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Hotel and Spa

Symphony and the Six God-Generals were on a ship to the Silver World, Keterburg. It had been her dream too, to be riding a ship. She stared at her moving reflection in the ocean. The others were inside the cabin, watching her from there.

“Will she be alright alone out there?” Largo asked the others.

“There are only us onboard, so I’m sure she’ll be fine,” Legretta reassured him.

Symphony kept on staring at the ocean, wishing a dolphin or two would pop out. Arietta came up to her after a few minutes waiting. She stared at the ocean too, hugging her doll tightly. The Princess blinked at her. Then, an idea struck her mind. She tugged at Arietta’s sleeve.

“W-Will…you call out some f-fish?” the Princess requested.

“As you wish…” the Wild muttered with her face behind her doll.

She called for the fish and some dolphins jumped out and then, splashed back into the water. The Princess was in awe, amazed at the sight. It was breathtaking, watching the dolphins swimming as if they were dancing in the water and the sunset in front of her. Everything was so perfect that she wished time would stand still. She even forgot about her troubles. The other God-Generals came out and watched her smiling face.

“She really is a newborn child…” Asch sighed.

“I couldn’t agree more, Asch,” Legretta said, briefly glancing at Asch before watching the Princess again.

Dist didn’t care at all. He was busy with his revenge journal, adding more names than before. That journal is like a diary to him. The Tempest pretended not to notice but truthfully, her smile did distract him a bit that time. He acted cool so that no one would notice.

Noticing the dock in front of them, he said, “We’re here.”

The others looked up too. They noticed the sky darkened and snow started to fall. Symphony was overwhelmed by it. She extended her hands above her to catch the snow. When the ship came to a halt, she ran down to the dock and looked around. There was not much to see just yet.

“Is this the town?” she asked the others.

Asch smiled to her, shaking his head. “No, Your Highness. This is Keterburg Bay…”

“Oh, I see!” she looked around again, beaming.

Largo was next to speak, “Shall we get going to town?”

“How nostalgic! Coming back here, though I doubt that Jade is here!” Dist suddenly exclaimed.

“You used to live here?” Symphony asked.

“Yes, I was a friend to Jade though he seemed to have forgotten me for now…” Dist started his rambling.

Asch, who was coincidentally right beside Symphony, whispered to her, “Don’t bother about him. He’s an attention-seeker.”

They ignored him and marched forward. Soon, they were out in the open path. Symphony was again amazed by how the paths were filled with snow. As they walked, the snow never stopped falling. Sometimes, she would look up at the dark sky. She realized there was a new feeling inside her body. She could feel tingles around her body. Legretta was concerned about her.

“Are you cold, Your Highness?” she asked.

“K-Kind of…” Symphony shivered.

Legretta smiled at the girl. She pulled of her red scarf-like cloth and tied it around her neck.

“T-Thank you…” the girl trembled.

The Quick nodded. It was fortunate for them to have reached the town without encountering any monsters. When they got there Symphony widened her eyes at the sight. There was one big statue in front of her. Then, there were two paths, one leading to a shop and another leading to an inn. The big path in front of her, leads to the Casino and there were two stairs on each side which she assumed would lead to the residential area and also, the hotel’s entrances.

“Shall we get going to the hotel?” Dist asked excitedly.

Symphony shook her head and requested to see the town first. The Six God-Generals rolled their eyes at each other. Now, who would volunteer to go with her? She waited for a reply.

“Well, we need to get you check in the hotel…” Legretta started.

“Aww…but I want to look around!” Symphony complained.

Sync sighed and Dist snorted. Largo as well as Asch was lost of what to do. Arietta waited for a decision as she buried her face into her doll and held it tighter than before. Symphony pouted again and again. Sync was losing his patience.

“Stop acting like a kid!” he shouted, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, “You should be a bit mature for your age! You’re twelve for Lorelei’s sake!”

Symphony backed away as he kept on shouting. The others didn’t know what to do. More likely, they should stop him but they didn’t. It was as if they wanted her to be scolded for, at least, once.

“Besides, you’re the one who requested us! At the very least, respect our opinion!” the Tempest demanded.

Noticing that the girl was about to cry, Asch stopped the boy. He shook his head to him, signing that he should stop. Sync did as Asch asked. He didn’t want to create a commotion. Plus, he was in her territory of sort and also, Malkuth did help Daath to have their own region. So, he stopped, huffing and puffing to catch his breath.

“Do what you want! I’m going to the inn!” he shouted again.

Before he could take another step, the Black Lion stopped him. “Wait, Sync!”

“What now?” Sync asked, calming down a little.

“Actually…” the man turned to Legretta.

The Quick sighed and looked at Sync. “The Emperor requested you and Arietta to sleep with the Princess at the hotel,” she explained.

“What?!” Sync exclaimed.

“R-really?” Arietta asked in a whisper.

The Quick turned to her and with a smile, she nodded. Then, her stare was back at Sync who seemed like he was going to burst in seconds.

“If you don’t want to, it’s alright…” Asch said, “…but, you will be disobeying the Emperor’s order…”

Largo whispered to him, “You might learn more about her background…”

Sync gritted his teeth yet again. Arietta had no qualms into obeying it.

“Umm…” Symphony gulped as all eyes were on her. “C-Can I at least go and see the playground?”

“I told you-” Sync was about to protest when he was interrupted.

“Why don’t you just go with her?” Dist shouted to him.

A death glare was shot at him. The Reaper kept still. He didn’t say anything after that, though it can be seen that he mimed, “This will be in my revenge journal!”

“R-Really? Can’t anyone else accompany me?” Symphony stammered, looking at everyone except Sync.

She was scared of him indeed. He was the first to have ever scolded her. Her Master, maid or even her own Father had never scolded her before. Arietta suddenly volunteered to go as she wanted to be alone. She thought that all she had to do was watch the girl from afar, so it won’t be a big problem for her. Thus, they walked up the stairs and more stairs after that. They were now at the playground though there was not much things to play. Symphony walked around the place.

As she was not used to walking on a snowy field, she slipped and fell down. Arietta giggled but Sync laughed out loud.

“Pfft, hahahaha! You can’t even walk on the snow?!” he laughed.

Symphony was sobbing. A smack suddenly landed on Sync’s head. The boy cringed and looked up. It was Legretta who had just arrived, Asch was beside her. The guy walked up to Symphony and helped her up.

“T-Thank you…” she wiped her tears.

“Why are you here?” Sync asked the two.

“We need to confirm whether the Tempest accepted the Emperor’s request or not…” Asch replied, walking back to Sync with the girl clinging onto him.

Sync protested immediately. “No way! I will never do it!”

Asch sighed. “But…well…it won’t be too much of a fuss if you two go with her.”

“No! Never!” the Tempest shouted.

Symphony looked at them. “Umm…can’t I just sleep at the inn?”

“I don’t think the Emperor would approve of that…” the Quick sighed.

Symphony sighed, taking a glimpse of Sync. She hesitantly walked up to him. He was crossing his arms in front of his chest, huffing as he was angry. She gulped as she opened her mouth to speak. The boy glared behind his mask and sighed.

Fearing the girl would start crying, he gave in. “Fine, I’ll do it!”

“R-Really?” she asked, looking up at him.

“Let’s get going to the hotel!” the boy shouted, stomping towards the stairs that lead to the hotel’s entrance.

“S-Sync!” Symphony called out, making the boy stop. “T-Thank you…”

Legretta and Asch smiled at the two. Arietta didn’t say anything as she was a bit tired already. They walked up to the hotel and entered. It was wide and spacious. In front of them stood the lobby and on its right side was the elevator leading to the upper levels. Symphony widened her eyes at the sight. The hotel was lively with all the bright lights and a couple of vases filled with flowers stood at the wall.

“Ah, Your Highness! We’ve been waiting for you,” the receptionist said.

“Hello,” Symphony bowed to her.

“The key please?” Legretta asked.

The receptionist nodded and handed a room key to her. Legretta turned to Sync and made him in charge of the key. Arietta had no qualms with Legretta’s decision and so was the Princess.

“We’ll meet here at 8 tomorrow morning,” the Bloody told them.

The three nodded. Then, they bid farewell to Legretta and Asch to go to their room. In the elevator, Symphony kept on staring at Arietta and Sync who didn’t say a word to each other much. She wondered why.

Their room was on the third floor. As the elevator’s opened, a room service girl was waiting for them. She showed them their room which was located opposite of the elevator. Sync opened the door. The room service girl told them everything they needed – where the towels are and the bathroom and also, extra pillows. There was a single bed near the balcony and a double bed near the door. Of course, Sync chose the single bed.

“Let’s go get change, Your Highness,” Arietta said, pulling her along into the bathroom.

“Typical girls…” Sync scoffed, taking off his gloves.

He put them on the desk lamp on the right side of his bed. There was another desk lamp that stood between the two beds but he assumed that the girls would want to use it. Arietta came out of the bathroom with a black nightdress. After her came the Princess with a white night dress. Her hair was not tied and it could be seen that it was quite long, going down to her calves.

Finding no reason to be awkward, the boy abruptly asked, “Don’t you have anything better to wear?”

“No…this is all that I had…” she replied although she was a bit cold wearing only a nightdress.

Sync scoffed at her. Arietta was already fast asleep, too tired to say anything. Symphony watched as Sync swiftly took off his uniform without making his mask fall. She found it very amazing. Catching her stare, he turned to her. She could feel his glare on her.

“Go to sleep already!” he said.

Symphony was startled at his shout. She lied in bed, facing her back to him. She forced herself to go to sleep. Sync waited for a few minutes before he deemed the girls were in deep sleep. He took off his mask and put next to his gloves. Then, he went to bed with his back facing the girls to ensure that they could not see his face.

The next morning, Symphony woke up the latest. Arietta was in the bathroom and Sync was at the balcony, already in his uniform and wearing his mask. He turned to her when he saw her staring at him. She nodded to him and then, went back into the room. Sync sighed. Symphony walked into the bathroom once Arietta was out.

“What happened last night?” she asked the Tempest.

“Nothing…” the boy replied looking up at the sky.

Symphony wore yet another new set of clothes. Her other two were washed and hung at the balcony by the room service girl. Her new dress was a much warmer one. It was a purple long sleeves dress that went down to her legs. She wore a pair of black socks and black boots. She wrapped Legretta’s red cloth around her neck to act as a scarf. Her hair was tucked around her neck to provide more warmth. After she was done, they went to the lobby where the others were waiting.

“Legretta! Largo! Asch!” the girl called out and rushed up to them.

She hugged Legretta. The woman patted her head.

“You didn’t bother her did you?” Dist asked Sync.

“Even if I did, that doesn’t concern you,” the boy replied calmly.

Dist was in rage but the others ignored him and went ahead. They were going to show the Princess Mt Roneal. There was supposed to be an entrance to a Sephiroth there but they decided not to go in as it was dangerous for Symphony.

“It’s c-cold…” she complained, hugging herself.

The others weren’t really listening but soon she was out of sight. They didn’t notice at first but after half an hour, they realized there was no complaining or sobbing noise. When they turned, she was nowhere to be found.

“She must have gone into the Sephiroth…but it’s sealed right?” Asch said, looking at the others.

“There is another entrance than that one,” Largo explained and lead the way.

Once they were there, they split up to search for her, Dist and Largo, Arietta and Legretta, Asch and Sync. They started to search for her in every corner that they thought she would be.


Symphony popped her head here and there, searching for a certain yellow fluffy beast. It was a cheagle that was said to have lost its way. She trailed behind it, trying to catch it. The cheagle was afraid of her. It squeezed itself into a room but that didn’t stop Symphony. She pushed open the door and entered. The door creaked behind her. She smiled at the little cheagle.

“Don’t be afraid…” she said, stepping closer.

“Mieu…” the cheagle uttered.

Symphony caught it in her hands and hugged her. The cheagle struggled at first but soon stopped as she could sense that the girl meant no harm. She stared at the girl. Symphony smiled and sighed. She sat down with the cheagle on her lap. They didn’t notice a fonic golem coming up to them. When they did, it was quite too late as it hit her with it blunt sword. The cheagle ran away to hide. Symphony turned to look at the monster that hit her.

“Aaaaaaaahhh!” her scream echoed in the Sephiroth.

While that was happening~

“Hey…” Asch called out to Sync as they kept on marching forward.

“What?” Sync asked, not even turning to the boy.

“Do you think…if she had known…” the guy started.

“She’d kill herself?” Sync guessed.

“That’s not what I’m saying…I just thought…may be she’d cry her eyes out…”

Sync stopped and turned to Asch. There was something he didn’t know about the Bloody and he didn’t want to know. Plus, Asch didn’t know that he was the replica of Ion. Only Van knew, or so that was what Sync thought. The others would not have known since there was no need for the God-Generals to know each other’s past.

He opened his mouth and uttered, “If I was her, I’d choose to run away and live my life without having any ties with the Emperor.”

Asch chuckled and smiled. “That’s your choice…that girl…she looks really weak and very childish. However, I do wonder how her half looks like…or rather, what type of a girl her half is…”

Sync couldn’t agree more. He too wanted to meet Symphony’s half but he acted as if he didn’t mind. Suddenly,
“Aaaaaaaahhh!” a scream echoed in the Sephiroth.

“Symphony!” Sync was the first to hear it along with Asch.

The boy rushed to where he thought he heard it before Asch could say anything. Sync came to a door. He kicked it open and found the girl running away from the golem as it chased her. There was blood stain on her head. She caught sight of Sync and rushed up to him.

“Help me!” she cried with tears in her eyes.

Sync was stunned to see her in that state. He froze in his spot as the girl hugged him. All of a sudden, the boy felt like he was fuelled with rage. He glared at the golem. Without a moment to spare, he charged at it. The cheagle rushed up to Symphony and jumped into her hand. They watched Sync kicked the golem’s sword, causing it to fly away. Then, he used his cyclone blaze to burn it down but the golem was still standing. He tried to punch Sync but he swiftly dodged it.

“Howl O raging wind! Turbulence!” he casted, sending the golem flying far away from them.

The Tempest then turned to the girl. “You okay?”

Symphony nodded slowly. She didn’t know what to say but just stared at the floor of the Sephiroth. Asch barged in and saw the two. He let out a sigh of relief to find them unharmed. Sync walked up to Asch and told him what happened. The guy approached the girl and squatted in front of her.

“Are you okay, Princess?” he asked, concerned.

“Y-Yes…” she mumbled before falling unconscious due to blood loss.

Asch caught her in his arms while the yellow cheagle jumped onto the floor. The Bloody turned to the Tempest. He didn’t say anything as he picked the girl up and cuddled her in his arms. They exited the Sephiroth and waited for the others at the entrance. They didn’t really notice the small cheagle following them back to the hotel. When a kid at the playground saw the sacred beast, it squeaked and jumped onto Sync’s shoulder. He scowled but as he remembered that the cheagle was the one with Symphony when he came to her rescue, he refrained from hurting it.

“Sync, will you tuck her in?” Asch asked him.

“What? Why me?!” he protested again.

The red haired sighed. “Well, because you’re in charge of the key…”

Sync groaned. Arietta didn’t say anything but just stared at the cheagle. She wished to hold it but the cheagle seemed to be attached to Symphony and confusingly, Sync as well. The two young God-Generals excused themselves. Sync held Symphony in his arms while the cheagle, much to his disappointment, was on top of his head.

“I wonder why it’s so attached to Symphony…” Arietta muttered.

“Beats me…” Sync shrugged.

Sync tucked Symphony in her bed and Arietta sat beside her. He stared at her face for a brief moment before announcing that he was going to take a bath. Arietta was left alone with the sleeping girl. She gazed at her face.

“I wish I had a sister like her…” she mumbled to herself, hugging her doll.

Symphony woke up later that evening. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes. Her head was bandaged due to the hit from the golem before. She observed her surroundings and immediately knew that she was back at the hotel. She was all alone. She wondered where the Six God-Generals were.

“Mieu…” a familiar sound was heard.

“Hmm?” Symphony turned to her right and saw the yellow cheagle.

“Mieu!” the cheagle grinned and jumped into her arms.

“You followed me back?” she giggled and hugged the cuddly beast.

The cheagle nodded rapidly. The girl smiled happily as she rubbed the cheagle’s head. A click at the door was heard. It was pushed opened and Sync stood at the entrance. Symphony didn’t know whether he was staring at her or not. He went up to her with his arms on his waist.

“You’re up? They were all so worried, you know?” he said to her.

“Oh, really? Where are they now?” she asked.

“They’re at the café. Wanna go there now?” he asked.

The girl nodded slowly. With the cheagle on his head, they took the elevator to the cafe floor. Sync took out something from his pocket and handed it to Symphony. It was her hairpin. She smiled and thanked him for holding onto it. The others were having their tea at the cafe, talking and discussing about, what seemed to Symphony, a very serious topic. Arietta was first to notice to her.

“Your Highness…” she said as if giving a warning to the others to stop their discussion.

All eyes were in Symphony who nodded to them as an apology. She sat beside Legretta.

“I’m sorry to have worried all of you…” she apologized.

“That is alright,” Largo reassured her.

“So, shall we check out now?” Legretta asked.

The girl blinked at her. “Huh? But, our next destination is Aramis Spring… Won’t it be better if we go there during the day?”

“Oh, right! I forgot…my apologies. Then, we shall check out tomorrow,” the Quick replied.

The next day, Arietta waited for the Princess to get ready. The dresses were already folded and put into her sling bag. All that was left was the dress she wore the day before as she would wear it again that day. After she put her clothes on, the Wild combed her hair for her. She pinned her bangs and then, tied her hair into a pony tail.

“Let’s get going…the others are waiting,” she said to Arietta.

Both of them took the elevator to get to the lobby. She was right about the others waiting for them. Sync went up to the receptionist once Symphony handed him the key. He checked out for them. The receptionist recognized the Princess and was delighted to see her.

“Oh, Your Highness!” she called for the girl.

Symphony turned to her and approached the reception table. “Yes?”

“Lady Nephry recommended that you try the spa before leaving,” the receptionist.

“Lady Nephry? Spa?” the girl was obviously confused.

“Lady Nephry is the Governess here,” Legretta explained.

“I’d like to try the spa,” Arietta mumbled.

Symphony heard her. She looked at the receptionist and nodded to her. “I shall try the spa, along with the others.”

“I’m not going…” Sync announced.

“What? It’ll be fun!” Dist said.

Asch nodded. “It’s a once in a lifetime chance.”

“I won’t go!” the boy insisted.

In a few minutes, all the Six God-Generals were in the spa along with the Princess. Sync was forced in by Largo and Asch, using the Commandant’s mission as an excuse. Symphony was wearing a swimsuit picked by her father while the others wore whatever that suited them. Asch was in the water with Symphony and the cheagle. Legretta was resting on a deck chair while Largo, who was sitting next to her, was watching Symphony. Dist was on his chair, eyeing the place with wide eyes. Sync was close to the entrance and remained there, not moving an inch. Arietta was in the water with the Princess too. She watched as Asch taught Symphony how to swim, though it was rarely seen in a spa.

“Sure is soothing…” Legretta said.

The Black Lion nodded, but then, he sighed. “Yes, I agree…but, I do wish Sync would enjoy a bit too. Once we’re done with this, we’ll back to our original goal.”

“Hmm…he just had to be that way…” Asch came out of the water.

“Sync!” everyone heard the squeaky voice.

All eyes were on her. She was running up to the boy who was near the entrance. He didn’t move a budge as she held onto his hands.

“Come on and join us!” she invited.

“I’d rather not…” he replied, not even looking at her.

“Please?” the girl insisted.

Sync stood still. She kept on insisting that he should join her. His blood was boiling as she did. The others sensed the aura he was emitting. Legretta immediately took the girl by the hand and pulled her away from Sync. Asch went up to the young teen.

“Glad Legretta did the job…” he sighed.

“Why won’t you have fun?” Asch asked.

Sync fixed his mask’s position. “The heat might make my mask fall…”

The guy didn’t argue even one bit. “Suit yourself…”

At last, they departed after brunch. The cheagle followed them.

“Do you wanna keep it?” Arietta asked the girl.

“Is it a male or a female?” the girl asked back.

“Female, Your Highness and it seems young too,” the Wild replied.

“I’ll keep it!” she decided, turning to look at the cheagle in her arms, “I’ll name you…Prunella!”

“Mieu!” the sacred beast beamed and licked Symphony’s hand.

Largo leaned closer to Asch and whispered, “I hope it’ll keep her out of trouble.”

“Me too…” he replied.

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