Survival of the Fittest


After running for what seemed like an eternity, Takeda and Cassie looked at each with the utmost despair when they couldn't hear the Warrior Drone in the trees any longer.

Takeda placed his hands on his knees and breathed heavily, exhausted from chasing the Warrior Drone with nothing but sounds to guide them. He felt Cassie put a hand on his back as Kotal, Jin and Erron caught up to them, all of them fatigued as well.

"C'mon... we gotta keep going," Cassie said, encouraging him through labored breaths. Takeda nodded and stood back up, his face glistening with sweat as much as hers was.

Kotal looked in the direction of the sky and noticed the orange increasing in darkness as the sun rapidly made it's descent towards the horizon, signaling to him that there was no much time left if they wanted to destroy the nest.

"Where do we go from here?" Jin questioned.

"I think it went this way," Erron said, pointing to the left of them.

"No, they went— "

They all heard the sound of something sharp whizzing in the air and turned to see a metallic disc sail towards them.

Erron and Kotal ducked out of the way, but Jin was not so lucky; he flew backward as a horrendous sting buried itself into his broken forearm and landed with a large back-breaking thud on the jungle floor. He screamed in pain, his eyes winced shut, with the chakram buried deep in his broken arm— the only thing that had stopped the chakram from killing him instantly.

"JIN!" Cassie screamed, running over to help him and winced as she saw the chakram buried so deep it nearly cut his entire forearm in half and stopped inside Jin's chest cavity. Cassie knew better, but she would not leave him like this. Takeda came to her side as well, a look of dolefulness on his face as well when he saw how severely Jin was injured.

Cassie and the others looked up to see a massive figure looming towards them with fresh cauterized bullet holes that decorated its body like a target paper. Cassie faltered when she saw the Predator for the first time, he was massive and clearly on a mission as he came for them. Her hesitance only lasted seconds before she glared dangerously at him, her face twisted in hatred.

"You motherfucker..." she spat venomously in a whisper.

Erron grabbed his revolvers out of his holsters and turned to the rest of the group. "Go— I'll hold him off!" Black hollered to them.

Kotal Kahn looked at the creature with enmity before he nodded in acknowledgment to Black, which the gunslinger returned. Cassie and Takeda went to lift Jin, but he ended up screaming in pain. Jin shook his head in agony, telling them to stop.

"No— get the nest. Kill those things..." Jin said, grunting in pain.

"No, we'll carry you. You're going to be fine— "

"Cassie..." Jin looked at her, a final smirk tugging its way to his face, but his eyes betraying his disposition with the heavy hopelessness he felt, "take care of my cat?"


She felt Takeda and Kotal Kahn lift her away, and she fought them for a second before she realized that they had to leave. Cassie flashed Jin a heartbreaking look but let the Emperor and Takeda drag her away. She lost another teammate, and it ate at her the farther their forms disappeared through the trees.

The Predator's cannon charged back to life and aimed it at Jin whose head exploded like a cantaloupe; he was unimportant to the Predator, he wasn't the one he wanted to cause excruciating pain to.

Erron Black gave the Predator a dissatisfied look when he saw how unceremoniously it killed Jin as if he wasn't worth its time

"If you wanted my attention— you got it," Erron Black growled as he flipped his guns expertly in his hands.

Black frowned when he heard the recording of Jin's whistling come from the face mask, purposely taunting him. Black glared at the gesture and aimed his guns at him.

"Ready for a rematch?"

The Predator fired his cannon at Black who leaned out of the way and fired. Bullets hit him again, and he roared in a mixture of anger and pain. Black kept firing, trying to put as much lead into he could before his revolvers ran out.

It was not long after he heard his guns click and with the Predator distracted he jumped as high as he could and drove his foot into the damaged hide of it's torso while it fumbled back from the onslaught of bullets it received. He stumbled back in pain as he felt Black hit into the wounds he had inflicted.

The Predator snarled and punched Black across the face with a vicious hook, trying to force distance. Erron's hat flew off as his face snapped to the side and sailed him onto his stomach. Black tasted blood in his mouth when he landed on the ground but ignored it. He rolled over to his back and pulled the chamber of one his revolvers out and dumped out the empty cartridges while he reached desperately for bullets on his gun belt.

He managed to get three in the chamber when he noticed it storm towards him. Using his legs, he flipped them over his head until he was on his knees. He fired all three and cursed as he still came for him. Even in pain, the Predator was a force to be reckoned with and like an injured bull vs. a matador it came for Black, determined to inflict as much damage it could.

Erron felt the claw hand grab his wrist before he could stand back up. It snapped his hand at an unnatural angle and Black heard the bones in his wrist and hand break before the gun fell out of his hand.

Using his other hand, Black reached his fingers into the bullet holes of his torso and did as much damage as he could inflict. Green blood coated his fingers as the Predator roared in pain from behind its face mask before he punched him relentlessly in the face a couple of times. Black's head snapped back with each punch, and he felt his nose break before the massive humanoid delivered another solid and bone shattering backhand across his face.

Black groaned out in pain, his head snapping to the side before the Predator kicked him excruciatingly in the stomach with it's booted foot and released his wrist.

Black knew at least a couple of his ribs were broken when his back hit the ground and as he rolled on to his hands and knees he felt another kick lift him up before he fell onto the ground. Black moaned in pain, trying to crawl feebly away when he felt the heavy weight of his foot on his back hold him down. It pressed into his back purposely, and he felt his broken ribs ache and shift in agony.

The Predator's audio scanners picked up on a feminine scream that ripped through the jungle that caused him to hesitate for a moment. The other humans must of found the nest nearby. Perhaps they were there to destroy the nest as well.

He was about to kill Black when a malicious idea crawled its way into its mind. He still wanted the alpha of the group, and he also wanted to inflict as much damage as he could on the gunslinger that riddled him with bullets.

He clicked in satisfaction as he discovered a way he could accomplish both.

Black screamed in agony as he felt his left fibula snap like he was breaking a twig and then repeated the same thing on the other leg. Black clutched the foliage of the jungle floor with his unbroken hand as he moaned in pain.

He felt the Predator grab the back of his poncho and dragged him along like a flour sack, Black grabbed his massive wrist with his good hand while he cursed and grunted as tried to budge it's steal grip from the scruff of his neck, the poncho strangling him as he carried him off.

The first thing Jacqui felt was the blood that dripped from the cut on her forehead as her back slammed on the slippery wall of the dark cave she was in. Her head hitting a branch on a tree was the last thing she had recalled before she found herself being stared at by the devilish and monstrous form of the matriarch laying eggs in the cave.

Jacqui felt herself shrink under it's daunting and horrifying visage that hissed at her nearby, making her feel as small and insignificant as a vermin caught in a trap. She looked across from her and noticed the Osh-Tekk warrior had already been secured and unconscious with a facehugger wrapped around his face. Cassie had been right about them; they took you for the facehuggers. That would not be her— she would fight no matter what.

She felt claws on her arms and looked to see the Warrior Drone grasp her and tried to push her into the secreted resin that it had prepared for her.

Probably not the best alternative but the only one she had she punched the side of it's oblong head with her free hand, the gauntlets sending waves of pain through it's damaged and wounded skull courtesy of Erron Black's bullets. It hissed and shot its inner mouth at her which she had to lean back at, barely missing her face. It hissed a warning at her, and she saw the other Xenomorph make it's way over to her and clutch at her other arm.

She screamed and kicked, trying to fight them off with little success. All in the cave turned when they heard the worried and masculine voice nearby cry out in the distance somewhere outside the cave. Elation flew through her when she realized just how close they were.


"HERE!" She screamed at the top of her lungs but was instantly silenced by the roar of the Warrior Drone, as if commanding her to keep quiet. She ignored it.


This time the Queen silenced her, and Jacqui felt fear at the violent hiss it spat at her. Jacqui watched silently as the Queen suddenly lifted it's massive head and like a dog sensing a smell bounced its head slightly. The Warrior Drone and the other Xenomorph halted their movements as well when the Queen gave them a confusing command they didn't understand until she clarified it to them.


Jacqui felt a little uneasy and suspicious when the Warrior Drone and the other one backed off her, stalking backward as if they were waiting for her to get up. She didn't care or wanted to know and instead jumped to her feet as fast as she could and sprinted to the exit. The Queen nodded to the Warrior Drone, and it followed Jacqui to the exit.

Takeda, Kotal Kahn, and Cassie ran to the cave and saw as a bloodied and frightened Jacqui run towards them. She had just reached the exit of the cave when she suddenly screamed and fell to her stomach. She screamed out in frustration when she felt herself being pulled back by her ankles by the tail of the Warrior Drone and disappeared into the darkness of the cave once again.

Without a word they ran in after them, Cassie loading her last magazine into her gun and Takeda with his mangled whips ready.

Kotal Kahn felt a small flicker of hesitation come over him; something about the way that Briggs was pulled back into the cave sent a warning through him. He did his best to ignore it and pressed on, casting a worried glance at the sun that was sinking closer and closer away from them.

Cassie saw Jacqui's body being dragged across the dark floor of the cave, her hands reaching for them and anything she could grab on to. Takeda's whip flew out of his gantlets on his wrists; the small blades extended and latched on to the head of the Warrior Drone, a determined and furious expression on Takeda's face.

The Warrior Drone hissed and wailed in pain as the blades cut into it's already damaged head. The Xenomorph zapped electricity through the whip and Takeda received it on the opposite end. He screamed in pain, volts firing all over his body as he jerked wildly.

Jacqui's face fell in horror as she watched Takeda vibrate violently, smoke rising off him as he was electrocuted. Jacqui worked on her gantlets with haste, trying to remove the jam from before and smiled when she succeeded. She aimed them at the dying Warrior Drone with a dark smile.

Shotgun rounds ripped through the head of the Warrior Drone and spilled chunks of flesh and brain matter in the cave, melting stone the instant it oxidized. The body of the Warrior Drone hit the ground with a thud as a small chunk of flesh hit Jacqui's bulletproof vest and she panicked, her fingers grasping frantically at the clasps to pull it off before it went through to the weak fabric of her Special Forces clothing underneath.

She threw the melted vest from her, a horrible stinging like a sunburn engulfing her chest. Takeda flicked the switch by his thumb and the blades retracted, a terrible groan of pain escaping him as he fell forward but caught by Jacqui, who was the only thing holding him up as he recovered.

"I got ya..." she told him, earning a small smile from him before they heard the screeching behind them.

The other Xenomorph attacked, latching onto Kotal Kahn from behind and he groaned under the weight as they slammed into the ground with the Xenomorph on top. The Kahn rolled it over managed to pin the Xenomorph on to it's back as he tried to avoid it's inner mouth that shot out at him, the Emperor struggling to hold on to serpent that flailed underneath.

Claws dragged their way down Kotal's arms, and he howled in pain as they left three jagged marks over both arms all the way from the top of his shoulder to the point of his elbows. Cassie came to Kahn's side and placed her boot against the slick surface of the Xenomorph's head and forced it's head to the side while she shot point-blank into its skull. Kotal Kahn let go of the Xenomorph in time, but Cassie was not as lucky to avoid the acidic blood that splattered on her boot.

She cried out in pain as she reached down, trying to undo the laces and yank her boot off as the acid ate through the heavy leather boots as if they were made out of cheesecloth. Cassie howled in pain, her skin burning before Kotal Kahn assisted her and managed to tear the boot off by sliding his tecpatl dagger through the laces and freed her. She hopped on one leg, moaning in pain as her foot and calf burned painfully, and the Emperor draped an arm around her waist to assist her.

They both caught up to Takeda and Jacqui and noticed they had their eyes fixed in horror at the very enraged Xenomorph Queen that hissed and snarled at them from her ovipositor.

Kotal Kahn and Cassie's face dropped at the sight of the macabre and petrifying sight of the Xenomorph Queen, who glowered down at them all from her throne with a malicious and almost gratifying tilt of her head.

Yes, she had lost two of her children, but soon their numbers would be refurbished with the hosts that unknowingly stumbled into the trap she had set for them. An ominous feeling enveloped them all as they watched the eggs hatch—one for each of them.

Kotal glared at the heinous being before him with a lift of his head before he passed Cassie over to Takeda and Jacqui, who held each of her arms and draped them over their shoulders.

Kotal Kahn presented himself to the Queen, the tattoos glowing brightly as the beams of sun from the cave opening engulfed him in a fiery spotlight. The Queen tilted her head in confusion at him; she could feel the heat permeating from his body from where she sat as he engulfed enough energy for what was to come next.

Flames ejected from his hands and set fire to the eggs that hatched. The Queen's reaction was as instantaneous as it was expected as she shrieked and waved her clawed hands in anger; her shrieking echoing off the cave and piercing their ears uncomfortably.

Kotal stopped his assault; the eggs engulfed in flames and gave the Queen a knowing and stern stare that she understood the meaning. Enraged and defeated she hissed lowly at them all, unwilling to sacrifice any more eggs. With her needle-like and translucent teeth bared to them she allowed them to leave the nest. They stepped back slowly as her enormous head watched every one of their delicate movements to the exit; a permanent Cheshire smile of evil fixed scathingly in their direction.

Cassie, Takeda, and Jacqui tiptoed around the eggs, and Jacqui noticed some had already opened and could see the facehuggers clinging onto the rims of the eggs as if watching them leave as well.

Kotal Kahn kept his glowing eyes on the devilish mother; his eyes narrowed suspiciously in her direction as she watched him with complete animosity.

They exited the cave, Kotal being the last, and despite the darkness he could vaguely make out the hulking form of the Queen in the blackness and could hear her haggard snarling bouncing lightly off the cave walls.

Kotal Kahn looked at the last rays of sun start to dwindle.

He felt as if he was being stared at and turned to see it was Cassie who was looking at him with the most seriousness he had seen her with since their journey began.

She looked at him with a stony expression of cold-blood fury burning into her blue eyes and requested the Emperor of Outworld he do only one thing.

"Burn the Bitch."

Kotal Kahn did not have to be told twice and fulfilled her order with the utmost of eagerness. His tattoos become ablaze with light as he summoned as much as he could muster. The Queen sensed his power revving up and felt the growing need to rip herself from her ovipositor. She tugged and shrilled in pain, shrieking violently as she tried to tear her own body from the sticky ovipositor.

"Up the stair path... to the fire's edge... I pray to the sky... TO SCORCH THE LAND!"

The cave erupted into a brilliant inferno of flames, the sound of the blaze almost drowning out the furious roaring of the Xenomorph Queen as her eggs were destroyed from within the cave.

Kotal Kahn continued his relentless attack, determined to rid the plague that had tried to rip the jungle apart. He continued, his face grimacing and twisting into pain. He ceased his attack and brought his arms over his head and brought them down. With the last bit of magic still left within him he forced the cave in on itself. The rocks of the cave buckled in and piled on top of each other like an avalanche and buried everything inside.

He collapsed to the ground, his hands on his knees as he tried to regain the energy that he had spent. The Earthrealmers watched the now calm cave with a sense of alleviation and relief.

It was over.

They all said nothing and walked as far away from the cave they could get.

The father they marched away, the more they seemed positive that the Queen and her filthy spawn were no more.

However, as they walked through the jungle, Cassie trying her best to get a hold of Earthrealm, unbeknownst to them the rocks that blocked the escape started to shift slightly and budge apart.

"This is Sergeant Cage does anyone come in?" Cassie hailed through her communicator, getting no response. The night started to darken, and the Emperor felt his strength begin to deplete with the sun's exit. Nevertheless, Kotal Kahn marched ahead, keeping his eyes peeled for Black to rejoin them.

Cassie heard static and felt a small sense of relief fill her. Takeda and Jacqui paused; Kotal Kahn also halted; listening to see if the Earthrealmers could get a response.

"Bout time kiddo!"

Cassie's heart jumped in joy when she heard the sound of her father over the communicator. "Mission complete. The threat has been neutralized. Permission to come home."

"Permission granted," Sonya Blade cut in. "Opening the portal— standby." The communicator cut off and they waited patiently where they were. They heard rustling coming towards them, and Kotal Kahn felt his face drop in horror when he saw Black being carelessly dragged by the Predator, Black looking as if he was fighting to stay awake.

The Earthrealmers also stared helplessly, feeling incapable of helping the former Earthrealmer as he was dumped on the ground in front of them all. Bullet wounds bled everywhere on it's body, and it looked like it was in pain as well.

The Predator stared in Kotal Kahn direction, and the Emperor felt anger flow through him, burning him with a white, hot rage at what the it did next, as if purposely for the Kahn's eyes.

Erron Black screamed in horrendous pain when he felt it punch a hole through Black's back and into his flesh and he could do nothing when he felt him pull his spine out one vertebra at a time out his back. The Predator's ripped Erron's Black's spine out with the gunslinger's head still attached with a victorious and challenging roar. Blood hit them all like the spray of a garden hose, and they did nothing but stare in disbelieving horror at what it did.

He stroked the bloody spine and gave the head an almost tender caress before he tossed it at Kotal's feet; Erron's dead eyes staring up at the Emperor from the ground.

The Emperor met the expressionless face mask with deadliest and most enraged scowl that Cassie had ever seen before Kotal Kahn turned to the group of Earthrealmers.

"I suggest you depart to Earthrealm— at another location," was all he said, his voice vibrating with anger he tried to hide.

They nodded and gave them both one last look before they carried Cassie off as fast as they could from the battle they knew was about to take place.

Kotal waited until he could no longer hear their footsteps in the jungle before he gave the Predator an unimpressed scowl. The former Aztec ruler looked at the beast and lifted his head at him, a look of displeased recognition coming across his face. Kotal started to walk, as if on the outside of an invisible perimeter as the Predator mimicked him; both of them sizing each other up. They were both injured and weak, but they would fight to the death. Kotal knew this and not just because of what he suspected at first glance from the muscled foe, but because of the little he already knew about him.

"They spoke of you. An echo from the past and nothing more than a remnant of a dead civilization," Kotal Kahn began, his voice low and baritone like a jaguar's growl.

He titled his head at him, unsure of what he was saying to him but knew by tone and body language he was challenging him; accepting his offering to do battle. He clicked at him and stopped walking; Kotal Kahn also did the same and nodded to his face mask and the cannon on his shoulder.

"You would fight me behind a mask and a weapon, Mixcoatl?" Kotal Kahn glowered, a huff escaping him, "I expected much more from the supposed God of the Hunt and War."

At first the Kahn thought that maybe it did not understand his words until his claw hand reached for the cannon on his shoulder. It turned off with a whir, and he gave it one last look before he tossed it to the ground. Kotal's head lifted up in dark anticipation as the clawed hands reached for the wires on the sides of his face mask and pried them out of the slots. Air escaped from the small hoses as he pulled them one by and slowly lifted the face mask before discarding it to the jungle floor.

Kotal Kahn stared at the repulsive mandible face that glared as hostilely back at him, the small top mandibles clicking lightly at him as the small yellow eyes bored into him like a hell-hound. Kotal Kahn didn't falter and responded by lifting his headdress off his head, revealing an intricate bowl cut of jet black hair underneath before he set the headdress softly and carefully on the ground and brought out his tecpatl dagger. He sliced his own hand by wrapping his hand around the blade and pulled it down, as what was traditional for the Osh-Tekks in battle, and stared intensely at him.

"Let us see this night who is the true War God!" Kotal Kahn exclaimed, his blue glowing eyes burning brightly.

The Predator roared in response, his mandibles flaring widely as he unsheathed his arm blades and approached the alpha he had been longing to turn into a trophy. The both ran at each other, armed with their own blades and prepared to fight to the death.

He sliced high at the Kahn's head but missed when the Emperor ducked and slashed him lightly across the stomach. Kotal Kahn turned in time to see the arm blades reach for him but tucked in his body enough for it to miss the underhanded slice. He landed a solid hook to the Emperor's face which caused him to spin, his jaw screaming in agony from the blow but recovered, his dagger out in front of him in defense.

The Kahn moved in and slashed at the mandible face, but he quickly moved out of the way of. The arms blades came for him again in an undercut that Kotal blocked, barely able to shove the blades away from the exposed stomach of his flesh. Kotal grabbed his wrist and stepped off to the side, placing himself behind it with the arm straight out and locked it against his chest and held onto its wrist. He had not anticipated its strength and with a surprised yell felt the Predator pull his restrained arm forward and practically throw the Emperor a few feet in front of him.

Kotal landed with a grunt and rolled quickly when he heard him march forward and stab the ground where he used to lay. Kotal stood quickly, brought the dagger up and stabbed the his stomach while it tried to pull its blades from the ground. It roared in pain and backhanded the Emperor across the face, causing a tooth to loosen as he spiraled, trying to stay on his feet. The Predator stood, clicked with pain and pulled the tecpatl dagger from his gut and tossed it to the side. Kotal sighed at his misfortune, now weaponless he was on the defensive. it stumbled, his body rocked with pain and his vision blurred but composed himself and walked towards the Emperor. Kotal's eyes landed on the dagger that lay on the jungle floor, his mind working quickly to see if there was any way to reach it.

Kotal crossed his wrists across his face, blocking the arm blades that were aimed inches from his face as the humanoid tried to drive them into him from above. Kotal grunted under the strength of the beast and regrettably found himself buckling to his knees, giving the Predator much more leverage. He cried out in pain as he failed to bring the blades off to the side and felt them pierce his shoulder and the top of his arm. He grasped the gantlet of the Predator as it leaned forward and pushed the blades out of his shoulder and arm, a maliciously and satisfied spark in it's yellow eyes. With the Kahn still attached, he spun and sailed the Kahn through the air, the blades ripping out as the Kahn was thrown like a rag doll.

Kotal hit the ground in agony, his arm scorching in pain and weakened by the terrible wound inflicted. Kotal Kahn noticed a large, blunt rock bigger than his head and seeing no other weapons available he brought himself up and threw it with precision. The Predator felt his mandibles break as the rock sent him backwards, pain engulfing his vision as he shook his head to clear his sight. He felt a hand grab his dreadlocks and pull his face down to meet a solid kneecap that made him howl in pain. Kotal Kahn lifted up and delivered a brutal push-kick and watched it bent over in pain, his kick landing in the it's wounds.

Kotal felt a surge of confidence build up in him, knowing he had the offensive for a short moment, punched him across the face with his good hand, snapping it's head to the side and delivering another kick to it's injured stomach.

The Predator slashed at the Emperor blindly and missed, the Kahn leaning back away from the blades and gave the him a jaw-shattering uppercut. The Predator stumbled back more and Kotal Kahn, his face twisted in anger, kicked relentlessly and in the direction the dagger lay. He punched again, the humanoid starting to feel overwhelmed; unable to recover enough from the massive pain in his torso. The Predator managed to land a punch to Kotal's head but the Emperor returned it with a hook of his own. He fell back, his shoulders heaving heavily as pain rocked every inch of his body; green blood pouring out of it's fanged mouth.

Kotal picked up his dagger and came forward once again. He realized his mistake when he felt the blades cut across his abdomen. Kotal Kahn walked backwards in pain, blood pouring down his stomach, over the loincloth and down his legs. He breathed heavily and turned to the Predator with a venomous look.

With a battle cry, he charged him, wanting to finish this once and for all. He ducked as the blades slashed at him once again and tackled the Predator to the ground and buried his dagger deep inside the its sternum.

He breathed very lightly under Kotal Kahn, and he looked into the dying face of it, lifting himself off and pulling the dagger with a sharp twist. He coughed blood and started to die slowly, the pain getting numb as the seconds dragged on.

Kotal Kahn looked down at him without sympathy and took gratification in watching him die. However, the Predator still had one more trick up its sleeve. Barely with any strength or movement left, he reached for his wrist computer and Kotal Kahn narrowed his eyes at what it was doing. It's clawed hands stumbled over the keypad before the display lit up with red characters the Kahn had seen from the craft.

The characters danced, and Kahn felt a dread fall over them as he watched the figures start to diminish one by one; realization enveloping him.

Kotal Kahn ran as fast as he could for the border of the Kuatan Jungle, the Predator's evil and bone chillingly human-like laugh filled the jungle as the Predator had it's last laugh and the bomb on its computer ticked away.

The Earthrealmers were waiting patiently for the portal to open up when they heard a familiar hiss through the jungle and when they turned to see what it was their hearts immediately sank at the grotesque sight they thought they had destroyed.

The Queen was alive and looking for them, her 20 foot tall body still smoldering from the fire and with a malevolent temper, hell-bent on killing as she stomped around the jungle looking for the ones that tried to incinerate her and had destroyed her nest.

"You gotta be fuckin' kidding me..." Cassie breathed in disbelief, her voice drenched in fear.

Their hearts jumped out of their chests when the portal suddenly materialized behind them and caught their attention. It also drew the attention of the Queen as well and her massive crowned head fixed in their direction like a viper ready to strike.

They felt panic flood them as they made their way as fast as they could towards the portal, the hissing of the Queen growing louder as the jungle thundered from her massive footsteps. She smashed trees and uprooted soil as she charged them, snarling and hissing and it encouraged them to move a little faster.

The Predator's bomb ticked dangerously close to detonation as they crossed the threshold and saw familiar faces at the Special Forces base waiting for them on the other side.

Sonya knew something had gone terribly wrong when she saw the absolute fear-stricken looks on all of their faces. Hanzo Hasashi and Kuai Liang gave each other a worried look when they saw the team's injured appearances, the blood that coated them all and noticed they were also short one person.

They heard a horrendous and hellish snarl from the other side of the portal, and it sent waves of trepidation through the group as they ran faster down the platform.

"CLOSE THE GODDAMN THING!" Cassie screamed at her mother who was at the control panel, her voice a high-pitched scream of terror as she hopped as fast as she could with Takeda and Jacqui carrying her, trying to escape the rampage of the Queen hot on their tails. A screech from the Queen was the last thing they heard when Sonya slammed the button.

It had not come at a moment too soon, if Sonya had been slower, the camp would have engulfed in fire from the massive light from the Predator's bomb that blinded the camp.

They all shielded their eyes from the blast as the portal materialized slowly while the camp was shook from the heat and the ear shattering sound.

Kenshi's hands went over his sensitive ears as he stumbled away while Johnny Cage held up a hand over his sunglasses. Sonya ducked behind the panel as Hanzo and Kuai Liang turned away from the burning light. Jacqui, Takeda, and Cassie were thrown forward towards a stack of heavy boxes and large cargo crates that caused them all to wince in agony. Takeda thought he had heard something go over his head and land on the other side of the boxes but focused more on shielding his eye from the light of the explosion.

As fast as it had accrued, the portal closed and the noise calmed; leaving the camp in silence as they tried to regain themselves. Slowly, Cassie, Jacqui, and Takeda lifted themselves up. They immediately looked around to see if the Queen had followed them and smiled in joy and relief when they didn't see her hideous hide anywhere in sight. They winced as they stood up, using the crates to work themselves back to their feet and noticed a lot of strange and pestered looks coming from the adults in the camp; wondering if they had answers for them.

"What the hell was that?" Sonya said as she came to towards the group, her strides fast and serious but Cassie could see the look in her eyes that she was glad they were safe.

Sonya noticed someone was missing. "Where's Jin?"

Cassie felt guilt stab her as she gave her mother a solemn look, "He didn't make it..."

"Sonya?" Johnny interrupted. "Are we really gonna do this now in front of everyone? Look at them."

Sonya shot Johnny a look that made the actor think that she was about to chew him out, but instead her face softened, and she knew he was right; they could be debriefed later. She turned back to the kids and nodded. "Let's get you patched up."

Cassie smiled, tiredly but appreciatively at the General and also flashed her father a duplicate smile as well. Johnny returned it as he pulled his sunglasses down to the edge of his nose and mouthed silently at her. 'what happened to your shoe?'

Nearby Kenshi finally cleared his rattled brain; his senses having been temporarily overwhelmed from the explosion. Through the haze, Kenshi picked up a strange buzzing like a swarm of angry wasps near the boxes the kids were at. It sounded like an orchestra of evil and hatred and it sent terror through him when he realized that what he was hearing belonged to something monstrous; a lifeform of some sort and no doubt the thing that they had been trying to escape.

Takeda noticed a look of horror come over his father's usually stoic face, and he saw the blindfold fix their direction, his father's voice ripping into his mind, screaming at them to get away from the crates. He pulled Sento out of his sheath, and it caught the attention of everyone, especially when Kenshi's face twisted in terror and he shouted at them.


Cassie's chest suddenly lurched in pain, her chest heaving and making way for a sharp speared tail to exit out of her body a look of absolute agony on her face as blood came gushing out of her mouth like a geyser, gargling on the scream of pain that uncontrollably escaped. She grasped onto Jacqui's shoulder, ripping the fabric of her Special Forces uniform like it was nothing.

Jacqui knew what was happening and all she could do was stare in horror at the long spear that had pierced her best friend's body that started to lift her into the sky and tore Cassie's hands from her shoulder. Takeda grabbed Jacqui and pulled her as far away as he could, trying to get her to safety.

Cassie's Special Forces uniform dripped with blood, and her head went slack before a familiar crowned head poked it's way over the large crates and snarled at them all. The Xenomorph's claws grasped Cassie, holding her in the air enough for the Queen to pull the tail out before it ripped Cassie in half with her bare, obsidian hands. Cassie's torso flew to one side of the camp, and her bottom half flew to the other side. Blood spilled in both directions and coated the ground as the Queen hissed angrily at them.

A scream escaped the General's mouth she did not even knew she was capable of and engulfed the camp. It was heart wrenching, and it could be heard from miles as her hands went to her face. Complete shock overwhelming and escaping out her as she watched her own daughter ripped apart and killed right in front of her eyes.

For once Johnny had nothing to say. His feet might as well of weighed a thousand pounds because he was glued to where he was and refused to believe what had just happened as it played over and over in his head like one of his movies.

He was in shock until his eyes landed on the torn corpse of his daughter. The only thing in his life he cared for more than himself— tremendously more than himself—lying in pieces on the ground. He felt an agonizing pain enter his heart and stab him relentlessly as he felt the most furious and hollowed scream tear from him and shake the camp like an earthquake.

His body trembled with anger as he glared at the monstrous form of the Xenomorph Queen and noticed his body started to glow green. Instead of the need to protect a loved one, it glowed because of the inconsolable anger and agony he felt.

The Queen hissed and snarled at them all, her teeth dripping heavy with saliva. Sonya, a blaze burning hot within her for revenge, readied her firearms. Johnny joined her by her side, his body resonating heavily with the green glow and gave each other a look before they looked at the Queen, both of them eager to kill her as painfully as possible.

Kenshi's katana glowed blue as he brought it up, preparing himself as well to assist and do battle. Kenshi felt the temperature drop and heard a sound that sounded like a chain and knew it was Hanzo's kunai blade revealing itself. Sub-Zero formed ice in his hand and crushed it in a display of his readiness as well. Both of the Grandmasters ready to kill the spawn of evil that had entered the camp at its own peril.

Takeda's whips came out of their gauntlets and he whipped the mangled chains hard on the ground, an angered look on his face that resembled Jacqui's as she tore the tattered sleeve off and worked on reloading her gauntlets.

The Queen snarled at them all as they approached and for once felt herself take a step backwards...

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