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Pokemon Violet Purple - Kota Region.


Welcome to the world of Pokemon! The new adventures in the Kota Region... A young Man named Blaze gets his starter (Eevee) after turning 12 years old in Vee Village.. He and Eevee go on an amazing adventure as they get badges and new friends along the Journey as they try to catch them all..

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Chapter 0 - A new adventure Awaits..

A young boy who just turned 12 can't rest because he can't wait until he gets his first Pokemon! The door in the boys room opened... "It's time to go-to bed, Blaze!" Said his mother... Blaze looked at her as if he were disappointed.. "But mom! I Can't!!" Said Blaze.. His mother was about to close the door. "Fine, at least be ready for tomorrow!" She gave him a slip that told him about all the starters. -Youngsters become Trainers in Kota at 12 years old and get to choose from Three Pokemon. Marill, Vulpix, and Eevee. Professor Sylvia awaits you at her lab! Meet us at Raspberry Town!"

After a bit, he went to sleep. He dreamed of choosing his starters... He got up and got breakfast which he didn't finish due to his excitement! "Can you believe it Mom? I'm getting my first Pokemon!!" Said Blaze estatically. "Well seems like all children leave someday!" Said his mother. "Bye mom!" He got up with his equipment and left and headed for Moon Cavern.. Once he was about to enter, his mother rushed for him! "Wait!" She said as she panted. Blaze looked over and his mother crashed into him. "Oops! Sorry!" Said his Mother. "Ow! Mom what?!" Said Blaze. His mother gave him a flashlight and a pokeball containing a Level 26 Pidgeotto because Moon Cavern is too dangerous.. "Here! It's too dangerous out there! The pokeball is my Pidgeotto.. You should send me the Pidgeotto back after at the PokeCenter in Raspberry Town!" Blaze looked at his mother. "Wow.. Awesome!" He said."Bye bye for now!" Said his mother...

At last, he went off to Moon Cavern.. He entered and heard squeaking.. "Huh?!" Said Blaze.. It was a bunch of Zubat! He sent out Pidgeotto. "Go Pidgeotto! Use Whirlwind!" It slowed the Zubat down enough for him to escape but at the exit there was another bunch! "Stop!" Said a woman in the distance.. "What reasoning do you have to attack this poor child??" Said the woman.. The Zubat Attacked her!! "Use Whirlwind, again!" Shouted Blaze. The Woman had enough time to send out her Pokemon. "Go, Sylveon!" Said the woman.. The two battled alongside each other.. "Use Draining kiss!" Said the Woman... "Use Quick attack!" Said Blaze... The two defeated the Zubat swarm.. "Ah, your the Person who is supposed to get his starter today!" Said the Woman. "Wait so you are.." Said Blaze. "That's right! I'm professor Sylvia!" Said Prof. Sylvia... "It isn't safe here.. You should probably come to the Lab In Raspberry Town!" They went to the Lab..

The lab was full of Fairy type Pokemon... There were a fair amount of Assistants.. "So welcome to my lab!" Said Sylvia. "There's a lot of Fairy Pokemon..." Said Blaze.. "Well, ehehe.." Said Sylvia, embarrassed... "So let's get to your starte-" She paused.. "Oh wait where's Jax?!" Said Sylvia.. The door opened... "I'm here, mom." Said Jax.. "Just in time!" Said Sylvia.. "Well uhh.. Time to chose your starters!" Said Sylvia... Blaze rushed to the Machine where the starters were held.. "Aren't you gonna pick?' Asked Blaze to Jax .. "Nah.. I'm not that impatient like you!" Said Jax.. "Hey! You little..." Blaze was interrupted by Sylvia when she shouted - "Stop fighting!".. Blaze went to the Machine.. He picked up the Vee Ball... "Huh? What Pokeball is that?!" Asked Blaze.. "It's a Vee Ball! It's used to collect Small Pokemon!" Said Sylvia. Blaze picked Eevee... "Then I pick Vulpix!" Shouted Jax.. "Let's battle, you and me right now!" Said Jax.. "Alright then!" Said Blaze.. But before then, the Phone rang.. "You shouldn't battle! Your mother's Pidgeotto is still in your team!" Said Sylvia . "Oh, right!" Said Blaze. Blaze had went to the Pokemon Center to the PC and Traded it to his Mother. "Umm.. Nurse?" Said Blaze.. "Hmm?" The Nurse said.. "Huh?" He said.. He saw some men in Green and they had some sort of weird Poké ball.. It was A Blue Poké ball but it looked squishy and it was also transparent.. "Hello??" The Nurse said after a while. "Oh right!" Blaze said as he "Where can I transfer Pokemon?" Asked him. The Nurse pointed towards the Machine to the bottom right corner. "Right there is the Trade Machine... But ours cannot transmit the Pokémon.. The Best next option is to travel to the reciever.." She said.. Blaze looked at his Pokeball.. "Alright then..." He said.. "Hope you had a nice day!" She said as Blaze left the center.. He went to Eevee Village.. "Mom! I have your Pidgeotto!" Blaze said. "What a cute Pokémon! Oh and thanks!" She said.. Blaze rushed back to the lab..

"Let's Battle!" Said Jax. "Go, Eevee!" Said Blaze. "Go, Vulpix!" Said Jax. "Use quick attack, Eevee!" Shouted Blaze. The professor facepalmed... "Use Flamethrower!" Said Jax.. Eevee was on fire! "No, Eevee!" Blaze forfeit the battle as he could not bare to see his Eevee get hurt... "I forfeit! Eevee, return!" Said Blaze.. Jax was surprised .. "I thought you would be a real challenge!" Said Jax.. " "Grrr...." He rushed to Jax and charged him.. Jax held his hand out.. Blaze was immediately to fall down.. "Pokemon battles are for Pokemon! Not for humans!" Shouted Jax. Blaze had gotten up.. "I'm off, Blazey Boy! I'll become the world's greatest Pokemon Master!" Said Jax.. He left the lab.. "But wait!" Said Sylvia.. But he had already left the lab.. "Awe.. So ignorant.. Hey, Blaze?" She said.. Blaze turned to Sylvia. "I need a favor to ask of you since he left.." Said Sylvia... "What's that?" Asked Blaze. She pointed to the Audio and Video Display. It showed several men dressed in all Green.. It looked like they stole a parcel from the Professor... "I heard they're at Moon Cave right now.. They're headed here.." She Said.. Blaze looked at her confidently.. "I'll handle them!" Blaze said.. "Wait! Take these.." -Blaze recieved 1 Exp 🍬! - "Feed it to your Pokemon!" She said... He took out Eevee.. "Oh right.." Eevee was fainted... "You should take him to a Pokemon Center!" She said.. He went and healed his Pokemon.

He went back to the lab. He went to Sylvia. "I almost forgot! Your Poké dex!" She said. She went to her desk and grabbed some sort of Portable Device.. "Here!" She said. -Blaze Obtained a Poké dex!- "It's an automatic encyclopedia of all the Pokémon you've caught. It gives a short summary of Pokémon you've seen but it is more detailed if you catch them." She had said. Blaze had looked at it. "Wow, Awesome!" He said. "Oh also.. Have you heard Of Gelatin Forms?" She said.. Blaze had no clue... "Huh? What's that!?" Blaze asked. "It's a form of Pokémon where the Pokemon can Turn into a squishy, transparent but Strong form.. It's powered by Jelly Containers.. You'll need a Gelatin Band to charge those forms.." She said.. She walked over to a trunk.. "I might have some old ones here.. Broken.. Worn out.. Too stretchy.. Too small.. Aha!" She said... She grabbed the old Gelatin Band.."Here! It's a bit old, but it does the trick.. You should wrap it around your forehead.." She said as she gave it to him.. "Wow, awesome!" She said. "Well, I'm heading off!" Blaze said.. He went outside and to Moon Cave..

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