Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Hunted: Part 2

Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: Cleverun
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 5: Topaz the Hunted: Part 2

Arlington National Cemetery, present day


There was a bang and a flash as the van slid from lion's portal and into the streets of the cemetery, the Gems looked around as they saw the hundreds of gravestones, each marking the sign of one who had passed on. The whole area was cold and crisp with death. The Gems soon drove to a large hill with a larger monument on top of it. From van, the Gems could see a lone guard patrolling the tomb.

"Alright so here is the plan," Emerald explained to the rest of the Gems, I will create a diversion, while Garnet and Amethyst will hold off the reinforcements. This will give enough time for Connie to break open the tomb and acquire Topaz."

Connie gave Emerald an expression of horror. "You want me to destroy a artifact? A artifact, I mind you, I used in my American History class? Forget it, if there is one thing I will not destroy, that would be the tomb of the unknown."

"We have no choice," Garnet interjected, "every minute we waste give Diamond the advantage, we need to acquire Topaz now."

Well I am not sitting here waiting to be Agate chow." Amethyst snarled she slammed open the van's side door and began marching towards the tomb, "I have lost my home, my friends, and my colossus burrito that I was saving for Christmas, if you think that I am going to take this bull-"
"I think there are more important things right now than you're precious "burrito"" Emerald interjected playfully.

That was the final straw. Amethyst roared before transforming into a large purple wrestler known as "The Purple Puma." Within a blink of an eye, the behemoth charged up the hillside towards the tomb and its lone guard.

"Stop right there, you brute." The guard said before being smack aside by Puma and then tumbling down the hill.

Before anyone else began to act, Amethyst began to smash open the tomb. Chunks of marble flew everywhere with each attack. Emerald, Garnet and Connie watched with horror and awe at the spectacle before them.

"So I guess there is no need for a distraction then?" Garnet said as she walked over to calm Amethyst down.

As Connie wondered when ether desecrating and destroying a artifact of the Commonwealth was worth it, Emerald looked up at the sky to see a crow hovering over them.
"Connie" Emerald whispered to Connie while yanking her arm, "Did you notice that crow that has been following us since we left.

Connie looked up at the crow, which was now perched on a grave around them. Connie then noticed something off about it.

"That's not a crow…" Connie whispered back to Emerald, "It's an Eastern Raven, and…and they are quite uncommon in the northern area.

"Thought so!" Emerald shouted as he placed both his arms over his Gems and summoned his swords. He then leaped into the air and swung a wave of energy at the Raven. The attack struck the raven, but as it was hit, it exploded into a black mist. Shortly afterward, Garnet and Amethyst ran up to the commotion.

"What happened?" Garnet asked the Gems.

"It's Diamond," Emerald shouted as he armed himself "He followed us here, brace yourselves."

Garnet and Amethyst quickly summoned their weapons and joined Connie and Emerald. The four Gems then formed a circle around the mist-covered Cemetery, waiting for the moment when the attack would come.

"Hey Gar," Amethyst whispered to Garnet, "We've dealt with Gem beasts and rogue Gems, what are our chances of dealing with a Gem God?"

"I don't know…" Garnet said, looking around for a sign of an attack. "But no matter what happens, we cannot hold back."

It felt like hours before Emerald noticed a figure moving in the shadow,

"You're not getting the upper hand on me, not again. " Master Diamond," "Emerald said to himself, "This time, I am ready for you! This time, I will avenge my Gem brethren."

Just then, there was a loud screech, followed by a sudden shift in the air as the mist divided into two clouds. One formed into Onyx, the other formed into Pearl.

Garnet glared at Pearl in horror and anger, without hesitation, she charged at her former Gem sister. Only to be parried and slashed across the chest, causing the Gem to fall onto the ground.
"GARNET, NO!" Emerald shouted at Garnet before being attacked by a black water spear. As he looked up, he saw before him a Gem of blue skin, Blackshot eyes, and Black liquid wings.

"Lapis…Lapis Lazuli?" Emerald whispered in fear, "No…not my sister. No…."

Lapis responded by sticking her tongue at her brother, as she quickly teleported before him and jabbed him in the chest. Causing him to spit up blood and fall onto his knees.

"How...I should have detected you." Emerald strained as he fell to his side. Looking up to see Amethyst fighting before she became entrapped within a large Onyx claw. He then turned to Connie, who was backing away in fear and mouthed the words "run."

The Moment Connie turned around to run, she slammed herself into a tall being. As she looked up in horror, there standing before her, was a tall Gem, A gem of silver hair, red eyes, and a sensation of weakness and inferiority. Connie backed away a little before summoning her weapons before the Master.

"It is about time we finally met face to face, little Furem." Diamond said as his eyes scanned his opponent. "I did not expect my foe to be so…young."

Connie's face turned pale at the sight before her. All the months of torment, the months of loss, her fantasies of finally extracting the retribution, were finally here. However, when she faced the towering Gem, she felt a sensation of insignificance, as if she were but a mere insect to the Gemian God before her. Connie quickly snapped out of this and gritted her teeth at the Master.

"SHUT UP!" Connie shouted at she Gem Master while arming her blade and shield, "It's because of you that my family is gone, my home is gone…Steven is gone…it's all YOUR FAULT!" Connie then lunged at Diamond, only for her to be lifted into the air and thrown into a tombstone. As she lifted herself up, she quickly noticed Diamond swinging his mace above her and blocked the attack with her shield. The impact created a loud ringing in the air. Diamond then removed his weapon and stepped back.

"Please understand Furem, that what I do is for the best of this Universe. Do you not understand that chaos is caused by the decisions you have made, the mistakes you have made? Your Universe was given a gift by the Gem Mother, and like spoiled children, you have squandered that gift, and I have no choice, but to take it away from you. This is not a means to conquer or destroy, but to survive and build a better Universe, for you, for your people, and for your child."

Connie shook her head indisbelief before charging at the Gem before her. As she swung her blade, Diamond avoided each attack. As if he knew the attacks before they happened. As Connie attempted to fling her shield at Diamond, he grabbed the shield, looking at the weapon before breaking it in his hand.

"I see that for a Furem, you have some understanding over our powers." Diamond said as he dissipated his weapon, "However, you have yet to scratch the surface as what a Gemian can do. Not even that abomination of Rose's could comprehend the things our Tribunal could do."

Diamond then widened his expression slightly as if he realized something; he began to sense an additional life from within the Furem before her. Narrowing his eyes in irritation, he lifted one of his hands and clenched it slightly.

"What are you doing?" Connie shouted to Diamond, who responded with a glare. For some reason, this was beginning to anger Connie, as she looked into Diamond's eyes, she felt an overwhelming sensation of rage, rage at the Gem who ruined her life and killed her love. "Stop that! I'll kill you…I'll…I'LL KILL YOU!"

As Garnet watched, she heard a small voice call out to her; she recognized the voice, looking forward to Connie as she was preparing a charged attack.

"Auntie, it hurts…I can't breathe…make him stop…he's hurting me!"

Garnet realized what was going to happen, remembering why Diamond had Steven and his original child killed in the first place. She then looked to Diamond, who had his clenching hand pointed at Connie. Within seconds, Connie shouted at Diamond before charging straight at him.

"CONNIE STOP!" Garnet shouted at Connie, who ran at Diamond like an enraged animal. "HE WANTS YOU TO ATTACK HIM, HE KILLING HER!"

Her shouts were ignored as Connie lifted her blade to swing her blade at the Gem before her, not noticing that when she was about several feet away from him, Diamond clenched his hand into a fist.

Connie then stopped completely, her body jolt and her stomach tighten…

Garnet then heard a loud piercing scream, a scream like that of a little girl…

She then realized what had happened, tears flowing from her eyes before feeling a blade touch her neck.

"Try to interfere and you will die" Pearl whispered to her victim as she watched the spectacle before her.

Emerald, Onyx, Lapis, and Amethyst stared at Connie as she stood there, dropping her weapons and grabbing her stomach, looking to her opponent with an expression of horror as he opened his clenched fist before her.

The center of his palm was a red stain, almost like blood…
"Now you will understand the price for facing a God," Diamond said as he gestured to her "And that price is loss."

Connie looked down slowly at her body, she looked down at her pants that were becoming stained with blood. She then began to shutter at the realization of what had happened, Realizing that once again, she had experienced loss. Within moments of this new though, Connie knelt to the ground, her hands wrapped over her stomach, and fell to her sides. She curled up into a ball as she wept loudly. As Diamond watched with a cold stare, Onyx moved beside him.

"What now?" Onyx asked her master, who gave her a look of irritation.

"Now that Rose's Vitae is in one piece, I will extract her Vitae," said Diamond, before looking to Emerald. "But not before I acquire something else first."

As Diamond approached Emerald, he stopped and turned to see the Tomb guard aiming his rifle at the Gemian. Peridot turned as well, noticing the strange way he was holding the rifle. Almost like a completely different weapon. As Diamond looked at the man, his eyes widened at surprise.
"I am sorry brother, but I cannot let you do that." The guard said.

"YOU!" Diamond said before being blasted back by a large bolt of golden energy.

Onyx watched as her Master flew into a pair of tombstones. She then turned back to the assailant, who quickly smashed Onyx's face into the earth below her. As he turned to Lapis, who released her grip on Amethyst and lunged at the solder, he parried around her hand jabbed his hand into her Gem, causing her to revert into a Gem and fall to the ground. The solder then picked up the Gem and looked at it. As he did, he changed form, turning into a being with blond hair and a suit with a topaz gem on the left side of his arm.

"I am sorry I was not there for you and your brother, I cannot forgive myself for whatever hell you have endured, but that changes now." As they placed the Lapis Gem into their pocket, they turned to Emerald.

"Creator?" Emerald said to the gold colored Gem before him, a sensation of relief that his master and creator was before him.

"Hello my son" Topaz smiled to their son "I can see the years have been kind to you."

Zis attention was then drawn to Connie, who was keeled over and crying, Topaz walked over to her and kneeled beside her. As they looked down to her, zis eyes began to pour with tears.
"Oh my sweet child," Topaz said to Connie as they lifted her up to their breast and kissed her forehead, "What has happened to you?"

"H-he killed her…he killed m-my baby!" Connie wept to the Gemian before her, "He killed both of them!

Topaz then stood up and faced Diamond, who too was standing up from the attack.

"She is a thief Topaz" Diamond hissed at his sibling "She has something that belongs to ME!"
"She carries Rose's powers for a reason brother." Topaz said sternly to Diamond "You of all Gems should understand that."

Topaz heard a loud shout as both Onyx and Pearl lunged at Topaz, only to be blocked by a large force field. Topaz looked behind themself to see Emerald with his hands extended, creating the aforementioned bubble that trapped the two Gems.

"Magicae Scutum Lucem" Emerald said as he pushed the field away, "Works every time."

"Well done Emerald. Now, tend to the others. I will deal with Diamond."

As Topaz handed Connie to Emerald, they turned to face Diamond. Topaz then summoned their lance and aimed it at their brother.

"Diamond, I don't want to hurt you." Topaz said

"Then you should have thought of that before betraying our cause." Diamond replied "Because I have no problem killing traitors."

"The only traitor here is you." Topaz rebutted, "I know you only want Rose and my powers for your own view or order. What you are doing is far from order, using the Leviathan, killing Gems, you are no hero, and you are nothing more than a monster."

"You have become corrupt." Said Diamond as he armed himself with his mace, "You have allowed the poison to infect your mind, do you not see what these…children do to each other if left untreated? They will kill each other over meaningless ideals and wants. What I am doing is what our mother wanted us to do, to protect this Universe from evil, no matter the cost. Everything I have done is for the greater good."

"I see…" Topaz said as they started to walk sideways, while Diamond did the same, "...and how does raping Rose and using the Obsidian Leviathan count towards the greater good?"

Diamond snarled at his sibling, "It was necessary to ensure control. I have to be in control of everything if I want order. Rose did not comply and I was forced to take action for the sake of the Univ-."

Just then, Diamond eyes widened as he turned behind him, his expression turned to a look of both shock and rage, as if he realized that he was losing something.

"Vestibulum, Onychinos, to me!" Diamond shouted as the tow Gems replied, standing next to their master before he summons a portal around them.

"I will offer this only once Topaz and this goes for the rest of you as well." Diamond said as he looked to his sibling, then to the other Gems. "If you truly care for your Universe, then you will return to Beach City and surrender to me."

"Mother wouldn't want this." Topaz said in response.

"She is not here to decide that is she?" Diamond said as he dissipated into the portal, but not before pointing at his sibling "You…you were always her *favorite*!"

As the portal vanished, Topaz sighed before turning to Garnet, Amethyst, and Emerald. He gave them a small smile before turning to Lion, who had just pounced in.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Amethyst shouted at Lion, "We could have used your help you pink panther reject!"

Garnet placed her hand on the Purple Gem's shoulder to stop her. As Amethyst looked up to Garnet, she could see that the three-eyed gem was a look of desolation, as if she had seen something that rattled her very core. The two Gems watched as Topaz walked up to Lion and petted his man.
"It has been a while hasn't it?" Topaz said with a smile, "I wish Nilmer was here to see you…"
Lion growled as he opened a portal behind him. Topaz smile faded as they turned to Emerald who was carrying an unconscious Connie.

"How is she?" Topaz asked as they placed their hand on her head.

"She is not injured." Emerald said with a sigh, "But her baby…"

Garnet could overhear the conversation and cringed, her eyes welling up at the thought of what Diamond had done.

Topaz looked down at the Gem before they and sighed, he knew that this loss was not new to her and that it was because of Diamond.

"Where are the others?" Topaz said to their son?

"They said they would meet us after we found you, I think Lion is talking us to them."

"Good" Topaz said as they walked to the portal. "We need to come up with a plan and we need to fast."

As Emerald watched his creator enter the portal, he looked back down at Connie, who laid within his arms. He sighed as he joined Garnet and Amethyst, who sat in the van, waiting silently for Emerald to join them. As soon as Emerald entered the car, Garnet started it, and drove into the portal.


Beach City Containment Camp, Resident District Ruins, present day.


A portal opened at the door to the temple as Diamond stepped out of it, followed by Pearl and then Onyx. Diamond turned his attention to Beach City and saw the encampment before him. The camp had been destroyed, parts of Agates were scattered everywhere, it was apparent that there was a large battle here. As Onyx looked in shock, she turned to her master and saw his eyes fill with rage. She knew that Zirconia, the Gem assigned to watch Beach City, would be punished severely.

Diamond looked towards the entrance of the house and saw the parts of Agates that were scattered around the entrance. He then saw the corpses of three humans, noticing the rifles that were beside them. As he approached one, he bent down and examined his body, the body slumped on the stairway and the body which was bent over the deck fence. Diamond then stood up and turned to his servants.

"Vestibulum" Diamond said as he turned to Pearl, "Go and gather the Agates, then patrol the city for anything suspicious."

Pearl nodded as she sprung towards the city. Diamond then turned and began to walk up to the entrance of the temple, stopping as he approached the door.

"Onychinos, to me." He said as Onyx followed behind, Concerned as to what had happened.

"Father, what happened, where is everyone?" Onyx asked the Gemian before her.

Diamond then stopped in his tracks and quickly turned to his servant. As he did, Onyx felt the pain of a large fist backhanding her to the ground. As Onyx sat up, she looked to the towering Gem above her and felt a jolt of fear course through her body.

"You will address me as Master." Diamond hissed to Onyx, "If you call me otherwise, I will rip out your tongue and shove it down your throat! Now stand up!"

Onyx quickly stood up and began to follow her master; her mind was filled with confusion as to what had just happened. It seemed like only yesterday that he allowed her to call him father, and now he does not.

Diamond then turned back to the door and tried to open it. As he felt the door refuse to move, he gritted his teeth as he ripped the door off its hinges and toss it behind him. Diamond and Onyx heard a splash of the door falling into the ocean as Diamond saw the large table before him, which was used to prop the door shut.

"How could they have let this happen?" Diamond said as he shoved the table away. "They are Gems, no, Secundos! Gems created from the essence of Topaz and myself, and they were bested by humans."

"Well…to be fair Master, they had those G.E.R.M agents." Onyx repled, trying not to upset her Master. "But at least they are dead."

Diamond turned to Onyx and grabbed her hair, pulling her towards him.

"Yet they let the humans escape." Diamond hissed at Onyx, watching as the Obsidian rolled down her cheeks. At this sight, Diamond began to punch Onyx in the stomach, emphasizing his point with each hit.













Diamond then threw Onyx across the room. The Black Gem tumbled onto the floor before she vomited black bile onto the floor. As she stood back up, she saw Diamond standing over what remained of the warp pad, which was now broken into pieces and covered with soot. Diamond bent down and touched the damaged warp pad with his fingers, standing back up and examining the soot on his hand.

"They used fire salts…" Diamond said as he wiped his hand on his robe. "They used the salts as a makeshift bomb."

He then turned and saw something besides the damaged warp pad, in a small pile of rubble was a young human, his skin was burnt and his hair was singed, as he bent down to him, he looked into his glazed over eyes. He examined the cuts and dirt on his skin, knowing that he was left behind to detonate the bomb.

"I gave you the choice to save either the life of your love or the life of your people…" Diamond said as he closed the human's eyes. "…and you chose to save both of them, you gave yourself for them. Just as I did…"

"Master…?" Onyx asked as she approached Diamond. "Is everything all right?"

Diamond paused for a moment before he stood up and faced Onyx.

"Zirconia…" Diamond growled as he stormed into the knocked down Gem door and into the Crystal Heart chamber.

Crystal Temple Catacombs, burning room, present day

Diamond and Onyx walked the long halls of the temple until they reached the burning room. It was a large room with a pit of lava in the center. In front of that pit was Zirconia, muttering to herself as she was throwing paper into the pit. Both Gems could also see that Zirconia was missing an arm.

"…and if Master finds out, he will punish me, but what would he know, all he does is make us do his dirty work. Now thanks to that crazy Gem and those idiots, everything is fucked up. When I get my hands on those fucking inbred freaks, I'll-"

"I would think that would be the least of your concerns Zirconia" Diamond said bitterly as Zirconia spun around in shock at her Master's voice. There both Onyx and Diamond could see a large burn on the side of Zirconia's face and body. However, Diamond took no note of the wounds as he stormed forward and grabbed his servant by the throat and lifted her into the air.

"Master!" Zirconia gasped as she tried to break free, "Have mercy!"

"Mercy is an illusion that is granted to the less expendable, and it is only believed in by cowards and failures." Diamond growled as she brought Zirconia to his face. "Now, you will explain to me how a group mere humans we able to escape an army of Agates and three Secundos?"

Zirconia gasped as she looked to the floor, Diamond turned towards the floor as well and saw a piece of paper on the floor next to him. He then proceeded to throw Zirconia into the wall and then reach down to pick up the paper. On the paper was a crude drawing involving a Gem with black and grey hair killing Master Diamond with a large ax. Diamond furrowed his brow before reading the note on it.

"I'm gonna get you." –Howl

Diamond stood back up and examined the note before crumpling it up and throwing it in the lava pit. He then turned back to Zirconia and approached her.

"Why did you not inform me about Howlite's escape?" Diamond said as he towered over her.

"I…I did not think she would be that much of a threat until she attacked me." Zirconia said in defense, "I though Sunstone and Moonstone could handle it. It's there faults, not mine!"

Onyx watched as Diamond once again lifted his servant into the air. In a sense of pity for her sister and granddaughter, she tried to intervene.

"Master, what I-"

"SILENCE!" Diamond shouted, the whole temple shook from his voice, who had never seen her master so angry before, "If I want to hear your opinion, then I will beat it out of you!"

Onyx shuttered at the sound of Diamond's voice, his very voice echoed through her whole body. She knew that this time, there was no second chance for the Gem in his hands, she knew that this punishment would be the last.

"I have realized that I am the one at fault for this." Diamond said to his servants, "I have allowed myself to be corrupted by pointless ideals and become too lenient. Because of this, not only has Topaz escaped with the Furem, now Zirconia and the Secundo of Topaz have shown that a mere handful of primates could easily defeat us…"

Diamond then turned to Onyx, "As for you, I have allowed my own corruption fill you with a desire of love towards me. I realize now that the four of you have constantly failed as Secundos and as my servants, this means that the only remaining use you will have to me is to be sacrifices for Obsidian."

Onyx froze, remembering what had happened at the crash site, all the things Diamond said and did. The very though caused tears to fall from her eyes as she stared at her master with a look of disbelief.

"But…what you said…you said I was…you're…"

"Daughter?" Diamond hissed as he dropped Zirconia to the ground before walking up to his black-haired servant, "I remember what I said, and yet, I care not. Let me remind you Onychinos, that you are an extension of Obsidian and myself for the purpose of following my orders! Your purpose is to do what I say, when I say it, without question, objection, or remorse, which you have done one too many times. You were created as a tool, and now you will die as one. I have carry no love for you then and now, nor will I ever!"

He then turned his attention back to Zirconia and forced her up against the wall. "Nor do I carry mercy. For too long, I have allowed your failures to proceed without true consequence. Many times you have failed to obtain the Furem's Vitae. That, among this, is unacceptable and I act upon my promise to you..."

Diamond then bent down to Zirconia so he could whisper his choice into her ear.

"Because you allowed the humans to escape, and hindered my plans tenfold, I must kill you."

Zirconia quickly broke down onto the floor in a mix of gibbering cries to pleas of mercy. Diamond simply looked down with an expression of malice.

"Get up." Diamond commanded his servant, who stood up without hesitation.

"Look at me." Diamond said as she proceeded to do so.

"Who am I?" Diamond asked as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

Zirconia looked at Diamond's hands before looking back to her master, her eyes poured with Obsidian tears.

"You are my master…" Zirconia said with a whimper.

"Are you afraid of me?" Diamond asked.

"Yes…" Zirconia replied with a nod.

"Are you prepared to die?" Diamond asked the Gem before him.

"No…" Zirconia choked, she could feel her body shake with fear.

"Why?" Diamond asked.

Zirconia hesitated before looking to her Master with a tearful smile.

"Because I don't want to die!"

"Now…you are learning." replied Diamond, jaw split open down the middle, opening up and revealing a set of tentacles, barbed sets of fangs and a large barbed tube-like tongue. He then plunged into Zirconia's neck. Onyx watched in horror as Diamond drained the Vitae from her screaming grandchild. As he finished he ripped himself loose from Zirconia's neck. As he did, a chuck of flesh from her neck was torn off with his tongue, causing the Gem to scream and choke as she held the gushing throat and dropped to the floor. As Zirconia tried to stop the bleeding, her attention was then drawn to Diamond, who retracted his jaw as he stood over her with his mace over his head.

All Zirconia was able to do was scream a loud "NO!" as Diamond brought his mace down upon her. With no hesitation or remorse, he did not stop for even a minute as he beat the Gem's head and body into the earth below. Zirconia's screams and gurgles mixed together as he broke her bones, smashed her body, and splattered her blood all over the floors and walls around them. Onyx could feel the vibrations of each impact with the mace through her body, the room, and perhaps, the entirety of the temple.

After what felt like hours of Diamond crushing the Gem below him, the Old King finally stopped, his robes and mace soaked with grey blood as he stood over the crater of mush that was once a Gem. He then reached into the pile of remains and removed a white gem from the pile. Diamond then drained the Vitae from it before casting it into the pit of lava. As Onyx watched the Gem melt in the pool, she was drawn back to Diamond, who was now standing before her.

"Now it is your turn." Diamond said blankly as he cast away his mace. Onyx backed away slightly before she tripped and fell onto the floor. She then felt as the ground locked around her ankles and heels. Immobilizing her as Diamond disrobed.

"Did you really think you had gained a place to my heart?" Diamond hissed as he stood above his prey. "No…I don't think so."

"Master, no-" Onyx's pleas were stopped by Diamond's hand clasping around her mouth. All she could do was make muffled scream as Diamond tore off her robes. She cried in pain as he stuck himself into her, his hand then found themselves around her neck, squeezing tighter with each thrust.

Onyx tried to break free, but it was no use. She could feel herself fading in and out of conscious as Diamond choked the life out of her.

"May this be a remind Onychinos that I am always in control…" Diamond exclaimed, as he slammed into her harder. "…and that your life was always in my grasp."

All Onyx could do was look into Master Diamond's molten red eyes before everything turn to darkness. Even though she could still feel him, she found the darkness safe.

For the first time in her life since she first breathed life, she felt safe…


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