Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Sky

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 8: Like Diamonds in the Sky


Greg's Shed, 5 years ago,


"Almost finished…." Pearl said to herself as she slowly inserted the final spark plug into the engine of her jury-rigged spacecraft. For a ship built out of spare parts and junk, it was really well built. As soon as Pearl inserted the spark plug, the rocket came to life, Pearl's eyes beamed as she backed away from her creation, taking in the fruit of her labor with such awe.

"It's finished! I can't believe I did it, and all in a barn with a box of scraps!" Pearl cheered to herself, suddenly covering her mouth so she did not wake the two founder of "Universe & Universe," which were sleeping in a van next door. As Pearl was about to open the door, she felt a small burn on her cheek. When she looked in her reflection on the hull of her ship, she then remembered her Master. The only thing that held her back and controlled her, not to mention the one that was forcing her to groom Steven into a sacrifice for his plan of Universal dominance.

"No! I won't let you have him." Pearl said to herself before she felt a chill in the air. As she looked up at the ship, she saw another being in the reflection.

"What is the meaning of this?" Master Diamond said to Pearl, who quickly turned to face her Master. Pearl froze, as Diamond looked down at her with an expression of irritation "Are you planning to leave the Planet, Vestibulum?"

"N-n-no, of course not Ma-Master!" Pearl said nervously, "I was making this ship because Steven asked me to.

Diamond then looked up at the ship and raised an eyebrow, "Then would you explain to me why it looks exactly like a Metalian fighter?"

Pearl looked to the ground before responding to Diamond. "Well…Greg helped me with it."

Diamond looked to Pearl with an expression of shock and anger as her approached Pearl and grabbed her by the throat, lifting her up to his face. Pearl felt Obsidian tears pour down her face as she looked into the molten red eyes of Diamond.

"You are working with one of *THEM*?" Diamond shouted at Pearl, the whole barn shook from the vibrations. "I was sure I sent you to wipe out any survivors, WHY IS THIS ONE STILL ALIVE?"

"Wait Master, He is not anymore." Pearl pleaded with Diamond "He gave up his powers so he could be with Rose. Without then, he is no different from a mere Human. That means this rocket is useless. "

Diamond scowled as he slammed Pearl to the ground, turning back to the Rocket and extending his hands.

"One cannot lose their powers Vestibulum; they can only be transferred to another or suppressed. Copper did not lose his powers, but in fact transferred them to that half-child of his. Even more of a reason to acquire his Vitae; Are you aware of the power that a Gemian/Metalian hybrid possesses?"

Pearl stumbled on the ground as Diamond continued talking, she then noticed a large wrench on the ground and reached our for it. As she did, she felt her arm pull back.

"Come on Pearl, you have to fight it. For Steven!"

As she reached for the wrench, she felt the tears of Obsidian pouring down her face, burning her as she finally grabbed the wrench and stood back up, facing her master with a look of resentment. As she crept behind him, listening to his speech about the Metalians, she gripped the wrench back and lifted it up like a baseball bat.

"…erased them for that reason Vestibulum, they needed to be destroyed because they were a threat, just like-"


Pearl swung the wrench as hard as she could against the back of Diamond's head. The Gemian fell to the ground with a hard thud, knocked out cold by Pearl's attack. As Pearl looked over her unconscious Master, she looked at the wrench in her hand; the head has a small splash of blue blood on it, his blood, and her blood.

As Pearl dropped the wrench onto the ground, she grabbed Diamond by the boots and dragged him over to a small pile of junk. She then covered him in a tarp and proceeded to walk out of the barn. As she did, she thought about what would happen once he woke up, what would be the consequences of…NO! That was not what would happen; she knew what had to be done, she would take Steven into space, she knew that Diamond could not leave the planet at this moment, and that taking Steven off Earth was the only way to ensure he was out of Diamond's grasp.

"Forgive me Master…" Pearl whispered to herself as she closed the barn door, "But I must do this... for Steven."


Steven was asleep on the roof of his dad's van, wearing an adorable beetle sleeping bag. As he slept, he then felt the sensation of a finger poking him in the face. As he opened his eyes, he saw Pearl kneeling before him.

"Wha…" Steven said in confusion, only to be shushed by Pearl.

"Shhh! Want to see something really cool?" Pearl asked Steven quietly; in a tone, that many people would assume to result in a visit from Chis Hansen.

Steven emerged from his sleeping bag as Pearl guided him down from the van, trying her best not to wake Greg, who was sleeping in the back of his van.

"No…don't give him a banana." Greg mumbled in his sleep, "That's what he wants."

As the two Gems approached the barnyard door, Pearl grabbed and opened it for Steven.

"Presenting the brand new ballistic flight capable Universe Mach three!" Pearl said excitedly as she presented her ship to the half-Gem.

Steven gasped with awe as he pointed at the ship and looked to Pearl, who nodded in consent.

"Spaceship!" Steven shouted as he rushed to the new vehicle before him.

"Wait Steven!" Pearl shouted in contained excitement. "Keep your voice down!"

As she watched Steven run joyfully to the ship, she noticed the blood wrench next to her foot, as well as the small trail of blue blood, which led to a tarp beside the ship. Pearl looked at the tarp nervously before her attention was drawn to the voice of Steven.

"Whoa!" Steven said in awe, "It's even got the logo from the van!"

"And if your dad asks, we'll say we borrowed it." Pearl replied, watching Steven enter the cockpit. She then looked back to the tarp and sighed.

"Goodbye Master." Pearl said with a cold tone. "This is for Rose." She then turned back to Steven and smiled.

"If you want Steven, we can take it out for an engine check." Pearl call out to Steven in a baiting voice, she then touched her Gem and her robe was replaced with a Gemian spacesuit. "It'll be quick!"


The sound of a jet engine roaring in a paper-thin barn was enough to wake good old Greg from his slumber.

"Wha…What the…" Greg said in confusion as he looked around for the source of the noise. It did not take him long to realize where it was coming from.

"PEARL!" Greg shouted as he bolted out of his van, just in time to see Steven and Pearl already leaving the van from inside of the Universe 3. Greg watched in horror as Steven waved to his father from inside the cockpit.

"Steven! What are you doing!" Greg shouted as he watched the ship fly into the open sky.

Inside the barn, Master Diamond rose from under the tarp. As he looked around in confusion, he saw the bloody wrench and the missing ship.

"The ship…what?" Diamond said as he stepped out of the barn, only to see not only Pearl's ship flying off but also Greg chasing after it. It was then did Master Diamond realize what was happening.

"You dare escape from me?" Diamond growled as he brought his hand up, pointing them at the ship flying into the sky. "YOU DARE BETRAY ME?!" Diamond then clenched his hand, as if he was grabbing onto something and trying to pull it down to earth.


Inside the cockpit of Universe 3, Steven noticed that the ship seemed to be slowing down, almost as if it was being dragged down. He then noticed that the ship itself was beginning to fall apart, Steven groaned anxiously as he then saw a large chunk of metal fall off the ship.

"What was that?" Steven asked Pearl, his mind racing with fear.

Suddenly, there was a large flashing alarm going off in the ship, the sound caused Steven's stomach to drop.

"Pearl?" Steven asked anxiously to Pearl.

"We can make it!" Pearl said, ignoring Steven and focusing on space, "We're almost there!

Steven looked back out at the ship, he watched as the "Mr. Universe logo peeled off the hull of the ship. The whole vessel looked like it was about to explode at any minute.

"Pearl" Steven shouted as he looked to Pearl, who seemed hell-bent on leaving Earth, even if it meant a fifty-year voyage and a possible demise by rocket explosion.

"I'm gonna show it to you…" Pearl said as she glared into the stars before her, all the sounds around her, the alarm of the ship, Steven's shouting, even the creaking of the ship as it fell apart. All were drowned out by a single voice in her head. The voice of the once she called Master.

"You. I know you can hear me. When you return, Vestibulum... I'll be waiting. You have not yet understood the consequences of what you have done!" The voice lowed to a hissing whisper as it flooded Pearl's mind,"When you return... I'll be waiting here... at the temple.Waiting...for YOU!"

Pearl was broken out of her trance by the sound of the cockpit release hatch unlocking and the glass window shooting off, as she felt the cold air, she looked to Steven in surprise.

"Steven! What are you doing?" Pearl asked Steven, still transfixed on the thought of leaving Earth.

"We have to go Pearl!" Steven said to Pearl. "We're not going to make it!"

Pearl could not accept that, they had to escape from earth, from Master; Pearl just could not accept going back, not after what she did.

"But we're almost there!" Pearl pleaded with Steven, looking up at her only chance to save both of them, her only chance to save Steven. She then felt a pair of hands touch her face that brought her attention to the young Gem before her.

"Pearl! I know you miss space and I know you worked really hard, but sometimes, you just got to know when to bail."

Pearl looked to Steven and then up to space. In her mind, she realized that no matter what she did, no matter how desperate she had to be, there would be no escape from earth, and there was no escape from the Master. She knew that all she could do for Steven is help him through his life before…

Pearl sadly nodded before reaching down and pulling on the ejection lever. She then grabbed Steven tightly as the two ejected from the ship, which exploded right after.


"NOOOOO!" Greg screamed as he saw the ship explode above him, as he prayed for a sign of life, he saw Steven and Pearl's ejection parachute, sighing in relief before slumping to the ground in exhaustion.

At the base of the Crystal Temple, Diamond watched as the Parachute glided down in the air. He then turned around and entered into the rock wall before him.

As Pearl looked down at the city below her, she then looked to Steven with a feeling of immense guilt.

"I am so sorry Steven." Pearl said softly to the Half-Gem in her lap, "I almost got us killed."

"I'm used to it." Steven responded, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you get to space. We'll get there someday, I promise."

"You know, I think I'd rather be here on earth." Pearl said to Steven.

"With me!" Steven interjected gleefully.

Pearl looked back to the temple and though about Master, she then looked to Steven and gave him a half-smile.

"Yeah…with you…"


Crystal Temple Topside, present day,


Diamond watched the sunset before him, as he contemplated the return of Steven and the betrayal of his servant Pearl, he felt the presence of a being beside him. He then turned to see Rose standing beside him; her presence was beaming, even to the Old King.

"Remember when we came to this planet when it was just born?" Rose said to her brother, who was silent as he watched the sun fall. "I was so naive back then, We didn't need to worry about the Gems, or Metalians, or even our duties as Gods."

"You didn't." Diamond replied as he continued to stare at the red orb in the distance. "Topaz and I did, you just poked and explored this rock like a child."

Rose huffed as she turned to Diamond. "I was still a child then, if you recall, I was born the last. You made that very clear by calling me Praecinctorium."

Diamond sighed, "You do know Nostalgia is not going to change anything. Right?"

Rose's expression changed to a sadder tone as she looked to the sun once again. "I don't understand why though, why must you kill them? What good will come from all of this? You speak of order and peace, yet you have declared war and committed Genocide upon your own people, especially your siblings."

Diamond then turned to Rose with a look of anger, "War? No, not war, wiping the slate clean, Make the Universe like it was meant to be: undisturbed by free will."

Rose backed up a litter before looking to Diamond, "Brother, I had to because I would think that in the time without my power, you could see that this would, just like the others, can thrive with its faults. In fact, the faults themselves bring out the best in this Universe.

Diamond scowled before his sister, crossing his arms as she smiled at him. "You are blind to the truth, just like Topaz. I am more surprised that a God of knowledge like them would follow such a thoughtless belief. Perhaps that knowledge will be put to good use when I control it."

Rose sighed as she approached her sibling. "Diamond, I beg of you, stop this madness, there is still time to-"

"NO!" Diamond shouted to Rose as he swung his fist at her, only for her to dodge the attack. "It is too late to turn back! I have worked too hard to control the majority of this Universe; I have the Obsidian Leviathan at my control, and an army of Agates in construction I'll send the Leviathan, the Agates. Bring ruin in my hands until only I stand atop the Tribunal Temple again. I will scour galaxy after galaxy with the Leviathan, rain its walls with spears of Obsidian - with an army of obedient machines behind me. and once I have absorbed your Vitae and Topaz's. I will become as powerful as Gemia herself, and once I erase free will form this Universe, my purpose will be complete!"

Rose saw as Diamond's eyes filled with tears, his expression a mixture of pride and, to her surprise, guilt.

"I will kill or control each and every last one of them until it is only me…alone…in a quiet Universe….a perfect one."

He then turned to Rose, who looked at him with a look of sadness, and clenched his hands towards her, tears pouring from his molten red eyes.


Rose walked up to Diamond and gave a small smile towards him. The Gemian fell onto his knees before his sister. She placed her hands on his face and looked into his eyes.

"Diamond, no matter what you have done, no matter what you will do, I will never hate you, Topaz may hate you, but I am different, I see the good and beauty in everything around me, even in something as warped and lost as you. I know that there is good in you still, and it is the Leviathan that poisons your mind. That is the reason why I will always love you. Because no matter how far you fall, you will always be my brother, as I will always be your sister."

Diamond stood back up and approached a large grave; this was the grave of two people close to Rose, now it was only the grave of one. Diamond stared at it for a moment before looking back to Rose.

"It is too late for me to stop when I have come so far." Diamond whispered as he raised his hand before the grave, "I have come so close to purifying the Universe, that I will not let anything stop me, not even you."

Diamond then clenched his hands and a small copper cylinder emerged from the ground before them. As it floated in Diamond's hands, he turned back to Rose.

"What ever happened to "We cannot both exist? That is what I am more curious about." Diamond said as he handed her the cylinder.

Rose smiled as she looked at it "That is the most interesting thing about life Diamond: even with our live, they always find a way."

Diamond then turned back to the sunset. "You now know that you have to fight with them, correct?"

Rose smile faded a little as she looked at the cylinder.

"This also means that this is the last time we will speak as brother and sister." Diamond added.

"Rose felt tears flow from her face as she summoned a portal, she looked back to Diamond, who was still watching the sunset and then she silently entered the portal.

As Diamond heard the sounds of another portal, he felt the presence of Hematite behind him.

"What have you brought me?" Diamond asked the

"Master, the army is on its way." Hematite said as he knelt to his master, "We will have the Agates in three earth days."

"And the Leviathan?" Diamond asked

"It is nearing the final cycle." Hematite answered, "The Gems will not stand a chance. Your victory will be imminent."

"Leave." Diamond ordered Hematite as the Gem disappeared. As soon as Diamond was alone he approached the Tree that was nearby. Diamond then as he picked a Rose from the tree, which this time, did not wilt in his hand. As he examined the flower, he felt more tears fall from his face.

"Fortunate ego tam durus habet qui facit dimisisset?" Diamond whispered As he looked up at it, his mind faded to a memory he had forgotten.

"Vale, dulces Rose. Donate mihi quid faciam."


Rose's Hill, 14,000,000 years ago,


"Diamond! It's this way!" said a small Gem, she had short curly pink hair and wore a white dress, this Gem was known of Rose. Accompanying her was Diamond, only his hair was shorter, and his beard was just a goatee. Diamond moved slowly behind his sister, not seeing the point of this expedition.

"Remind me again why you brought me here?" Diamond asked Rose as he moved up the hill "This had better be worth the walk."

"It's over here!" Rose yelled to her brother "Get moving Dimy,your burning daylight!"

"First, you will address me as Diamond." Said Diamond, who hated that nickname, "and second, I do not see how it is possible to burn daylight, seeing as it is a emission from the sun, which is alrea-"

Okay okay, jeeze, It's a figure of speech." Rose said with a huff.

"You should act your age Rose." Diamond began to lecture, "As a Gemian, you will have more responsibilities as you-" Diamond stopped speaking as he watched rose digging a hole in the dirt. Her dress and suit were getting dirtier with every dig.

"Rose, what are you doing?" Diamond asked Rose.

Rose looked up at Diamond and smiled. "I'm showing my new trick."

Diamond sighed as he pressed between his eyes. "Rose, as Topaz has told us, basically any living creature can dig a hole."

Rose then clenched her hands over her Gem and produced a seed, which she planted into the earth and covered it up with dirt. "No! Not that, this."

Rose then stood up and grabbed Diamond's hand, having the two of them back away a couple inches from the new pile of soil. Diamond then watched as Rose pointed her hands at the pile and began to concentrate. As Diamond watched the soil pile, he noticed that a small plant began to sprout from the soil. Within a few minutes, the plant began to grow and grow, until it turned into a full-grown tree. As soon as it finished growing, Rose ran under the tree and hugged it's trunk.

"Isn't this neat Dimy?" Rose said as she approached Diamond, who was in awe that such a small Gemian could do this.

"This is impossible." Diamond said as he watches the leaves of the tree fall, Rose began to collect them into small piles before slamming into them. The little Gemian giggled as the leaves fell everywhere. As Diamond picked one of the rose flowers from its branch, he noticed that it wilted immediately in his grasp. Diamond tried to fuel it with Vitae, but it was no use. Rose then noticed it and approached her brother.

"How did you do this?" Diamond asked Rose, "What is the spell."

Rose sputtered as she then gave a wide grin at Diamond, "I'm not telling! DIMEY!"

Diamond twitched at the sound of that nickname, only to simply sigh and sit down, as he watched the sun set before him, he then watched as Rose walked in front of him and sat on his lap.

"Rose, get off of me." Diamond said in a annoyed tone.

"You should grow a bigger beard." Rose said, having completely ignored Diamond command.

"Why should I do that?" Diamond asked Rose as she picked up a rose peddle and brushed it agienst her hand.

"I think it would make you look more…awsomer!" Rose said as she looked at Diamond, stars beaming from her eyes.

"Awesomer is not a word." Diamond said as he turned his attention to the sunset, "You should know that by now, you little Praecinctorium."

"What does..p…pr…prancing erector mean?" Rose asked Diamond, the cuteness of her question almost made Diamond want to vomit.

"It is Gemian for an immature, compulsive, child." Diamond replied.

Rose puffed up in anger, "Well, if I am a prancing erector, then you are a…um…you're a…a…Asini.

Diamond's eyes widened, as he looked to Rose "Where in the name of GEMIA did you learn that?"

Rose smiled widely as she slouched in Diamond's lap. "Topaz told me, they said that if even you call me names, I should all you an Asini. Um, what does Asini mean anyway?

Diamond sighed as he looked back to the flower in his hand, he noticed that this time, it was alive and healthy, as he wondered what it was that revived the plant, he felt a finger poke his face. Diamond attention was drawn to the giggling Gemian in his lap, which for some reason caused Diamond to feel something he had never truly felt before.

"Thank you Rose." Diamond said as he continued to watch the sunset. As Rose looked to Diamond with curiosity, she impulsively stuck her fingers into Diamond's mouth. Diamond quickly pulled her dirt and saliva covered fingers out of her mouth as he coughed from the experience.

"Rose! What in the name of GEMIA are you doing?" Diamond shouted at the little Gemian before him.

"I wanted to see you smile." Rose said innocently, "I don't think you can smile."

"Such an emotion is a waste of time and effort Rose." Diamond said as he recomposed himself. "I do not see a point in doing such a worthless exercise." Diamond then looked down to see Rose making weird faces at him.

"Are you taunting me?" Diamond asked in annoyance.

"I'm trying to make you laugh." Rose said with a grin, "Tell me Dimy: what makes you laugh?"

"Annoying little Pestes getting smashed into a pul-" Diamond stopped to see Rose looking up at him, her eyes welling up with tears as well as her lip quivering. In that instant, Diamond panicked.

"Uh…I mean…jokes…yes…jokes!" Diamond said quickly.

Rose expresseion turned to a huge star-eyed grin as she sat back down in Diamond's lap. Diamond sighed with relief as the two of them watched the sun set.

"Okay! Okay! I got one!" Rose said gleefully. "Why did Topaz throw butter out the window?"

"Why?" Diamond asked.

"They wanted to see a butterfly!"

"Why is the spreading lies funny again?"

"No no, it's a play on words. "Butter-fly, get it?"

"Get what?"

"The joke"

"Where is it?"

"Where is what?"

"The Joke, where do I get it?"

"No no no…you…it's a…I…argh."

"Is this part of the joke, because I don't quite-"

"Augh, nevermind!"


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