Everyone Makes Mistakes Part 2: A Girl and her Lion

The Apology

Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 9: An Apology to Gems


Tribunal Temple, present day


The time had finally come, after months of hiding and running it was now time to fight back. Topaz, Connie, Emerald, and the rest of the Gems all gathered outside of the temple to discuss a plan to attack Master Diamond and liberate Beach City from his oppressive grasp. As the Gems gathered in the courtyard, Connie stood before them, ready to discuss the battle plan.

"Alright everyone, if we are going to get Beach City back, we need to be precise and quick." Connie said to the Gems as she projected a large hologram of the city through her gem. "As Garnet, Amethyst and I already know, Diamond is using the city as his main base of operations. This means that this city will be well defended by his Agate forces. However, thanks to Howlite, a large portion of said forces are destroyed and the residents were evacuated. This will allow us to engage the Agates without any casualties."

"However, we still need to be concerned about what plans Diamond may have in store for us." Topaz interjected, "He still has a large army of Agates as well as his servants. Therefore, we need to divide up the forces so in case of a trap, we can escape if necessary."

"Question?" Amethyst interjected as she pulled on her new Gemian armor, "Is the armor really necessary? I mean A: I was kicking but in my robes already and B: this makes me feel like some sort of cliche cartoon space warrior! If you ask me, it's a big fucking waste of time and effort."

"It's Gemian battle armor Amethyst." Garnet replied as she leaned on the side of a pillar, her arms crossed as she looked at her Gem sister. "It's designed for efficiency, not for cosmetics. Diamond designed them like that. It will also provide equivalent protection from the Agates. Which will buy us enough time to stop Diamond."

Upon hearing Garnet's response, Amethyst gritted her teeth. Seeing Garnet talk like that made the purple Gem turn to Garnet with a look of anger. She was quickly reminded of what happened during the battle in Washington. She was reminded of how Garnet has allowed Diamond to attack and nearly kill them.

"Okay that is it! Garnet, can I ask you something: why do you not want to kill that bastard after everything he has done? Throughout everything, the death of Steven, the betrayal of Pearl, and even the overtaking of Beach City, you did not even flinch as Pearl held Steven's head, how can you not be angry at the fact that our leader betrayed us? I did not see any hesitation after the whole Emerald uprising?"

Garnet twitched at the sound of that last sentence, she felt her hands ball into fists as Amethyst continued her rant. As Emerald watched the spectacle, he flinched at the word, "Emerald." The Gem then looked to Topaz and Connie, before he noticed Howlite looking to hi with suspicion.

"…and you know what, I know that you are always silent and concealing about yourself, but after all this. How do we know that YOU are not a spy for Diamo-"

Amethyst was cut off by the sensation of a large fist entering her stomach. Garnet watched Amethyst bend over before tackling Garnet to the ground. Amethyst began to punch Garnet in the face before the tall Gem threw Amethyst off her. Connie tried to step up and stop the fighting, only to feel Topaz's hand grab her back. Connie looked to Topaz as they shook sir head no before turning her attention to Howlite, who was approaching Topaz with a look of anger as well.

"Do you know what Master Emerald just told me?" She said with a tone of hostility, "he told me that not only was he the "Second Emerald," but do you know who is his *father*?"

Topaz looked to Howlite and approached her. She quickly reached into their robe and pulled out the still status Gem of Lapis Lazuli. Howlite stared into the Gem before looking to Topaz. A dark grin stretched onto her face.

"Emerald, Lapis, Moonstone, Sunstone…their not you "children"…there you're little experiments…lab rats to study the effect of Vitae modification, and you…you helped MONSTER DIAMOND, DIDN'T YOU?"

"No Howlite, it's not like that!" Topaz objected as they looked to Howlite and the group of Gems behind her, Garnet and Amethyst included. They then turned to Connie, who was confused by the accusation. Topaz sighed as they bowed their head. "I...I allowed Diamond to modify my children, but what I did I have regretted ever since. Although I cannot fix the mistakes I have made, I will try all I can to stop Diamond. That is all that matters now. We cannot just fight over old wounds; rather, we must accept our faults and stand together. Only then will we find the strength to defeat Diamond and save the Universe."

Topaz looked up to see Emerald before their, in his hands, was the Gem of Lapis Lazuli. As Topaz looked into the determined eyes of Emerald, they took the Gem from Emerald and looked at it. Topaz then took a deep breath before lifting the Gem into the air.

"Lazuli, ad mecum!"

At that moment, the Gem rose into the air and shot into a bright light. As the Gems watched in awe, Lapis Lazuli, the Gem of water, slowly fell to the earth, only to be cached by Topaz and Emerald. Topaz and Emerald looked down at Lapis as she began to open her eyes.

"Uh…Ma-master?" Lapis whispered as she looked to Topaz, who smiled back at her. Lapis then gasped as she hugged the Gemian and began to bawl into their. As Amethyst and Garnet watched, the two embraced each other. Garnet suddenly noticed a small portal appearing in the distance of the temple. As she did, Amethyst stood up from the ground, brushing herself off as she watched the spectacle involving Topaz and Lapis

"Hey Garnet?" Amethyst said as she watched Emerald join the Gemian hug. "I...I'm sorry for calling you a spy. I…I can't handle this…I would think I could just get over it…like what happened with Peridot. But I can't…It feels like every time I try to believe that this is happening, it feels like it's one big dream that I can't wake up from. But I guess you don't feel the same way, right...Garnet?"

Amethyst looked up to Garnet, who was staring off into the distance, mouth agape, and her glasses removed. As Amethyst looked to Garnet's direction, she froze at the sight before her. There, approaching the temple was a figure in a pink jacket of sorts, and on his back was a certain long-nosed Gem. Soon, the two Gem's sight attracted the other Gems, especially Connie, who covered her hands over her mouth as tears began to pour from her eyes.

"It can't be!" Topaz whispered as they watched in disbelief

"Who is that?" Emerald asked Topaz, only for his question to fall on deaf ears.

As the figure approached the crowd, he looked around before giving a huge grin.

"Hi there! My name is Steven...Steven Quartz Universe. I'm looking for a Gem named-"

Before he could finish, his attention was drawn to Connie, who was storming up to the Half-Gem.

"Connie!" Steven replied happily before getting a huge slap in the face.

"That is for dying!" Connie shouted before slapping Steven again, this time the impact caused Steven to stumble and drop Pearl, who fell to the ground.

"That is for bringing *her*!" Connie barked before grabbing Steven by his coat.

"Wait Connie…uh…she can explain!" Steven interjected before Connie brought him to her face, resulting in a passionate kiss from Connie who then released him only to grasp him in a hug.

"…and this is for coming back." Connie tearfully proclaimed as she embraced her lover once more. Her attention was then drawn to Pearl, who was still on the ground, kneeling before the Gems.

"So, Steven…" Connie growled as she summoned her sword and pointed it at Pearl. "…would you kindly explain to all of us why you brought one of Diamond's spies into our base of operations?"

Steven quickly dove between Connie and Pearl and pushed Connie's sword away.

"If you guys can give me a moment, I can explain everything.


Tribunal Temple, Topaz's Study, 1 hour later

"…and then I stabbed Diamond and he disappeared. Afterwards, Pearl and I took a portal here. Rose told me all about the temple while I was…er…away."

Connie, Topaz, and Emerald all surrounded Steven as he told them about what he went through after his death. Apparently, by what Rose had discovered through Steven, a Gemian is unable to kill another Gemian.

"How is that possible?" Connie asked Steven as she paced the room. "Garnet, Amethyst, and I saw Pearl holding your head! I buried you next to your dad!"

"I know…" Steven replied sadly, "But Rose figured out that Gemians, even their offspring, cannot physically kill one another. I think it has something to do with…Vegae or…Vergai.

"Do you mean Vitae?" chimed in Topaz.

Yeah! That's it, Vitae!" Steven replied, "She told me that before the civil war, Diamond was studying the limitations of Vitae and something else, I think it was called…Ichor.

"Ichor?" Topaz asked, "Is that what he is using the Leviathan for?"

Steven pondered for a moment before responding

"No I don't think so, but he said that Ichor was being used for something else and that Diamond is trying to revive and control Obsidian for his own reasons.

"Welp that is enough of a reason for me!" Emerald chimed in as he approached Steven. "I think it's high time that Diamond learned the hard truth about what happens when you fuck with a Gemian."

Emerald then noticed Steven looking at him funny.

"Um…is something wrong?"

"You're not related to the other Emerald right? Cause she was Diamond's right hand."

"SHE IS!?" Connie interjected, "How could that be? I mean, I knew she was controlling and she tried to destroy you and the others but I thought it was because of your…war." Connie sat down as she tried to process this new information.

"Yep, she was his most loyal servant; in fact, she was kind of like a super servant. Before the whole attack on Earth, she hid in the shadows, stealing Gems for Diamond. She even acquired several of your kids Topaz."

Topaz looked down at the floor before looking back up to Steven before leaving the study. Steven then looked to the other Gems and shrugged.

"So what happens now?"

Connie stood up and looked over to Steven replying to Steven's question with another.

"Well Steven that depends, are you ready to kill a god?"

Steven and Emerald gave Connie a look of disgust at the cornball of a question before the three burst into laughter. Connie then recomposed herself and gave Steven a big hug. Tears poured down her face as she squeezed him tighter. Emerald smiled as he ran to catch up with Topaz.

"I'm so sorry." Connie whispered as she embraced the half Gem before her. "I did not believe that my carelessness could cause all of this. If…if I was more careful…if I could have…

"It's okay Connie." Steven said as he broke off the hug, looking into Connie's eyes as he walked her out of the study. "Neither of us knew what would happen. Besides, I love you Connie…"

"…I will always forgive you."

Connie smiled as she wiped tears from her eyes.

"Now come on, let's stop Diamond, and save the world, and then afterward all four of us will be one big family again!"

Connie looked in confusion at what Steven had said. She was about to reply before she heard two voices in her head.

"Hello Mommy!"


Tribunal Temple, holding cells, present day

Garnet paced the room as she looked to the holding cell before her. It was simple looking. A large cylinder shaped object with a large chair inside. In the chair sat Pearl, once a member of the very group known as the Crystal Gems until she was revealed to be serving Master Diamond. As Garnet stared at Pearl, her mind was filled with conflict and confusion. She hated Pearl for betraying the Gems and killing Steven, but something inside her objected to all the hate, all the anger, and instead, there was a single feeling, a feeling that Garnet felt for her Gem sister, even after everything that has happened, this emotion was always there.

Pearl watched as Garnet walked up to her cell and opened it. She then walked up to the long nosed Gem and sat on a bench across from Pearl. The whole time, Garnet kept on staring at Pearl.

"Garnet…" Pearl whispered as she looked to the floor, afraid at what the Gem she called a sister would do. "I know that you will not believe me, that you will think that I am still a spy for Mast-…Diamond, but you have to believe me when I say that I had no intention of betraying you, or killing Steven. I loved all of you."

Garnet was silent, carefully processing the words Pearl spoke as she sat on the bench. She looked up to Pearl, and in her mind she saw a Gem ridden with madness, cradling a young boy's head inside a dark room. She then though of their lives together, the fights against the rogue Gems, the moments spent teaching Steven and learning from him, all the emotions and moments rushed through Garnet's brain, until finally the Gem clenched her fists and quickly rose up from the bench. Garnet looked down at Pearl, who raised her hands in defense.

"Garnet, what are you doing?" Pearl whimpered in fear

Garnet quickly gritted her teeth and growled before summoning her gauntlets, only to quickly turn and begin to punch the wall. Pearl watched in surprise as Garnet continued to punch the cell wall. No matter how hard the Gem punched, the wall absorbed the attack, not leaving even a scratch or dent. Finally, Garnet stopped punching and fell onto her knees, gasping for air; the Gem deactivated her gauntlets and pulled away her visor. She examined the construction before speaking to a silenced Pearl.

"When I first became a Fusion, I was made into an outcast by my own people. They treated me like a freak Then the Gemians came, and Diamond liberated me from my prison. He taught me how to use my powers and to be a great leader. He even made me this visor out of his armor so I would not feel so…different. You could say he was like a father to me."

Pearl stayed silent, allowing to Gem to continue speaking. She watched as Garnet clenched the visor in her hands.

"Then it all changed after the Metalian war. He became distant, cold, and pragmatic. He kept to himself and began to study Vitae. But even then, he accepted my company. When the Gem civil war broke out, I thought he died on Insidiae, trying to find a cure to the so called "Obsidian Virus."

Pearl flinched at the words; the very term was used by Diamond many years ago as a hoax to cover up his experiments with Obsidian. It was also used to cover up the intentions of his many servants, most notably Pearl.

"When you attacked Steven during the Celebration of Gemia all those years ago, I sought to find a cure to save you. When I found the location of the long lost Tribunal Temple, this temple, I thought I could find the notes of Diamond and save you."

Garnet then summoned a book within her hand and tossed it to Pearl. As Pearl looked down to the book and picked it up it read "Quod Vetere Regem: Ipsum Obsianas Virus". Pearl recognized the book as a memoir of Diamonds, this book carried all of his notes about the Obsidian and its potential, it also carried a note for Topaz; explaining his plans with the Leviathan and his intent to rid the Universe of free will.

"All the years spend searching for a cure, and all this time, it was a hoax created by my mentor, to explain to me that the Gem I loved was a servant to his deeds. It's not fair." Garnet then placed a hand over her face and began to weep. It was gentle and silent, which was contradicting for such a brutal and powerful Gem. Pearl then looked down to the book again, reading the pages which Diamond wrote his declaration of treason. As she read the not, one line struck her like a arrow to the heart:

"Seeing as Onyx had failed me, I decided to use her to conceive a new daughter. As I said before, this new servant is accompanying Rose to her rendezvous point. Once there, she will provide me an opportunity to acquire Rose's Power. Should her mission become compromised, she would use a false use of a hoax pathogen known as "The Obsidian Virus" to cover any traces of my control over her."

Pearl felt a lump in her throat as tears began to trickle down her face, falling onto the book and staining the ancient pages. As she felt the emotions of grief and regret fills up inside her, all she could muster was one simple response to all of this.

"I'm sorry." Pearl whispered, her words chocked up as she began to weep as well.

After some time, Garnet began to compose herself enough to look to Pearl.

"Why do you do this?" Garnet asked Pearl as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Pearl looked to Garnet; confused by the question she was just asked.

"Every time I look at you, I see what you did to Steven and it makes me want to hate you, but then I..I just can't…I can't hate you Pearl. Even after everything you have done, I still…"

Before Garnet could finish, she was interrupted by the sound of the door to the holding cells opening. As the tall Gem quickly stood up and put her visor on, she looked to see Howlite approach the holding cell, ignoring Garnet's presence as she summoned her ax and reached for the door, only to be stopped by said Gem, who was blocking said door.

"What are you doing here?" Garnet asked the cracked Gem, "Shouldn't you be discussing the upcoming attack with Master Topaz?"

"They are busy at the moment, so I decided to do some errands first." Howlite growled to Garnet, staring into the direction of Garnet's visor with a look of malice. "Starting with killing the Monster's pet. Now get out of my way, or I will cut you down like a tree!"

Garnet ignored her threat, refusing to budge as Howite twitched at the Gem obstructing her goal. The cracked Gem then looked to Pearl, noticing the book in her hands, noticing the words "Quod Vetere Regem", which she knew referred to Diamond.

"Move." Howlite ordered the Gem before her.

"No" Garnet responded, crossing her arms across her chest.

"I said MOVE!" Howlite shouted, aiming her ax towards the tall gem. Garnet did not respond to the motion, she did not even flinch. It was something that was well known about Garnet, that even in the toughest moments, she could keep her cool.

Howlite immediately lowered her weapon as she stared at Garnet. As she did, Garnet noticed that Howlite's eyes were now dilated and hollow; tears began to trickle down her face. Suddenly, a small smile grew on Howlite's face, as it grew; the cracked Gem began to giggle oddly. Garnet then watched as the Gem before her grabbed her face and began to laugh hysterically. Eventually facing the wall, her face only inches away.

"Why do you serve it Garnet?" Howlite muttered as she began to tap her head onto the wall. "Would you rather serve the Monster and kill all our friends, torture them, turn them into monsters and robots and mindless slaves is it that important to you?"

Garnet hesitated, caught off guard by Howlite's erratic behavior. What Smokey told her was quite true, this Gem, a prisoner of war who survived the horrors of Insidiae, was truly unstable.

"Howlite, I don't know what had happened to you, what D-…the Monster did to you, but you know that I am not a servat-"

"STOP LYING TO ME!" the Gem screamed to Garnet, who flinched at such an outburst. "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP! IT!"

Howlite then turned to Garnet and lifted her ax towards the tall Gem; Garnet quickly summoned her gauntlets and prepared herself. Watching with precise concentration as the cracked Gem before her began to walk forward.

"First Pearl is a traitor, then "Emerald" is a traitor, then Hematite is a traitor, then Sunstone, Moonstone, Jade…and now you. Everyone is a traitor, including you! Of course, given your history with the Monster, I should not be surprised."

Garnet flinched at the mention of those words. In that instant, Howlite shot forward and tackled Garnet to the floor. Howlite then brought her ax up and swung it down onto Garnet, only for the Gem to block the attack with her gauntlets. She then pushed forward and knocked the small Gem off of her, Howlite fell onto the floor, she lied there as she watched Garnet rise up.

As Garnet brushed herself off, she watched as Emerald and Connie rushed into the Chamber. Emerald looked down and lifted Howlite off the ground; the Gem in his grasp was silent, awake but unresponsive.

"Howlite?" Emerald asked the cracked Gem, snapping his fingers in front of her. The Cracked Gem looked to Emerald, her eyes filled with anger and pain.

"Emey." Howlite whimpered as she clung to the green Gem "I'm hurting…"

"I know." Emerald said as he hugged Howlite tighter. "It's my fault for abandoning you and it's my fault for what happened to Hematite. You were right, I was trying to prove that I was as powerful as a Gemian, not realizing what my pride and arrogance has cost me. But I promise you, at the end of all this, we will stop Diamond."

Howlite smiled as she released herself from Emerald's grip, then turning over to Garnet. As she looked to the tall Gem, she then looked to Pearl.

"Release her." Howlite commanded the other Gems, who looked at each other in confusion. "If we are going to beat the Monster, we will have an advantage."

"She's right" Connie interjected "Diamond must have made changes to Beach City after we left, Pearl knows about those changes.

Emerald pondered this for a moment before looking to Garnet, as he did; the rest of the Gems did the same.

"Well Garnet, what do you think?" Emerald asked Garnet, "Should we trust Pearl?"

Garnet looked at each of the Gems before looking back to Pearl, as she stared at Pearl, what she saw was much different than before, instead of seeing an evil Gem in a room of blood. She saw a young chipper Gem, lecturing Steven about proper etiquette, arguing with Amethyst about her manners and maturity, and her passion for Garnet, who she stood by her side many times over. With these thoughts in her mind, Garnet smiled as she walked into Pearl's cell and lifted the Gem from her chair. As Pearl looked up at the smiling face of Garnet, Her eyes watered as she embraced her Gem sister.

Just then, Amethyst, Steven entered the room, Amethyst looked with shock at what was happening while Steven smiled triumphantly, Garnet then turned to Amethyst and extended her hand to the purple Gem. Amethyst looked to the Smiling Garnet and weeping Amethyst before a wave of catharsis suddenly overcame the Gem, who with tears in her eyes quickly joined the hug. Pearl kissed Amethyst's forehead before jolting away in disgust.

"Ugh! Even after all this time, you still lack hygiene!" Pearl exclaimed as she wiped her mouth with her hand.

"Well I didn't have a lot of time with your dad blowing up my home!" Amethyst rebutted as she pointed her finger to the long nosed Gem before her.

At that moment the two of them grinned as they hugged each other once again, reviving the sisterhood that had been gone for so long. After a few moments of hugging and crying, Pearl broke from the hug and turned to see Connie, who looked to Pearl with a glare of Contempt. Pearl hesitated before approaching the Gem, remembering the horror that she brought upon the youth and her lover.


Before Pearl could finish, Connie punched the long nose Gem in the face, staggering Pearl before she composed herself.

"That is for my kid!" Connie explained before punching Pearl again.

"That is for Steven!" She continued before punching her once more, knocking the Gem to the floor.

"And that is for Beach City." She concluded before helping Pearl up.

As she turned to the other Gems, all of them, even Topaz, stood out of Connie's way.

"Are you absolutely sure she was a human?" Emerald whispered to Steven, who shrugged in response.


Tribunal Temple, Gem Pad Room, present day


The chamber was designed to teleport a Gem to any location they desired, just as long as they had a teleport stone or there was a teleport pad nearby, Gemian had no use for it due to their powers, but it still had its uses, such as teleporting a small Gem army to a certain location

Topaz was standing before one of the Gem pads, checking it to ensure stability before use. As they did, they heard a familiar voice behind them.

"I can see the years have not withered your use with technology, dear sibling."

Topaz quickly turned to see a large pink Gemian before them, a Gemian by the name of Rose Quartz. Topaz looked in shock for a moment before reaching out towards her.

"Rose…" Topaz stammered, "Your…your alive?"

She approached the Gemian before her, taking their hand and placing it upon her shoulder. Topaz looked at her shoulder and noticed the large scar that went around the entire base of her arm, the same scar that was caused by…

Topaz quickly embraced their sister in a hug, sighing in surprise and relief that their sister was alive and well. They then broke the hug and looked to her in a mix of joy and confusion.

"But how? Steven told me that you and he could not exist together. He was a part of you, your physical being."

Rose smiled as she sat down on a nearby statue. "I thought the same, it was only when I died did I discover that we could not truly die, no full Gemian can. Not you, nor Diamond, not even…"

With a look of realization, Topaz slumping beside their sister. "Then how can we win?"

Rose placed her hand on Topaz reassuringly. "Even though we cannot die, we need a familiar to regenerate, a being that can carry our powers and Vitae until we can be reborn. However, Obsidian has no familiar, but I believe he is using a Gemian as one in its stead."

"Diamond is a familiar to Obsidian?" Topaz asked Rose, who nodded in response.

"I have talked to him multiple times, and I know he is trying to fight it." Rose explained as she looked over to the warp pads. "This is why the two of us need to perform a contactum and try to reason with him."

Topaz hesitated, thinking about all the destruction and chaos Diamond had brought to the Crystal Gems. As they pondered and thought, Rose stood up and reached for Topaz.

"Whether he is possessed or not, he is still our brother and we will do what we must to save him."

Topaz stood up looking at Rose with an expression of disbelief.

"Rose, how can you still call him your brother after everything he has done?" Topaz exclaimed, "Did you forget that not only did he…he…rape you, but he destroyed our home, killed and enslaved the majority of our Gemkind, and not to mention that he had his own children kill you, your husband, your son, and grandchildren. How can you forgive him after everything he has done?"

"No one is beyond redemption Topaz." Rose replied, her hand extended to her sibling still. "Not even him."

Topaz looked to Rose and then to her hand. Pondering one more, they took a deep breath and rubbed their face with their hand before locking it with Rose's. The two Gems then closed their eyes before Rose began to speak.

"Adamantino veteri Regis primogenito nostram: vocavi, et resurrexit Leonis, topazius exactor, pete tibi. In nomine Gema et DITOROQU, respondetis?"


The Crystal Temple, Heart Chamber (92% corruption), present day

In that moment, the two Gems opened their eyes and looked around, it was a large chamber and in the center was a huge crystal heart, only it was covered in a thick black bark like growth. As the Gems examined their surroundings, they noticed in front of the heart was Diamond, bound to a large chair and coated in the same black growth.

"Diamond?" Rose asked the Gemian, who opened his eyes to see his sibling before him. Within an instant, the two could see that Diamond's eye color was different, now being silver instead of red.

"Rose…Topaz." Diamond said to the two,. "What are you doing here? Get out now!"

"Diamond, I understand now." Rose said as she approached her brother, "I was right, you were possessed by Obsidian, but there is still time to-"

Topaz and Rose stumbled as the whole chamber shook, imminently after that, there was a thundering roar. Suddenly, Diamond screamed as he shuddered in the bound chair.

"Topaz, Rose…you must leave, your attack may have stalled the conception but it won't be enough." Diamond bowed his head down. "The child, the one he calls furem, she can stop him, but she will need the power, the boy's power… and yours, Rose."

"No!" Topaz objected, grabbing Diamond's head. "This is another one of your tricks, isn't it?"

"Topaz stop!" Rose commanded as she removed Topaz grip, placing her hand onto the Old King's face. "I will do what I must if it means freeing you and stopping Obsidian. I promise..."Dimy."

Then the two Gems saw as Diamond did something neither of them would expect, something that he had never done in so long...

He smiled.

Just then, Diamond shouted as small black lines crawled over his face. As he fought the corruption, he looked back to his siblings.

"Rose…Topaz…forgive me…"

Rose watched as her brother struggled feebly against the Obsidian, as she watched with tears pouring from her eyes, she felt Topaz grab her and shout "Revertatur" before she found herself within the Tribunal Temple once more. As she turned to Topaz, she saw Steven, Connie, Emerald, and the others behind her.

"Mom?" Steven shouted in shock.

"Master Quartz?" Emerald shouted in shock

"Mom…in…law?" Connie semi-shouted in shock, causing the former two to look to her in confusion.

"What?" Connie exclaimed defensively before gesturing to Steven, "He fused with me, both ways, the second way got me pregnant, so after all of this, we're getting married."

Rose smiled as she activated the portal. "Wonderful, I am sure Greg will love to hear that."

As Steven and Connie looked at each other in joy, they then realized what Rose had just said.



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