Survival of the Fittest

Epilogue: MK ENDING

Jacqui had been awake for some time before the rooster crowed.

Sleep hadn't returned to her after the nightmare she had but she took comfort from the arm that was draped around her waist and the soft snoring she heard from Takeda. Her tired and bloodshot eyes stared out the window of her old room and watched the sun rise over the small hill beyond the corn.

She sighed and snuggled closer to his chest, savoring the feeling of his body against her back. It would be two more days before Takeda would have to leave with his father for a reconnaissance mission somewhere in Nepal and it would be months before she saw him again. The thought of something going terribly wrong played over in her mind and ironically she was thankful that she was able to focus on something else than the constant image that plagued her for nearly a year.

The dreams were always the same; always the same set of teeth and always the same crown. She had hoped time away from the Special Forces would have helped her but they still followed her like a poltergeist; haunting her at random and inconvenient times when she wanted nothing but to forget.

Her father and mother were a godsend, as well as Takeda who did everything to try and make her as comfortable as possible. She felt bad for lying by telling them she wasn't having any more bad dreams, but she didn't want to have them worry about her anymore. She needed to fix it herself.

Even her busy life wasn't enough to distract her. She had a wedding to plan— finally that Jax and Vera had given Takeda their blessing. Kenshi was happy about the arrangement and she hoped Sonya and Johnny would be able to make the wedding as well.

It had been awhile since she heard from them and it worried her to the core since their last encounter had not gone so well at the hospital. Johnny had tried to feign happiness, and perhaps even was a little happy, but Jacqui could see the pain in his eyes. Sonya didn't say anything and had to excuse herself from the recovery room, causing Jacqui and Takeda to feel guilty but stuck with the name they had both picked.

She turned into Takeda, his arm still draped around her waist and studied his face. His face was relaxed and still handsome despite the three jagged marks over the depression of his right eye; he usually took his bandana off at night, one that covered the eye like a nod to his father's own blindfold. She looked over at the bicep and frowned at the large scar from where the Queen's tail had sliced his arm open. She couldn't help but frown at it, the scar on his arm always bothered her.

She heard the baby girl stir, small whines coming from the crib across the room from their bed. Jacqui tiredly lifted herself out of bed, careful not to disturb Takeda and went over to the little dark-skinned baby wrapped warmly in a pink blanket. Her face was scrunched up and Jacqui smiled lightly at the culprit who had disturbed the little one's slumber.

A black cat with green eyes had his soft body wrapped around the baby's head, keeping the 3 month old warm with its soft fur while it licked the black hair on top of her head as if trying to clean it like it was its own kitten. Jacqui thought it was cute but still a little annoyed that all the male cat was doing was disturbing her with its rough tongue and putting spit in its hair; causing it to spike up to the side. The baby started to cry softly and Jacqui gave the cat a glare.

"Jin, stop bothering her," Jacqui whispered under her breath, trying not to wake the baby with her voice.

Jacqui couldn't help but smile when Jin stopped and blinked its jade eyes in her direction, as if annoyed with her. It gave the baby another couple of licks before the cat rested its head besides Cassandra's head and they both drifted back to sleep.


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