Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Hunted: Part 1

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 4: Topaz the Hunted: Part 1


United States Pentagon, present day

In the hallways of the pentagon, a man walked down with an aura of importance. He wore a black suit and a red tie and had black hair and yellow glasses. As he approached a door at the end of the hallway, he could hear commotion from the inside. As soon as he opened the door, he saw thousands of people running around, answering calls, moving around paperwork, and pointing people around the cramped room. In the center of the room was a tall man with grey hair who was wearing a military suit with the word "Manson" over his left breast pocket. By what other people were calling him, he was apparently a General of some sort.

"I want a full surveillance over ground zero; make sure no one goes in or out." He barked at one of the people around him.

"Yes General" one of the lackeys replied, "I also need to tell you that those surveillance drones you sent were destroyed upon arrival."

"DAMN IT!" the general shouted as he slammed his hand into the desk, "Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on over there?"

"Perhaps I can," replied the black haired man as he approached the General, "We should find a much more private place to discuss it though first.


General Manson's Office, present day

As the man and the General stepped into the office, the General walked over to a selection of scotch on the side of the room. As he poured himself a glass and sat down, he took a large swig before speaking.

"Okay buddy, why don't you tell me what is going on?"

The man smiled before clearing his thought and placing a suitcase on the table. He then opened the suitcase up and pulled out various paper and pictures. Some of them portrayed important people in culture and politics as Gems. As the General looked at the pictures, he looked back up to the man with a look of shock.

"Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Facilier, and I am an agent of the Gemian Extermination and Regulation Movement, otherwise known as GERM. It is our job to deal with the activities of these "Crystal Gems" and to deal with them if things go too far."

The General rubbed his hand with his face before taking another swig of scotch. "Why wasn't I informed about you? I am the goddam six-stared General for god's sake. I should have been informed by the President, not some crazy MIB G-man bullshit."

David smiled before looking down at the papers. "I don't care if you were six, seven, or one hundred-stared, as the President is concerned, my people have the higher authority right now. So you can walk out that door and continue playing blinds man's bluff, or you can sit here like a good solder and hear what I have to say."

As the General slumped in his chair, he examined the images before him. He saw a group of women helping a man out of the water while another was punching a shark. He then looked at paintings of various wars and crisis in the past.

"Okay then "Sir," can you tell me what do these pictures have to do with our attack?"

David nodded before pulling out another set of pictures. They were identical to the other copies, but the people inside them were different, they were multiples of color and each one had a Gem on their body and a strange looking weapon.

"What the hell is this?" the General asked before lifting the image of a certain Diamond Gem on top of a balcony.

"It's the truth, General." David replied, "This attack is one of many that have been going on for eons. We believe that these Gems are in an on-going civil war and it had eventually came to earth. We know that the Gem in the image you are holding is one of the leaders and goes by the name of Diamond. The other two, known as Rose and Topaz, have been helping us combat against his attacks. Throughout our world's history, these Gems fought and destroyed each other, while it was our job to surpass the information and re-image it into something else."

David then stood up and walked over to the scotch stand, where he poured himself a glass and sat before sitting back down.

"All the assassinations, all the genocides, all the wars, all the killings and shooting, all of them, all the result a single war that we cannot even begin to fathom." David took a swig of his scotch before placing it on the table. "But here is the kicker; those Gems have an influence in our culture as well. For example, the Gem Diamond inspired Dracula and the legend of the Vampires. Or the fact that the stories of mythology were actually formed by Gem that were perceived as Go-"

"Stop, just stop right there," The General said with his hand raised before standing up and looking at a picture of General MacArthur on the wall beside him. "Now listen here, you may have convinced the President with this bullshit, but you're not convincing me. How do you know that this is all true?"

David smiled before lifting his glass to drink from it. He then reached into his suitcase and planted a manila folder on the table with the words "TO ENTRUSTED EYES ONLY" stamped on the side in black ink. As the General opened it, he saw three profiles inside:


[Warning: This is a record of the profiles of the leaders of the Crystal Gems known as "The Crystal Tribunal" or "Gemians." Please insure that this document is kept with GERM personnel at all times. If GERM personnel are not present or this document is not within a secure perimeter, this document must be destroyed. Failure to comply with commands or failure to secure document(s) or action to reveal said document(s) to civilians or not authorized persons will result in a breach in section 856-23 or the Global GERM act, which can lead to a maximum sentence of 130 years in prison for each offense.]


[Profile #1]

Name: Diamond

Age: Estimated 13+ billion

Gender: Male

Height: 8 feet, 3 inches

Status: active

Threat level: Critical

Additional notes: Three women accompany Diamond; they are identified as Onyx, Pearl, and Zirconia. Avoid confrontation at all costs.

[Profile #2]

Name: Topaz

Age: Estimated 13+ billion

Gender: Unknown

Height: 5 feet, 3 inches

Status: Unknown

Threat Level: Unknown

Additional notes: Although they has combated against Diamond, caution should still be used as their motives are still unknown

[Profile # 3]

Name: Rose Quartz

Age: Estimated 13+ billion

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet

Status: Deceased

Threat Level: None

Additional notes: We have reason to believe that Rose had created an offspring that resulted in her death. SO far, the whereabouts of the offspring and the father are unknown. UPDATE: Both the offspring and the father have been listed as deceased. UPDATE: Sighting of a girl with brown skin, brown hair, and glasses reported using similar Gem type. It is believed that his girl has a connection to Rose and/or the offspring. Further investigation is required.

"Why are you showing me this?" the General asked as he placed the document on the table before him.

David sighed before taking a photo of Connie and the Gems in front of a Gas station alongside Lion out of his suitcase and handing it to the General. "We have just received an update that the aforementioned Jane Doe was seen escaping Beach city in a van accompanied by two women who we assume are Gems. They were last seen at a Paul's Gas & Grub where they encountered a pink lion before heading off. Witnesses clam they mentioned something about Topaz and zis location. They also mentioned that they were going to rendezvous with other Gems in an undisclosed location."

Just then, a solder opened the door and stormed right before the General, he immediately saluted as soon as he composed himself.

"Sir, apologies for the intrusion sir, but I need your attention sir."

"At ease son," The General saluted back to his solder, "Now tell me what is the problem."

"Sir, we have just identified a large bogy entering the atmosphere. Our satellites cannot identify it sir, and there are no markings belonging to any armed forces in our books."

The General and David looked at each other before standing up and rushing back into the main room. As they did, they looked on the overhead screen, which portrayed an image of the atmosphere via satellite. The two men watched as a large ship dove into the atmosphere, diving like a burning missile towards the planet.

"Do we know the estimated time of collection and possible location?" the General asked his lakes.

"Yes sir," one of them replied, "It bogy is estimated to crash in about 200 hours. It will also crash in an open field in California, about 3.2500 clicks east of Jane Doe's last location."

The General stroked his chin before turning to the Agent beside him. "I hope the president was right to trust you."

David smiled as a solder handed him his suitcase. He then turned away and out the door. The General turned back to the screen and sighed, "Because god help us, we could use some of that right now."


Open Field, present day

On this grassy noel, a couple was enjoying a picnic with their children. The Parents watched as their children played tag in the cool air and warm sun. Suddenly, there was a small rumbling sound, similar to that of a volcano.

"Do you hear something?" the man said to his wife.

As she shrugged, they noticed their children had stopped playing and were staring up above the parents. When they looked behind them, they say to their horror, a large ship heading straight towards them. Without hesitation, the entire family began running away from the incoming mass of metal.

"This is the reason why I wanted to stay with my mother this weekend." The wife said to her husband as they got in their car, just in time to watch the ear-shattering explosion as the ship crashed into the field. Without hesitation, the family pulled their car out of the park and drove off, passing by a large van with a pink lion sitting on top.

The van stopped right in front of the wreckage, opening up to allow Connie, Garnet, and Amethyst to step outside to examine the wreckage.

"Say isn't that one of those Metalia Ranger dude's ships," Amethyst asked as she kicked the hull lightly. "I though Diamond wiped them out."

"Perhaps this ship is still being used by others." Connie questioned as she and the others approached the door.

As soon as Garnet was about to open the door, she was tackled by a large green-blue gem with sharp nails.

"Game over bitch!" Thorn yelled at her prey, "You won't get me th-" Thorn stopped and examined her opponent, realizing it was not who she expected. "Wait a minute, you're not Agates!"

Amethyst quickly transformed into Puma mode, grabbed Thorn, and slammed her into the hull of the ship. "Okay, what the hell are you doing here? What did DI send you here to do?"

As Connie watched the spectacle occur, she noticed other Gems beginning to emerge from the ship. A large obese Gem and an orange colored Gem then approached her.

"Are you the Crystal Gems of Colony Terrae?" the fat Gem asked Connie.

"Um…yes?" Connie replied hesitantly.

"Oh! It's good to see you then!" said the fat Gem as she engulfed her new Gem friend in a bear hug. Connie gasped for air as she was sucked into the Gem's fat folds.

"Smoky, that's enough! You're going to kill her." Shouted a voice as Smoky released her. Connie looked to see a tall Green Gem in a emerald blazer standing before her, as she looked around, she saw the other Gems place their closed fists over their chests.

"Master Emerald, you're alive!" Thorn shouted, as she broke free from Amethyst grasp and rushed to the Gem before her. "I though you died on Venatio."

"I almost did, but I managed to escape the encampment and sneak onto this ship. I am sorry I did not tell you right away, but I had to make sure that things are okay." His attention then turned to Connie. "Oh, so you're the carrier of ROQU."

The other Gems gasped as they stared at Connie. Amethyst, Garnet and Connie looked around in confusion as the Gems saluted her.

"Yeah…I am a Gem too. I got these powers after…my boyfriend…died…" Connie looked down to the ground as her memories of Pearl's horrific acts filled her head. She then felt a hand pat her on the head as she looked up at the Gem master before her.

"Do not dwell in the past ROQU, for even though the wounds are there, they will heal one day." Emerald then tilted his head and smiled. "I can see that you are pregnant as well."

This alarmed the other Gems as they looked at Connie, who looked at her stomach.

"But that's impossible, Gems cannot reproduce!" Spinel exclaimed.

"How can she reproduce while we can't?" Smoky interjected.

"She is a liar and a fraud." Thorn shouted, "More than that, she could be a spy for DI."

"She is not, she is a human, and she acquired a Gemian Gem." Emerald said in defense, "Unlike normal Gem, Gemians can reproduce. This incarnation acquired her powers from a offspring of ROQU."

The Gems looked at each other as they muttered in agreement. As they focused their attention on Garnet and Amethyst, Emerald turned back to Connie.

"I can see that you are highly respected as a leader." Connie said as she crossed her arms. Watching as Garnet and Amethyst talked to the refugees.

"Well, most of the respect comes from the fact that I am a disciple of TO." Emerald replied, "But I rarely had to pull that rank for a while."

Connie then paused and looked up to the green Gem. "Then you know where they are!"

Emerald frowned as he placed his hand on Connie shoulder. "I am sorry to say this" Emerald sighed, "But I was going to ask you the same thing."

Connie turned for a minute to think. "So Topaz left no clue or idea as to where they would have gone to?"

"No, they did not." Emerald said softly, "The last time I saw them was when we were sent to fight on Insidiae. We had to split up and they told me that I would find them on Terrae."

Connie scratched her head in puzzlement. "Well that is pointless, they could be anywhere on earth."

"Did Topaz say anything specific?" Garnet asked, having escaped the mob of Gems who were enticed by Amethyst whoppers about the Purple Puma. "A specific temple or colony perhaps?"

Emerald rubbed his face as he thought about what Topaz told him. "I do know that he had been to your planet many times before." Then the green Gem beamed in realization. "Oh! He also told me something else."

"…and it was…" Connie asked, gesturing her hand in a circle. She was getting annoyed by the hesitation and pausing.

"That if I ever did arrive on Terrae, that they would be in a place where DI would never find them, they said, "I will be mourned for nothing but war, and be remember for nothing but war. I will be known for being unknown and my home will be unknown."

Connie thought about it for a moment before her eyes beamed up. "I know where Topaz is!" she shouted, grabbing the attention of the other Gems and Amethyst, who pushed the Gems aside to approach Connie.

"Where…who…what?" said Amethyst, "Where are they?"

"Come one, we have to go now." Connie said as she ran over to the van.

"If you're going to get TO, then I am coming too." Emerald exclaimed to the Earth Gems. He then turned back to Thorn and clasped her hands, placing a small note in her hands.

"Thorn, I need you to go to the Tribunal Temple. Its location is marked in this note. Do not attempt to fight DI until we return with TO, Is that clear?

Thorn nodded as she turned around and waved her hand, this caused a portal to open up before the Gems. As Smoky, Spinel, and the other refugees entered the Portal, Thorn looked back to Emerald as he walked to the van and sighed.

"Be safe Master…" Thorn whispered before entering the portal and closing it behind her.

As Emerald watched the portal close, he enters the van alongside Amethyst and Connie.

"So…where are we going?" Amethyst said to Connie, "Because if we are going far, then we need snacks."

"Well…" Connie replied as she pulled out a map. "Topaz said that "they would be remembered for nothing but war, and they would be known for being unknown," What monument is known for being unknown and for mourning war."

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Amethyst shouted as she waver her hand like a kindergartner. "I have no fucking idea!"

Connie sighed as she rubbed her eyes. "What Topaz is referring to is the Tomb of the Unknown Solder. It is a memorial in Washington D.C."

"So we are going all the way to this Washington?" Garnet asked as she started the car, "I hope you are right about this."

As Connie smiled, she opened the window and looked up at Lion who was sleeping on the roof. He then quickly woke up and roared, creating a portal before the van.

"I always wanted to see the capital." Connie said excitedly to Emerald, who nodded in blind agreement despite paying more attention to the crow that was circling above them.

With that in mind, the four Gems, and lion braced themselves as they dove into the portal. As it closed behind them, the crow flew down to where the portal closed and transformed into Onyx. Who had been watching them the entire time. She then scooped up some dirt from the ground, compressed it in her hand, and blew into it. As she opened her hand, there was a red ember in her hand. As she looked at it, it shined brightly before projecting a large face, a face that belonged to the Gemian God Diamond.

"What have you found?" Diamond said to his servant.

"Master, I know where Topaz is." Onyx said as she kneeled to Diamond, "The Thief and her Gems are heading to their location as we speak."

Good work Onychinos, now once you locate Topaz's location. I will send Agates and Lapis to acquire them."

"Lapis?" Onyx said in confusion, "She is one of us now?"

"Yes" Diamond replied, suddenly solidifying before his servant, "Your find was much more special than you assumed. It is because of things like this that I see you as my daughter."

Onyx eyes widened in surprise at what the Master has said, as she stared at the Master before her, as she stood up before him, she felt his hand gently brush her face.

"You…you consider me…your daughter?" Onyx asked in shock, "But you have never allowed me or the others to see ourselves as your children. You have punished us for calling you…"

"Father?" Diamond answered, looking down at the Gem before her with a feeling he had not felt in eons. "While that is true for Vestibulum and Zirconia, you are the only exception for you are worthy to be called "Child of DI".

She then found herself burying herself Diamond's robe as she sobbed, feeling her Master's hands hold her to him. As she looked up to him, she looked into his eyes of silver, which she had not seen since her conception. The very sigh filled her body with a desire she had not felt in centuries.

"Diamond…Father…" Onyx whispered with a shutter as she felt his hand tilt her face upward to him "I…I need you…"

"You have proven your loyalty and obedience to Obsidian…" Diamond replied back as he brought her closer to him. "…and to me, my child."

"I will not fail you…Father," Onyx said, wiping her eyes as she was still getting use to the new freedom.

"I know you will." Diamond said as she entered the portal and vanished.

Just as he disappeared, Onyx heard a police siren in the distance. She then quickly transformed before the trucks arrived. As they stopped before the ship, they opened in the back allowing the solders and scientists to approach the wreckage. As once solder noticed the crouched figure nearby, he approached it, revealing a man with black hair and yellow glasses in a black suit and red tie by the name of David Facilier. The solder quickly saluted in response.

"At ease solder." David said with a smile, "I'm just checking up on the wreckage of this vessel."

"Sorry sir." The solder replied meekly, "Do you need me to contact HQ?"

David pondered this for a moment before smiling yet again.

"Yeah, can you tell them that I need a chopper to Washington D.C?"

"Sir Yes sir!" the solder replied as he removed his radio, "Is there a specific reason for this?"

"Oh nothing too serious…" David replied as he looked at the sky above him.

"…I thought I'd go pay my respects to an old friend."

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