Catch Me If You Can


Would there be second chances in love for the Card Master? Will his old flame be re-kindled by what's next? Follow the grand adventure that is about to take place with the Card Master or Twisted Fate.

Romance / Adventure
Earl Antolin
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Old Flame - Old Habits

Tobias Le Beau or known in the League as Twisted Fate, is a man shrouded with mystery. He’s cunning, swift, and always has a way out of sticky situations. Tobias is a man that lives his life flirting with death, he’s cheated death more times than any veteran can. Tobias unfortunately... Is gonna meet his match; not only a worthy opponent at gambling, but also at getting away.

Tobias sat at the poker table as people look at him in awe. Seeing a wealthy man’s chips get taken in a flash sends chills down the other players at the poker table. A smart gambler decided to cut his loses and left the poker table, leaving Tobias with the remaining gamblers.

“Alright who’s next? Anyone of you fine sir’s and madame’s willing to play cards with me?” he cooed at the crowd as if he’s courting them to partake in gambling. A British woman accepted his challenge and sat down at the table next to Tobias. The woman had good manners and took off her hat, revealing a delicate features. Tobias was not prone to women, but he has his weaknesses, especially when the woman next to him is his -ex girlfriend.

“It’s been a while Tobias...” said the woman is silence. Tobias didn’t dare to take another look at the woman; Tobias just sat there and smiled bitterly.

“How’s Jayce been Cait? You look like you’ve had a bad night with that bastard.” he spat those last words with venom. Caitlyn smirked and countered.

“Me and Jayce were not a ‘thing’ we never were and I never loved him. Now... Are we going to talk? Or are we going to gamble, Tobias?” she said with confidence and class. Tobias took a drink of whiskey and got his cards from the official.

“Anytime Cait...” said Tobias, he saw some Piltover police in the glint of his eyes, spinning a red card from his hand, he readied for their advance. “Hey Cait... Wouldn’t it be a shame if our match is canceled? Knowing you, you’ve got your back up ready to save your ass anytime. Even that knuckle-headed partner of yours will bust through any cell just for your sake.”

“I don’t know what your talking about, Tobias. Indeed, I have reliable comrades to come to my aid if I ever needed so, but unfortunately Tobias... I believe I’m more than enough to bring you down.” she said with confidence. Flipping her cards, Tobias smirked and flipped his cards.

“The trick is...” he slowly rose and poked at Caitlyn’s nose like he used to when they were going out “-To never get caught... I win...” he whispered in her ear. Caitlyn blushed beet red causing her to lose her composure. Tobias always had an ace up his sleeve, he always knew that knowing how to throw Caitlyn off her game would pay off.

Tobias then saw the advancing police crew, Volibear and Trundle were leading the charge as Vi came crashing through the casino with her heavy-duty assault car used for riots. They all pointed their guns at Tobias as Volibear and Trundle ushered the people out of the casino.

Tobias held up his hands and dropped his deck in front of Caitlyn. Laughing at the scene, Volibear came up to him and raised him up in the air, grabbing him the the collar of his long-sleeve coat.

“Don’t be playin’ games with us now, Tobias.” roared Volibear. Caitlyn then stood up in front of him and looked at Tobias, dead-center in the eye as if she was aiming with her sniper rifle.

“What trick are you pulling now Tobias? You never get caught, and yet you chose to be held close at gunpoint with our crew.” Tobias wanted to pull on Caitlyn’s strings a little bit more, but was stopped when Vi punched him in the gut.

“Oufff...” he choked at the sudden burst of pain in his stomach.

“And that’s for messing with Cupcake... You cheating bastard!” she exclaimed, readying another punch, but this time using her improved battering-fists.

“Wouldn’t it be rather ironic if she did the same to me?” said Tobias with all the spite he had as he spat a glob of blood. He looked at Vi with a murderous glare and looked at Caitlyn. “Had fun with him that night? I’m pretty sure he nabbed another girl for his trophy ro-” before he could finish, Caitlyn slapped him in the face and broke down crying.

Vi punched him in the gut again, but this time she didn’t felt him flinch. She was horrified at what Tobias could stand, punching him again using her powered up fists, he fell on the ground, but again stood up. Smirking at Vi and their crew, Tobias then struck them a bargain.

“How about we have a bargain right now... Caitlyn?” she was confused on why his tone is much different now. It’s the tone that she remembered when she loved him, the tone that wooed her heart and charmed her soul. Wiping the tears off her face, Vi was pissed off and went for another swing at Tobias. She was careful not to hit Caityln, but he stopped her in her tracks when he planted a gold card onto her before she could make contact with him.

“How about a game of Russian Roulette? If I win... I get to talk to her for the rest of the night. If you win... You get to see me shoot my head off. Sounds good?” Tobias was set to test his luck again. Volibear and Trundle placed their bets and laughed at Tobias.

“I wonder how the sheriff had an interest in a man like you...” said Volibear, sniffing Tobias for weapons. Volibear then laughed and helped Caitlyn stand up. Vi got her some water as Tobias was waiting for their answer.

“What do you want with Caitlyn... TELL ME TOBIAS!” said Vi with much anger and frustration. Remembering the day that Caitlyn and Tobias broke up, she was so gloomy and cried herself to sleep for months.

“I just want answers. I want to know what REALLY happened... What do you say... Cait?” he approached her and knelt one knee down. He took off his hat as they saw his cocky smile and his usual aura of confidence. Tobias was willing to bet it all again. Going all or nothing once more just for the sake of talking to his ex-girlfriend, Caitlyn once more.

“Why?... What could you possibly gain?... If you want to even up the score with me... Then do what you want. Kiss any woman on sight, have sex with them even... I’m trying to move on with my life... Tobias.” she said weakly. Tobias looked at the floor and remembered the bitter nights he had when he accused Caitlyn of cheating on him.

“Prove your worth.” said Vi holding a revolver in her hands. Tobias grinned as Caitlyn looked at Vi with shock and fear. Volibear and Trundle were also surprised when they saw Vi taking it seriously.

“Gladly...” Tobias then took one bullet out of the revolver and handed it to Vi. “They say that the closer you are to death... It’s the time you feel more alive...” Vi was stunned when she saw the five bullets inside the revolver. She knew that Russian Roulette was played with one bullet left in the revolver, but this time Tobias gave her a revolver with five bullets, and one bullet was held in his hands, he played with it and twirled is around his hands like a card.

“IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE!?” Vi said lifting up Tobias by his collar. Tobias just looked at her and darted back to Caitlyn who was looking at the floor the whole time, listening and was lost in deep thought.

“Be it a joke if you wish to call it that. This is a gamble, Vi. So what’ll it be? You get the glory of killing me all for the exchange of me having a chance of having to talk with Cait for one night?”

Tobias then spun the revolver’s chamber above his head, Caitlyn’s palms were sweating as she did not want to see her former lover die just to get answers from her. Tobias finished spinning the chamber of the revolver and then put the gun onto the side of his head. He was about to fire, much to Vi, Volibear and Trundle’s surprise. Before he could fire, Caitlyn rose up and hugged Tobias out of nowhere. She cried softly and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

“No more... Please Tobias...” Vi and the rest of the crew’s jaws dropped. Vi tried to get Caitlyn off of Tobias, but Tobias quietly pleaded to her to give them some space. Vi reluctantly agreed and went outside with Volibear and Trundle.

“What do you mean Cait?” asked Tobias in his sweet tone. Caitlyn then felt her hug being returned, she felt Tobias’ cloak wrap around her as he hugged her delicate frame. “I’ve been so bitter when you left me... I’m just as messed up. I even remember trying to drown myself in booze and women, it didn’t work though, and I regret each second of that ever happening.” Caitlyn looked up to him with red eyes and saw the fire inside of them re-kindle with life and passion.

“I didn’t cheat on you, Tobias... Jayce... I tried to rebuff his advances... But he kissed me when I didn’t want him to... That’s when you saw us...” Tobias cried slightly as he hugged Caitlyn more.

“I always’d knew you wouldn’t cheat on me Cait... I just acted on impulse I guess... So what’s ahead of us now?” he began. Caitlyn raised her head to look Tobias in the face. “Any answers lady lucky?” asked Tobias with a smirk on his face.

“Why don’t we take the gamble? Tobias... I’m willing to regret you forever in my life if things go wrong again. But I live for the moment... And I thought I could get over you... But I can never do that. I never stopped loving you the day we broke up.” Tobias smiled and kissed Caitlyn passionately. What seems to be a few seconds felt an eternity for Caitlyn. She returned the kiss and this time... It felt right, this time she was kissing the man that she felt in love with.

Vi busted the door down when she heard nothing for a while. She thought that Tobias kidnapped Caitlyn and ran off, but there he stood with her, kissing her as if they got back together as a couple. Vi blushed a deep red and excused herself out, Volibear and Trundle went to a nearby doughnut shop to buy something to eat. When they saw the scene, Trundle almost dropped the box of doughnuts, luckily Volibear’s obsession for doughnuts saved them.

“You monster!” said Volibear at Trundle, they argued as Volibear scolded his partner for nearly dropping the box of doughnuts. Caitlyn laughed as she saw her crew getting along, albeit they were arguing.

“What say we get out of here, Cait?” Caitlyn blushed as she pulled her hat to hide her face from Tobias. She nodded with embarrassment when he poked her nose again and laughed at how cute she looked. Tobias then took out a deck of cards and transported him and Caitlyn out of the casino and in to somewhere quiet. They transported out of the casino and went to walk at the night time market place there.

“In all my years here at Piltover... I never had the chance to relax like this again... It’s all thanks to you, Tobias.” Tobias held her hand as he went to look for some great stalls that Piltover had to offer. Stopping by a stall, she was recognized by the shop owner and he quickly greeted her.

“Hey old man, how much for two ice cream cones?” Caitlyn had a confused look at Tobias and laughed when she remembered why he bought her an ice cream cone.

“That’ll be twenty gold coins for the two!” said the jolly man. Tobias paid for the ice cream and handed the other one to Caitlyn.

“Oh it seems someone remembered paying back the ice cream he spilled on me.” Caitlyn laughed and pinched Tobias’ nose in amusement. They finished their ice cream and went looking for stalls. While they were walking, Tobias recalled the first time he went to Piltover seven-years back. He just got back from a score in Bilgewater and went to gamble in casinos. He bumped to Caitlyn, who was still a cadet that time and he spilled the ice cream cone she was eating that time. Caitlyn pouted at him and this got his attention, ever since then, he would take trips to Piltover and over time, he got to meet Caitlyn when they were summoned together in the Fields of Justice.

“You know... I liked you more when you wore glasses instead of those contacts.” he chirped nonchalantly at her. They stopped by a bench and sat down. Caitlyn looked at him with confusion and remembered.

“Oh now I remember. You had that weird fetish of women looking more attractive with glasses on right?” she said poking Tobias at the side. He tried to laugh it off, but she kept on teasing him about it.

“It is not a fetish Cait! I just find you way more attractive with those glasses on.” Caitlyn smiled mischievously. She lead Tobias to the park and took off her hat, Tobias was confused at first; but when he saw her tying her hair up in a ponytail, he knew what would come next.

“Remember this look I had way back? I looked like a dork! Hahahaha!” she said as she put on her glasses while her hair was in a ponytail. Tobias tried not to stare at her, but found it hard to resist not looking at her delicate and beautiful face with that look.

“Cait... I gotta say, I’m still madly in love with you after all this time.” said Tobias while he held her hand. Caitlyn blushed and tried to avoid eye contact with Tobias.

“What if we... Tried to... Get back together again?” she beamed as she embraced her decision and waited eagerly for his answer.

“I’m constantly on the run you know? But nonetheless... I want the same aswell... That is... If you can catch me?” he smirked as he somersaulted away from her, at a distance you can see Vi and Caitlyn’s crew shouting at her and Tobias. They were approaching and as soon as they closed in on Tobias, he teleported on the rooftop of a building. Leaving a card in Caitlyn’s hat, he attached a picture of him and her in it and wrote the initials ‘T.F’ on it.

“Until we meet again my love! Try and catch me if you can!” he said as he took off his hat and waved it off to Caitlyn. Vi along with Caitlyn’s crew chuckled at the mischievous Card Master as he ran off, avoiding law and debts in every corner. Clearly no one can out-wit the man known as Tobias Le Beau or better known as Twisted Fate.

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