Survival of the Fittest


All of the Z'unkahrah could smell the smoke despite how far the Kuatan Jungle was to them, the only thing that the residents did not know was what caused it— except for one person; their Emperor who was not in the mood to answer questions.

It would have continued to burn into the next day if there had been anything left to incinerate. Instead, a thick cloud was all that remained of the ashes, rising like a huge smoke stack and carried off into the wind.

Kotal Kahn ignored the strange looks he got and instead proceeded inside the palace to search for rest he would not claim any matter how tired he felt. His heart was heavy when he sat on his throne and looked at the empty hall that was once accompanied by his mercenaries, body-guards and most importantly the ones he deemed as friends.

His eyes drifted to the jungle once more, a dark frown of guilt on his face he felt from holding the burden of being the only survivor.

He denied the healer that came to his side, waving him off with a hand and instead sat on his throne is solitude.

He rose from his throne and walked towards the balcony when he saw a faint speck buried in the sky, something floating high in the heavens and before he could tell what it was it disappeared.

Leaving him to wonder if he had seen anything at all…


/This is Captain Avery! Does anyone have a visual on the hostile?/

/Uh yeah! We have a visual alright!/ came a distressed masculine voice on the other end. The captain cringed when she heard the same voice scream in agony on the other end seconds later.

The female captain of the Special Forces was in her barracks when she had heard the explosion. It woke her up from her nap before she heard the horn go off that barely covered the sounds of bullets, screaming and a terrible and monstrous roar she had never heard before in her life. One that sent tremors through her before she even knew what the hell was going on. Gunfire had erupted from the south end of the camp, near where the portal was stationed, and then it moved to the west.

/This is General Blade! Engage Hostile! Make sure that Bitch doesn't leave the base!/

Captain Avery faltered. Bitch? As in just one hostile? Well, whatever this bitch was it had done something to piss the General off. She had never heard the General this furious before. She hoped sometime in the future she never received a flicker of the General's rage. Avery followed the sound of the gunfire and screaming, a small group of 4 men with her as she ran ahead ready to face whatever foe had entered the Special Forces Base.

When they turned the corner, she had to duck immediately out of the way before a soldier went sailing through the air and hit the guy behind her. They hit the concrete hard, and she saw that the man that had been flown was already dead; a gaping hole in his chest made by something sharp and massive.

The soldier pushed the body off before his eyes bulged in surprise. Avery turned to what had caught his attention and saw the most terrifying animal she had ever seen and frowned when she wished she had grabbed more than a shotgun.

She collected herself, and they opened fire. The monstrous form of the creature snarled and came for them, the bullets hitting her like wasp stings, but it was not the kind of damage they wanted to cause.

The next thing Avery knew was a giant claw swiping her, cutting her open and sending her into the other four men. The Queen ripped them apart like paper dolls, her inner mouth punching holes in their flesh while she tore limbs at the same time.

By the time Hanzo Hasashi had scaled the wall, Sub-Zero right behind him, the group of soldiers were dead. Hanzo tucked and rolled, protecting his knees as he jumped from the brick wall and launched his kunai spear at the Queen. The Queen's head snapped back as the spear hit her between the spiked dorsal spines near the junction of her neck and head, the kunai buried deep.


Hanzo pulled, but all it did was cause the Queen's head to snap back with a screech. She shoot him a snarling look and Hanzo could have sworn he saw the Queen's lip raise up in a snarky and devilish smile before he was pulled like a trout fisherman with a Great White Shark on the other end.

He grunted, his feet sliding over the pavement as he buried his feet as best as he could. Hanzo ducked in time as the speared tail swiped at him before she lunged for him until she was blasted with a cold fog of ice. She shook her massive crown head and snarled at the Cryomancer.

Sub-Zero ran forward and barely dodged the spear-tail that aimed but missed him, instead hitting the ground next to him. He created a thin sheet of ice and slid underneath her massive form while he pointed his hands at her legs. She screeched as the cold hit her legs, the ice gluing her legs to the concrete as she thrashed wildly while also trying to rid the kunai that stung her back.

Sub-Zero, now face to face with the creature, focused his energy and aimed at its massive chest. Ice hit the Queen, and she shrilled in pain, her movements getting more and more difficult as Sub-Zero tried to freeze her. Angered, she flicked her tail and aimed it at the Lin Kuei Grandmaster who had to cease and roll out of the way of the tail that swiped through the air for his neck, trying to decapitate him.

The Queen recovered from the cold and stabbed the ground for the Cryomancer, who rolled out of the way for each attack. Sub-Zero heard ice shatter and frowned heavily when she ripped her legs from the pavement and out of the shackles of ice; free once again.

The acidic blood eventually dissolved the kunai blade, and Hanzo felt himself fall backward when the chain finally snapped and grunted as he fell on his rear. He spread his legs as far apart as he could when the spear also stabbed for him as well but missed. He shot the Queen a glare, the spear-tail getting a little too close before he rolled back to his feet. The Queen screeched for him and charged him, her four arms reaching for him before she felt something climb her back.

Sub-Zero formed a kori blade as he ran up the spiked back of the Xenomorph Queen but felt himself frown when she noticed his presence on her back. He managed to stab in the wound inflicted by Hanzo's kunai blade before she managed to buck him off by hitting the blunt side of her tail against him. Sub-Zero sailed into the brick wall and felt it buckle from the impact, his side burning.

He sat up before he found himself ducking quickly to the side, the spear-tail stuck in the wall where his head used to be. She leaned in, her massive teeth snapping for his flesh before he gave her a face full of ice shards.

She screeched, faltering when the sharp bits pierced her flesh and allowed Sub-Zero to get away. Hanzo's damaged chain wrapped around one of the points of her intricate and pointed crown and with the strongest jerk he could muster, one that she was not expecting, brought her head to slam against the ground.

She screeched as she hit the pavement, noticed who was at the other end of the chain and twisting her head she sent Hanzo and the chain in her direction. Like an owner being pulled by a dog, he was yanked forward and thrown to the ground and closer to the Queen.

She rose above him, her inner mouth snapping at him when she felt another chain wrap around the opposite point of the crown. Takeda was on the other end of the whip and struggled to keep her at bay, Hanzo noticed he had arrived and recovered, pulling his chain until there was no slack; the both of them struggling to hold the Queen steady while Sub-Zero worked on freezing her spindly but strong legs.

Takeda and Hanzo grunted in effort against the weight and strength of her as she tried with all her might to free herself. Takeda and Hanzo's feet started to slid over the concrete, and they dug their heels in even harder, and she wailed in anger as she felt the cold hinder her. Hanzo and Takeda glanced at each other, smiled and in unison tugged harder on the chains. Her face slammed into the ground while the rest of her body arched up, trying to pull away from the chains and the cold. Furious, she hissed and aimed her tail at Sub-Zero. Kuai Liang frowned at having to stop once again and rolled out of the way.

With the Lin Kuei Grandmaster away she aimed for Takeda. Takeda's eyes widened, and he also tried to get out of the way, however he wasn't able to move out of the way fast enough, and he felt the tail rip into his arm, cutting him deep and sending him to the ground bleeding. The whip went slack enough for her to give her enough leverage to lift one side of her head.

Takeda and Hanzo felt their feet leave the ground before she whipped her head and flung them, finally managing to rid herself of the chains and watched as they sailed. Hanzo hit the side of a crate and Takeda felt the air explode out of his lungs when he landed flat on his back, his body screaming in pain.

Hanzo shook his head, trying to clear the dots that danced in front of his eyes when he noticed that the Queen had Sub-Zero in her grasp, crushing his body between her hands. Sub-Zero groaned in pain as the claws dug into his body, cutting him and forcing his arms to the sides, as she brought him closer to her mouth that was salivating heavily; her inner mouth waiting to sink into his head.

She hissed, her mouth opening a little wider until she suddenly flung him from her, shrieking in pain as one of Hanzo's Mugai Ryu swords stuck out of the side of her head. Sub-Zero moved out of the way as her acid spilled the ground around him as she wailed in pain. The acid eventually ate at the metal of the Japanese sword and with one of her hands she broke the handle and part of the blade off as well. She was still in pain with the remainder of sword still buried with her skull, and she hissed dangerously in Hanzo's direction.

She charged for him until she felt herself being flung backward by an invisible force she did not see. Kenshi had finally arrived and had his sword ready. He grunted; Sento glowing blue from the magic of his ancestors, and with all his strength flung the enormous form of the Queen away from the Shirai Ryu Grandmaster.

Her body sailed into the side of a shipping crate and dented it. She hissed at blind swordsman and stalked towards him. Gripping the swords in both hands he calmly walked a perimeter, the Queen hissed, her body hunched forward and her arms spread wide as she followed suit as well as she sized up the new foe. Her tail swung at him, and he deflected by blocking it, swinging it around his head and pushing it away.

She aimed for him again but felt something whip onto her tail, and she turned and hissed as Takeda held the other end of the whip. Almost with an annoyed scowl she flicked her tail forward and sent Takeda flying in the air towards the shipping crate she had dented. Takeda sailed over Kenshi's head and hit the box hard, fell facedown and this time he did not get up. A worried frown expression flashed on Kenshi's face before he scowled in the direction of the Queen; Takeda was not dead much to Kenshi's relief, but the beast had hurt him badly.

She whipped the tail at Kenshi once more, Kenshi reacted by sliding forward on the ground, tucking his back so far the back his head nearly touched the pavement, before he straightened up, side-stepped out of the way and severed the hand that made a swipe for him. She wailed in pain and stormed off, her footsteps heavy as she instantly planted the injured smaller arm against her chest, her other three arms waving angrily in pain.

Sub-Zero produced another kori sword, and Hanzo brought his remaining one out of his sheath. They charged the Queen and sliced what they could, trying to avoid the inner-mouth that sprang for them and the claws that made grabs for whatever flesh she could get. They moved out of the way, trying their best to avoid her at all costs while they sliced at her legs, ribbed chest, and body. It didn't seem like they were making much effort as the acidic blood started to melt their weapons, except for Sento that was protected by the blue telekinetic energy around it.

Sonya, Jacqui and Johnny Cage finally caught up to them all and rounded the corner to see the three men doing their best to avoid the sharp claws and tail of the Xenomorph Queen that reached for them with little luck.

Sub-Zero heard Kenshi call out to him in his mind and did what the telepath asked and created a smooth sheet of ice underneath the Queen before he had to duck out of the way as her claws swiped for him. Kenshi slid underneath the Queen and held his sword above his head, creating a deep cut by slicing the Queen through her belly and exited out the other end. He avoided the tail for now and waited for an opportunity when it was in perfect position.

Kuai Liang and Hanzo kept her distracted while Kenshi waited with the patience of a tiger on the hunt with Sento by his side, also avoiding her tail by moving his head to the side as she aimed absently for him as well; distracted by the Grandmasters. Kenshi noticed the tail had stopped moving and the spear end landed right in front of him exactly where he wanted it; he allowed himself a smile.

The Queen shrieked in pain when she felt the spear end of her tail chopped off. Kenshi felt Sento start to falter from the acidic blood and with a flick of the wrist whipped the blood off until it was clean.

Sonya, Johnny, and Jacqui advanced as the Queen stomped away from the Grandmasters and tried to flee; acidic blood sprayed everywhere, and the humans tried to avoid the spray as she stormed towards the brick wall. Sonya felt her already wounded heart sink a little when she saw the blood land on Johnny.

Johnny let out a small cry of surprise before confusion engulfed his face and looked at his unaffected body, stunned as the blood rolled off him as harmless as water, "How you like that? I can't melt."

Sonya smiled in relief as she looked over the green power of protection around Johnny before her face twisted in absolute hatred and turned her enraged temper back to the Queen that was trying to run away once again.

"You're not going anywhere you bitch!" Sonya growled under her breath; her teeth gritted in anger as she ran towards it and fired at it's spiked back. Jacqui also fired at it and watched with a smirk as shotgun rounds hit the Queen's back, the Queen screaming in pain.

The Queen's hands clung to the brick wall, and she was about to climb over it until she felt another kunai spear wrapped around and sink into the front of her throat. Hanzo felt his feet start to drag until he saw a rush of people come to aid him. Sub-Zero, Sonya, Jacqui, and Cage grabbed the chain and pulled while Kenshi assisted nearby by placing two fingers to his temple and with a telekinetic latch on to her as well.

She hissed in annoyance and alarm as she felt herself being pulled back, unable to escape. They grunted as they began to pull the Queen back, her weight heavy and her determination to go over the wall not as strong as their desire to see her dead.

Johnny bared his teeth and glared, "Leaving already? We're just gettin' started!"

They all pulled in unison with a quick and strong jerk that caused the Queen's chin to hit the ledge of the wall, cracking it in the process. The Queen was getting weaker, and it was obvious when she shrieked when they all finally pulled her off the wall, her claws taking bits of stone with her and landed face first on the ground. She tried to lift herself but found something holding her down and turned to see the blind swordsman nearby. Hanzo also held her with the chain of kunai blade, trying to keep her head stationed as much as he could before the acid eventually ate away at it.

Bullets ripped into her from Jacqui, Sonya and Cage's own sidearm, her damaged hide splattering from the impact of the rounds into her damaged hide. She screeched in agony, her head lifting and shaking as she could do nothing but endure the pain.

Kenshi's hand started to shake as his face scrunched in exhaustion, but he nevertheless held on; trying his best to keep her pinned to the pavement while the others fired on her; weakening her little by little. The Queen noticed this through the haze of pain and flung her severed tail towards Kenshi, trying to spray blood in his direction. Unfortunately for the Queen, Sub-Zero noticed this and froze the acid and watched the chunks fall harmlessly at Kenshi's feet.

Johnny's gun clicked as well as Sonya's when Kenshi couldn't hold on to the Queen any longer and Hanzo's kunai blade finally melted. The Queen charged them, the chain going slack as she flew towards them like a ball out of a cannon. Johnny, Sonya, and Jacqui felt themselves flying, each one of them going in their own direction when the Queen barreled into them and swung her arms. Jacqui flew to the left and landed near Takeda, Sonya went straight back, landing with a hard thud and Johnny sailed to the right.

Sonya rolled to her feet, her chest protesting in pain and reached for a grenade on her belt as the Queen hissed at her and charged, her tail swinging behind her wildly to propel her to the other pissed off mother. Sonya waited and threw the grenade and watched it blow up right in front of her ugly face.

The Queen screeched when the grenade hit her sending more pain through her when the grenade blew off a chunk of her crown. Another grenade went off in her face and this time took the larger of her arms off. Blood spilled as the Queen hissed and toppled hard to the ground, scorched by the flames and in excruciating pain.

Sonya reached for her last grenade and noticed that it had come lose when she was tossed and was laying out of reach. She reached for another magazine and tried to reload the gun as the Queen gained her composure and charged her again, a horrible and violent screech aimed directly at Sonya.

Johnny Cage, his body, protected against the acidic blood, saw it coming for Sonya and jumped on her back and started to destroy what he could. The Queen screeched in pain as the actor broke her sharp dorsal spines by kicking them, halting her from attacking Sonya. He got an idea and with one of the dorsal spines he jumped off.

The Queen screeched at him and stomped her way towards Johnny before she felt cold engulf her once again. She jerked her legs, hissing when she could not move them and also felt her tail start to mold into the pavement. Her attention focused back to Cage who had run up to her and stabbed her underneath with the dorsal spine, sending it into her neck as deep as he could get it.

The Queen shrieked once again but missed Cage as he ducked underneath and focused his attention on her frozen legs. Cage kicked them, his strength fueled by the green energy, and smirked when he was able to break the spindly legs of the Queen's calf. She howled in pain as he repeated the same thing on the other leg and moved out of the way before she fell forward. The dorsal spine embedded in her neck pushed deeper into her throat when she landed on her chin and damaged stomach with a thud that rocked the ground. With her own dorsal spine stabbed into her neck and her legs broken, she did not get back up.

The Queen laid on the ground barely alive and breathed strangled and hollow, her body unresponsive to her commands to move. Acidic blood came from her broken translucent teeth as the cold froze her to the pavement.

She heard the footsteps of the humans approach her, and all she could muster was a ghastly snarl that consisted of her upper lips lifting slightly. Sonya looked down at the monster; her body trembling in rage but at the same time elated to see the Queen in such searing pain and dying at her feet. Johnny Cage joined her side, the glow tapering and also with the same look of darkly satisfied animosity on his face.

"It's not even half of what you deserve... " Sonya spat at it, her face ugly with unbearable resentment. The Queen lifted her head a centimeter at her and gave a graveled hiss as if telling the General it did not care.

Sonya glared at the soulless monster before her and with an impossibly stony face lifted her gun and emptied her full magazine into the face of the Queen. The Queen, the monstrous grotesque spawn of Hades, the very same damned creature that took the daughter she barely knew but loved deeply nonetheless, was finally dead.

Sonya's gun clicked as she pulled hasthe trigger of an empty gun. She wished she had more rounds to put into its mangled and still hideously grinning evil face. The face of the Xenomorph Queen would forever be burned into her head despite Sonya getting her revenge. She would never see her daughter again and no matter how much she tried to be pleased with the Queen's demise all she felt was a cold emptiness that engulfed her as she attempted to put more bullets into the skull of the Queen she did not have.

A full minute of just clicking passed before she felt Johnny place his hand on the top of the gun and lower her hand, letting her know to stop. Sonya looked at Johnny whose face was molded into as much pain and heartache as hers was. He nodded at her, his eyes blinking back the tears that desperately wanted to escape. Just looking at his face sent Sonya's own tears over the brim of her eyes as a sob escaped her and after many years of divorce she allowed him to hold her close as they both wept.

The eerie quiet was broken by their sobbing and Jacqui also felt her eyes prick with tears as Kenshi and herself finally stopped the bleeding on Takeda's arm, the shaking sobs from the General and Cage racking her body with sorrow when she thought of Cassie, Jin and everything that had happened. She felt Kenshi place a hand on her back, trying to feebly smooth the misery she felt as tears spilled from her eyes and stained the concrete. Her usually strong composure buckling more under the weight of Kenshi's hand as a doleful expression took over his face as well.

Hanzo winced at the sound of the mother and the father of her child sobbing and trying to comfort each other. He knew this pain all too well, and he found himself bowing his head, his chest growing uncomfortably tight as his own memories flooded back to him. Kuai Liang stood next to him in silence, a heavy heart for the grieving parents as well as he looked at the dead creature and couldn't find an excuse that would allow them to feel even a flicker of victory.

The Queen was dead, but they hadn't won a single thing.

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