A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 11--Reactions Gone Wrong

For a moment you could have sworn that you set a bomb. No one spoke at all. Everyone was staring at you, wide-eyed.

"You think..." Fred finally spoke up softly. "You think this Lacitier guy could be some kind of...what was it again...mad scientist?"

"This isn't a comic book world!" Gogo scolded him, raising a hand, but Honey Lemon stopped her.

"Hey, Gogo, calm down!" Honey Lemon cried. "He might have a point. Foul smells probably don't come around for (Y/N) every day, doesn't it?"

You shrugged. "I guess not."

Hiro looked at you with worry. "So you were almost breathing in poisonous fumes just now...am I right?"

"Not just now," you corrected him. "This morning though, yeah."

"This is scary," Melanie admitted in a scared voice, and you nodded.

"But why would he be performing experiments in a bedroom when all he would do is make the bedroom inhabitable?" Fred asked openly.

The gears in your brain began to turn furiously. "Maybe...he wanted this place to be completely inhabitable. I mean, my house in general."

"The only place where your happiest memories lie..." Hiro said, taking your hand. "You realize what that means, right?"

You nodded grimly. "If he gets rid of my house, then he and I would have to move since he's my legally bounded guardian. But then...you never know what he could do to me. Any moment I could be killed." You turned to Melanie. "You sure it could be Mr. Lacitier who's trying to kill me? Somehow I think it's not him at all..."

"You're saying someone could have forced him to kill your father and lead your mom into depression?" Wasabi asked, and you and Melanie both turned to him. "Mr. Lacitier sounds like a creep himself. We don't want anyone else in the picture."

"It could be possible," Hiro spoke up. "What if...what if Mr. Lacitier's completely innocent? Probably his sign might mean that he's lonely or something. Probably that's why he wants to take care of (Y/N)."

"That's a thought," Honey Lemon nodded. "But (Y/N), are you sure you heard him deal with vials and stuff?"

"I can ask Mr. Lacitier when I head home after work," you said. "If he's only in there working on stuff like tea, then I can understand. He probably...well, he may have a back story. But...I still can see his creepy side, and then I'm not completely convinced."

"Well, Mr. Lacitier poisoning your dad and leading your mom off the edge is already enough to convince us that he is the villain of our story," Melanie pointed out.

"I haven't gotten to know Mr. Lacitier completely," you admitted. "We shouldn't just look on the surface, guys. His brewing and stuff may be to get rid of whatever he's hiding from me. But...I don't know what made me not trust him."

"Do you want to give this some more time?" Gogo asked. "I mean, yes, Mr. Lacitier sounds creepy. But we can't just to instant conclusions."

You nodded. "Probably. It would be pretty bad if we jump on an innocent man."

Aunt Cass suddenly showed up at your table and looked at you. "(Y/N), are you ready to get to work?"

You nodded again, smiling. "Thanks for reminding me, Aunt Cass. I'll get to work soon."

Aunt Cass nodded and left the table, and you got up, Hiro and Melanie following suit.

"Good talk, guys," you grinned. "Sorry for the false alarm."

"No it's fine!" Fred said, giving you a hug. "We're just glad to see you're okay."

You nodded. "I guess so."

Honey Lemon, Gogo, and Wasabi also came over to you and hugged you.

"We're glad you're fine," Honey Lemon told you. "If you need anything, just let us know, okay? We'll always be here to help."

You nodded again. "Thank you. All of you. Thanks for listening to my random theories."

"Hey, maybe the theory could prove itself true," Wasabi assured you. "Who knows."

"Don't give up just yet," Gogo encouraged you. "If the Lacitier guy proves to be a real creep, call on us and we'll do something together."

"Thanks, Gogo," you grinned.

The four of them stood up and walked away. "We have projects to finish!" they explained. "Hope to see you again soon!" they cried, waving to you and Hiro and Melanie as they walked out the door.

You, Hiro, and Melanie waved back.

"So, shall we tend to these eager customers?" you asked Hiro and Melanie.

"Count me in for volunteer work!" Melanie cheered. "I'm in."

"Let's go!" Hiro also cried, and the three of you grabbed aprons and got straight to work.

Later on in the evening, when Melanie had long left with her mom to get home and do her homework, and you had just finished dinner with the Hamadas, you decided to head back home and tend to Mr. Lacitier. You have to trust him in knowing that he would always be there since your mom and dad are gone now. But you weren't ready yet. The creepy face and his disinterest in you made you doubt yourself.

You started to walk home silently, completely immersed in the songs that were blasting away on your iPod. Just as you turned a corner to head home, you suddenly felt a cold hand grab you around the waist.

"Ha! So you're (Y/N), right? The girl who lost her parents?" A rough man's voice growled into your ear, and you recoiled, kicking him in the leg.

"Let me go!" you cried, struggling. "What have I done?"

"It's not safe for a girl like you to walk around alone, right?" The man laughed maniacally as he tightened his grip on your waist. "Well, consider this to be your last night alive."

"No..." you cried. "Leave me alone!"

"Your parents are already dead," the man muttered, pulling out a gun and pointing the mouth of the gun to your temple. "Why should you still be here? I thought your new guardian would get rid of you by now."

You gulped in fear.

"Wait...you mean...Mr. Lacitier?!" you cried. "Okay, he's a creep, but he's my guardian, okay?"

The man laughed again. "And maybe someone who would wish to get rid of you!" he snarled.

You felt a rough piece of cloth go around your mouth, making you unable to speak or yell or scream for help. The man mercilessly kept going at you as he bound your wrists with ropes and even held your ankles together, putting a mask on and controlling a whole bunch of tiny glittery things that glinted in the moonlight.

Hiro... you thought as you passed out.

Next moment when you opened your eyes, you were lying in a cell, similar to the ones you saw in classic movies. Except this didn't look like a typical police station prison cell. This one had high tech security. Any movement sensed outside of the cell other than the guard bots floating around while doing surveillance could be detected and the new trespassers would be locked up.

But...why were you here?

You recalled a man in a mask. You recalled those glinty black things. You remembered being kidnapped on your street...eating at the Hamadas...Mr. Lacitier...


You were interrupted from your thoughts by a young man who also apparently ended up in the same cell as you, accompanied by a little girl. The man was older than you, much older, in his early 20s, with a black t-shirt under a green cardigan and brown jeans and turquoise sneakers. The girl looked like a little version of Melanie, and in her hands she also held a small doll.

You turned to both of your prison companions, shaking your head to clear the vision, but when you looked at them again they were still there.

"Am I hallucinating?" you asked yourself, which the young girl heard.

"No you are not," she said. "You are really seeing two other people in here, in the same cell as you are."

"How did you end up here?" you asked.

"Car crash," the girl replied. "Shame to think that every single member of my family thought I was dead. But that was only a few years ago. The man somehow thought of me as his niece who ran away from home and caught me before I could reach the hospital to treat my wounds. And no, the security here is so strict, I miss home every day. The food here sucks. I don't even know how I managed to live to today."

You turned to the man. "What about you?"

"I ran into a fire like an idiot," he said. "Well, not for an idiotic reason. There was a fire at SFIT a few months ago and believing one of my professors were in there I ran in...but that same professor eventually locked me up because he thought I would be a threat to his plans when he realized I was still alive."

Your breath caught in your throat. Could it be...

You turned to the girl. "Do you happen to know Melanie, by any chance?"

The girl nodded. "She's my older sister. I'm Gisele."

That was scary. Melanie's sister was...alive. So then the man could be...

"Then who are you?" you asked the man. "Do you happen to know Hiro by any chance?"

The man nodded in shock. "I'm his older brother, Tadashi."

Your eyes widened.

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