened in surprise, "It's a ship."


Crystal Temple Catacombs, present day

Zirconia watched in both amusement and horror as Diamond slammed his body into Lapis's. The water Gem tried to squirm out of Diamond's clutches, but was too weak to break free, she felt the pain of Diamond pumping in and out of her, all she could do was gasp and scream as she felt a new pang of agony flow though her with each thrust. She felt as Diamond's hands clawed into her blue skin. As this act occurred, Zirconia noticed Pearl entering the room, freezing at the sight of Diamond and his new victim.

"Nice to see this happen to someone other than you huh Pearl?" the white haired Gem said to her mother. "Although, I suppose we are next."

Pearl was frozen solid, fixated at the sight before her. What bothered her was not the fact that a Gem was being raped before her, but it was who the Gem was. She remember Lapis Lazuli, the Gem in the mirror, the Gem who tried to use the Earth's water to go home, now here, screaming, and gasping for mercy. As she stood there, Diamond turned to his servant and glared at her. Pearl quickly moved over to Zirconia and continued to watch the act occur.

"What is his reason behind this?" Pearl asked her daughter, "Why is she here?"

Zirconia sighed before leaning herself on the wall, "You knew Topaz, right?"

Pearl nodded.

"That is their daughter. Apparently we aren't the first Gemian spawn to be created."

Pearl looked back a Lapis with a look of shock. It made sense though, how else would a Gem have such power over an element. Only Gemians had that capability.

"And now, Master is turning her into a Filia Obsianas, just like you me and Onyx."

At that moment, a large agonized scream was heard as Diamond released within his prey. Then, as she screamed, Diamond grabbed her hair and moved her head to get a clear view of her neck. Pearl and Zirconia watched as Diamond's jaw split open down the middle, opening up and revealing a set of tentacles, barbed sets of fangs and a large barbed tube-like tongue. They watched as Diamond's tongue and fangs sunk into Lapis's neck. Lapis tried to push Diamond off, but her weakened body was of no use. As her cries began to soften and eventually silence. Diamond pulled out of her and then removed his jaws from her neck. As he stood up over Lapis, he placed his hand over her face and gave one command.


The moment he did, Lapis slowly stood up, as she did, she opened her eyes, causing tears of liquid Obsidian to pour down her cheeks and onto the floor. She then looked to her master with blackshot eyes.

"Who am I?" Diamond asked his new servant.

"You are DI, The Old King, Gemian God of Power, Order, and Justice."

Diamond raised an eyebrow in response "Correct, but WHO am I?"

"You are my Master, the one I will serve until death either by my enemy's hand or yours."

Diamond then placed his hand over her chest.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I am a tool to be used by you Master." Lapis said in a toneless voice.

"Correct" Diamond relied as he moved his hand away from the blue Gem. "You will do as I command, if you resist or fail my commands, I will not hesitate to punish you. Is that clear?"

Lapis nodded as she began to grab her attire that was scattered across the room. Diamond watched this for a moment before turning to Pearl and Zirconia, who froze with fear as he approached them. However, before he began to speak or act, the two Gems saw his expression change from anger to surprise before he left the room.

"What was that about?" Zirconia asked Pearl. Wondering what would cause their master to run off like that.


Steven's House, present day

Diamond moved around the house, which was ransacked from the invasion of the Agates. As Diamond examined the home, he had his hand pointed outward, as if he was sensing something. He then stopped just before the Gem door. As he tilted his head slightly, he turned his hand and touched his fingers and thumb together before pulling his hand back. As he did, the doorway opened up and shined a bright pink light before the Gemian.

"So this is where you kept it." Diamond said to himself before entering the light.

Diamond looked around at the pink clouds and swirls of light and energy. In sudden curiosity, he reached into his robe and pulled out a dead flower.

"Vive" he whispered to the flower. However, nothing happened.

He scowled at the flower before clenching his fist. As he traveled further, He then saw something in the distance floating towards him. It was small, pink, and look oddly like a whale. As the tiny floating whale buzzed around him, Diamond expression changed to a look of interest as it stopped before him.

"Hello Rose." Diamond said with a tone of annoyance, "I can see that even death cannot restrain your spirit."

The whale blinked for a moment before creating a flashing light. There in place of the whale, was a woman with long curly pink hair, white robes with a star shaped cut in the center, revealing a rose-colored gem, and a face that seemed very familiar to a certain Gem child.

"Hello Diamond." Rose said as she looked up at the Gem towering above her. "Why are you here? Have you come to tell me that you won?"

Diamond's eyes glowed red as she moved closer to her. "No, I came here to tell you how disappointed I am with you and your selfish desires."

Rose raised an eyebrow as Diamond looked down to her. "I am selfish? Me? How was I selfish?"

Diamond turned away from his sister, his hands placed behind his back. "Where do I begin: First, there was the fact that you and Topaz sided against me, giving in to your corruption rather than fight for salvation." Diamond turned to Rose as he gave a look of anger.

"Then, after you fled to Earth, you created a relationship with that Metal Ranger and created a abomination."

"It's "Metalia" Rose corrected Diamond, causing him to twitch. He then moved up to Rose and bent down to her.

"Then let us not forget that you turned my servant agents me and hindered my plans, all for what, to let your spawn live an additional fifteen years?"

"He will be sixteen soon." Rose said with a smile

Diamond gritted his teeth, as he turned around once again "It makes no difference though, although it was clever for you to give that human your powers, it was a wasted effort. I will acquire both your Vitae and Topaz's, and once I do, I can create the order that this Universe deserves. Once I do, no voice will speak without my command, and no…no flower will wilt nor bloom unless I allow it."

Rose tilted her head in curiosity. She then floated over to Diamond and lifted his hand. As she opened his fist, she saw the dead flower in his palm. She then looked up to her brother, who looked at her with emotionless eyes.

"Diamond, you cannot control everything by force. Free will is not a curse or a burden; it is a gift for all life. It is not our decision on whether or not this Universe is corrupt. It is our job to guide it and nurture it." As she touched the flower, Diamond watched as it bloomed with life, turning from a wilted brown to a beautiful pink.

Diamond looked into Rose's eyes, as he did, he felt his chest become heavy, and his mind fade. Rose saw as Diamonds eyes changed from grey and red into white and grey, and smiled at him. Diamond then turned away from his sister and clenched the center of his robe.

"NO! I will not be swayed by your trickery! I destroyed my emotions for a reason Rose!" Diamond exclaimed as she sister floated next to him.

"Not all of them" she said sadly "You told me that if one removes all their emotions, they would become apathetic. You kept the emotions you deemed to be the most effective in your plans."

Diamond looked to his sister with an expression of malice. "That is correct Rose, but there was one emotion that I could never remove from my being. It is the reason why I despise you."

Diamond removed his hand from his chest as he regained his composure. He then turned to his sister; his eyes reverted to back and red.

"Love?" Rose asked

Diamond looked to the ground before looking back to his sister. She could see the hate and rage building up within the God before her.

"I love you, I still do. That is why I hate you. I fell in love with you because of your inability to be controlled. Since we were formed, you rebelled against me and objected me constantly. I could not control you as I could Topaz. You saw me as a brother and not a Master. Even in death, you proved you could not be controlled. However, once I acquire your Vitae from that thief, then I will prove you wrong, and then, I can stop loving you."

Rose looked at her brother as he walked to the door of the room, as he opened it; he heard his sister's voice halt him.

"You never destroyed your emotions Diamond." Rose said to her brother, "After all, how were you able to create this room?"

Diamond responded with silence as he left the room, sealing the door behind him. As he found himself back in the temple, he opened his hand and looked at his flower as it reverted to its wilted state. As Diamond placed it back into his robe, he felt something trail down from his eyes. He wiped it with his hand and looked at it. It looked like a droplet of water that came from his eye.

He was crying.

At this realization, Diamond twitched in anger before smashing his fist into the wall beside him. He then moved away from then door and walked out onto the balcony of the house, which looked over the ocean before him.

"What I do, I do to save the Universe, I have no choice in the matter. What I do is for the greater good." With that, he reached into his robe, pulled out the flower, and dropped it into the ocean below him, watching it float away before teleporting back to the temple to continue his plan.


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