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Pokemon Violet Purple - Kota Region.

Chapter 1 - Team Darkness and Team Leaf!

He headed to Moon Cave and saw that someone dressed in Green blocked off the path.. "Hey..! What are you doing?!" Asked Blaze.. The Grunt looked at him.. "Heh.. I should be asking you, twerp!" Said The Grunt... "Hey.. Are you.. You raided the Pokemon Lab!" Said Blaze.. The grunt looked at him.. "Ehheh?! What?! How did you know?! Oh wait!! I have an idea..." He looked at Blaze and said - "Let's Battle!" Blaze Took out The Vee Ball he has.. "Alright.. Go, Eevee!" The Grunt started laughing.. "Weak! Hah, Go.. Chespin!!" Said the Grunt.. "Use Baby doll eyes!" Said Blaze... "Hah, Free turn! Chespin, use vine whip!" Eevee was on low health.. But didn't faint.. "Use Scratch attack!" Said Blaze... The Chespin fainted.. "Wait what?! I can't tell the boss about this!!" Said the Grunt.. The grunt ran away... Blaze went to the Center and Came back quickly..

He headed inside and turned on his Flashlight ... He saw a few Leaf Grunts.. They were all fairly easy to defeat, but each came with difficulty in a way.. "Way to go Eevee!" Said Blaze right after winning the battle... He returned to The Poke Center and saw a shop... "Hey is there any Pokeballs in stock?" Asked Blaze.. "Err.. No but there is Vee balls and they're cheap.. 60 Poke Dollars each.." Said the Shop keeper. "I'll take about 6 of them.." He headed back for Moon Cave ...

Along the way he saw a Igglybuff! "Oh an Igglybuff! I'm gonna get it!" He took out a Vee Ball.. Eevee was beside him, facepalming.. He prepared to throw.. "You're mine!" Said Blaze As he threw... "I caught it!" But it kept shaking.. Igglybuff Got out of the Pokeball.. "Awe.. Well then.. Go Eevee! Use Quick attack!" Said Blaze... It then used sing.. "Huh..? Oh no! Use.. Use.. Scratc-Scratch.." He said while he felt drowsy.. "Huh?" Eevee was asleep.. "Oh.. no.." He groaned.. "Go... Vee Ball.." He said.. He threw... It kept shaking... Shaking... Ding! Igglybuff was caught! "Yay.. I caught it.. Ehh..." He passed out...

He woke up and picked up the Vee Ball.. "Oh.. Right! I need to heal up my Pokemon!" He scurried to the Center and Came back..He entered further through the cave.. He saw another Grunt.. He stood behind the corner and peeked out.. The Grunt then took off his disguise into a uniform all in black... The grunt then took out their Pokegear.. "Our Grunts are retrieving the parcel.. Those Leaf Goons are so stupid.." Said the Grunt.. "Team Darkness will rise.." The grunt said.. Once she put away her Pokegear, she suddenly looked towards the Boy. "Hmph, were you listening to that?!" The Grunt said.. Blaze tried to get away but several Dark Grunts were behind him.. He stood silent..

He looked nervous.. He then realized he had an escape rope on his bag.. He needed a distraction of course... He then Picked up a rock and threw it across the cave.. Now was his chance.. He then used the escape rope and got out of the cave.. He ran to the Lab..

"Gah!" He said as he saw that Sylvia and her assistants were being confronted by Team Darkness Grunts.. Sylvia nudged towards the Vee Ball on the floor and pointed her eyes towards it when she saw Blaze. He had rushed over to the Vee Ball and picked it up. The Team Darkness Grunts noticed him.. "Hey, what's a kid like this doing here?" Said one of the Grunts. "Yeah! Let's teach this kid a Lesson!" Said another Team Darkness Grunt...

One of them sent out a Galarian Zigzagoon. Another sent out a Purrloin! "Huh, what's that?" He said. He took out his Poké dex and scanned them. "Okay then.." He raised his arm and thrusted out the Vee Ball. "Sylveon? Ok then, use Draining kiss!" He said.. It knocked out the Purrloin.. "Use sand-attack!" The Dark Grunt said. Sylveon's accuracy has decreased! "Use Quick attack!" He said.. But it missed! "Use Bite!" Said the Dark Grunt.. But it wasn't very effective.. "Use Draining kiss!" He said.. It was super affective! The Zigzagoon was in the red.. The Dark Grunt was shocked.. "Agh! Alright.. Use Scratch!" The Grunt said.. Sylveon was at half health.. At last with a final shout, "Use Draining kiss!" Critical hit! Super affective! The Opposing Grunt had loss the battle.. "What?! Already?!" Said the Grunt.. Team Darkness Grunts ran due to him..

He sent out Eevee. "Go help them!" He said to Eevee. Eevee untied everyone in there. "Thank you, Blaze!" Sylvia said. Blaze turned to Sylvia. "Here, have your Sylveon back.." Blaze said. He gave the Vee Ball to her. "You should go and finish off the Team Leaf.." She said.. "Oh, right! I almost forgot!" He said. He rushed to the Moon Cave.. He Went to the very end of the cave..

He saw a man In Green.. It wasn't A Grunt.. It was the Boss... "Hmph.. You managed to defeat my Grunts, and Team Darkness.." The man said.. "Who are you!?" He asked.. "I am Markus.. I am Team Leaf's Leader! I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle to settle this.. I know what you are after.. But you will not get it! Never!!" Said Markus... Blaze was to check his bag and found a few Hyper potions.. He used them on his Pokémon..

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