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Carlisle - In love with a white she-wolf


Here I am Carlisle - In love with a white she-wolf in english translation This is about Chiara, she is a (Wer-) she-wolf. But she does not know her parents, she does not know her past either. When she first changes, she escapes from the home in wolf form. She is afraid. But her powers are at an end and she collapses. Carlisle and his family find her and take her home ... How will his family react, may she stay ? Will she stay there or run away again? In this story Carlisle and Esme are divorced and that already 2 centuries. The Twillight characters are (except my own) the author of the Biss series. Please do not copy or anything ! Now have fun reading !

Fantasy / Drama
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01. The first transformation

First of all, I would like to say that all Twilight characters (except my own) of course belong to the author of the Biss series. Copy or anything else is prohibited. This is my first story, so is criticism, suggestions for improvement, etc., gladly seen, because then I know a little what I can (change) or make better. So now genung babbled, I wish you enjoy reading !

Chiara :

I was once again really pissed off, by my carer and a younger roommate. Since I want my peace, I went out and lit a cigarette. With relish, I moved to her. I had no time to rest and my ex-boyfriend came to me. "What are you fucking doing here, Niro?" I asked him snappily and growling softly, "You know exactly what I want." he whispered seductively in my ear. But I just pushed him away from me. ,,Its over between us ! And no means no! Let me finally be quiet, understand? "I pressed between my teeth, I had to control myself not to turn off immediately, but he grabbed me firmly by the arm, he laced me from the blood and because he was excessively very hard to squeeze, got I slowly get a fat fat and big bruise. "Ouch! Let me go fucking! HELP !!!" I screamed as loud as I could.

Jörg (supervisor) :

I was just about to hold Max up for a stand-up when a cry for help came from outside. Immediately I knew that this cry came from Chiara. Even Roman heard the scream and came straight into the office. "Chiara's ex is back," my colleague clarified, "I jumped up immediately." As I passed Max, I noticed his grin, so he was responsible for putting Chiara in danger now, so I told Lucas and Michael You'll take care of Max that he does not come off Roman was calling the police meanwhile, so I ran out with him after the call and Niro let go of her so that we two could take him by surprise and throw him to the ground his arms pulled him on the back, where Roman then held him to the ground. I ran to Chiara. ,,Everything OK ? Did he hurt you? "I asked her, but I only got a shake of her head when she tried to touch her. Before I could react properly, she ran in the direction of the forest and disappeared there.

Chiara :

Jörg wanted to touch me, but I backed away, because I realized how hot I got. So I turned around and ran into the forest and disappeared. After a few meters I ran on with four paws. Like paws? What is wrong with me ? What is happening with me ? I still had legs. As I stopped, I stumbled over my own feet ... er paws. When I stood again, I walked slowly to the small stream. When I looked in, I did not see myself, but a beautiful white she-wolf. I recoiled, and I sat on my butt. After the shock, I lay down and watched the she-wolf in the mirror image of what reflected the brook. I whimpered. How should I ever be human again? Why the hell am I a wolf? Who am I ? Many, too many questions buzzed around in my head. I stayed so long until I heard the vote. The voices belonged to my supervisors. I jumped up, but staggered violently. After I had a firm footing, I ran as fast as I could with the four paws through the forest, away from my old home, away from all the bullying and from my old home. Fear, despair, confusion (?) And many more spread throughout my body. Where should I go? Can I ever come back? The felt 20,000 questions were still buzzing around in my head. Since I did not pay attention to the way I did not know where I was going. I was completely disoriented.

Narrator :

Chiara went on and on, away from everything. She ran for days, stopping only to eat and drink. A too long break was not in, because you could find her and so she went on and on. There was only a bit of white flashing between the trees. At some point she arrived in America, to be exact in the small town of Forks. Chiara slowed down, her strength exhausted. Exhausted, she settled in a large clearing in the forest and breathed hard until she lost consciousness ....

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